Do you STILL blame Vick for this season?

Posted November 18, 2012

Im here to eat crow i know ive bashed the heck out the guy this season. But i think we all see whats wrong with this team now and its clearly Andy,Marty,and the Oline.It doesnt matter who the qb is. I think we can all agree on that.

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  • No I blame Reid...and Vick.
  • Yeah, because a rookie is coming in and struggling that must mean that Vick is blameless. Do some of you (you and hollywood) pay attention to the games?
  • No they are agenda filled. Look at Brinksters comments on how he blames the team as a whole and at the same moment tries to imply the McNabb's departure (one player) is the reason. You already mentioned this is Supa so it wouldn't take him long to try and defend his idol. Hollywood just loves to whine so he will find any angle that will allow him to do so. It's all about their personal agendas.
  • Oh, it's definitely Supa and the last couple of forums of blpower's absolutely proves it. You're right, agenda filled is the only way they could be so close minded. My whole point is the reason why Foles should be starting again on Monday Night. This isn't about whether the rookie can win games anymore...that time is past. This is about KNOWING that Vick can't win enough games either...time to move on and hope that Foles shows some type of improvemant and if he doesn't than the Eagles will be quarterback shopping for a possible starter.
  • Nobody should be thinking this team has a chance to make a comeback. Their best player has a concussion. The offensive line is a broken down mess. The defensive line can't pass rush. The corners and safeties can't cover or tackle. Kendricks has regressed. The game as they say "starts up front." Is there anyone on either front lines we can depend on to dominate at this time? I don't think so. BlkSupa isn't fooling me with this nonsense.
  • They suck. Thats all I know. Whole organization is a JOKE
  • Of course GTD thinks its Vick who else caused this mess
  • Where did I state that, hollywood? Twist and turn your words if you want to...don't twist mine.
  • Foles struggling doesn't surprise me. Nothing that happens with this team will surprise me from this moment on other than winning.
  • They havent even hit bottom. Alot more to go. YEARS
  • The right coach and mix of players changes everything. I new quarterback and they are back in the game. It's going to be some lean years if they choose the wrong coach.
  • no way. they stinc. Its a house cleaning and maybe even Lurie. Has anybody seen him lately?
  • Even Lurie? You gonna buy him out?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • You think Lurie has a plan? Tell me about it
  • It takes a collective effort to be this bad. Only an idiot would blame this on one player. The great collapse began on Easter 2010.
  • What's funny is you claim it to be a collective collapse, but you trying and make the case that the loss of one player is the reason. The collapse began way before the loss of your idol.
  • I'd say it was closer to the time of JJ's passing.
  • I would link the beginning to the T.O./McNabb fall out.
  • absolutely 100% right. Thats where everything began to unraveled. Reid needs to be fired because management would be sending a clear message. I dont think he will make it the rest of the way its too ugly and getting worse.
  • you are completely right. The fish rots from the head down. Thye are only taking on the personality of the owner.
  • they all suck sadly seems to be the right call here. Every drive would be killed by penalties, players dropping passes, bad play calling.... Everything was bad on offense. I still like Files and I hope to see him next week. This season is over
  • How about this secondary and Nnamdi releasing a receiver to nobody? It's bad all around.
  • Only word to use for Nhamdi is weak b*tch
  • you just figured it out. They need to fire Reid. NOW
  • According to fans,Foles has a quicker release,can see the field better,and makes the Oline look better,just saying :) Oh and my favorite,he doesnt turn the ball over.
  • So far Foles has done it for 2 games. How many games have we seen Vick (a veteran) do it for now? Just sayin.
  • Foles doesnt have the velocity on the ball. Thats his weakness. And thats what seperates the top tier from 3rd round picks. Thats why Vick and McNabb are both more credible starters than Foles will be. Foles is a poormans Kolb
  • Mike Vick's weakness is he's an injury prone turnover machine. Foles has a big arm. I don't know if Foles is the future. I know Vick isn't. Tom Brady is a six round pick. Drew Brees was a second round pick. Two games doesn't give me an accurate depiction of Foles. Three seasons of a clueless Vick has.
