Found August 10, 2012 on Fox Sports Houston:
Five things I'm thinking about this weekend while trying to get over my accent envy toward the Jamaicans. 1. Something that seems true (and totally is): Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt are both right. Carl Lewis, the former Houston Cougar and American track legend, is skeptical that Jamaica, a country with the same population as Kansas, is producing reams of the world's best sprinters on the up and up. He is skeptical that Usain Bolt's 100-meter dash time dropped by three-tenths of a second in one year without some pharmaceutical help. He is skeptical of the sport of sprinting in general. (It seems relevant, here, that Lewis lost to Canadian Ben Johnson, who was born in Jamaica, in the 1988 Olympics, only to see Johnson stripped of his medal after a positive steroids test). "No one is accusing anyone," Lewis told the London's Daily Telegraph. "But don't live by a different rule and expect the same kind of respect. They Jamaican track officials say, 'Oh, we've been great for the sport.' No, you have not. No country has had that kind of dominance. I'm not saying they've done anything for certain. I don't know. But how dare anybody feel that there shouldn't be scrutiny, especially in our sport?" Bolt responded to this by more or less saying Lewis can go find himself, if you know what I mean. "I have no respect for him," he said. And you know what? They're both right. Carl Lewis is not the Governor of Sprinting, he's not the head of the International Olympic Committee, he can't do anything. He's just a guy with an opinion. He's a guy with some pretty significant real-world experience in international sprinting who has had a perfectly understandable reaction to the Jamaican sprinting phenomenon of the last several years. Take him seriously, don't take him seriously. Whatever. He's just a guy expressing a thought. Bolt, meanwhile, is the greatest sprinter of all time and, as far as any of us knows, clean. As far as we know his teammates are all clean, too. And if Bolt doesn't feel like he should be having to deal with this crap from a guy who hasn't run an Olympic sprint in 20 years, well, I get that too. Carl Lewis can say what he wants, and Usain Bolt can say what he wants right back, and we don't need to twist ourselves up in knots over it. 2. Something that doesn't seem true (but totally is): Unless someone buys it, the Astrodome is just going to sit there and rot for a long, long time. The more local politicians and such I talk to the more convinced I become that this is the case. This spring was the closest Houston has ever been to "fixing the Astrodome problem." There was a feasibility study, and the recommendations came back and Harris County was going to put it up for a vote until it wasn't. No matter what is done, it's going to include a tax increase and beyond the "It's just sitting there! Rotting!" argument, it is pretty difficult to articulate to the general public why anything needs to be done out there. It isn't in the way and it isn't going to fall over any time soon. So why would 2013 be any different from 2012? Why would 2020 be different from 2010? What would cause the people of Harris County to vote to raise their own taxes to repair a building Houston doesn't need or to tear down a building that isn't causing any trouble? The only way the dome is going anywhere is if a private investor buys it. Looking at you, St. Arnold's. 3. Something that is neither true nor untrue (but is fun to talk about): The Dwight Howard deal says a lot about Daryl Morey's approach to managing the Houston Rockets, and what it mainly says is that it doesn't work. That's one way of looking at it. It's the most obvious way. I mean, Rockets fans have been teased with Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and now Dwight Howard. They've been teased by this idea that stockpiling assets is a way of eventually landing a superstar, and that it is possible to (sort of) win while also putting yourself in position to acquire a star player. And this is certainly true: It has not worked (which is only slightly different from saying it doesn't work). To this point, that method has failed. Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers, Andrew Bynum was traded to the 76ers and the Rockets and their stockpile weren't even involved in the deal. This was the big one. This was what the last two frustrating years were supposed to be leading toward, and the Rockets came out of it with Jeremy Lin and a bunch of projects. Alas, there is always next year. 4. Something that recently happened: Last night I was up late and came across a broadcast of a college football game between a Big East team and an ACC team. This game was played last season, and I should say that although I did not know the outcome of the game, I also had no interest whatsoever in either team. Had I come across this game on the day it was actually played, I would almost certainly not have watched it. But last night I sat there and watched it. Not because I wanted to know how it turned out. That would have been easy to find out. And not because I wanted to relive a fond memory. I had no memory of this game at all. I watched because I simply wanted to watch football being played. I think you guys can understand the feeling. 5. Something that is about to happen: The Texans are going to play their first preseason game Saturday, and chances are they will run Matt Schaub, Arian Foster and most of the starting offense out there for a couple series. Why? Nobody knows. There is this highly conventional "wisdom" that your starters need game reps with each other in the preseason and I can't argue that it doesn't help. I never played in the NFL, obviously. But the risk seems to outweigh the reward. By a lot. Especially when we're talking about Schaub, who is coming off a major injury anyway, I can't see any point in putting him out there. He's 31 years old. He doesn't need the reps. He knows the offense. He's not going to run out there Week One and be surprised by the speed of the game. Putting Schaub on the field Saturday night is just asking for trouble.

