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Credit – LordsofPain - The 2013 WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view kicks off with a promo video. What defines a champion? It shows footage of Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, John Cena, Triple H and many others. - We’re live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit as Michael Cole welcomes us to Night of Champions. - We go to the ring and Josh Mathews introduces Triple H. He talks about what’s best for business. In tonight’s WWE Title match with Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, there will be no interference from anyone – The Shield, Big Show, nobody. Paul Heyman comes out with WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. Heyman has left messages with anyone and can’t seem to get a reply from Triple H. Heyman says he desperately needs to speak with Triple H and didn’t want it to be in public. Triple H cuts him off and says he looks terrible. Triple H asks when was the last time Heyman slept or showered. Heyman kisses up to Triple H. Heyman respects Triple H but doesn’t think he made the right decision about his match tonight. Fans start chanting for CM Punk. Heyman talks about what Punk wants to do to him. Heyman begs Triple H to do what’s best for business – cancel the match with Punk tonight. Fans chant “no” to Heyman. Triple H reminds him the match is now No DQ. Triple H says there’s no reason to be scared because Heyman doesn’t even have to tag in if he doesn’t want to. Triple H tells him to let Axel handle Punk because Heyman believes in Axel, right? Heyman doesn’t seem too sure. Triple H says the match stays how it is. Heyman goes to walk off and Axel takes the mic. Heyman asks what he’s doing. Axel asks if this is funny to Triple H. Axel says something personal must be going on. Axel reminds Triple H that he beat him a few months back. Heyman tries to interrupt but Triple H brushes him off. Triple H says after all, this is Night of Champions where all championships are defended. Triple H says he will walk backstage and the first person he sees gets a title shot. That match takes place now. Triple H heads to the back as Heyman argues with Axel. WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel Heyman takes the mic and isn’t happy about the match. They argue as Kofi Kingston makes his way out to the ring. Heyman sits at ringside as the match begins. They lock up and go at it. Kofi with a 2 count and Axel retreats to the corner. More back and forth. Kofi sends Axel to the floor. Kofi with kicks and a 2 count. Axel comes back with a nice dropkick of his own. Axel clotheslines Kofi to the floor. Axel tries to whip Kofi into the steps but Kofi leaps on the turnbuckles and splashes Axel on the floor. Kofi brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Axel turns it around now and drops Kofi hard in the corner. 2 count by Axel. Axel with punches and an elbow to the head now. A side headlock keeps Kofi grounded. Axel with a big throw. More back and forth. Axel levels Kofi with a clothesline and covers for another 2 count. Axel stomps on Kofi as fans chant for him. Axel with knees to the gut. More offense from Axel. Kofi turns it around finally and plants Axel on the mat. Axel runs into boots in the corner. Kofi with a huge crossbody for a close 2 count. Kofi gets the crowd hype and nails the Boom Drop. Kofi calls for Trouble In Paradise but Axel ducks and rams him back into the corner. Axel with shoulder thrusts now. The referee backs him off. Kofi catches him with a kick in the corner. Kofi comes leaping off the top but Axel dropkicks him in mid-air for another close 2 count. More back and forth. Kofi rolls Axel up for another close count. Axel runs over Kofi for another 2 count. More offense by Axel. Axel blocks SOS and ducks Trouble In Paradise. Axel goes for his finisher but Kofi nails SOS for another very close pin attempt. Kofi with kicks as Axel gets up. Kofi ends up on Axel’s shoulders and gets dropped over the top rope. Axel nails the neckbreaker finisher for the win. Winner: Curtis Axel - After the match, Heyman comes in the ring, still looking worried, but poses with Axel and applauds him. Axel stands over Kofi with the belt and holds it high in the air. - In a poll on WWE’s website, fans have voted Chris Jericho as the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time. - Rob Van Dam is backstage with Ricardo Rodriguez, who is wearing his arm sling. RVD asks if he’s going to be alright tonight. Ricardo says he will be a lot better when RVD wins the World Heavyweight Title. RVD has Ricardo say different things in Spanish. - WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is skipping around. She runs into Layla, Aksana and Alicia Fox. She wants them to go out with her and show what a real Diva looks like defending her title. Alicia says they are done siding with AJ. Alicia and Aksana walk off. AJ screams that they’re nothing without her. Layla chats with AJ but also walks off to catch up with them. WWE Divas Title Fatal 4 Way: Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee We go to the ring and out first comes Natalya followed by Naomi and then Brie Bella. