A Closer Look At Jackson’s So Called Bullying Of Chip Kelly.

Posted July 17, 2013

In a new attempt by fans to express their hope/concern that Chip Kelly is an incompetent coach there has been a reoccurring theme that somehow Desean Jackson bullied his way out of practice and back onto the first team. I am here to tell you that couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. So those who are concerned or hoping Kelly is just a push over think again. This started with Jackson shockingly finding out that he would be running with the “2nd” team during OTAs for what turned out to be a day. Jackson surprised by the “demotion” confronted his coach. Jackson didn’t make a threat like Trotter placed on Andy Reid several years ago, but Jackson certainly wanted to know what was up. Kelly told him through the words of Jackson goes as follows: "He just expects everyone to do things a certain way. He was asking everybody to do the same thing. For myself, I just had to really hear it from his mouth to get that rapport with him and be on the same page with him. When I went in there, he said he expects everybody to buy into the system and do everything the right way…" So we can gather from this statement that Jackson made no demands on his coach, his coach views his roster in a form that all players must be ready to play at all times (something that escaped the previous regime at the end), Jackson or any other starter who thinks they don’t have to do things the “right way” will find someone else doing their job for them. Jackson isn’t the bully here. He’s being put in his place. After the issue Jackson made it clear that he’s the one (and not Chip Kelly) who had better get his act together: "Now I'm with the right group and everything is good and there's never been no problems. I just had to get a feel for [Kelly] and know what he wants and what he expects me to do."



The lesson here is that Chip Kelly is very much in charge of this football team. Jackson was told by Kelly [what he has stated publicly: that there is no depth chart, everyone on the roster will get a shot and nothing will be handed to you based purely on past performance.] http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/388812-desean-jackson-motivated-by-demotion


So there you have it. Jackson is no bigger than anyone else on this roster. If Jackson wants to be an Eagles then he had best shape up which he did. Furthermore lets not forget the fact this was nothing more than voluntary workouts so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Jackson’s “demotion” was brief. So if there are still those out there who believe that players like Jackson are running Chip Kelly I challenge you to show me the proof. Show me where Jackson refused to practice for his new coach unless he’s with the first team. In fact I’ve only seen one story where Jackson ever refused to practice and that was during the Andy Reid era. Let’s stop making up problems fellows. The Eagles have far too many real ones to worry about crap that doesn’t exist.

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  • welcome back EE
  • Thanks KS, but I've been back a while. I don't get where people are coming from regards to CK. Is it they just believe him to be a flat out liar even though his own players are saying the same thing or do they just think he's an incompetent despite everything he's accomplished in his coaching career?
  • The players are SAYING all the right things, no doubt. However if there is one thing Eagles fans should have learned by now it's: Beware the movement of lips.

    Be it Lurie with the winning the Super Bowl as a goal; Banner saying that the team wasn't shopping "X" player; Reid saying he has to put players in a better position; or Donovan saying "the right thing" and not the "real thing", this team has long been about giving the safe answer. Avoid the controversy. "DON'T NOBODY ROCK DIS BOAT!"

    It's odd that you don't understand why you're in a shrinking minority. (Hey congrats, you're finally actually a Minority!) More and more since the OTA's fans are increasingly looking for something Kelly says to become more than words.

    He's saying all the right things, but aside from being a new face, he's brought nothing for fans to say they're hyped over seeing. Listening to the call-in shows, people are looking forward to a LOT of points, but have no idea who's scoring them and how.

    You keep saying you're excited that he'll make them work hard. So what if he does. That means what when they go against division rivals who worked hard last year when they put us in the basement? To you the team just needs a whip cracked. (And you wonder how I could tell you aren't Black.)

