Eagles 2013 Draft

Posted April 25, 2013

Just thought I'd put up a post so we can follow along and comment. Soon we will  find out who will be the first draft pick of the Chip Kelly era. Being that there is almost no chance that the pick will be a QB (barring a trade down) he obviously won't have the same kind of effect that McNabb had as Reid's first pick. Let's just hope he can dominate at his position for years to come whoever he may be (please let it be Joeckel or Johnson...or Fisher if the reports he is going to KC prove false). Even if I don't get my wish there is still plenty of talent that will be there at 4. I would still be happy with Lotulelei, Jordan (although I don't think it would kill them to wait a year or wait until the later rounds this year for an OLBer) and even Milliner if they feel he is worth the wait. I also wouldn't mind them trading out if they feel there is good enough value. 5 more minutes....we're almost there!

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  • Lane Johnson... Lane f***** Johnson. (smh)
  • I and it seems most of the NFL world think it was a great pick...the fans at the draft party also loved it. Chip Kelly and the Eagles are thrilled. The boards are lighting up most of the fans seem to like the pick. They get an athletic tackle who seems like a great fit for this uptempo offense and a better guard by moving Herremans back inside. Hard not to like the pick.
  • All the Chance talk and he wasn't even the first guard taken.
  • Adam Caplan is talking about how the Eagles have been discussing moving Herremans back inside for quite some time...something I discussed with one barker (can you guess who?) some time ago. The barker's fear was that guard would be tougher on Herremans...Caplan is saying how moving to guard may be easier on his injuries by limiting his movement some. Neither are doctors so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how Herremans handles the move.