  • hollywood has stated he doesn't like Foles arm and no matter what he sees from him he will go to his grave swearing that now. His velocity is fine but of course there are other concerns...still a better idea to finish up the season with him to see what he has...see if a few starts under his belt shows any improvement. I wouldn't be surprised to see the stubborn Reid go back to Vick if and when he is healthy.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Has he truly given up on Foles or is he going to be stubborn and say that he always said that Vick would be his quarterback when healthy (and he did). It's a shame...if Foles would have played better he could have made the decision tougher for Reid. Oh well, doesn't change the longterm plans of this team in my opinion. Vick and Reid gone shortly after the season and the rebuilding period starts.
  • Stubbornness and Andy Reid are like peas in a pod.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Your an idiot lol Seriously! "doesn't have velocity on the ball" Where does that come from? He has one of the biggest arms I've ever seen in an Eagle uniform.
  • I still think Vick has a bigger arm.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • you wear blinders
  • Zukny wears blinders and yet you are the one who thinks the Eagles need to give Vick more time? What the hell are you wearing?
  • The part you want to ignore Supa is that the smart fans want to see anyone not named Michael Vick right now because Vick has been bad for about 2 years now and that was with a healthy line that only gave up 28 sacks last year.
  • Lets make Patterson the QB. You did say anybody. OK Ill settle for Foles
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Absolutely true. I find it funny for people to try and vindicate Vick for Foles having a poor game. Have they been watching Vick the past 2 and a half seasons?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Right now I don't care how Foles plays. This is valuable time for him. How does he handle the adversity? Players struggle in their first game all the time. Especially true Rookies. Heck Luck just threw 3-4 picks against the Patriots. I doubt they will want to dump him.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • perfect opportunity. Really?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Once Vick got hurt I think the season pretty much ended. Now is the time to see what the young guys can do. I hear Vinny Curry may play Monday Night.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree with that, but at the time I think Reid was still trying to save his job. It's over for him now. Foles should finish the season.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree Spots, but if Reid is back next season I can't see that stadium ever being filled.
  • I don't agree and honestly am a bit baffled by what you claim are some of Lurie's lies. If you blame him for what is put out on the field I think that is a bit harsh. He let Reid have his way with this team. If you are talking about Lurie saying they will do everything they can do to bring a championship to Philly, it isn't anything every other owner doesn't state. I think he truly wants one and it isn't like the Eagles haven't been close and I do get that close isn't good enough for we as fans. Reid will be gone at the end of the year...I think Lurie and Reid understand it will best for everyone including Andy Reid.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I honestly don't remember hearing Lurie saying these things and maybe because I don't get upset with how sport's franchises handle discussing these types of things to the media. When Dawkins walked the Eagles did try to re-sign him...he got a better offer, it's a business and I get that. When the Eagles were trying to trade McNabb I didn't expect them to discuss what they were doing publicly (I was surprised when they came out and told the media they were shopping Kolb) so if Lurie was asked if McNabb would be back the year before he was traded I wouldn't have expected Lurie to say anything else but yes...any other answer (even a no answer) would kick up speculation and that wouldn't have been good in the long run. What if they wouldn't have been able to trade him? Teams don't make trades and deals through the media.
  • If Lurie wouldn't have come out and say that 8-8 wasn't good enough, if he didn't come out and somewhat set expectations I would agree with you that Reid has a chance to come back 20dawk. If he would have kept quiet I would have feared that he planned on brining him back for at least his final year. I just saw an article that stated Eagles tickets for Monday night's game are going for half price on Stub-hub (don't get too excited hollywood, these tickets are obviously already sold out when it comes to the Eagles) but a bad showing on Monday night with worse than usual concession sales and with fans wanting to be heard could weigh on Lurie's mind...besides, just like you stated Lurie has to be concerned where Reid's head is right now. More of things like how he handled McCoy and the questions concerning why he was still in the game won't go over well with Lurie I would imagine. Let's also watch how he handles Vick and Foles. If he goes back to Vick after 1 more loss than Reid will be only thinking about his future beyond the Eagles...if he either goes back to or sticks with Foles he will be thinking of the Eagles future. That decision may also have a little weight in regards to whether Lurie brings him back next year (it shouldn't in my opinion, that decision should already be made). The stubborn Reid already said that Vick is his QB when healthy, the stubborn Reid left his best player in the game with 2 minutes left and down by 25. We'll see which way the stubborn Reid goes regarding his quarterback going forward...his future or the Eagles.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think Reid is staying somewhere in this organization. Watch and learn what a piece of garbage Lurie is. He is waiting for the moment to keep Reid.
