Found May 02, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
Knicks fans are hysterical.   So boastful and full of themselves at the beginning and  all their players are the best ever.   They start losing the game and all their players are all losers and should be cut.    And when all else fails, blame the refs.   Pretty much, the officiating wasn't all that bad in this game.  The Knicks shot 3 more free throws than the Celtics but neither team shot all that many and that should tell them that the refs were letting them play.   They let a lot of contact go both ways and they missed calls, but again, it went both ways.   Knicks fans are just like what they accuse their team of.   Talk a lot of trash and then disappear when it gets tough.    I remember Celtics fans standing and cheering for the Celtics  for almost 5 minutes when their team was getting blown out.  Those are fans. Jason terry and Paul pierce are going to get absolutely decimated into the pieces of **** that they are. F Paul pierce and Jason terry, and kg to. Hitting that open shot from the corner like he has a chance of winning the series. Havr fun on the golf course Knicks will definitely win this game. Still disappointed we didn't get the sweep. I will be extremely disappointed if we don't have at least a 15-point lead by the start of the 4th quarter. Hope jr absolutely abuses terry. Jr is playing, knicks win, simple as that. This blackout idea is really dumb. Why are we trying to motivate them for? Knick fans in here need to stop being a bunch of pansies fearing the elderly Celtics... We will do in game 5 what we should have in game 4.. Really bad news that Joey Crawford is reffing tonight. Really bad. According to Google, Crawford has a history of screwing over the Celtics as well No excuses for losing tonight. It's funny how Joey Crawford strikes more fear into our hearts than anyone on the Celtic roster **** you Terry. Smiling and ****. I ****ing hate Terry I hate terry more than pierce these days  KG looked like a creepy old man or a sewage troll hunched over and walking through the tunnel. I want Celtics fans to have 0 moments of happiness For the rest of time. So yeah, blowout would be nice. It would be great If J Kidd in honor of his sportsmanship award just tackled Jason Terry today. Jason Terry going around and running his mouth like a ******* is irritating. He shows up for one game when his man is out after being terrible for the whole season and suddenly he thinks he’s a post season hero. JR should have elbowed him in the mouth. I know all about Celtic Pride and the fight of guys like Garnett and Pierce. That said, I think the Knicks are winning by 20. KILL THEM ALL!!!! KILL KILL KILL DIE DIE DIE I'm guessing Celtics decided to try to save their offense for the second half instead today. They're lost. Completely lost, especially on O It’s over. We have their hearts. What made people think Avery Bradly is a quality NBA player? He's a good defender Look up highlights on youtube. That said, he’s pretty underwhelming offensively. He’s also playing out of position. LOL somebody said Boston would "come out amped" and get off to a quick "9 point lead". LOL not today buddaaayyy Game over. They won't come back from this deficit. They can't score for ****. They're not coming back from this The funeral has begun in full swing. It's not just the death of this season's Celtics; it's the death of the big 3 Celtic era. The Knicks are making history. Wtf we can't be riskin Ts though I loved seeing KG get thrown to the ground like that lol OMFG hahah Kenyon knocks KG to the ground and then says to the ref "THAT's a foul" That's exactly what I wanted to see kmart do... So, the NBA wouldn't fine Kevin Garnett for obviously flopping, would they? It would be a fitting conclusion to his career. Fake punk should get an Emmy Refs generated offense has been more than 50% of their offense this series Unbelievable Dear Kevin: Hope you didn't hurt your elbow when you used it to strike Kmart in the gut as you flopped Thanks K Mart. Been waiting for a Knick to clobber that malnourished punk b I need someone to dunk on Jason Terry LOL @ this scrub Terry. It only took him 85 games to find his shot so now he's cocky The Celtics look like they regained their swagger. When you got a guy as hot as Brandon Bass you need to double or even triple team him. that's funny Is it me or does Paul Pierce travel every time he goes to the hoop? Does Kidd have a concussion? Hope he's not under the influence Wow horrible finish to this quarter. 11 point lead down to just 2 and we are lucky were not behind. And to think PP and KG have stunk so far. Bass has saved them JR Smith should get suspended again It's sad but Melo is proving he isn't a superstar. Strictly a scorer who can't will his team to a win This series must end tonight or we're in some deep **** Celtics should have hung onto Jason Collins, apparently he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Might have beaten the Knicks singlehandedly. JR should have went golfing today... I'm fairly certain we just took Boston's best punch and the second half will be bad for them These dumbasses just let Bradley go coast to coast Run your mouth but don't back it up...****ing *******s who's JR? Enoguh with Melo being a superstar ********. The last 2 games have truly been pathetic. No words for how bad he been. You see why this guy is a career loser. **** this!!! Refs suck but the Knicks suck worse Just don’t even care. Too busy whining Are we sure Doc Rivers isn't officiating this game? I preferred Terry when he missed every time THIS IS PERFECT! SIMPLY PERFECT! The Knicks were down by as much in the previous blow-outs. This is playingEXACTLY like those games! WE’RE GONNA WIN! I knew I couldn't trust this team I believe they could finally be good all season long, but these last two games have shown who they really are. How is that not a tech on Green?!?! He's not a Knick Good, Terrence Williams is in the game Now all we need is Jordan Crawford Only thing that worries me is if a scrub like Crawford goes off. I’m already pissed that Terry is Jason Terry has easily become my most hated player in the NBA Ugly, arrogant and evangelical, a real triple threat. Pierce killing us. They will be gassed by the 4th quarter. Boston Always blows big leads Can we cut Tyson Chandler? I'd rather have a chair on the court than his lazy ass. Series is over. Boston