    I'm actually not surprised that Cooper was the first guard taken. A few analysts had him rated as the top guard, not Warmack but both are supposed to be studs.
  • It's funny how flip is ripping the Eagles over Lane, but loving on the Raiders for drafting a guy with a possible future heart condition. Hating just for the sake of hate.
  • It's actually likely a standing CURRENT heart condition, not a future one. I don't know, the Eagles took a defensive player who had migraines so bad he played his entire career wearing a tinted shield. If memory serves he turned out pretty good.
  • Mike Mayock likes Hayden a lot and I'm rooting the kid on (I would guess you are also)...his doctors don't seem to think his heart will be an issue or he wouldn't be working hard to get back I would assume. I get your point though...I think he wouldn't have been happy unless it was Warmack and that just wasn't going to happen. Even if the Raiders would have drafted Geno Smith at 3 we would have read how wonderful the pick was for some reason or another. I get the feeling he wouldn't have been happy if it was Tyrann Matheiu though.
  • I think more to the point we'll have to see how LeSean McCoy handles the move. There is no doubt about Herremans ability to pass protect. MY DOUBT is that he'll hold up in the run game, with having to get leverage in the run game. I had doubts about it under Reid's pass happy, traditional approach. Thrown in Chip Kelly's run based, sugar/no huddle offense and those doubts only magnify.
  • Shady McCoy had his best season as an Eagle with Todd at guard. Just sayin...
  • Seems to me that Herrmeans would have to get some leverage in the running game no matter where he would line up. I haven't heard anyone question whether he can make the move other than you...until I hear the Eagles question it (or someone with a medical degree at least) I'm not overly worried.
  • I'll lay off.
  • Its a logical move and the national media is all over Vick. Smart move topotect the QB. Herremans back at guard wil protect his health . Now if Peters is healthy this will be a different offense. McCoy/Vick will have room to run.
  • I agree, but I do have some concerns with a rookie protecting Vick's blind side. A very raw rookie at that. Still he has to be an upgrade over the guys from last season.
  • I'm not worried. He played two years at tackle and played well enough his first year to move him over to protect his QB's blindside at a big program. Many analysts were saying there wasn't much difference between all 3 right now and that Johnson has more upside than the other two. I'm loving the pick right now. Herremans back inside and either he or Mathis working next to the kid can't hurt either.
  • Well it seems like the Watkins experiment is over. Lol
  • No surprise really here. Once the other two tackles went it seemed the Eagles would either trade down or take Lane. Don't be surprised if they aren't done for the day. I get a feeling they will still try and move back into the first.
  • EJ the first QB taken.
  • Now that Manuel is off the board everyone on Eagles Live is somewhat ripping him because of his accuracy. LOL. Do the Eagles make a move on Smith?...this could start a run on QBs by needy teams looking to move up. I don't think the Eagles move up...wouldn't mind it depending on what they give up but don't think it happens.
  • With all the safeties going I think the Eagles have to start thinking about moving up for Geno especially if he's still there in the twenties.
  • A stud tackle and their future QB on the first day of his first draft would have to make Kelly pretty happy. They can't give up next year's #1 to do it though. That would make no sense to me at all. I still don't think they move up but if they don't there may be a few teams calling the Jaguars about that 1st pick in round 2 or maybe even the 49ers at 34.
  • I agree. They have a very high second so maybe they could just git up that pick and something else.
  • Everybody on Eagles Live said they will not be drafting a QB...said that they think Kelly likes what he saw at the pre-draft OTA. A little surprising if true but I'm still excited to see what they do. Corner in the 2nd (or defensive line)...safety in the 3rd.
  • Well they held their ground and still have their pick. I was surprised at how many OTs went in the first. Not taking a QB is a big shock. That means they like what they say from both Vick and Foles. Those two players are so different. It's shocking to see them willingly go with those two. To me it kind of seems that Chip must really like Foles. There is no future in Vick. They had him long term, and the chose to make him short term. If he's not drafting a QB then Foles is his guy.
  • I would think that if the Eagles get through this draft without dealing Foles than he probably is more in the running than many of us thought. I'll be hoping that Foles continues to develop and can take this job from Vick or from Kelly if he did in fact mean exactly what he has been saying about an open competition. I'd rather go with the somewhat unknown but developing than the struggling known and watch him get hurt and turn the ball over.
  • I don't see how Chip could be so impressed after like three days. I think the next time he sees those guys his expectations of their development will go up. I always thought Kelly would run the ball more. He indicated as much. Maybe he also plans to use both quarterbacks. I mean Chip is a smart guy (at least that's what they say) so he should know Vick can't go a full season without being hurt and Foles needs to be protected. Running seems to be the best option for both.
  • I agree that 3 days isn't enough and if the Eagles don't draft a QB this year I would think it has more to do with the lack of talent in the draft than anything else. We don't know what to expect with Kelly. How ironic would that be if hollywood actually did get his QB tandem? LOL.
  • happen to agree w/u. Eagles will stand pat but will take smith if there. I wouldnt mind a nice defender or TE.
  • I'm hearing that they will not draft Smith but I wouldn't mind if they do. Corner or d-line help is what they may do next but they are saying they are following their board still so who knows?
  • Lane Johnson was a great pick! Chip needs a tackle that can get out in space and bulldoze the 2nd and 3rd level. Time to take a risk and go after Teo.
  • Im sorry with Most armchair coaches??? it wouldn't matter if the eagles did perfect in the draft>>> gotta have something to bee and moan about!!!!
  • It's just what they do Kelly. I gotta say though, they must have a death wish if they insist on going with Vick. He's washed up, DONE, Period !!!! I actually can't believe they didn't snatch up Geno Smith before the Jests took him. As far as a perfect draft... There's no such thing, it's always a crap shoot at best.
  • It's just what THEY do? I'm sure you're always happy with all the Giants moves and never discuss moves...good and bad. Why do you and Cowboy fans love to come to this yard and act like we do anything different than any other fans in the country when it comes to discussing the Eagles? You act like we can't go to other sites and see how much Giant fans whine about things when they feel they don't go right...hell, Giant fans were whining about Coughlin until he won that first Super Bowl. Cowboy fans whine about Jones every day and I saw a few whining about this year's 1st round pick on a site shortly after Jones picked him (and they should be...huge reach). The only difference between us is that you happen to root for a team that won a few Super Bowls...great accomplishment! LOL. Now give me that stupid BAHAHAHAHAHA you love to type and go away.

    By the way, some of us agree with you about Vick...some of us would have liked Smith in the 2nd round (although I'm thrilled with the Ertz pick) but you do get that we don't make the picks, don't you? You typing to kellyscott that it's what THEY do and then stating that you can't believe THEY insist on Vick and should have snatched up Smith makes me think that maybe you just don't get that.

  • First of all I wouldn't mind if you go to Giants threads, got no problem with that. Second, I never said I'm always happy with every pick the Giants make, where the hell did you even get that from by my last comment? That's why I said the draft is a crapshoot, alittle comprehension problem? , Third, I wasn't a Giants fan that whined about Coughlin, I knew from the get go that we were getting a winner. As far as Ertz, I think that was a good move, I'm just surprised he didn't go sooner. And finally, good luck with a USC QB, Barkley won't make it in the NFL. He's gonna get taken to school in the NFL. Finally, 'They' refers to the FO, not the fans...maybe you don't get it. There, do you feel better now? BAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!!
  • I don't care if you come here either...the problem I have is that you and some of your Cowboy buds (one in particular) like to try to spin things to make it seem like Eagles fans are so different than any other fan out there. You come on here and take shots and for the most part that's all you do...and than you whine when some barkers give crap back to you. I mean come on...no one else here taking shots but kellyscott (very weak and we ignore them) so you hop in and try to pile on? Have you read some of kellyscott's threads? Then again you hopped on some things the worst troll this site has ever seen has written just so you can take some shots at Eagles fans...what a man you are!

