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Some think the man who thought it was a good idea to let an offensive line coach be his defensive coordinator knew what he was doing to the point of no fault. In reality that coach was good, but his message got stale, he let his players become soft, and they ended up being better at talking than they were at winning and playing football in general. Now Chip Kelly has come to Philly and unlike the ASSumption of few Chip Kelly isn't brining something new to Philly other than one word that's been missing around here for sometime and that word is WORK.

  "Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." 

Vince Lombardi.

And work is something that's been missing in Philly for sometime now. Guys under the MAN WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING" got complacent, got paid, got endorsements, got  (self) redemption, and all of that got losses. Players over 30 didn't have to practice. Mike Vick didn't even have to play during the preseason and still was allowed to start and ultimately ruin the season, but he wasn’t alone after all complacency breeds’ mediocrity.

"Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority."

Vince Lombardi.

Speaking of Mike Vick here the man who was given the starting job before and has never lead the Eagles to a playoff victory, only has 2 wins over .500 as an Eagle is now showing a lack of "respect of authority" by undermining his coach in the media by demanding to know who the starter will be. That seems like the words of the entitled, and not the words of someone who wants to work. Of course this isn't new for Mike Vick since he's been in Philly. After all last year during training camp he was telling us how he and the Eagles were going to become a dynasty. I guess in Mike's mind if you just say it then it will just happen. No WORK is necessary.

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

Vince Lombardi

Now players who have talked their way into a 4-12 season with the coach who knew what he was doing (by wasting several good years of McNabb's career with stiff receivers like Charles Johnson, Torrance Small, Stinky Pinky, and Freddie Mitchell) are now a little out of their comfort zone with this crazy new idea of Chip Kelly's that well they actually work. Guys like Desean Jackson who when he first got here in Philly busted his tail so mush that Andy Reid had no choice but to start him as a rookie has now become a guy who admitted to not trying hard and now he's questioning why he was put on the third string. Well I believe that rookie Desean who was the best receiver on the field in most games has become a whiny soft diva thanks to the coddling of the man who knew what he was doing.

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi.

So now Chip Kelly has replaced the man who knew what he was doing (so well that he allowed Winston Justice to continue to block Osi one on one all game to the point that he ruined the kids career and shortened McNabb's) and has decided to get back to this wild and crazy idea of RUNNING THE FOOTBALL, having an attack style defense (a defense that 9 of the last 13 Super Bowl Champions ran or some variant of it), and working hard to achieve their goals is somehow a bad thing in the minds of some? How many years have gone by where fans have called for the man who knew what he was doing (like making Greg Lewis return kicks) to run the football more yet he stubbornly refused despite the fact his team won more games if the running back had at least 20 carries? How does anyone consider the coach expecting his team to work hard and earn a spot on the football team as "B.S. Expectations?"

"If you can accept losing, you can't win."

Vince Lombardi.

So I'm sure it's has come to a surprise for many of the remaining guys of the man who knew what he was doing (like giving contracts to BYU stiffs) era that now out of the blue, after their uninspired play has gotten their coach fired suddenly being asked to work hard may come to a surprise, but little do they know working hard and playing the game right is how you win in the NFL. That's why guys like Randy Moss have no Super Bowl rings, but Jerry Rice is a 3 time Super Bowl Champion and SB MVP. 

“I can't live my life worrying about something that might never happen.”

Bill Parcells

Some have spent a lot of time worrying about Kelly being in over his head when he hasn’t even coached one NFL game yet. Well you all can worry all you like, but don’t expect the rest of us to agree with you. After all at some point in time it will be a Mortal Lock that Chip Kelly gets fired. I’m just hoping he brings a few Lombardi Trophies our way before he does. Personally I think taking a page out of the Lombardi work hard handbook is a good way to get there. 

Some Lombardi quotes to think on.

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”

“Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing-the result.”

“Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary failures.”

“If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.”

“Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.”

Ironically here are two things the Eagles could not du under the man who knew what he was doing by the time he was fired.

“Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but WE will be judged by only one thing-the RESULT.”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Quitting sure did happen a lot by the end of the man who knew what he was doing’s regime. Winning was highly infrequent. Maybe the guy who the trophy is named after may be on to something, and maybe the fact the man it’s more than just a coincidence the man who knew what he was doing lacks one of those trophies.