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next. The feed cuts out and comes back with Brie Bella in control. Naomi dropkicks her. Brie and Naomi go at it now. Naomi with a big headscissors for a 2 count. They collide and both go down. AJ comes in and rolls Natalya up for 2. Natalya and AJ in a shoving match now. AJ nails a forearm. Natalya slaps her. Naomi with a Rear View on Natalya for a 2 count. Brie and Naomi go back at it now. Natalya gets Brie on her shoulders. Brie brings her to the mat but runs into Naomi’s boot. Natalya rolls Brie up for 2. Naomi misses a big splash on Natalya. AJ dumps Naomi and Natalya to the floor. Naomi fights back in with kicks. AJ pulls Naomi off the apron and she hits her face. Natalya gets rolled up by Brie for a 2 count. The Sharpshooter is blocked. Natalya slams Brie on top of Naomi. Their shoulders are down and the referee isn’t counting. Natalya finally goes over and applies a double Sharpshooter on Brie and Naomi. AJ breaks it up and attacks from behind. AJ applies the Black Widow on Natalya for the win. Winner: AJ Lee - We go back to Josh Mathews and his panel. Booker T predicts Rob Van Dam will step up tonight. Santino and Riley also think RVD will win tonight. World Heavyweight Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio We go to the ring and out comes Rob Van Dam to a big pop. Ricardo Rodriguez is with him. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio is out next. Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions but Ricardo handles the intro for the challenger. Despite what was said on SmackDown, Ricardo is still in RVD’s corner. The bell rings and they go at it. RVD gets hit with a big kick early on. RVD with some offense in the corner. RVD with a spin kick in the corner. RVD rolls and catapults Del Rio across the ring. RVD with a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Del Rio with a big dropkick to the side of the head. Del Rio misses a shot and ends up on the floor. RVD poses for the fans and nails a moonsault from the apron to the floor. RVD kicks Del Rio into the barrier and stops the count. RVD drops Del Rio on top of the barrier and leaps from the apron, nailing the spinning kick. They go at it on the apron. Del Rio drops RVD over the top rope and sends him to the floor. Del Rio runs the ropes and nails a flying headbutt out to the floor. Del Rio throws RVD hard into the barrier. Del Rio brings it back in the ring with a headlock. RVD with a roll up for 2. Del Rio with a suplex and a kick to the head. Del Rio keeps control and grounds Del Rio with a headlock. Fans chant for RVD but Del Rio backdrops him. RVD goes to the apron but Del Rio nails a big enziguri and sends RVD back to the floor. Del Rio goes for another suicide dive but RVD moves and Del Rio lands on the floor. RVD brings it back in the ring and nails clotheslines and a kick for a 2 count. Del Rio with right hands now. Del Rio runs into an elbow. RVD with another thrust kick for a 2 count. RVD goes to the top and nails another big kick. RVD misses Rolling Thunder and Del Rio nails a Backstabber for a close 2 count. Del Rio with thrusts in the corner. Del Rio slaps RVD around now. Del Rio takes RVD up for a super inverted suplex but RVD fights him off. RVD sends Del Rio to the mat. RVD nails a senton for a 2 count. They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio stomps on RVD’s back and covers for 2. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but RVD blocks it. RVD with a scissors takedown for a 2 count. RVD slams Del Rio and hits the split-legged moonsault for another 2 count. Del Rio with an armbar takedown and a superkick to the face for a 2 count. Del Rio keeps control and goes back to the top. Del Rio comes off the top but RVD catches him with a heel kick. RVD with a leg drop. RVD goes up top for the Five Star Frogsplash but Del Rio gets his knees up. Del Rio with the cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring. RVD tries to get to the ropes but Del Rio pulls him back. He finally makes it and the hold is broken. Del Rio won’t let go of the hold and keeps it locked past the referee’s 5 count for the disqualification. Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam - After the match, Lilian Garcia makes the announcements. Del Rio poses with the belt before going back to work on RVD. Del Rio stomps away and goes out after a steel chair. Ricardo grabs it and stops him. RVD gets up and drops Del Rio with a DDT. RVD positions Del Rio in the corner and climbs up on the opposite corner. Ricardo positions the steel chair on Del Rio. RVD leaps from one corner of the ring to the other and dropkicks the chair into Del Rio with a Van Terminator. RVD poses with the World Title as doctors check on Del Rio at ringside. We go to replays. - Curtis Axel is backstage with his Intercontinental Title, looking happy and ready for another match. Heyman is dressed in all black and doesn’t look happy. He talks to Axel about what’s at stake tonight. Heyman says he won’t be here to help Axel any more if he gets left in the ring with CM Punk tonight. Heyman says he has believed in Axel since day one but tonight, he needs Axel to believe in Axel. - In a poll on WWE’s website, fans have voted Booker T as the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time, beating out guys like Edge, The Undertaker and Ric Flair. - Triple H is backstage on the phone. He hangs up when Randy Orton walks in. Orton doesn’t understand why Triple H has banned interference from tonight’s main event. Triple H just wants to make sure he chose the right guy when he chose Orton as the face of WWE. Orton laughs, said he did and walks off. Fandango vs. The Miz Fandango and Summer Rae come out dancing. Out next is The Miz. The match starts and they go at it. Some stalling early on. Miz mocks Fandango and makes a comeback. Summer gets on the apron and distracts Miz, allowing Fandango to knock him off the top. Fandango stomps away now. Fandango with a running knee to the gut for a 2 count. Another pin attempt by Fandango before he keeps Miz grounded with a body scissors. Fandango gets sent out to the floor. Miz attacks from the apron and they both go down on the floor. They come back in and Miz gets the 2 count. The match goes on and fans start chanting for tables. More back and forth. Fandango misses the top rope leg drop. They trade roll ups. Miz locks in the Figure Four for the win. Winner: The Miz - We get a National Guard video and a shout-out to members of the Detroit National Guard in the crowd. - We get a promo for the feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman. No DQ Handicap Elimination Match: CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and his partner Paul Heyman. CM Punk is out next to a big pop. Punk comes out with a kendo stick and is ready to fight. Heyman rolls out of the ring with Axel. We see Axel also has a kendo stick in hand now. Punk starts out with kendo sticks to Axel. Punk chokes Axel with the stick and drops him. Punk leaps out to the floor and takes out Heyman. Punk rolls Heyman in the ring and goes to hit him with a kendo stick shot but Axel makes the save with a low blow. Heyman retreats to the floor as Axel goes to work on Punk. Axel with kendo stick shots to Punk now. 2 count by Axel. Heyman yells that he believes in Axel. Axel brings a steel chair in the ring as a “walrus” chant starts up. Punk fights back and blocks the chair shot. Axel turns it back around with a big dropkick. Fans chant for tables. Axel keeps control as Heyman warms up on the floor. Axel brings a table out from under the ring and the fans pop. Axel brings it in the ring and sets the table up in the corner. Axel goes to suplex Punk through the table but Punk blocks it. Punk turns it around but Axel blocks Punk’s suplex attempts. Axel nails a snap suplex on the mat for a 2 count. Axel drops an elbow from the corner and covers for another pin attempt. Axel with a headlock now. Axel misses another shot from the corner. Punk sends Axel flying into a steel chair that was propped up in the corner. Punk comes back with offense and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Punk with the running knee in the corner and a clothesline. Punk goes to the top for the elbow drop but Axel rolls to the floor. Punk runs the ropes for a suicide dive to the floor but Axel dodges it and hits Punk with a steel chair. Axel brings Punk back in the ring for a 2 count. Axel nails a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count now. Axel with right hands to the back of the head. Axel grabs a kendo stick and wails away on Punk. Axel slides out of GTS. Punk nails him with a kendo stick. Punk nails GTS and applies the Anaconda Vise. Axel taps out and is eliminated. Punk keeps the hold applied for a few more seconds and starts smiling. Heyman takes off for the back but Punk chases him up the ramp, across the stag and into the crowd. Punk catches Heyman when he gets back into the ring. Punk