    I didn't type YOU whined about Coughlin...what I am doing is generalizing...something you and the Cowboy barkers (I think there may have been a sighting lately) constantly do on here (I should type did on here). Throw the Eagles picks out at me like you know more than most analysts...be a child, I won't lose any sleep over what some ass has to type on an internet site. I'll be rooting on the Eagles until the day I die whether they win a Super Bowl or not...that's what a true fan does.
  • There was ONE supposed Cowboys fan on here that I got along well with, Romorules. We all just recently found out that he wasn't a Cowboy fan at all, so I have egg on my face just like many of you. As far as whining if anyone gives crap back to me....pullleeeeease, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself. Not a freakin' chance, just like you said, I'm not gonna lose an ounce of sleep over anything anyone says on a sports blog site. Good luck with your picks, you'll need it just like 31 other teams around the league. But I still say Barkley is gonna be a bust. I have a high opinion of runningbacks from USC, but I wouldn't piss on a QB from USC.
  • Romorules was a troll who liked to try to fire up the yard and THAT is why you got along with him. Says a lot about you in my opinion. Why the hell would any of us have egg on our face over a semi-psycho who had a hobby of trying to piss people off?

    I truly don't give a damn about what you think about any of the Eagles draft picks honestly. You have shown your worth on here and it isn't giving honest heart felt opinion when it comes to anything the Eagles do. You have a nice day, gr...as your buddy liked to type and obviously never meant...peace.
  • And once again you show how little class you have, congrats, at least your consistent at something. But that's exactly what I'd expect from you.
  • You question my class when all I am doing is typing the truth? I come on here to discuss football with a few Eagles fans. You come on here to agree with the likes of kellyscott who figured out the only way he gets responses from anybody is by insulting some of us...he makes a lame attempt to insult and you agree. You come on here to side with a slug who probably had more IDs on yardbarker than friends (one of them he admittingly flirted with men online with) and your last few posts have been nothing but you trying to rain on a few hopes some Eagles fans may have. Yeah, you have room to talk about class. LOL.
  • Thanks for agreeing.
  • by the time before the draft i was between johnson and star. star is a steal at 14 to the panthers i think.

    johnson is a raw talent but has the size skill and athletic ability kelly likes. like flip says herremans injuries are to his lower legs. to me that showed plenty when he was trying to slide out on DEs in pass protection. his run blocking has never been an issue and was praised when he was at LG. couple injuries later i still expect him to be able to run block fine. the only question to me is where does he line up? LG or RG?

    when we first started talking draft i said get joeckell, back when he wasnt the top rated player, set up ur offensive line and move on to defense in the rest of the draft. most people laughed and said but its too early to give up on watkins and he only looks bad cause hes trying to play through an injury. jake scott came in and we seen what a capable OG can do. now we got our offensive line its time to draft defense. eric reid is gone but thats not too bad. we need a 3-4 DE, either an ILB or OLB(id go with the best of who is there cause kendricks can play either), and i still dont like chung at all. wanna see mcdonald and/or jefferson in the later rounds. still feel we need another WR cause avant/cooper/benn/johnson/whoever arent starters and kelly will us a 3 wide set more than not.
  • Thank you Cowboys for once again making a stupid pick.
  • Cowboy fans are starting to know what BFlip felt like as a Raiders fan in the 2000's.
  • I think some of them have figured it out. Nothing will get better until Jerry is gone. That's why I'm very pleased to see Jerry is still there screwing it all up.
  • I'm so glad our owner and GM aren't the same person. Jerry can't fire himself.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • If they didn't take him he would have been gone in the next spot to the Lions.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • My original thought was they should trade down and acquire more picks. With that being the case they addressed two needs by making this pick. They have gotten themselves a starting RT (future LT) who is athletic enough to get to the second level. They also can now move Todd back inside. Moving Todd inside turns this weak questionable line into one of the teams strengths. Regardless of who the QB will be he will be protected from a much improved offensive line. So when you think about it they kind of made two moves by making this one.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Someone on the NFL Network (I forget who) stated that he was hearing that the Eagles love Smith it just wasn't going to happen at 4 and could happen at 35 which goes against what Adam Caplan seemed to be saying last night that the Eagles will not draft Smith. I guess we will know by 7 tonight. Caplan seemed so adamant I'm still thinking it won't happen.