will win 4 straight. With our luck we might be the first team to lose up 3-0 Funeral my ass We have one of the most mentally weak fan bases Battered fan syndrome. The cure for BFS is to actually beat the Celtics and get rid of them once and for all. Until that happens, you're going to see our fans overreact and panic every single time. Can't imagine how embarassed JR, KMart and everyone else who talked big, wearing black and all if we actually lost this game. Celtics is taking it one at a time, while some of the guys in Knicks are already looking forward to Indiana. To be fair, ,the Knicks as a team are kinda **** when you think about it. JR's blatant elbow and then trash talking, funeral clothes, and their swagger despite not winning anything in a decade. Since we root for them, we don't really notice, but if I wasn't a Knicks fan I'd probably hate this team After all that trash jr was talking he has sure been a no show Melo is so slow. Melo is so fat. **** you Pierce. Just **** you At least JR is lowering his value for next season. We've got to come alive now or kiss the baby. Game 6/7 is gonna be hell. Take the series NOW. Gonna watch Family Guy. This team deserves to lose 4 straight. I'm just annoyed that JR talked **** before the game, and came out looking like this. If you're going to give a team bulletin board material, at least back it up. Their not having their usual second half meltdown. That's bad for us Melo sucks "Steve Novak (back spasms) will not return." How do you get back spams when you don't do sh*t. Knicks have a history of choking Reggie Miller anyone... Melo isn't even a star.... Dude is overrated Pierce had an old man's game when he was a young man, that's why there wasn't a huge drop off with age. YUP KEEP LEAVING JASON TERRY AND PAUL PIERCE WIDE OPEN! Great now Melo is hurt KG pulled his arm out of his socket. Wow KG dirty f***ER Celtics dirty ****. **** them. Pieces of **** I wish this **** KG would just **** retire already. F*** YOU STERN F*** YOU F*** YOU THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PROLONG THE SERIES Down 9 at home against scrubs.   JR ain't worth a big contract... he's a bum and will let you down Can JR punch Terry in the face and then get ejected? Win-win. Hey, at least they all wore their funeral attire He is doing his best so we can afford him this off season. Talk about a team first player. Someone lay Terry the **** out please? I like how all of a sudden this **** Celtics team is hitting shots. I hate life. They lit a fire under their a**.... Shoulda kept their mouths shut. Jr is giving you NOTHING. Time for Copeland you idiotic excuse for a coach. Mike woodson being exposed for the fraud he is Doc >>>>>>> Woody. Boston crowd will be crazy next game And the Boston bombing is what scares me and will put them over the top We are really ******.. Absolute garbage.. I don't think I'll be able to root for the Knicks again I f***ing hate carmelo Anthony I’ve never seen anyone play worse/lazier defense, and that includes amar’e. This is exhibit A as to why the “melo for mvp” thing is and was a complete joke. F*** you Stern Go die. Hahaha David Stern? Have you watched this game. Refs have nothing to do with this. Knicks just playing like **** The Celtics are trying to let us back into this game But the refs and JR are doing their best to keep us out of it. Not sure who is worse tonight...the Refs or JR. Boston still ain't **** though. Still 9 minutes left to put together a rally. These geriatric jackoffs need to go down tonight. Ok I see why melo only made it out the first round once. Dude is just pathetic when you need a leader. I'm really starting to think this game is rigged Yeah, the refs have a secret switch that puts a lid on the rim everytime JR takes a shot. I can't even talk sh*t about Terry right now. He came up big, JR choked tonight. That's the truth. We will not win Game 6. 0% chance we win. Game 7 Pierce and Terry kill us and we crumble under pressure. History unfolding before our eyes. This Knicks team deserves to be booed Celtics are like the Fing Pats just when you think they're down and out they step back up The happiest days of my life 1. Wedding 2. Children 3. Whenever Paul Pierce’s ratface retires If I ever see Jason terry I'm gunna ask him for an autograph kick him in the nuts while hes signing it burn it and walk away There isn't a Celtic I don't loathe I think I broke my couch. If jr elbows someone else this series I hope its Jordan Crawford... If he gets playing time It amazes me how so many of you are blinds to games that are fixed... So the Knicks start the game 11-0 and Boston becomes great over So Jeff green hitting clutch 3s and carmelo missing a bunch of shots makes the game fixed? This game was not rigged. Melo and Smith didn't show up and the Celtics took advantage of it. Knicks are garbage. Lost to a rondoless Celtics. I want to see the Knicks wear black at press conference lol Can't even finish off a mediocre, old fart Celtics team.... Pathetic. I hope that Jordan Crawford/DJ White incident lights a fire under Melo's *** in Boston forreal.. Do those guys going after Melo after the game get any punishment or is that gonna be ignored? No but by doing that they sealed their fate Friday this series isn't going pass six. I'm trying to be optimistic but if Melo wasn't awake already some bench player taking about his wife or whatever he said isnt gonna wake him up, Its the fuggin playoffs If we were the real deal we would've closed out game four. I truly believe that. Here we are playing games we shouldn't play, risking injury on our older players, and now we're even at a legitimate risk of losing this series. Not to mention the entire NBA is laughing at us because most Knick fans had us winning the championship after we took the first game at home. The more I watch the more I think league just wants a game 7 more money more jersey sales. What the hell are you talking about? So Melo & JR have agreed to miss 70% of their shots for the league to extend the series? But Felton hasn't agreed to it? Players don't agree to anything refs can control a game. Why are the knicks such a laughing stock?? Losing a game is one thing (see okc) but the trash talk and funeral attire just to lay an egg?? Cmon son. It makes it twice as worse because you lose and you look stupid [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Jason Terry: We're not laying down