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  • a bit wordy....
    but true
  • I was channelling my inner Latin LOL.
  • Ha! :D
  • Amen to that.
  • I agree with easyEagles whY
    well here we go again, I am from Eugene,Oregon yes the place where Coach Kelly came from, and I saw the way he coached I think better than some here On the yard.
    I read the newspaper everyday about Duck football, I saw when Chip talked to Tampa Bay about Coaching the team and then decided against that, and I think that started his flirts with the NFL.
    I also think Kelly has wanted to at least give it a shot, at coaching somewhere in the NFL, he simply couldn't say no again this time to the NFL and it happened to be with your team the eagles!
    Will he be successful in the NFL? I say lets again look at the athlete...as in Tim Tebow and his shot at New England , will he make it as a starter? maybe not.
    I think some looking at Kelly's Record at Oregon and think, the next Lombardi?
    I think what a big size shoe to fill Vince Lombardi, and we forget his efforts were at a pac-12 school not the NFL.
    go back to the basketball coach here in Eugene,Oregon who coached a High school to a state title , then later got a job as a basketball coach at a small college not the university of Oregon, but a small Christian college and in his short stay, he did horrible and so bad he just quit as the head coach and is staying on as the AD. nothing against the guy personally its just a big difference coaching at the high school level to the college level...
    and I go back to Kelly, his only experience is in college, people forget that.
    Sure his record at Oregon 46-7...from 2009-2012?
    not bad for a college coach?
    Now wait I said college coach.
    will he be able to with stand the rigors of the pros?
    I have been saying all along, I will wait and see, how else can you?
    One has to start somewhere. and I still dislike what he did to the community here in the local area by coming back after his little rendezvous searching from the Bills and whom ever then came back and announced that yes he was back as Oregon's coach again then, we all know what happened he became your coach, leaving Oregon without a head coach?
    thank god we had as his replacement all ready in place.
    and there's another good case scenario, will Oregon keep winning under the new guy, sure he ran the offense at Oregon while Chip was head coach, but I've seen many assistant coaches who become head coaches fall by the wayside and I mean fast!
    So a Vince Lombardi type?
    I recall a kid who was recruited at Oregon as a Rick Barry
    type as in the Rick Barry who played the NBA?
    sadly the kid and again nothing against him personally, the kid didn't cut it at Oregon and quit the team...
    Again we get these high expectations for an athlete or coach.
    I say good luck to Chip and his staff.
  • Although I'm not actually suggesting Chip is the next Lombard I surely wouldn't mind if he were. One thing is certain to me though. I do not believe it is fair for Eagles fans to expect Chip Kelly to be the best day one when he's been saddled with these players we have seen stop giving their best effort. It's like sending a Spurrier to a division 3 school and expecting him to beat division one teams. Only a biased moron would think it would work in the first year smoothly.
  • yes I agree..
    I'm only saying we have these HIGH EXPECTATIONS for both coach and athlete.
    I still don't think Chip is a magician with a magic Hat..pulling out magic plays .
    sure it takes the players and coaches alike to be successful..
    If I ever said you were wrong in your blog.
    No I think in Time, key word Time, Kelly might be the best thing to happen to eagles football.
    again the wait and see!
    I think some, think his record at Oregon is solid gold?
    yes As I've tried to point out an some wont listen, I've been around Oregon football for years, Ok Im 60 years old, I recall when Oregon football played at what is now the track facility or Hayward field then in 1967 moved to Autzen stadium, I've see coaches and I mean coaches come and GO....I recall the cough 2-9 seasons...under Rich Brooks and then Brooks turn it around by taking Oregon to what I call the JV bowls...then in 1994-95 the Rose bowl yea we lost to Penn state , but we played?
    my point being in all the years I've seen Oregon duck football..
    I had never witnessed what Charles Chip Kelly did in his short stay here?
    will he do it in Philly?
    I guess your, quess is as good as Mine?
  • The few who don't get it want to say Kelly is in over his head or are concerned with players not being onboard. That's why Kelly is going to need to weed out the malcontents, and make an example of one of these so called great players. That why I think at least one of them will be cut before the season starts.
  • How ironic I have written a piece on Vince Lombardi on what would have been his 100th birthday!