    Caplan supposedly tweeted earlier today that RB Eddie Lacy is a possibilty (I wouldn't be thrilled)...Baldinger himself thinks it will be safety Jonathan Cyprien and Charley Casserly agrees. Cyprien (rated as one of the top strong safeties and many thought could go in the 1st round) would make a lot of sense and would battle Chung at strong safety. Allen and Phillips battling at free and Cyprien and Chung battling at strong safety...I like it.
  • Ray diddinger said he expects us to get a safety tonight but not sure who.
  • Another back would suck!
  • So far I would give the Eagles a B. No big moves, and no real flashy players, but they just got three guys who can do a few different things for them. Zack Ertz I think is going to become a really good player for them. The Eagles have four TEs on the roster now. Somebody is going to be the odd man out. I know at first glance it would be Clay Harbor, but Brent Celek sure did drop a lot of passes last season and far too many of them went off his hands and into defenders. I'm sure Chip noticed that when he was looking at the tapes from last season and why he signed Casey and made a TE his second pick in the draft. I think Brent is going to have to work real hard to make this team.
  • I happen to agree w/u I think this was another solid no frills draft in the 1st 3rds. I think the Eagles need those type of drafts and should get some nice players out of it. You know I havent liked Celek since his hernia injury. Hes a tough guy but he isnt fluid anymore. Hes shot. I think the Eagles were horrible in the middle of the field last year and Ertz will add a new dimension to the offense. it will free up middle for Maclin and Jackson. last year they had no room for risky passes. It was a mess. i wouldnt mind seeing the Eagles add more defense and add a slot receiver with some speed. They might as well push the pedal to the metal on offense. With the changing rules thats the name of the game anyway.
  • I think Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope is still on the board and from what I heard he would fit the bill as a very good slot receiver with very nice speed and quickness (returns kicks and could learn to bring back punts also) but the Eagles do have some defensive positions that should be looked at. I was hoping for a corner but most of the top ones are gone obviously. There are still some safties left and they could still use a NT with some size if one falls to them. I heard yesterday that they think that Logan is versatile enough to play inside and outside on the line but I'd still like to see a beast waiting to take over for Sopoaga in a year or two. They could also look at some linebackers for depth inside and outside. I honestly wouldn't mind them drafting a punter to push Jones with one of their 7ths if one of the top ones are available but I'm almost positive that isn't happening.

    Just watched a clip with Ray Didinger and he mentions Swope as one of his sleeper's so I' thought I would add that here...he also has corner B.W. Webb and safety Phillip Thomas out of Fresno State. I would love any of these players with the next pick and Webb is the biggest need in my opinion since they could use someone to push Fletcher.
  • Hollywood I think the Eagles may feel they are good enough at wide receiver. I mean they signed that really tall kid who runs the 4.4, and they traded for Benn. They still have Maclin, Jackson, Avant, and Thomas is a year older. I think WR, and RB are probably their strongest positions. I do think they need to address the return situation so maybe another receiver is in order to do so.

    GTD I agree they still could use some help on defense. Right now I wouldn't mind seeing a situational pass rushing linebacker, another safety. Maybe a corner especially if they are ready to give up on Marsh. I still think they may take a quarterback at least to cover all of their basis. Another lineman could also be useful. Perhaps a guy who can play guard and center. If they think they need another back I think they should consider a guy who can catch the ball a little, and return both punts and kicks.
  • i think we may end up with barret jones. originaly i wanted him in the second but most people had him going early second. i would have like sio moore here or arthur brown but their gone. i still think we need a LB to play either opposite barwin or next to ryans in the middle. having barwin and any combination of graham/cole/whoever doesnt seem like a good idea to me. i been saying i want gerald hodges and would still like him. also i would like a WR cause i dont trust anyone we have to be a solid 3rd guy or second moving maclin to the slot. ertz may end up doing it more often than not but who knows.
  • Matt Barkley. What a surprising twist! I mean he can't fit the idea of a read option quarterback. The Eagles are back to five QBs on the roster. You would have to think only Barkley is assured a roster spot. We will see what happens.
  • I think it's fairly safe to say that Kelly thinks he CAN win with any style of QB and if not than the Eagles ended up wasting not only a 3rd they seem to be sitting on (Foles) they also wasted a high 4th when there was some very good value still on the board. Very surprised and didn't want a QB thinking only Scott was left who could fit Kelly's offense (and was upset when I heard Matt...thinkingg it was Scott) but Barkley is great value here and has to open up the possibility of Foles (or Barkley) possibly winning that QB competition...that's of course assuming Foles isn't traded (thought he may have been but I'm feeling better about his chances).
  • Doent really look good for Vick with this pick but at this point its chips call and the pressure is on Vick. Actually it puts pressure on both Foles and Vick. We already have a Barkley in Foles.
  • One of the differences is that Foles wasn't Chip Kelly's pick. With Kelly drafting a Pro style QB himself with little mobility it seems like it may not be BS when he says he can mold his scheme to the style of QB he has here. We have to keep it real here...we are talking about a 3rd round pick and a 4th round value pick but there were players that may have helped the Eagles this year in the 4th round instead of taking a QB that may not fit into your plans. Chip Kelly may have spoken with this pick.
  • I still think Chip may be considering using a two quarterback system. You may have been ahead of your time Hollywood. I can't believe I just wrote that.
  • yea doesnt look good for vick or the read option, but after their practices vick was saying they have ways to use the read option without him even being hit. maybe cause hes on the bench or traded. i still think vick fits best to what kelly wants or said he wants and still think vick is in the leaders seat but that seat is getting hotter.