    ZERO Super Bowls in our history, and all we need is to whip 'em harder.
  • Has McNabb and Reid's constant saying a lot without saying anything at all actually make us doubt everything everyone says now? I know those two were wizards at saying nothing, but sometimes you have to take a man at his word. If Kelly has been lying all this time he's fooling nobody but himself. Consider Jackson. He isn't a guy who sugar coats things. He's not a guy who beats around the bush. He generally says what's on his mind. There's no way a guy like that can hide how he feels. Sure he wants a quarterback to be named and in fact many of the players may want it, but he understands that's Kelly's call. He can tell you he thinks it will be Vick for obvious reasons, but in the end he knows it's Kelly's call and has admitted as much. Why would Kelly play this game unless truly means what he says. You may not like what he's doing, but it's his job and his choice.
  • TRUE! It IS his job and it IS his choice. Be nice to see him make a choice.

    Remember a few months back when you were saying you didn't care who won the starting QB job as long as he EARNED it? You said you didn't care if J.G. Kinne won it, as long as he earned it.

    If you recall THOSE arguments were based on the subject of just how wide open the QB race would be. My stance was that there was no logical way to get 5 QB's enough reps without corrupting the Offense. I said it would only be between 2 guys IF that. You disagreed. Vehemently.

    It's two guys.

    Players will have to earn their spots. Really? At least HALF of the incumbent starters from last year have no serious challengers or are to expensive to bench.

    We're already having the DJax demotion debate on another post.

    The defense will be both a 4-3 AND a 3-4. (http://www.csnphilly.com/football-philadelphia-eagles/eagles-d-3-4-or-4-3-chip-kelly-says-both). Except for the fact that we didn't bring in ANY 4-3 style defenders. Even the DT we drafted is regarded as a rotational NT.

    The Offense would be personnel driven.(http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21570053/chip-kelly-refutes-offensive-stereotypes-open-both-vick-foles-at-qb) Really? How do you do that when you won't decide on who your personnel is?

    The guy has YET to say something and have it bear fruit. In fact MUCH of what he's said has seen it's opposite come true.

    Put it down as dishonesty or incompetence. But either he's doing this on purpose, or he isn't. Either way this team looks no stronger today than it did in November.
  • First of all, " . . . couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth" implies that what you are referencing is at least close to true.

    Secondly, I realize that Kelly will have his own way of doing things that may seem out of place in the NFL, however, if he keeps having everyone practice as if no one is guaranteed a spot, how is that any different than having an entire class rehearse for a school play before actually assigning roles? It's impossible to develop chemistry and timing if you have no idea who's starting. I'm all for waiting and seeing what Kelly's got planned, I just hope our Eagles don't end up looking like a cheap "B" movie.
  • And so a growing number of fans are expressing a growing level of concern, because we didn't JUST start watching football an hour ago.

    Over the years we've seen that bad teams get built all sorts of ways, but good ones are ALWAYS rooted in stability and accountability. We lack that and people are increasingly pointing out that the emperor is stark raving naked and his doodle looks like an angry, purple smurf.

    Sorry EZ, Chip Kelly's resume just isn't impressive enough to get people to turn off our own life experience.
  • I happen to agree with both arguments. From Ezs standpint he likes the unique agenda of Chip towards the players. Hes creating an atmoshpere where eevryone counts. He has shown that his on the field system is unique and that he has plans to make players at all levels more accountable. I think from Flips vatange point he sees these words from chip as hollow. That in reality he is really just doing the same dance that Reid did with management. I think fans want to see Chip on a limb. I think they want to see him as completely his own man with clear statements even if it is contrary to front office prior philosophy. They want to see a different way of operating which cuts into the boundaries of management. I think the fans want player leadership and are tired of hearing from the coach only. We want a full fledged team not just Chip interviews. I dont think fans will stand for the "I have to do a bettter job interviews". The culture onand off the field has to change and grow. It seems the Eagles are very unsure of their approach because they dont want lose control or be questioned but I think at this point fans want answers.
  • This isn't a me verses flip thing. This is flip and everyone verses Chip thing. I'm just telling you what Chip is going to do just like back in the day when I told you all McNabb would be traded. The choice is to either support the coach or not to, but regardless it's going down this way. That is unless Kelly is a complete lying fraud. Everything he says is really the opposite. So far he's done things exactly the way he's told us he would. As for myself I will trust in Chip and see where it goes. If he fails then fire him.
  • I don't see Kelly as doing what Reid did.

