If You're A True Eagles Fan You Are 100% Behind Foles.

Posted November 02, 2013
At least to hands down win this job. Eagles fans (true Eagles fans) should wont Foles to lock this thing up, because Foles being good means the Eagles are winning, they won't have to use a high pick on a quarterback, and that will allow them use their picks to fortify the rest of the holes on this team on offense and defense. Regardless if you think or don't think Foles can succeed a true Eagles fan would want him to. Why wouldn't a true Eagles fan want Foles to succeed? I think some people need to ask themselves that question and be honest with the answer. Again it's not about what you think( Foles can't run this system, Vick is the better option blah, blah, blah) it's about what the Eagles need. They need a franchise quarterback, and I want that person to be Foles, because he has better tools than Barkley, and is younger and cheaper than Vick. On top of that we have the draft issues. Considering the overall lack of talent on this roster we all (true fans anyway) want the simplest option to be the answer. The simplest option is Foles. The best option if for Foles to succeed. All Eagles fans should want this. If you don't want Foles to succeed then you should question your allegiance to the green. Of course we already know some of you don't bleed all green. Some of you are mixed with a whole lot of colors. In essence some of you are nothing more than NFL mutts.
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  • I hope he succeds so we can add talent in other areas. I told you at the beginning of the season that I wanted Vick to get the nod. But I also said if things werent good by the 6-8th games of the season I had no problem with Foles getting his opportunity. Hes got it. But he must be better than .500. Or look real good under trying circumstances. He has to beat pass rushes and tight coverage . Winning against vanilla defenses proves nothing.
  • Ironically Tapa had a better defense than Dallas. We saw what Detriot did to those bums. Win losses aren't what matter for Foles, though winning would be nice. I'm interested in his production and leadership skills. How he leads the offense and how he bounces back from adversity. I want to see how he deals with pressure. I am behind him, and I want to see him succeed.
  • Lets not get to subjective here. Succeed to me means looking stronger than Vick. Win the job and leave no doubt. If there is evena hint of doubt its time to reshuffle the whole deck. The worse case scenario would be a moderately successful Foles leading us next year into and staying below .500. And then getting a QB two years from now. basically, a Bobby Hoying sequel.
  • Vick is irrelevant to me. Foles can struggle, but if the Eagles win does it matter? Vick sucks and shouldn't be the litmus test for anyone. You really ought to look at what Vick has accomplished over the last couple of years. If Foles put up Vick's numbers you would bury him. Vick hasn't been the answer to this team. If he were he wouldn't be on his way out now. Smarten up. Vick has been the captain who has steered this ship to the bottom of the sea.
  • No the owner is always steering the ship. This is his baby. He isa ultimately responsibility. Vick shouldnt be irrelevant because he beat Foles out for the starting job so that iwas the litmus test in August. Foles can make mistakes but he cant make bozo moves like he did in the Cowboy game. he isnt a rookie sostop acting like he has never started an NFL game.
  • Vick made those same mistakes in three games this season. You give Foles the
    second year player 2 chances, but the vet can have as many as he wants???
  • When Vick left the Giant game he was playing good football. He is hurt. SAm I suprised. Not really he does way too much. What are you gonna say if Foles gets hurt? Injury prone...etc Your a double standard guy. Keep a level paying field and people might take your arguments seriously. Vick was named the strter right now Foles is backing him up unless he does danything that makes him appear more promising than Vick. So far he hasnt proven that he can even surpass Vicks ability. If he can then he should get the keys. If not , as far as Im concerned , he is still operating as Vicks backup.
  • If Foles gets hurt he is injury prone. You are the double standard guy. Vick was terrible in
    both Giants game. If Foles played like Vick you would have gone bananas.
  • my take,when chip Kelly was hired,why draft a mobile qb or kept dennis dixion---justed wasted pick on matt barkley--nick foles does not have a quick release,and no other wr--for bump coverage,to get off line. The eagles better sign a vet mobile qb,cut loses and a big physical wr--to go with maclin,if he is healthy-you need three good wr---the eagles will lose to raiders,lack of offense,not defense--bill davis is doing a VERY GOOD JOB---THE OWNER GOT SABOTAGE BY NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS OWNER AND COACH---BY PICKING CHIP KELLY--THEN HIRE BILL DAVIS AND PAT SHURMUR FROM CLEV BROWNS--HE DID NOT PICK THEM. joe banner did get it right with andy reid---was nfl coach,knew what it took to get job done--they should have a super bowl ring,with terrel owens and late jim johnson---big red will get that with kc chiefs-----
  • If Foles can prove to me that he can be a franchise quarterback then I'll support him. Until then I'm open to other options.
  • Foles gripped it and ripped it!
  • I haven't heard enough excuses yet! Come on Vick lovers
  • Funny they are going to be very ANGRY about this game. So called Eagles fans.
  • You two are always right in the middle of a quarterback debate. Doesn't it get old instigating an argument with your own fan base?
  • So does that mean you're happy or angry about the victory, because I can't tell.
  • I don't care about the order of the depth chart just about winning games. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy games like yesterday.
  • Then we are in agreement for once Brink. I'd be just as happy if Vick threw for 7 TDs. I'd be calling for a long term deal for him right now. Winning feels good no matter who does, but if you noticed one so called Eagles fan is apparently irked about this game.
  • The Quarterback debate matters to me because I'm more worried about finding a franchise guy right now than I am worried about winning.

