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It’s no secret that the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has an army of haters. He even has more haters than LeBron James, and that’s hard to accomplish. The general public and casual boxing fans latch on to things they may hear from a biased mainstream media, or just through the grapevine, and run with them like they’re actual facts. Ever hear Skip Bayless talk about Floyd? It’s similar to his take on LeBron James. These are the types of things people digest everyday and base their boxing opinions off of. Now, this is no disrespect to the actual boxing fans who can be objective about this whole thing. But sadly, I have seen that most do not, and those people are few and far between. Even die-hard boxing fans with biases against Mayweather can find themselves unable to be objective when talking about him. Listen, you don’t have to like that he flashes his money and displays arrogance. You don’t have to like Floyd Mayweather, the person. But what I can’t stand is people talking like Floyd Mayweather, the fighter, isn’t the greatest of his generation and will ultimately go down as one of the greatest to ever do it. I’ve given the aftermath of his win over Marcos Maidana a week to settle in. The fact that Maidana made it close but Floyd won the fight made people furious, so there was more than the normal level of overblown concepts and hypocrisy hitting social media, especially in regards to Manny Pacquiao, which you’ll see below. Let’s take a look at five ridiculous overblown concepts that have been popularized by the Floyd haters that couldn’t be further from the truth. 1. Floyd has never fought anyone: This knee-slapper gets me every time. I can understand the casual fan not having a clue about Floyd’s whole career, or who he has fought in the past. I always forgive the casual fans for their nonsense, because they don’t even follow the sport enough to have a legitimate opinion. What gets me with this myth is the actual boxing fans who subscribe to it. First off, what gives the public the right to call ANY  boxer a “nobody?” There’s not a fighter out there who doesn’t believe he is good, and it takes balls bigger than you or I have to fight for a living. The combined record of Floyd’s last six opponents is a staggering 230-21-5. 230 wins in a boxing ring! Canelo Alvarez was undefeated when they fought. Guys that work their way to the top, put together insanely good records, and win titles aren’t bums. They are only bums in public perception because Mayweather beat them, and haters don’t like it. Take Maidana for example, which showed beautifully how people’s biases against Floyd bring out glaring contradictions. Plenty of people wrongly thought that Maidana got robbed and actually won the fight. While he did fight tough and make it close, Floyd was correctly awarded the victory by the judges. The same people claiming that Maidana won, are the same people claiming Floyd fights bums! How can you say a guy won/got robbed, and is a bum at the same time? You can’t, unless you’re trying really hard to undermine Mayweather by perpetuating the laughable “he fights nobodies” claim. Floyd is 46-0, and has fought his fair share of tough competition. Names include Maidana, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Carlos Baldomir, Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), and Diego Corrales. All legitimate, tough fighters. You wanna see a padded record? Take a look at Manny Pacquiao. He didn’t fight in the United States until his 35th bout in the Bantamweight division, and didn’t fight any well-known competition until well past his 25th bout. That’s a gigantic hypocrisy considering nobody ever talks about that, yet still say Floyd hasn’t fought anybody. 2. Floyd is the only boxer that has cherry picked some opponents: First, let me tell you almost every fighter looks for a more favorable matchup, for whatever the reason. If a promoter or trainer doesn’t like it, it’s not happening. Most of the time it’s because there’s a bigger fight and payday on the horizon, and they don’t want to damage that possibility. To actually think Mayweather is scared of another fighter is the single most ridiculous notion I hear people spout off. People who fight for a living and have done it since they were children don’t get scared. Plain and simple. It’s not so much ducking as it is negotiations. Floyd is the sport’s biggest draw by a landslide, and prefers that his company promotes the fights, negotiations go his way, etc. Now, this may be a greedy tactic that has gotten in the way of some fights happening, but there’s nobody that can actually argue that the guy keeping the sport mainstream isn’t justified in his demands. Lastly, how come nobody got on Pacquiao’s case about “cherry picking” when he fought Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Shane Mosley AFTER Mayweather had already beaten them? These are fights that haters claimed Floyd hand-picked, yet Pacquiao did the same “hand-picking” after Floyd, and nobody said a single word about it. Yet more hypocrisy. 