    I see Kelly REPEATEDLY coming up short of what he has said. There are some women here now (FMP, IBG78, Spots), but most of us are men. As a man you know how we regard a man who keeps falling short of his word. Be he a liar or an incompetent, it soon ceases to matter which.

    As fans we put nothing on the line. Win, lose, or (yes Donovan)tie, none of us require treatment, or stitches, or pain killers after a game. But the PLAYERS! The players risk all. If the players lack basic man-to-man respect for Kelly they won't play as hard for him. At which point he can replace them. However if he is no better at earning respect even then, then he will need to cut and replace yet MORE players.

    There's all this talk about player accountability, but no one seems to think the coach should be accountable, when in fact HE is the tone setter. If the HC can lie, why not the players? If it's okay for the HC to be incompetent, why not the players

    I just want a coach who understands that HE sets the tone, and should be the example players aspire to. (See: Belichik, Parcells, Lombardi, Noll, Shula and even now the Harbaughs).
  • You seem to have made a very strong conclusion about Kelly. The players CLAIM to be all in at least for now, but we aren't going to know how Kelly's actions will b received until they start playing the games. Here's what we know as a fact. The Eagles last coach supposedly had the players respect. The previous team knew who their quarterback was. There wasn't a lot of football related controversy with the team and they only won 4 games. Some players may be a little ruffled right now, but Kelly has to do whatever he can to reach these guys. Reid tried the standard way it it all fell apart. The team even went to the old players only meeting move and they still came out looking awful. Something has ti change and just doing things by the old book isn't the answer.
  • No conclusion. We're still at the beginning. All I'm saying is respect counts. If he sets a bad tone, then who is to clean that up?

    We can harp on Reid until 3013, but no one is going to give us a pass because of what he did and didn't do here. If he's as bad as you say then KC will fire him soon, but again MY focus is on OUR team. Although, if you really want to keep discussing Reid, I can start to follow the Chiefs a little bit, and put an occasional Chiefs post up here too.
  • You can't ignore what Reid left and then blame him for them not being whatever you think they should be. All I know is as a Eagles fan I hope you've completely misjudged this. I know since they didn't chose your guy, you have had it out for Kelly. I believe you're overstating and overreacting.
  • No one is ignoring anything. 4-12 usually means a mess happened and needs to be cleaned up. I'm just saying that when Kelly GOT HERE, he had the opportunity to clean house. He didn't.

    What did Kelly do?
    He kept a QB we had all written off. Even though it was a HUGELY unpopular move.
    He largely kept last years Offense intact. Oh I know, YOU still think there'll be competition up and down the board, but like I told you about the QB position months ago: there isn't room for it (cap-wise or talent-wise). There also isn't TIME for it.

    On Defense this is the PERFECT time to make a scheme switch since we've looked so bad for the last 2 years. Nobody expects much and so no matter how bad we are, as long as the DC isn't fired during the season, next year is a step up.

    Those concerns I had over the OLB's aren't mine alone. This was put up about a week ago http://eaglesaddict.com/http:/www.eaglesaddict.com/2013-07-13/concerned-about-trent-cole-and-brandon-graham-in-pass-coverage/#.Uen6mI132So

    I'm not crazy, and I (so far) don't have it in for Kelly. Although initially I won't enjoy having you rub my face in it, I would love for him to prove me wrong. And if the taste of crow means Super Bowl, pass me the plate! I'll eat enough for all of us. But there are some REALLY questionable football decisions being made here. They'd be questionable if this were Pop Warner or High School. At this level (especially when you look around at this level), coaches are suppose to KNOW better.
  • Lets take the no depth chart quote.