  • I understand where flip is coming from EZ. He makes a valid point about the mark chip has made on the team . And right now I dont see anything of substance that he has done except follow management where it left off with reid. I want to see a guy that stands on his own, is decisive, leads and right now I dont see Chip as the driving force behind the things happening. He doesnt appear to be calling the shots other than some music and tempo at practices. Beating on a few veteran players doesnt put you in control of the situation. In fact it looks weak to me. I watched harbaugh come to balto and set a solid tone early on. there was no playing around. HE knew what HE wanted. It wasnt a work in progress. It was direct and decisive. Right now, the short term future relies on Vick. You might think its OK to tank again but it could become a habit and thats worse than going 8-8 with Vick. I cant say that kelly is over is head but he comes across to me as inexperienced.
  • Don't forget the custom smoothies! Chip Kelly has proven excellent at pretending to be a Jamba Juice location.

    Seriously though, he's inexperienced and his only source of bolstering is two career underachievers in form of Pat Shurmur and Billy Davis. A more experienced coach would have known, or one surrounded by better football minds, could have been told in February that what he was doing could hurt him into July, and quite possibly beyond.

    But like you said, there is no clear vision. It's June 11th and Connor Barwin said today that they still don't know what their identity is on Defense. The Defense he said, was installed and then RE-installed TWICE. That's THREE installations! That is the polar opposite of a clear vision.
  • Not for nothing, but it's Football Sacrilege to compare a coach who hasn't coached a single game in the NFL to a man like Vince Lombardi. What's next, Tebow will take the starting QB job away from Tom Brady and win a Super Bowl....I don't think so.
  • I thought the same thing. High praise for a guy that left the Oregon program under a NCAA microscope. I think EZ puts too much blame on Vick and not enough criticism for the direction management took this team for so may years after the superbowl. Reid left a culture of distrust. There is no relationship between players and management. There is only friction. Until that problem is solved this team is gonna suck for years to come. Vick doesnt have the durability that McNabb had and this team is still trying to ride the coatails of one player with less talent than McNabb was given. And the players McNabb had to work with werent so great.
  • I didn't compare him Lombardi, rather I wrote the Eagles are returning to a place from where a coach thought he was smarter than the game by making some terrible decisions that ultimately got him fired. Chip is bringing it back to the basics.
  • Reid was fired because he failed. In fact, he left the franchise in worse shape than when he inherited it. Rhodes left alot of good players for Reid to work with and with a top 3 pick he got a marquee QB. That QB carried Reids fat ass for the first 5 years. Well we all know the history. Chip needs tostep out from his shadow but appears reluctant to do it. The fans want to see what makes Chip unique. What makes chip chip. Right now wer are seeing Chip being Reid and that wont work.
  • I don't agree with everything you typed here, but you nailed Kelly's fear to step out and do something that makes the team his own.

    Jason Kelce certainly seems happy with being able "to approach" his HC (although an NFL lineman admitting being intimidated by starting a conversation doesn't speak well to his manhood).

    On the other hand with LeSean McCoy saying things like: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000168201/article/lesean-mccoy-philadelphia-eagles-still-love-andy-reid

    and all the headlines about players looking for a decision, it doesn't sound like he's winning the team and making it his on a personal level either.
  • Players who have been held with zero accountability for years and despite how well or poorly they played were still allowed to just play, will naturally "love" the guy who put them there. HE MADE THEM RICH, but if they "loved" home so much, then they should have played for him. That's been the problem the whole time, the always TALKED a better game then they PLAYED. Now Kelly is demanding those players earn those paychecks Andy was handing out for free. If I were them I would be upset too, but that doesn't mean I would be right.
  • Regardless, now it's not me that you're arguing with, it's the players. How they feel about their coach, matters. Whether he has their respect, matters. You disagree with that of course.

    How can a man buy into a guy a who has to have his defense installed THREE times during OTA's? Lombardi-like mentality? More like F Troop. Now his roster is behaving like they need Ritalin, and 2 of his 3 top offensive weapons (for an offensive coach) are telling him that he needs to make a decision, while the 3rd of those 3 is still professing love for the coach's predecessor.

    Again, regardless of how YOU feel about it, this is how THEY feel about it. And that's a statement of fact. No exaggeration or twisting or spinning needed.