    When we picked up Donovan, I didn't care what happened in his first season. I just wanted to watch him play and see how he developed.

    Right now, Foles is developing! and it means 1 less position of need in the draft!
  • That's what the QB situation should have been about all year.
  • I learned a great lesson from Bobby Hoying. Thats the last thing I want to see here in Philly. So great game yes, strting franchise QB, not yet.
  • Who says he is yet and why does he have to be yet? Show me where Bobby Hoying broke NFL records though. You know what's funny? Here you are talking about being here before and invoking the name of another NFL player from a different era of football, but you don't take the same been here before logic as it compares to Vick regarding Vick!
  • Im not sure what you mean. i told you if the Eagles record was poor at the mid mark I had no problem with Foles being inserted into the lineup the rest of the way. I think Vick had more talent but he is 34? Im not suprised he got hurt. You can never say that Vick didnt give 100%. He came up short so what. I dont see foles hoisting a lombardi trophy. Thats my litmus test. If he does god bless the Eagles for making a wise choice. Im going to the Redskin game because I think he has a chance to win a home game vs a division rival. Lets hope he makes the best of it. But dont try to get me on your emotional philly roller coaster ride. Luckily I live in Balto and have some idea what a superbowl team needs to look like. Have you ever been around a team or a town that won a superbowl? I thought not so quit telling me I need to start cheering like a little female just because we beat two teams with a combined 3 and 13 record . maybe off a game or two.
  • Who cares about effort? What does that mean? Are you implying Foles doesn't give effort?
  • Too funny, now your all kissing his butt...until he screws up and you lose a close one. Then you'll all wanna throw him to the wolves. Wasn't too long ago most of you could do nothing but trash the guy.
  • Ignore him. Just like Hollywood he ignores what most people actually type and sticks to what he wants to believe. Not to mention what kind of man makes generic comments to all Eagle fans knowing he's blocked some of us...weak! At least half of us on here were typing the Eagles still needed to stick with Foles even after the Cowboy's game...some of us defended him to the likes of Hollywood...especially Zukny.
  • That is the lamest thing about the claims of the rival fans that come to this site. We know that fans from every city are back and forth with opinions...I'm sure some Giant fans were starting the "maybe Manning's done" talk earlier this season. My sister-in-law and nephew are Giant fans who love them when they're winning and "hate" them when they're losing...it happens in every city. Certain barkers come here just to try to get a rise...to troll. His comments about Karma prove that.
  • When someone uses Karma as their reason for anything football related, they should automatically be ignored.
  • It's what he uses to irk Eagle fans on the internet...in other words it's part of what he does to troll.
  • I see its not just the players that want Vick to be qb, its some of the fans too. Giantsrepeat is right. I only remember Zukny1, myself and a couple other people as Foles fan here. Now its half the fan base. I hope you all have his back if he has another bad game. Remember he is only in his second year. First year in Kelly's offense.
  • Yeah, there were very few people on the Foles band wagon. I jumped on last season when I saw his potential playing w/ a Second String squad.