    If there is no depth chart how come desean went back to practicing with the ones. Actually how is that even possible? There r no ones. U can't deny that after the meeting, regardless if what was said, the next day and since then that desean was practicing with the ones. But without a depth chart that's not possible.
  • And if there's a depth chart then apparently somebody IS a starter.
  • For the sake of starting something someone has to be in the game firs, but you don't think that can't change. If Chip Kelly wants to play this fast offense then he's going to have to play a lot of players to keep pace with it. Not only that once the start hitting the true test will come out on how these guys can hold up. If the "ones" can't hack it they wont stay ones. Chip doesn't have loyalties to any of the players on this roster. They aren't going to receive the benefit of doubt. For now that's what he wants them to believe so don't be surprised to see someone become the fall guy in order for Chip to keep that going.
  • They won't stay ones unless they go and have a meeting with chip.

    Ez I get it. Ur fed up with Vicks play. I think all of us all. The difference is Kelly isn't and me n flip can see that. We can also see what has actually happened already and the bs that has come with it.
  • As a fan I'm most certainly had my fill of Vick's play, but regardless I'm giving Kelly the benefit of doubt here. Do I think Vick can become something he's not or do I believe Chip Kelly can teach Vick to become something he's not? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean that Chip shouldn't try. With that being the case I'm only going by what Kelly's saying. If he wanted Vick to be his starter he simply would have named him. He didn't and there's a reason for that. That doesn't mean Vick won't be his guy, but to assume he's got it locked up is a bad idea. In fact Jackson should focus more on worrying about his own position on this team instead of talking about who's going to be the quarterback. Nobody is going to continue to pay a receiver 10 mil a year if he can't even get 1000 yards and 5 touchdowns.
  • Waitaholdonaminute!

    "Nobody is going to continue to pay a receiver 10 mil a year if he can't even get 1000 yards and 5 touchdowns"

    Excuse me, but weren't you the guy making the case that the Eagles SHOULD pay him that kind of money, back when he was posting those sorts of numbers? I can't go back to 2011 on YOUR posts, but I can on mine. Here are some of the ones where you ADVOCATED for just such a thing:





    I mentioned on March 14, 2012 that I didn't like this contract, but nobody else seemed to complain about it. Even you.

    I guess that's the difference in looking at now vs down the road. I've been wrong on few things I'll admit; but I have a pretty solid record when it comes to these big picture issues.

  • I still believe Jackson can become the player he used to be, but he can't keep playing the way he's been and expect to stay.
  • The "player he used to be" was with McNabb at QB. In case you've missed it, since 5 was traded (with fans BEGGING for him to be replaced) ALL of the attempts to replace him have been with comparably inferior players at the position.
  • In cased you missed it McNabb has been a comparably inferior player since he left. In fact he's out of the league. If you're expecting me to say the Eagles made a mistake getting rid of McNabb you can keep waiting. The issue was the replacement, not replacing the player, because his time was up.
  • I don't expect that you would, and either way it's irrelevant. What difference does it make if you DID say it was a mistake? The error was not yours. It's not a lesson YOU can learn from.

    Whether McNabb (in 2 different systems, on 2 teams that were embarrassing to watch even prior to his arrival) was any good post-Eagles, is irrelevant.

    The issue that fans of the Eagles should be concerned with is how the Eagles have done since. That is relevant. It affects YOU, even to this DAY.

    I do find it intriguing that the same person who says that McNabb's "time was up" still thinks the Eagles should have brought him back. http://www.yardbarker.com/forum/3/57/discussion/i_know_kafka_has_looked_good_but_5_is_the_answer_to_our_backup_needs/11375320

    Seems to me if he was..."cooked" (is your new word of choice isn't it?), then why should you clamor for his return? It is an...how do you say...ODD, sort an argument you make against your own point.

    When you finish arguing with yourself, you will let me know who won, won't you?

  • McNabb was in west coast systems, and in both cases had coaches who ran the football and he had the best back in the game. Regardless of the excuses he's out the league. Furthermore you want to go on and on about how inept the Eagles replacements are, but everyone of them are a better option than the Raiders have right now. So if that's the case and your stupid enough to believe the raiders have a shot at the playoffs you should be jumping for joy about the Eagles.
  • I doubt the Raiders will see the post-season this year, but I can't rule it entirely out.