  • I took it as both a promise to the fans and a threat to Reid. He didn't have to address the issue, Spotella...he chose to. If he doesn't follow through he will lose more fans like you who already doesn't trust him.
  • Now i aint the biggest Vick fan,but you cant evaluate him for last season. Last season THE DEFENS SUCKED! They gave up FIVE FOURTH QUARTER LEADS. Kyle Devan started over Watkins and was much worse. Herremans was moved to RT, which he sucked at. Peters was our best lineman. Vick was not the reason for last season. The Oline has been ****** ever since Mudd got here. They were good at run blocking,but never for passing
  • It's funny you are blaming everyone else to support and protect Vick, and at the same time implying Foles stinks.
  • Supported Foles he fooled the heck out of me he sucks.I think we still can save the season.Its still up for grabs,so you have to go with Vick. The season Rodgers and GB went to the superbowl i think Rodgers was playing bad at the begining of the season,got a concussion and came back and lead them on a winning streak to the superbowl. If we call the right plays who knows what might can happen.
  • Save the season?...have you watched this team at all this year and watched Vick for the past 2 years? You obviously haven't since you're on here typing how Vick is somehow vindicated because a rookie had a bad start to his NFL career. Let me make this perfectly clear for you, it doesn't matter how any other Eagle's quarterback not named Vick plays from here on out...Vick is bad to mediocre and will NOT be back next year! Plain and simple! Do you really think that this team has it in them to make a Super Bowl run...all the complaining you've done about this whole team this year (including Michael Vick) and now you are stating with Vick they have a Super Bowl run in them and if Rodgers had a Super Bowl run in him after concussed why not Vick? You just still don't get that Vick is NOT even close to being an elite quarterback do you? Do yourself a favor and go find another quarterback to root for and stop making excuses up for a guy that is one of the problems with this team.
  • Dude this season is over. You bring up fooling the heck out of you! It's funny how Mike Vick started the season with the starters and he played like garbage. Did you forget that? He fooled the heck out of you, because you think he can somehow save this season. He's an overpaid mediocre quarterback. Nick Foles started behind a decimated line and looked like Vick did when he had the starting line. What does that say about your savior?
  • You have made a big assumption that Vick is gone. I wouldnt be suprised to see him take a pay cut and play for a respectable coach. Its all on Lurie. If he brings in a bum the only thing they will see in Philly is a bunch of QB prospects for the next 5 years.
  • The Eagles are not going to continue to pay Vick elite quarterback salary with mediocre quarterback play. His numbers are slightly better than Mark Sanchez. Andy Reid has a better chance of returning than Vick does. Respectable coach? It was Vick who went on and on about his love for Reid, winning for his son, his relationship with his son, and winning for the coach. He repaid that "love" by looking average at best. Mike Vick is higly unlikely to be an Eagle next season.
  • I'd much rather see the prospects instead of a quarterback who owned a 54% completion rate before he came to Philly and is the proud owner of about 8 really good games and 2 years of bad to mediocre play while here.
  • I agree power
  • You agreeing with Supa makes complete sense to me.
  • GTD, EZand grandma spot havent ever seen a winner. I live in a area with multiple superbowl wins. They change Qbs at every little turn. They are quitters and no nothing of loyalty. Thats why philly has zero lombardi
  • Then go root for them. Nobody care where you live. Hopefully the team doesn't pack up and leave in the middle of the night again. Just so you know Philly won a title in 2008. The last title in your area was 2000. Just sayin.
  • But world series. Everybody has them. And Philly got stomped by Os so Imnot sure what you are talking about. Colts and Ravens Superbowl. Eagles and loser fans that ont know crap about football =Zero
  • just sayin
  • If the Ravens fans know as much as you do about football I'm banking that we here in Philly are pretty safe...just sayin'.
  • When was the last time Baltimore gotten a world series? The new Washington Nationals made the play offs for the first time since becoming a team. It's been dry for a long time down there dude.