3. Floyd dances his way to wins: I’ve never seen any fighter that executes the “sweet science” of boxing every time he fights be so scrutinized. If any other fighter who was a fan-favorite did what Mayweather does, he would be raved about for his superior boxing IQ and skills. Yet people tend to say Floyd “runs” when he wins, which is ridiculously wrong on every level. If by run they mean he “wins exchanges accurately then has the defensive skills to not get hit”, well, now we’re onto something. But, seriously, do guys that purposely run usually win the “punches landed” category by leaps and bounds? Do they usually land more jabs and power punches if they’re scared to exchange or get hit? Do they usually land punches at astronomical percentages? If they are running all fight, how can the judges side with them in the ring generalship and control categories? Simply put, they can’t. Take Floyd’s last three fights as a sample size: Punches landed: Mayweather (230-426, 54%, 178 power punches landed) Maidana (221-858, 26%, 185 power punches landed) Mayweather (232-505, 46%, 93 power punches landed) Alvarez (117/526, 22%, 73 power punches landed) Mayweather (195-476, 41%, 153 power punches landed) Guerrero (113/581, 19%, 81 power punches landed) Mayweather lost only one category above, which is power punches to Maidana, and it took Maidana over 400 more punches thrown to land a mere seven more power shots. The trend in these fights is all the same. In each fight but Maidana, punches thrown are in the same ball park, the only difference is Floyd’s sniper-like accuracy. This can’t be denied, even by his biggest naysayers. Translation: Floyd doesn’t run, but since he doesn’t get hit, it creates the illusion of running that feeble minded haters latch onto as another way to try to undermine him. However, do this same type of research on every fight Floyd has ever fought. You’ll see his accuracy is always far and away better than the opposition, and so is his defense. That’s a recipe for victory in boxing. 4. Floyd can’t punch for power: I am not going to bore everyone putting out more punch stats, just take my word for it that Floyd is on the winning end of power shots landed in almost all his fights. I didn’t come across one in the fights I researched that he didn’t outside of Maidana. Now, there’s been a lot of times, especially recently, that Floyd was so far ahead on the cards that he didn’t have to go for a knockout, but very well could have. There’s no reason to jeopardize a sure win, no matter what people say. You don’t see football teams throwing it when they have the lead and the ball with under two minutes to play, do you? Also, it’s not like Mayweather has never KO’ed anybody. Over half his wins have come by knockout, 57% to be exact. This is one of the more cheap arguments that people lump in with the “he runs” argument, and it’s not true in the least. But, if you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, haters will do anything to discredit Mayweather, and that includes deluding themselves into believing ridiculousness. 5. Floyd is 100% responsible for no fight happening with Manny Pacquiao: Just like the rest of the world, I want to see this fight happen more than anything. The fans deserve it, and the sport needs it. However, it takes two to tango. Manny’s promoter, Bob Arum, has somehow created a smokescreen that insinuates it’s all Mayweather’s fault that this fight hasn’t happened, and naive people actually believe it. But it’s the fault of both sides. First off, ever since he left Bob Arum some years ago, Mayweather hasn’t done business with him since he became boxing’s kingpin. People who call Floyd greedy for wanting his promotion to control the fight and not wanting to do business with Arum should probably check Arum’s history. Arum routinely pits his Top Rank fighters against one another so he can collect double the payday. Floyd correctly believes he’s the bigger draw than Manny (check the PPV numbers), and isn’t willing to give Arum any control. I don’t blame him one bit. Take Miguel Cotto, for example. Everyone said Mayweather was ducking him when he was with Top Rank. Within two weeks of Cotto leaving Top Rank, a fight had been negotiated between Mayweather and Cotto. Manny’s contract is up with Top Rank at the end of this year, and if he wisely chooses to leave Arum, I am willing to bet the fight becomes a real possibility. Then there’s the whole blood testing thing. Let me say I am not a Manny hater. I respect and appreciate both fighters. But, Manny has been accused of taking PED’s throughout his career. His refusal to adhere to Olympic style blood testing in the closest negotiations have ever come between the two was fishy in my eyes. PacMan said he doesn’t like needles – yet has various tattoos. PacMan said he would be drained of his strength if he was tested too close to the fight – I don’t recall a vial of blood every sucking the strength from me when getting blood taken, and I am not a tip-top shape boxer. Plus, Mayweather would have been taking the same test. Whether or not Floyd is actually dancing around this fight happening, we’ll never know his true motive. But, to blindly think Manny’s camp has had nothing to do with negotiations falling through is outrageous and irresponsible. I will guarantee one thing, if Manny walks from Top Rank, expect the fight to come closer to fruition than we ever thought possible. If there’s one constant here outside of the blood tests, money splits, and bickering, it’s Mayweather being hesitant to do business with Arum. That won’t change, so Manny has to change it. If he does, Floyd will have no excuses left.

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