    Regarding the Eagles replacements for McNabb, I never called them inept. As for how they stack against the Raiders current staff, you need to keep in mind that you're PRIMARILY talking about a QB (Michael Vick) that YOU call a turnover machine. NONE of the Raiders QB's have a history of being that. So what exactly would you be basing your assessment on? Because without an explanation it just comes across like we FINALLY won, and got you to see reason regarding Michael Vick.

    As for McNabb's experiences in Washington and Minnesota, if you're going speak, you should first know what you're talking about.

    YES Shanahan ran the WCO, but he runs a different variation of it with a greater emphasis on the run and FAR less downfield passing than Reid's version. It's not far off what he ran with Elway and Terrell Davis in Denver.

    Minnesota has a RUN BASED offense. They have since Bill Musgrave (formerly of here AND Oakland) took over as OC in 2011. The Vikes system was only LOOSELY based in WCO http://www.1500espn.com/sportswire/Bill_Musgrave_will_use_West_Coast_roots_build_scheme_around_Vikings012011
    This is why I thought McNabb could showcase himself for a new team (I figured Arizona) for 2012, as everyone knew Ponder was waiting in the wings.

    FYI: While McNabb was 1-5 in his 6 starts (ironically a mark YOU might be impressed by) his TD/Int raio was 4:2, he completed over 60% of his passes, and was the team's highest rated QB that year. So MCNABB didn't need an excuse, Minnesota's defense did. Look it up. They allowed 20+ points in every one of those 5 losses.
  • I would bring McNabb back in a second and would keep Vick. I would expect the city to apologize for its disgusting treatment he received. I still believe in that guy. I believed in Cunningham even after he left Baltimore. I think Mcnabb is a smart enough QB that a comeback could be successful. He left unfinished business. But I sense he is fed up with the second class treatment.
  • After being out a couple years and being what 36-37(?), it's probably better that he leave things where they are. While his years in Washington and Minny were nothing to write home about, they also come with plenty of mitigating details.

    Coming back now could actually become embarrassing for him. Better to go out as a declining player on a couple of bad teams, than to go out as a washed-up has-been on a team that no one expected to do much anyway. Why do that? For who? For what?
  • I agree but it breaks your heart. I remember when Johnny Unitas was traded the town wanted to burn the owner(Irsay) on the stake for that move. That was waht ignited Baltimores problems.
  • Football is a business. You hear it all the time. It would be bad business to bring McNabb back
  • Here we are people crying over McNabb who hasn't been an Eagle for years. Those same people crying are sick of talking about the failures of Andy Reid? FYI the releasing of McNabb was done by Andy Reid! Stop flipflopping and make up your mind. Is the past in the past or isn't it? With that being the case I don't mind going off topic and answering questions. Maybe some should nut up and do the same.
  • You want to answer a NON-McNabb question? Fine. I'll repeat the question I asked you earlier.


    There! You asked for it, you got it.

    Update: July 21, 2013
    Here's that question:

    Regarding the Eagles replacements for McNabb, I never called them inept. As for how they stack against the Raiders current staff, you need to keep in mind that you're PRIMARILY talking about a QB (Michael Vick) that YOU call a turnover machine. NONE of the Raiders QB's have a history of being that. So what exactly would you be basing your assessment on? Because without an explanation it just comes across like we FINALLY won, and got you to see reason regarding Michael Vick.
  • This post isn't about McNabb, but for a guy who is too scared to sway from the topic on his posts sure doesn't mind taking free liberties on other peoples posts.
  • Well since you said: "With that being the case I don't mind going off topic and answering questions." I figured I'd ask you to give us ALL a demonstration of you standing behind what you said (So far you haven't BTW).

    Also, how we govern our posts is allowed to vary. I was under the impression that YOUR style was your honest expression of yourself. You're free to mimic MY style if it pleases you, as I in fact believe that imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.
  • Flip , you ought to get a gig on sports radio. You are entertaining.
  • Thank you.

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