  • So, everybody in Baltimore knows more about football just because they live in a city where the teams won a couple of Super Bowls? You really are an oddball who likes to post dumb statements, aren't you? You again contradict your point oh great and wise football guru. You try to make a point on keeping Vick and then you type that Baltimore won Super Bowls and that they change QBs at every little turn. What the hell are you trying to make us understand? I doubt you even know. Besides, the Colts championship in Baltimore was won on the arm of what was thought of as one of the greatest QBs of all time...Vick and Unitas shouldn't ever be uttered in the same sentence (I'm ashamed for typing them together). The Ravens Super Bowl was won on the strength of their defense and I'm almost convinced that just about any quarterback could have won one that year behind it. Trent Dilfer is thrown about as one of the worst (if not the worst) quarterback that ever won a what the hell is your point?
  • It's just funny, because hollywood is throwing a fit, because his buddy Mike Vick will most likely be cut. Zukny is will be writing that on the fans too. LOL
  • I do know this . There was once a time when the Eagles had teams that reflected Philly's personality. Even in the lean years they hit you. Now , they have an owner that frankly doesnt give a crap about them. Not even a whisper form Lurie during this skid. And the franchise looks more like Lurie than the city. Pretty pathetic that you cant figure that out.
  • Philly's personality? you mean the losing mentality or the dumb one that you discuss sometimes when you bring up the fans who keep buying tickets and sitting out in the cold? Regarding Lurie and his silence...he said his part before the season and I am almost sure he will do what he needs to do at the end of the Reid. At that time Lurie will step to the podium...that is the type of owner he is. It wouldn't do an ounce of good to step out and address this mess right now even to announce an interim. This season is over but he and Reid do seem to share a bond. If Reid wants to ride this season out Lurie will let him do that and Reid already stated it is not in him to just walk away. Reid will be gone at the end of the season and Vick might be right alongside of him walking out that door for the last time.
  • Tell me what is Lurie supposed to say? Enlighten us to what an NFL owner is supposed to do in this situation, because you obviously know. Maybe he should pull a Jerry Jones! He should say he's a "bad GM", but then refuse to fire himself. That's what great owners do right Hollywood?
  • Who cares about the bond Reid and Lurie shares? Shouldnt Luries bond be with Philly fans?
  • 8-8 is unacceptable right? But 3-8 is acceptable? Smell a rat yet?
  • What the hell are you ranting about now, hollywood. Who said that 3-8 is acceptable? You are freaking strange.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Being of sound mind and a student of the game, I place this blame on the owner. Forget Vince's DREAM TEAM or Vick's DYNASTY IN THE MAKING the bar was set to high from the owner suggesting another 8-8 season was not acceptable. One must never poo poo on mediocrity, how's 8-8 looking now?
  • You can't be serious...the bar was set too high from the owner because he wanted more than 8-8? Come to think of it I know you're not serious!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • LOL. That's several people.
  • At least sucker hasn't deleted his account like he has in the past. Maybe he knows with flip gone he can't blame him for getting him booted. Still, he has taken a bit of a break ever since this season hasn't shaped up like he predicted for his Cowboys. I guess he figures trying to tell us how they still have a chance with that weak schedule after barely slipping by the Browns at home will only make us laugh.
  • With what he's typing I'm certain that he is sucker (and at times I feel that sucker is "our" buddy but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt). Just don't get why people feel the need to make another ID and never will. Oh well, to each his own.
  • You blamed me for the multiple IDs remember? Just another one of your fat lies.
  • No, I blame you for in4mous because you forgot to change your ID back to your hollywoodeagle one when you ranted at Eazy. It is you that lies when you deny it.
  • Kind of strange that an owner would say if you play .500 ball im ok with that. You would expect an owner to say I want post season play period . Especially after 15 years. I think Lurie was hoping the worst they would do is .500 and he could keep this garbage for another year. Lurie needs to reaffirm his committment to winning a superbowl and now is the time to do it.
  • Happy Thanksgiving Hollywood
  • ...and here is hollywood twisting words again. Lurie said that last years results (8-8) would NOT be good enough not that he would be okay with that!
  • hes ok with 3-8? You are a funny lil liar.
  • We'll see at the end of the year, hollywood. Reid will be gone.
  • You're right I'm not serious you saw right through me. I'm soooo ashame! Can I blame that guy issuing MORTAL LOCKS?
  • Funny you here mentioning mortal locks, when that guy hasn't been here for months. Meanwhile you signed up today. Hmmm. You tone of discussion seems In4mously familiar to me.
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