    So my question to you is: Now that these are HIS problems how does he fix them?
  • On the contrary I believe having his respect does matter and that's only going to change if Kelly weeds out the bad seeds, gets his guys in here, and most importantly wins football games. Nothing else matters but winning. It's not even training camp yet. I can tell you this. He will most certainly LOSE this football team if he allows players who have admittedly (both Vick and Jackson) not given their all in the past. What kind of message does that give? Cave to the guys who don't give a full effort. Cave to the guys who want it easy. Cave to the guys WHO DON'T WANT TO EARN IT. THEY WANT IT HANDED TO THEM SO THEY CAN ACT THE SAME WAY THEY DID BEFORE. You don't FIX problems by doing the exact same thing that got you predecessor fired! It takes more than just talent to win in the NFL.
  • So your answer is to cut Vick and Jackson?

    Weren't you the guy who was arguing me up and down two years ago that Jackson DESERVED 10+ mil a year? During that time while he was unhappy with his contract, he was dogging it and was once even benched by Reid, you STILL insisted that he should get a fat contract.

    NOW we should get rid of him, since we're on the hook for more (leaving us less money to get a replacement) if we cut him? I'm not saying DJax or Vick are irreplaceable, (far from it I think). What I'm saying is that taking a chainsaw to your team to prove a point, can have some VERY nasty side effects.
  • I absolutely believe if Mike Vick doesn't win the job HE SHOULD BE CUT, because he will be nothing more than a distraction. The team will not progress and it will turn into a QB controversy circus. If Jackson, Maclin, Celek, Peters, McCoy, and whomever else are beaten out by the next guy then YES they should be cut. Why keep a guy who isn't cutting the mustard? Why keep a guy who is causing a disruption, because they feel they are entitled? Jackson himself demands a starter be named, but in the next sentence can't even say who has been playing better. In other words Jackson contradicted himself and caused unnecessary drama and then invoked his teammates in this as well. The time of entitlements is now over. New regime equals new rules. If the coach wants Jackson to get out there and earn, and if he fails to do so you would keep him on your team? That's the mentality of a losing football coach or a coach who is scared of his players.
  • You just asked me two questions. If the COACH wanted him to do something, how is it MY team?

    If it were MY team, Jackson wouldn't be asking me to name a starter. I'd have done so already.

    As far as him getting out and producing, that wouldn't be a problem either. Since he only does a few things well, I'd put him in position to do THOSE things, and would have brought in a couple players similar to him to goad him mentally into WANTING to be the best of them.

    He's a man driven by ego. Appeal to that. Right now he KNOWS he's the teams best deep ball threat and no one brought in REMOTELY challenges him in that. You don't push an athlete to compete. You motivate him to push himself.
  • Jackson first season as an Eagle there wasn't a play he couldn't run. You just remember all the bombs, but that wasn't just his game. The Eagles tried to use him in many ways. The wise thing would be to use him in space, but if Jackson isn't trying to perform up to standards. If he's getting beat out on the field and you still would name him the starter, that doesn't make you a good coach. It makes you a fool.
  • How is Chip being Reid here? Reid would never have players competing for spots, we haven't seen Chip coach a game yet so how can we compare him to Reid? When has Reid had five QBs in camp? Chip is candid when he speaks to the media, while Reid would regurgitate the same old words "do a better job." These two men are nothing alike.
  • Id like to see a coach that challenges the front office. Id like to see less friction with the players. He should use Vick as a leader and give him an endorsement. Call it Mikes & Chips offense. Tell the public Jackson is a leader. Im just giving examples and not assuming those are the guys but start laying a foundation of guys you will hold accountable for results. He wont be able to do it alone . he needs the players to support him or he will fail just like reid.
  • There was no friction with Reid and the players and they went 4-12. Why do you want friction in the front office? How is that going to fix anything? Why tell the pubic Jackson is a leader when he acts like a spoiled kid? Why in the world should Kelly give Vick coach like status? His last name isn't Manning! Have you lost your mind??????

    Bring forth the Anointing Oil of Olay!
  • I sure hope so speaking as an Eagles fan. What about you?
  • Like I said to Spots, I hope I'm wrong (Who wants to sit in their living room or a sports bar and be pissed for 3-4 hours every week?)