pulls Heyman’s face up by his nose and smacks him around. Heyman pleads with Punk and hugs him. Punk laughs and beats Heyman with the kendo stick. Punk unloads as Heyman screams. Punk pulls a chain and handcuffs out of his boot. Punk fastens Heyman’s arms behind his back. Punk beats Heyman some more with the kendo stick. Punk continues and spits in Heyman’s face. Ryback runs down, Punk turns around and Ryback sends him crashing through the table propped up in the corner. Ryback rolls Heyman on top of Punk for the win. Winner: Paul Heyman - After the bell, Ryback rolls Heyman out of the ring and carries him to the back on his shoulder. Punk is laid out in the ring. We go to replays. We come back and officials are checking on Punk in the ring. Punk gets up and he’s pissed, shoving away one of the referees. Fans chant for Punk as he exits the ring. - We go back to the panel to discuss what’s happened so far tonight. WWE United States Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose We go to the ring and out first comes The Shield through the crowd. WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose heads to the ring by himself. Out next comes Dolph Ziggler. They lock up to start the match. Ziggler takes Ambrose down from behind. Ziggler with a quick pin attempt. They lock up and go to the ropes. They lock up again and Ambrose takes Ziggler down. More back and forth. Ambrose tries to play mind games and Ziggler dropkicks him. Ziggler starts dropping elbows on Ambrose. 2 count for Ziggler. Ziggler clotheslines Ambrose to the floor and falls over with him. Ziggler brings it back in the ring and goes to work in the corner. Ambrose turns it around and they trade shots in the corner. Ambrose keeps Ziggler on the mat now. They trade pin attempts and Ziggler blocks a suplex. Ambrose runs into an elbow. They end up on top. Ambrose climbs up for a superplex and sends Ziggler flying to the mat after some back and forth. Ambrose goes back to the top but Ziggler runs up and drops Ambrose to the mat face first. Ziggler with a 2 count. More back and forth. Ziggler with a big clothesline for another pin attempt. Ziggler counters another move and locks in a sleeper hold. Ambrose backdrops him and breaks it up. Ambrose covers for a 2 count. Ziggler blocks another move and rolls Ambrose up. Ziggler misses the leg drop. Ambrose with a roll up. Ziggler nails the Fame-asser for a 2 count. More pin attempts by Ziggler. He misses a big splash in the corner. Ambrose plants Ziggler with his finisher for the win. Winner: Dean Ambrose - After the match, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come in to celebrate with Ambrose. - In another poll on WWE’s website, fans have voted Sting as the greatest United States Champion of all-time. He beat out names like Ricky Steamboat and Harley Race. WWE Tag Team Title Match: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns wait in the ring as Darren Young and Titus O’Neil make their way out. Titus and Rollins start things off. Rollins stalls and slaps Titus. Rollins ducks a shot but Titus grabs him. Rollins ducks again and runs the ropes. Titus grabs him in mid-air and just tosses him aside. Young tags in and goes at it with Rollins. Young with a big shot on Rollins for a 2 count. Reigns comes in and works over Young into the corner. Young fights out and sends Reigns to the floor. Rollins comes in but Young grabs him for his finisher. Rollins slides out but runs into a big elbow from Young for a 2 count. Titus tags back in and slaps Rollins in the corner. Titus blows his whistle while stomping on Rollins in the corner. Reigns gets sent back to the floor. Young chases Rollins around the ring. Young slips and drops Reigns with a right. Young comes back in the ring and Rollins catches him, dropping him over the top rope. Reigns tags in and they double team Young now. Young gets knocked back to the floor by Reigns. Reigns with a high knee to the face. Reigns brings it back in and covers Young for a 2 count. Rollins comes back in and takes Young to the mat. Young fights out but Rollins floors him with a clothesline. Rollins slaps Young around. Young ducks a clothesline and nails a belly-to-belly on Rollins. Titus looks to tag in but in comes Reigns to stop him. Reigns trash talks Titus but turns around to Young dropping him. Young sends Reigns back into the corner again. Rollins tries to stop the tag and gets backdropped. Titus runs in and levels Rollins for a close 2 count. Titus with splashes for Reigns and Rollins. Reigns goes down after a big knee. Titus unloads on Rollins and tosses him over his head. Rollins counters but gets nailed with a sitdown powerbomb. Titus holds it for a 2 count as Reigns makes the save. Young ends up down on the floor by Reigns. The referee is distracted with Young, allowing Reigns to sneak a spear in on Titus. Rollins covers for the win. Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns - After the match, we go to replays. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns stand tall in the ring with their titles. - We get a look back at what happened with CM Punk, Paul Heyman and Ryback. - In a poll on WWE’s website, fans have voted DX (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) as the greatest Tag Team Champions of all-time. - We get a promo video for tonight’s main event. WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton We go to the ring and out first comes Daniel Bryan to a huge pop from the crowd. Fans chant for Bryan while we wait. Out next comes WWE Champion Randy Orton to a mixed reaction. Fans on WWE.com voted Hulk Hogan as the greatest WWE Champion of all-time, beating out Triple H, CM Punk, John Cena and Steve Austin. Orton poses in the corners as Bryan looks on. We get official ring introductions from Justin Roberts. They lock up and Bryan takes Orton down by his arm. Orton breaks it with a headbutt and takes Bryan down with a headlock. Orton drops Bryan with a shoulder and poses. They run the ropes and Bryan hits a big knee to the gut. Bryan with kicks in the corner now. Bryan works on Orton’s arm before hitting him with more kicks to the back. Bryan mounts Orton with right hands in the corner now. Orton turns it around and hits a backbreaker coming out of the corner. Orton with more offense and a big clothesline in the corner. Orton with a 2 count. Orton stomps on Bryan now. Bryan makes a comeback but Orton cuts him off and drops him over the top rope. Orton with a 2 count. Orton keeps Bryan grounded with another headlock. Bryan runs the ropes and tackles Orton. Bryan with right hands. Orton gets up and hits another big clothesline and the fans boo. Orton with a 2 count. Orton stomps on Bryan some more now. Orton with another 2 count. Orton mounts Bryan in the corner with right hands now. Orton with a headbutt in the corner. Bryan comes back with a clothesline. Bryan rallies with the fans and hits the big missile dropkick in the corner, and another. Bryan with kicks in the corner now. Orton retreats to the floor but Bryan leaps out with a suicide dive. They come back in and Bryan nails a missile dropkick from the top. Bryan takes Orton back down on the floor now. Bryan brings it in but Orton goes back out. Bryan goes for another suicide dive but this time Orton stops him in mid-air with a big right hand. Orton hits the draping DDT from the apron to the floor and Bryan hits hard. Orton comes back in the ring while Bryan makes it in at 9. Orton poses for the fans and mocks Bryan before getting ready for a RKO. Bryan blocks it and dropkicks Orton into the referee. The referee gets knocked out of the ring. Another referee comes down. Orton fights off a Yes Lock attempt and dropkicks Bryan for a 2 count. Orton goes for a second rope draping DDT but Bryan fights out and applies the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Orton finally makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Bryan unloads with kicks to Orton, taking him to the corner. Bryan goes for the missile dropkick but Orton moves and Bryan lands hard on the mat. Orton with a 2 count. Orton takes Bryan up top and hits him with a headbutt and punches. Bryan slips out and Orton gets caught on the top. Bryan turns Orton upside down in the corner and hits him with kicks. Bryan runs and hits the low dropkick on Orton. Bryan takes Orton back to the top but Orton is dazed. Orton fights Bryan off and knocks him to the mat. Bryan runs back up but Orton is still dazed on the top. Bryan goes for a superplex and nails it. Bryan hung on in the corner and never hit the mat. It looked like Orton hit hard on the back of his head. Bryan climbs up and nails the flying headbutt for a 2 count. The original referee is back in the match now. Bryan unloads on Orton with kicks to the chest. Orton blocks the roundhouse and tosses Bryan over his head. Bryan blocks a RKO and backslides Orton. Orton slides through. Bryan hits him in the back of the head and nails the flying kick for the win and the WWE Title. Winner and New WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan - After the match, Bryan stands over Orton with the belt and has some words for him. Bryan celebrates in the corner as we go to replays. Night of Champions goes off the air with Bryan celebrating with fans at ringside. 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Potential fatal flaws for Pats in SB XLIX

49 Stops to Super Bowl XLIX

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