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That was the Elimination Chamber, and surprisingly enough it was the Shield’s match that really stole the show, the Rock and Punk being an alright title match and the Chamber match being a nice example of the type but nothing to write home about, apart from perhaps the surprise winner. But that doesn’t compare to the surprise that came from the Shield actually going over the WWE’s top three faces in clean fashion and then do near the same thing the next night on Raw and do it all believably through consistent teamwork. But how has this all effected the standings, let’s find out… Weekly Top Ten: 1st Place: Jack Swagger (10/10) The Real American had a really successful week, that is until he got pulled over and charged with possession, whether it all sticks or not is still unknown and how the WWE will deal with it is another issue. However all that aside we can only judge him by his achievements this week and getting a title shot at Wrestlemania in the Elimination Chamber and getting two pinfall victories over the Viper in one week is pretty good going, and if it all amounts to nothing, well then at least he is the proud recipient of the full ten points on this week’s heel chart. A feud with Del Rio and Swagger would have been interesting with his new xenophobic slant on life but surely he was doomed to lose anyway, talk about bad timing. 2nd Place: The Shield (9/10) Seemingly more successful in the long term is the group known as the Shield. I honestly have never seen a group kept so strong as these three. The only problem is that to make them mean anything they are going to eventually have to wrestle people one-on-one. Or they could have them take the tag team titles off of Daniel Bryan and Kane and defend them as a unit from some time to come. Still no matter what happens or how, if and when things decay for the group, they have already done more than many wrestlers in the WWE in their short time on the main roster. 3rd Place: C.M. Punk (8/10) The former WWE champ might have been booted out of the WWE title picture just as the belt was made worth having. However like the status of Jack Swagger, everything is up in the air for whether Punk will be involved in the Cena-Rock match or not. Personally I’d rather see that at this point than Punk-Undertaker since I feel that the match should have had more build if it were to take place. A lot will be decided this coming Monday, let’s just hope the right decisions are made (Ziggler cash-in and Punk going over) I am a mark. 4th Place: Mark Henry (7/10) The World’s Strongest Man is probably kicking himself double now that he didn’t win the Elimination Chamber match. Hey perhaps he will be made the replacement for the Real American, if the WWE indeed intends to go down that route. Whatever the case Henry certainly ruled in the Chamber, taking out both the tag team champions and slamming everybody once getting eliminated after taking a bunch of finishers. There is an air of uncertainty around what is happening for Wrestlemania even now after the event and if things aren’t sorted out soon then we are going to get a pretty lacklustre build to the Granddaddy of them All. 5th Place: Zeb Coulter (6/10) Racist manager man might be saying bye-bye after Monday night, ironically though it is not his inflammatory remarks that might send him packing but the possible incarceration of his protégé Jack Swagger. If not then things will be getting real interesting heading into Wrestlemania because if this doesn’t cause the whole thing to be called off then nothing will. 6th Place: The Big Show (5/10) Another heel failure at the Elimination Chamber, although a more predictable one, outside of the tapping out over the pinfall option in his match with Del Rio. You have to give Show credit for his impressive performance on Main Event, taking out four superstars before eventually backing down to the Miz. The Miz gets far too many perks now that he is a face. Could this be the Big Show’s Wrestlemania opponent? What about Miz vs. Cesaro if that is the case? 7th Place: Antonio Cesaro (4/10) Perhaps Cesaro vs. Ryback? Honestly I would rather not see another Miz-Cesaro match as there have been too many already. The feud wasn’t that exciting to begin with and now that Swagger has returned as a heel I would much rather see Cesaro vs. Ryback for the US title with Cesaro finally losing the belt and the Ryback actually getting some gold and going on an unstoppable tear, the problem is who would he tear through who is on his level? 8th Place: Big E. (3/10) Langston is on the chart and Ziggler is not, that should tell you just how much the WWE aren’t concerned with making the Zig Zag man look strong. Now there seems to be a constant concern for Ziggler and what he is doing with his case, teasing cash-ins almost constantly, so that when it actually happens we are taken by even more surprise perhaps? Who knows what those crazy cats are thinking? 9th Place: DOC (2/10) Big achievement for the formerly named Luke Gallows this week as he gains a pinfall victory over Sting in their match on Impact. This could honestly turn out to be the biggest victory of his career as this Aces & 8s thing doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere anymore, certainly not for most of the members anyway. 10th Place: Greatest IT Factors (1/10) Nowhere near as successful as last week despite their pairing with Bad Influence, however at least they have the good sense to know when to leave. Also leaving their partners high and dry might lead to an eventual matchup between the two teams, which would be interesting to say the least. 2012-2013 Season Top Ten: 1st Place: The Big Show (237) 2nd Place: CM Punk (212) 3rd Place: Dolph Ziggler (186) 4th Place: Alberto Del Rio (179) 5th Place: Daniel Bryan (174) 6th Place: Robert Roode (150) 7th Place: Damien Sandow (141) 8th Place: Antonio Cesaro (114) 9th Place: Cody Rhodes (110) 10th Place: Austin Aries (104) (Heel Hall of Fame) **Heel Report 2010-2011 Winner: The Miz** **Heel Report 2011-2012 Winner: Cody Rhodes** Weekly Filler: The Face-Off: Why is RVD Still Champion? At this point it just seems pretty pointless, he has no one to face that he hasn’t beat and there is no real competition in the division, hell they might as well just get rid of the belt as it really doesn’t seem to mean anything right now. Sure I get the idea that attaching the belt to a relatively big star and letting him carry it will tide the division over, but it is a real shame that the best division in the company has become a prop for a guy who already has an excessive ego, sort it out TNA! Face the Facts: NXT Divas Division On the other side of things in the WWE there is a division with a bunch of new developing talent (in more ways than one!). The women on NXT get at least a couple of segments a week at this point and there are about equal amounts of feuds between women as men, which is unprecedented. Sure they all sort of look the same, at least in the way that they all look like young, in-shape, sexy wrestling chicks, all with different hair colours and skin tones (although not ethnicities at this point). There is certainly a lot of potential there and honestly why these girls aren’t being called up to the main roster right away is beyond me, or else bring the divas title to NXT and be done with it. On the Rise: Maddox ‘to the’ Assistant Supervisor I just like the Office reference, hell it might be ten years too late but it is certainly trendier than most of the other stuff that goes on in the WWE. Maybe Maddox is a good influence, bringing in his Bane impressions and sort of relevant pop culture references. It’s better than Leprechauns and fart jokes at least. Flat-Footed: Stagnation for Rhodes and Ziggler At the beginning of last year everyone was predicting big things for Rhodes and Ziggler and while Ziggler has had some WWE title shots and currently holds the MitB briefcase he certainly hasn’t had a break-out year. And as for Rhodes, his promising partnership with Damien Sandow didn’t really amount to all that much and since breaking off on his own again he has basically been jobbing out and now the biggest thing about him is his moustache and he is reduced to calling it a ‘love-stache’ rather than competing for a title or even seemingly having a match at Wrestlemania, what the ****?! Both guys probably won’t be booked for Mania at this rate and even if Ziggler does cash in and win the World title he will have been completely overshadowed by the returning names of the Rock, Jericho and Brock Lesnar. If you want to see who have suffered the most from these names returning and taking top billing then look no further than these two, two guys who should have had a banner year and yet there was no real space for them and there still isn’t. Hopefully this will change before they become the AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels of the WWE. That’s all for this week, tune in next time for another exciting heel report, where we might actually know what the hell is going on for Wrestlemania, or perhaps not, who knows? For now this is James Wright signing off.

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