    While I hope I'm wrong, I CANNOT ignore the balance of bad news vs. good news. I cannot ignore players already speaking out. I cannot ignore the the type of conduct I'm seeing. GTD put out the eagles rap sheet going back to 2001 and every year included just a couple of incidents. Some as silly as police involvement when Dhani Jones wouldn't stop dancing. THIS year the number, timing, AND severity of these incidents is unlike anything I've seen here since I've been a fan. This behavior is just not US.

    Look at GTD's list and LOOK at the nature of MOST of that stuff. Compare it to the incidents you're reading about NOW. Is this REALLY what you want us to be known for now?
  • Players spoke out with Reid. There was plenty of bad news to go around last season. Watching Vick completely flounder in the preseason and in those early weeks was hardly "good news", but you stuck with "Mortal Lock", but now suddenly you are making a mountain out of a mole hill this season for things that were perpetrated last season. I don't know why you can't "ignore it" this season when you were completely oblivious to it last season. I mean you even DEFENDED Vick's ridiculous comment about the Eagles being a dynasty!
  • Which molehill am I making a mountain out of?

    Is it the player discipline molehill?
    Or is it the players being played out of position, molehill?
    Or is it the having to slow down practice due to the poor/late teaching curve, molehill?
    Or is it the 3 installations of the Defensive scheme during OTA's, molehill?
    Or is it the Connor Barwin saying he already figured out how to stop Chip Kelly's vaunted offensive system, molehill?
    Or is it the team's top QB, WR, and RB, showing less than full confidence in the current coach molehill?

    I'm sorry, to which molehill were you referring?

    None of these are issues from last year.
  • I agree. Its too many changes that dont have a foundation of reasoning. The swithes from 4-3 to wide nine to 3-4 to various 3/4 and 4/3s. They should be following their history. what makes the eagles successful is a big defensive line, fast outside Lbs , a solid middle LB, hard hitting safeties and good cover CB that support the run. Winning!
  • The 3-4 is a part of Eagles history. The 1980 team ran a 3-4 system. 9 out of the last 12 Super Bowl teams ran a 3-4 or some type of variant. The Ravens use both 4-3 and 3-4. This is the way of the league now.
  • When someone that wears an eagle uniform urinates on government property publicly he should be fined for conduct detrimental to the team. That was low class and demeaning to the fans and city. I would have suspended him immediately. The rest of the problems stem from the fact that the organization isnt teaching them anything about maturity. They are acting like punks and when they get to the field they will get treated like punks. This is an organization problem not just an individual issue.
  • And that's an issue! Like Vick can't get late hit calls due to personal bias, if the rest of the team is perceived as woman bashing, and disrespectful of government institutions, I can see them getting bad break calls like the Bengals and Lions (remember Calvin Johnson being robbed of a game winning TD vs the bears?) and Vikings do.
  • The Cowboys in the 90s were drug snorting rapist, and it sure didn't seem to matter there. The old Raiders were rebels, cheaters, and champions. Spy gate anyone? The Ravens won the Super Bowl with a murderer as their mascot. If they come out and beat teams on the field they won't have to worry about the refs losing games for them. That's what bad teams do.
  • In the eyes of the law ray Lewis didnt murder anyone. He was found innocent. You call him a mascot. I call him the best defensive player to play the game. He didnt punk out on the field. So far the Eagles havent come close to that level of play when it matters. Why? Because they dont believe in themselves and never have.
  • Don't tell me about the eyes of the law. You are the same person who called Reid a pimp!
  • when chip Kelly was at Oregon his motto was "win the day"
    looks to me as a hand full of bloggers have already pulled the el pluggo on this season all ready????
  • Well Hollywood can't ever be happy. The dude would complain about them winning a super bowl. The other guys are just hating for the sake of hating, as there were far more serious issues about the Eagles last season and all they could say about it was Mortal Lock.
  • I see an imcomplete picture. Alot of parts missing
  • That's what happens when you have to rebuild. This team wasn't good. They got a lucky push in 2010, because Vick played out of his mind! When he fell back to earth so did this team. The worst Vick has become so has the team. The holes have been there for a while, because lately the drafts haven't been all that great. They are a work in progress.
  • You keep calling it rebuild except the core players are NOW in or entering their prime. Nobody rebuilds in the NFL anymore. They reload. Now the eagles have arent spending a solid 25 million. I havent checked the cap numbers lately but thats alot of good players. What are they waiting for? Next year. The Ravens have reloaded once again. You busted on them for letting Elerbe and Ed Reed. But they got in return Canty, Spears and Dumerville. Not bad.
  • Yeah all of those declining players equal Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Pollard, and the man who basically got the Ravens to the bowl Aquan Boldin. Don't forget that former Eagle great Sean Considine!
  • he's not alone...
  • When the Falcons were betrayed by Mike Vick and their idiot coach the team went through a very difficult time. Instead of worrying about the consequences they went to work, drafted a franchise quarterback and rebuilt their team. Being afraid of cutting/trading players who may have talent, but are dragging the team down is smart. Andy Reid has done it to several players in the past. It's okay for Reid to do it, but taboo for the new guy???
  • Would have been great if he did. Instead he's resting HEAVILY on Reid's starters. Lane Johnson is in with the Ones on Offense and Ike Sopoaga, Cary Williams, and Brandon Fletcher are Ones on Defense, but right now everyone else (including who Kelly has running for starting QB) was a Reid starter. Heck Todd Herremanns is even back to playing Guard!