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Will The Boston Celtics Buy Out Paul Pierce?

credit: With the Boston Celtics already on the brink of elimination in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, many have began to look at what the next step is for the franchise. Their core players, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, will not be getting any younger, and it appears that a roster overhaul may be needed. The big question is what will happen...

Pierce Will Play Next Season, Unsure Of Future With Celtics

Paul Pierce plans to play next season, and it seems as though it won't matter if he's still with the Boston Celtics. "That's up to Danny [Ainge] and them," Pierce said when asked if he expects to be with the Celtics in 2013-14. "I definitely expect to be playing," he added, alluding that he'd consider continuing his career with another team. There...

Danny Ainge on the "very hard" decision of what to do with Pierce

Paul Pierce is a Celtic legend and will one day have his number hanging from the rafters. But, will he ever wear a different uniform? We've seen that Danny Ainge has been very hesitant to move Pierce in the past. We've heard rumors of deals that could've sent him to the Nets, or Mavs. We heard that the Celtics could've gotten Josh Smith for Pierce this trade deadline...

Knicks flip-flop on doubling Pierce in Game 4

The biggest head scratching move on what hopefully will turn out to be a series swinging Celtics game 4 win, was the Knicks deciding to no longer double Paul Pierce and Jeff Green. The Knicks went away from throwing two guys on them for every first catch, but why? Clearly it had been working in the first three games and inexplicably they decided to stop doing that in the first half...

Melo's wife LaLa fires back at Jordan Crawford

Boston Celtics reserve guard Jordan Crawford instigated a postgame tussle by taunting New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony following Boston’s 92-86 victory over the Knicks in Game 5 on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. As both teams crossed

Your Morning Dump… Where there are no answers yet on the future of KG and Truth

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest with you. I’m kind of digesting , obviously, the current, and Doc came to me, pulled Paul and I to the side and all three of us agreed to speak later — too...

Jason Terry and David Ortiz are neighbors and yeah they've talked 2004

The Red Sox comeback against the Yankees in 2004 was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, sporting events I'd ever witnessed in person. Now, almost 10 years later, another Boston team is trying to do the same thing against New York. Can they do it? The odds are obviously extremely doubtful. On top of the fact that no NBA team has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit before...

Fight breaks out after Celtics-Knicks Game 5

Boston Celtics reserve guard Jordan Crawford instigated a postgame tussle by taunting New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony following Boston’s 92-86 victory over the Knicks in Game 5 on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. As both teams crossed paths leaving the court, 

Can the Celtics recreate Boston sporting history?

Less than a week ago, the Boston Celtics trailed 3-0 in the series against age-old rivalries, the New York Knicks. Instead of submitting to defeat, the Celtics moved a step closer to doing the unthinkable when on Wednesday night they defeated the Knicks 92-86 in Game 5 of their best-of-seven series. Trailing 3-2, the Celtics will show their worth tonight in Boston in Game 6 and if...

Your Morning Dump…where the Knicks keep talking

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.  “Yeah. That’s cool. I thought they wore that last game too,” Jason Terry said yesterday of the Martin comment. “For us it don’t change whether they wear white, pink, blue, black, green — it’s Game...

Game Notes: Knicks vs. Celtics Game Five

Now, this is a series. Knicks and Celtics go back to Boston for Game Six on May 3rd at 7:00 pm. Boston won last night 92-86. The Celtics looked really good, while the Knicks looked lackluster to say the least. After going up 3-0, the Knicks are traveling back to Boston up just 3-2. Let's not choke here, fellas. A couple thoughts and notes on the Celtics' win. Kevin Garnett...

Game 5 Preview: Boston Celtics at New York Knicks

Boston Celtics (1-3, 0-2 road) @ New York Knicks (3-1, 2-0 home) Madison Square Garden, 7:00 pm on TNT/WEEI Officials: Joe Crawford, James Capers, Sean Corbin Line: New York -9 (180) Get Tickets to Tonight’s Game at Madison Square Garden After getting beat soundly in the series' first 3 games, the Celtics managed to salvage Game 4 at home and avoid elimination.  Boston led...
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