    on another note n since i cant post again. im still waiting to see where darick rogers goes.

    so far to me the vikings are the draft winners. i think they got great talent in the first and with gerald hodges.
  • I don't think Vick is out of this picture, but none of these quarterbacks should feel complacent. If Mike Vick outperforms the other guys he will have nothing to worry about. I think that is the key here. The truth is we have to start taking Chip at his word. He says he's going to play the best guy and that he's going to make his system fit that player. If Vick plays like the guy from the past two seasons he won't be the guy, but if he can harness the guy from 2010 and more importantly SUSTAIN that production he will be. In any case it's all good for the Eagles future, because whoever wins the job worked his tail off to get it.
  • i just think we need to have one style for the offense not vick running a spread/read option and foles a standard west coast offense. if u meet half way on how the plays are called then u take away from both qbs. if it was just barkley n foles in the competition sure go for it. having vick in it just wastes time, reps, and chemistry. i said it last year i want foles to start this year, i think it was week 2, but the way kelly is going about this is all wrong.
  • You have to remember that Chip does everything at a fast pace. So while he would be preparing his offense along with Pat Shurmur now, and figuring out which system works best (by the way I think both the systems will be the same for Vick and the other guys with Vick maybe doing a little more running than the other guys) for each player remember that when OTAs come around and training camp comes around the Eagles will be making two maybe even three times as many reps as everyone else. So in the time one team takes to evaluate one quarterback Chip can evaluate three or more, because the team is going to be moving. The average amount of offensive plays in a football game is about 60 plays a game. Chip Kelly wants to get that up to about 80 plays a game. That's almost a half more amount of plays! So you have to consider with Chip he will have more opportunities than most head coaches to evaluate his players. The bottom line is the best players will stick out regardless. If Vick is the best he's going to be the guy on the field.
  • If Chip is really planning on running that many plays a game there is good possibility that Foles and Vick could see action. I have no problem with that. If you have to capable athletes use them. Line Vick up as a running back and use options. If Reid wouldnt have been such a dope he could have had Mcnabb and vick on the field and had fresh legs all year. You dont sit someone like Vick on the bench . I see nothing wrong with lining him up anywhere on the filed that he can make a play. If you pay him use him.
  • 80 plays is a lot and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Eagles use multiple packages with different personnel. So you could be right that Foles and Vick will get time playing. Remember about McNabb and Vick. It was McNabb who shut that down complaining about not being able to get into a grove coming in and out of games. One thing I will say for Vick. He's a competitor and will do whatever it takes to help the team win. I doubt he will feel the same way McNabb did as long as the team is winning.
  • i never got why we didnt set vick ay WR send him in motion pitch it to him n let him either run or throw it deep depending on the defenses reaction. if we can do it with desean (or ronnie brown) why not vick?

    EZ even with kellys fast pace i still think its a bad way to coach the rest of the team outside of the QBs. that was one of kellys problems in college. the defense wasnt used to playing against a normal offense. hopefully we while vick n foles r fighting for the number one spot, barkley is running the scout team at a normal pace for the d.
  • 20 you make a valid point. Remember that although Kelly said it was an open competition, he didn't say how long all of them are going to be in it. I think it was telling who's in front of this competition tho. At the previous camp Foles ran the 11 on 11 drills while Vick ran the 7 on 7 drills. The drafting a Barkley tells me that they are looking at an offense more suited for those two, but that doesn't mean Vick won't be involved. There may even be some times when both are out there together. I'm am not going to paint Chip Kelly in a box. I think he's going to try stuff this first season and just sees what works.

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