    Right now Connor Barwin is the biggest change of the Kelly regime, but it pales when you consider that Defense isn't Kelly's focus. So his biggest add is a guy he'll largely have hands off, and is already an established 'B' level star.

    I'd have been intrigued by a Kelly team that TRADED DJax and signed Arrelious Benn. But keeping them BOTH is like holding onto a security blanket.

    Remember how I was talking before Vick restructured? I was ready to move on. If Vick was let go then we drafted Matt Barkley to develop behind Foles, that would have been fine too. (Hell, it would be okay NOW!) But instead Kelly clung to a Reid starter. Two actually.

    At no point has he gone out on a limb to make this HIS team, and I think that right now that's largely why it isn't.

  • Okay so you expected Kelly to turn this roster over in one season???? You would have traded Jackson away, because you traded for Benn even though up to that point you never saw either of them play in your system? It's funny how you expect so much out of Chip Kelly in so little time, but you wanted to give Reid a contract extension for losing his football team, becoming the laughing stock of the league with his Offensive line coach/Defensive Coordinator, and winning only 4 games. When was the last time the Patriots won 4 games? I mean if Reid knows what he's doing that should NEVER happen.
  • I think Reid knows what hes doing. I think he sold out to management. If you measure Reid in time frames from 1-5 years(very good) 6-10(better than average)10- end( a complete joke). He carried out orders like a good soldier and in the process he lost the team. If Reid acts like a coach in KC he might be very successful. But, if he is arrogant, cocky, willing to throw loyal KC players and leaders under the bus he will end up on his rear end with a big footprint on his fat ass.
  • Again, I'm not talking about Reid. He's gone.

    I DID expect more turnover this year. If not throughout the roster, at LEAST in the number of starters. 4 possibly 5 total new starters (depending on who plays the other 3-4 DE spot), is a LOT less turnover than I expected or hoped for.

    As far as what I said about Benn, I only mentioned him because he WAS apparently on Kelly's radar. Were it my team I wouldn't have added Benn at all. But since Kelly feels he'd fit... As for trading Jackson I didn't say trade him away BECAUSE they added Benn. I said I'd have been INTRIGUED if Kelly HAD. Mostly because it would have been a bold statement, and would have sent a clear signal about what he expected.

    As it happened, Kelly has assembled a rather jumbled mix, as he has conflicting types of athletes at several positions. This is fine for the moment. Right now he has 90 guys and a bunch of options and combinations that won't exist when he has to whittle it down to the 45 who travel.