Usain Bolt turns DJ to celebrate Olympic triple

Usain Bolt went from breaking a record to spinning a record. The sprinter completed the defense of all three Olympic titles by anchoring Jamaica's 4x100-meter relay team to a world record Saturday night. Bolt then hotfooted it from Olympic Stadium to a party nearby in east London, where he turned DJ, entertaining the packed crowd in the early hours of Sunday morning. At the...

Usain Bolt takes gold in men's 200m

It was just another case of history repeating Thursday night Usain Bolt became the first runner to complete the 100-200 double in consecutive Olympics, blowing away another fast field in the 200 meters. Bolt led a Jamaican 1-2-3 finish in the race, as he was followed by Yohan Blake and Warren Weir. Bolt now stands just one race away from equaling his performance in the 2008 Games...

The men's 200m from starter's view

Track official Gordon Staines has two special words for Usain Bolt: ''Thank you!'' Staines is the guy who fired the gun to start the men's 200-meter final Thursday night, and he's downright thrilled that Bolt and his other competitors stayed ''steady'' at the start of the race and that no one had to be disqualified. ''I know I breathed...

Usain Bolt...Making the World a Happier Place One Man at a Time

Usain Bolt: Happy Happy, Joy Joy Why not click the Google +1 & the retweet buttons? **Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe, or Return to us on Twitter. Subscribe or Return to... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

Usain Bolt looking for tryout with Manchester United

With Manchester United losing the English Premier League title in the final seconds of the season in 2011/12, they could probably use a bit more depth this year. However, they probably never thought that help might come in the form of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. After winning the 100 meter race at the London Olympics on Aug. 6, Bolt confirmed that the rumors of wanting...

Podcast: Usain Bolt Is The Man

The fellas talk about the greatness of Usain Bolt, fantasy football draft shenanigans and more on The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show podcast.The post Podcast: Usain Bolt Is The Man appeared first on The Sports Fan Journal.

Usain Bolt-Michael Phelps Debate Has No Winner, But Both Should Be Admired for Greatness

The question of Usain Bolt versus Michael Phelps dominated headlines in 2008. And now that the two have combined for five gold medals at the London Olympics, the debate about which is the greater Olympian has resurfaced four years later. But while you will get reasons touting each athlete's superiority -- Phelps supporters point to his 18 gold medals, while Bolt backers argue...

Canada loses relay bronze after DQ

Justyn Warner spiked the flag down onto the track. What was supposed to be a celebration lap for the Canadians turned into an Olympic moment Warner wished he could forget. Moments after taking third in the 4x100-meter final on Saturday night, Canada was disqualified for stepping outside of its lane. The bronze medal was gone. And so was a chance to be part of a medal ceremony...

Titans Chris Johnson thinks he could beat Usain Bolt in a race

Titans running back Chris Johnson, by many regarded as the fastest man in the NFL, believes he could beat world record holder and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in a 40-yard dash race: “I feel like if I would have kept training for track I’d have a chance, but I play football and he runs [...]

Column: Women's soccer gold gets grand stage

The game was nearly as grand as the stage, in doubt until the last seconds and so important that the winning country's commander in chief was following it back home. Across town, Usain Bolt was doing in London what he did in Beijing, but for 80,203 people at Wembley Stadium and the two best women's soccer teams in the world, this was their Olympic moment. Soccer always has...

Social media proves a force in consuming Olympics

The London Olympics may well be remembered as the event that drove home the power of social media - partly to the chagrin but mostly to the benefit of NBC, which controlled images of the games in the United States. Twitter estimates there were more than 50 million tweets about the Olympics, at a pace of 80,000 per minute after Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the gold medal in the 200...

The Filibuster

Usain Bolt is looking to try out with a British soccer team. What athlete that you’ve seen in the Olympics would you most like to see trying out for an American baseball team? Ethan Santa Clara, CA _________________________ Olympians turned baseballers? I like the way you think, Ethan. And I welcome the possibilities! I can’t help but think Michael Phelps would look good in...

Links of the Day 8/10/12

Hi. It’s Friday. Tyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger was dismissed by LSU. That’s sort of a big deal. David Ross is no Usain Bolt. He is more a Ryan Henning. I like the Wire, and I like sports, so this is a great post. SCOREBOARD nothing….
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