    I strongly believe he can be our franchise guy and after that game, I now feel that Chip Kelly will be able to work with him at Quarterback too. The one thing the media did, was make me feel that no matter how good Foles plays we need a Running Quarterback to win.

    Here's looking forward to seeing Chip Kelly's game plan for next week against Green Bay. My only worry is that if we win, people will have the argument: "So Foles beat a banged up Team."

    The Excuses are endless.
  • The excuses have disappeared. They have gone into hiding. They would rather say nothing than admit they were wrong. They can't even admit they are happy we are winning. They should never consider themselves fans of this team as they have put players before it.
  • Two people on here in particular are only here to try and show us how much they know about football and they would rather be right with what they state than see the Eagles be successful. The funny thing is they show us how little feel they actually have for the game and how much they let their emotions rule what they type instead of thinking things through.
  • Petty children, but we all knew that for sometime now. Anyways the yard has been a better place without them.
  • You avoided me. I was at the game. My impressions of Foles are not much different the Chips. He is the QB next week. He was good vs the skins but is he better than Mike Glennon or EJ Manuel. I dont really know. Im not ready to categorize him as anything yet but this next game QB. I have no problem with Vick as abackup. I think they should find a way to incorporate him into the offense because he is a talented athlete whether you agree or not. But my opinion has of Foles has only changed to the degree that he may be a good field manager. Better than he was a year ago but i dont think the Eagles will ever ride his ability to the superbowl like an Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. If you think so than you need a good thorough brain examination.
  • He is better than Glennon heck right now he's better than most of his own draft class despite the fact they have more starts under their belt than him. I don't know if Foles is the next this or that, but I DO KNOW that Mike Vick leads us nowhere fast. Just like IKNEW. McNabb was cooked. It's a shame like with McNabb you can't see the obvious regarding Vick.
  • Th rule changes favor immobile QBs. You will see in the coming years more pocket passers because you dont need to run anymore. In fact its a danger to be a mobile QB because you take much more risk with getting hit on the run. 3 years ago Foles would be getting killed. In todays game a guy like Foles stays healthy. When he takes this team to the playoffs Ill say EZ you might be right. when he mounts a strong comeback ill say ez you could be right. But right now Im waiting.
  • The running QB really never was a thing in the NFL. Even McNabb understood that, and that's the reason why he worked at becoming a pass first guy. The truth is a quarterback has to be good at being a passer first. How many times do you see runners get knocked out of end up having short NFL careers? The guys who last are the guys who pass. Running backs have short NFL careers, because they take a pounding. The same goes for running quarterbacks. Unless the runner learns how to adapt and become a passer first he will never win the big one in the NFL. Name me one run first QB who's won the Super Bowl?
  • lets just say a running QB was never the NFLs thing probably by design. A black QB with credibility is something they would rather not have. They make that perfectly clear by allowing guys like McNabb, Vick and Cunningham to take ridiculous punishment while guys like Brees , Manning and Brady go untouched. Sort of a double standard heh?
  • McNabb is not a running QB. Please stop lumping him into anything. McNabb took a lot of hits, because he would hold the ball too long, but he was so strong those guys would bounce off him. Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers get hit all the time.
  • If anything, I'd want to have an athletic pocket passer like an Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck, but those guys are probably the rarest breed of them all. When scouts say once in a generation talent, that's what they mean.

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