    What he doesn't have a note that rings clear. All I'm saying is it would have been nice if he did.
  • We get it. You're not talking about Reid, but Reid left the mess. He left a squad with zero accountability, and thinks they should be entitled to something. Naming Vick the starter, because he wants to be the starter is just foolish considering the fact he hasn't beaten out the other guy in practice. In fact if you read enough you would find more people are giving Foles the edge. Kelly deserves the right to coach this team as he sees fit. He will name a starter when he's ready. He will cut/trade who he feels needs cutting. It will either work or it won't.
  • It's not about naming Vick the starter it's about naming a starter. Even Vick said that. He never said Kelly needs to name me the starter. He said to help the team a starter should be named before camp. Desean agreed. Most people agree a starter should be named.
  • Vick ALSO said he's tired of sharing reps with Foles. Do you really think Vick is going to be just happy if he's not the one chosen. It's clear Vick is only concerned about himself and not the team on this one. Funny how one guy out of the five is complaining about reps. One guy out of the five is "frustrated" with his reps. Why? Cause that one guy out of the five hasn't proved he's better. Hey Mike could do a lot to PROVE he deserves the job by owning the Patriots week one of the preseason.
  • I disagree with you here Flip. I think because of the salary cap players turnover when contracts run out. You have to play with what you draft especially in the initial rookie contract. Rebuilding is always going on. You have a core group you rely on and then the rest are role players. Now Chip may change his core. Obviously, he will have a new QB and WR next year. I suspect Maclin & Vick will be gone. And some of the other guys are disposable parts like Chung/Phillips. Reids past draft picks are gonna anchor this organization for the next 3-5 years. Thats why I think some coaches are very reluctant to pick up another coaches garbage. And I think it was generally viewed as a very bad situation in Philly.
  • Judging by the trouble they had during their search PRIOR to hiring Kelly, I'm thinking (like the national media was saying at the time) that the presence of Howie Roseman is more what warded HC candidates off the job.

    Vick willingly reworked a pricey deal. Aside from DJax, Shady, Cole, and both Guards, all the big dead money is locked up in THIS years signings.

    The Raiders have proven, you have to bite the bullet early.
  • Perhaps Roseman is the problem, but it seems there are more than a few respected NFL minds that like Roseman, and the term "bright mind" keeps coming up. It does seem that Chip was able to choose the players that he wanted so maybe whoever was afraid of Roseman they were foolish to do so. In all honesty it seems the Eagles wanted to select a coach from college. The guy the allegedly contacted before Chip was from college. They finally decided to interview a few of those NFL guys afterwards. They could have had a deal with one of those NFL guys, and promptly sent him away when Chip said yes. It's clear they wanted a college coach and Chip was very high on their list.
  • Only the Eagles talk about their bright minds. You never hear the Ravens say anything about bright minds. Thats all Eagle fluff. I dont pay any attention to that. Right now they look pretty stupid.
  • I heard it from HOF writers. I heard it on the NFL network. I could careless what people in Balto say about anything. That's not my town. The people who actually look stupid are the people who just ASSumed Kelly would just insert Vick (or anyone else for that matter) into the starting lineup without earning it. Now they are confused, because they ASSumed Chip Kelly was lying when he told them there was an "open competition" here in Philly. The funniest part of all is Mike Vick MUST HAVE AGREED TO THE COMPETITION IN THE FIRST PLACE TO KEEP CHIP FROM CUTTING HIM EARLIER IN THE YEAR. Now that the going is getting tough, Vick wants to become the quitter that you called him before.
  • 1. Kelly said there'd a COMPLETELY open QB competition among all five QB. However it's only between TWO. Not so wide open at all. So he did lie.
    (FYI: He also lied when he said while the the defensive system WOULD transition to a 3-4, they would build the system around the talent that was here.)

    2. You are correct when you say that some of us assumed that Kelly would eventually reach for Vick. However regardless of who won, there is NO WAY I'd have thought he'd head into Training Camp with a pecking order EVERYWHERE ELSE EXCEPT AT QB. I was apparently giving him too much credit.
    Heck even players have begun to make comments on it.
  • The point is when your ledership, that may include Jackson, starts making comments publicly its in the coaches best interest to respond. Like I said EZ , its like a manager or supervisor in a plant saying we have two great widget makers in the production area but we have twice as many widgets as we need can we do something about it ? What do you do EZ isnt time of the essence or do you say go away.
  • Only Desean Jackson has begun to comment even though he himself can't make out who has been better. If the players truly had a problem they should have went to the coach. Jackson also recently mentioned at least 4 names in this competition. Let's not forget there are 3 quarterback positions to fill so in effect ALL are still in play. When Mike Vick is part of the equation it's not a case of if, rather it's when the other guy gets to play. 5 players and 3 slots. That's a competition.
  • Vince Lombardi was a control freak. Can you picture Vince Lombardi allowing players to question him like this?

    Vince Lombardi was an obsessive teacher. Can you picture his players being behind in their understanding of the scheme, due to a teaching error?

    Vince Lombardi believed in discipline by example. Can you...

    Yes. Yes I certainly see a Lombardi-like mentality. WHEN I LOOK AT FILM OF BILL WALSH!
  • So now you are praising and kissing the arse of Andy Reid, but criticizing Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh? The more you type the crazier you are making yourself out to be.
  • I'm saying (and the rings will attest) that Lombardi and Walsh were EXCELLENT coaches. So far Kelly hasn't shown he belongs in the same sport as them, let alone the conversation.

    Shame on you for comparing Kelly to Lombardi.
  • You fail to see the concept of working hard. If Kelly wants his players to work hard to earn it why is that so troubling to you? And here you want to be critical of me for saying he right now at this moment is pushing his players to work hard when you have deemed him a failure before he even starts. Shame on you for being so weak minded.
  • Great write-up Eazy and love how you integrated the Lombardi and Parcells quotes. Chip Kelly is of a different breed-the kind of coach that comes around once a decade or two.
  • High praise for a guy that hasnt won anything yet.
  • I feel the message is that Chip Kelly wants his players to work. You see these are not Chip Kelly's guys. How can he trust them today when they can't follow simple directions? When the players left they were tols to stay out of trouble. Did Peters listen? Nope. Kelly told them they would find out who is going to be quarterback during preseason. Did the players listen? Nope! If Kelly can't trust them with little, then how can he trust them with much. This is all a test and some of these guys are frankly failing at it. Until they earn the trust to be treated like the men they want to be, they are going to have to work hard to earn it.
  • Either that or quit on him.
  • That's nothing new with this lot. This group of quitters has quit on Reid two seasons straight. Haven't you been watching or were you too enthralled in your predictions to care? Players who have already quit doing it the old way should not get preferential treatment.
  • I never said they should. If I did, FIND IT, and SHOW IT to me.

    Put it in quotations, and post a link so we can ALL see it.

    I'm all in, and I call.
  • Then why are you constantly crying?
  • So it seems like Aaron Hernandez has been named in a shooting and recently had his house searched. I thought this kind of stuff only happens to Chip Kelly?
  • I'd suggest you read my post on the subject, but I just commented on your reply to it, before I saw this.

    Judging by THAT comment I think you have a better idea of where I'm coming from now.
  • The owners and the commissioner are going to have to take a stand and stop this madness for the sake of their league. Players are going to prison at a surprising rate. This is bigger than just the coaches. When you actually have players do what Mathis and Kelce did last season to fans it's flat out embarrassing to the league. Will it become common for players to play on Sundays thanks to work release forms?
  • Exactly!

    This is why I was against drafting Tyrann Mathieu; and so happy when the Raiders dropped Rolando McClain; and why I am so concerned with the growing severity of the things I'm seeing from the Eagles players.

    Beyond the negative press, there are kids watching these guys. Not just little kids, but high school players and college players. If they see that this is permissible it will only get worse, and before you know it the NFL will be what the NBA became for a few years.
  • That's why I find it funny how congress got all involved with baseball and steroids, but are turning the other cheek to all the illegal activity that has be going on in the NFL to include the use of performance enhancing drugs. It's like the NFL is bigger than the laws of this country.
  • Its all a big show. As long as the players keep the head rattling hits coming Ill keep watching. steroids and all.
  • Apparently they are rattling heads with pistol fire too these days.
  • Lombardi?
    who's that
    my god he had nothing to do with eagles football.
    so how did it past the blog gods?
  • There is some relevance: The 1960 Eagles are the only team to beat Lombardi's Packers in the playoffs and it was for the NFL Championship.
  • Vince Lombardi said after the game that will never happen again. Andy Reid said after the Super Bowl he has to "do a better job." I do not miss that man at all.
  • Shame on me and Chip Kelly for expecting the Eagles players who last season quit on their coach and their fans to actually work hard and earn their jobs! Shame on me for not wanting to see a bunch of quitters, rather guys who practice simple fundamentals like blocking, tackling, and protecting the football.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Apparently since JJ passed away they forgot to tell these guys. Now Chip Kelly is forcing them to, some of the weaker minded individuals are balking at the discipline and hard work. These are the players birdflipper wants the Eagles to coddle and comfort.
  • nothing wrong with expectations its the HIGH ones that can get one into trouble.
  • At some point in time in the near future the expectations will become larger for Chip Kelly. He's not in Oregon anymore.

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