It's Time To Force Reid To Play Foles.

Posted November 11, 2012

Regardless of what the results of Mike Vick's concussion report is, the bottom line is this team is all but buried. Reid may not want to do it, but what's best for the team now is to find out if Nick Foles can truly be the quarterback of the future or is he at best a serviceable backup. I for one am not concerned about his health. He's a young kid and if he's not durable it's better to find out now rather than relying on him in the future. What's disappointing to me is the Eagles should have done this back in 2010, but instead the Eagles wanted to take a flyer on fools gold Mike Vick. Had we just stuck with Kolb, saw he wasn't the QB of the future and ultimately been in position to draft a Luck or RG3 we would be in a much better position today. The Mike Vick project has set the Eagles back multiple years and will be the reason why Andy Reid will lose his job. If Reid is unwilling to play Foles, then he should be fired now. Either way you look at it Andy Reid should be fired. The only question is does he want to do what's best for the Eagles or what's best for himself.

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  • I hope your right and the hosts were discussing this on the pre-game show on WIP. Just about everyone thought Foles should be playing soon except Ike Reese who thinks Reid should wait until the Eagles are out of playoff contention. He put that at 8 losses (only 2 more) but he speculated at that point Reid will be playing for HIS future (and his coaches) away from the Eagles and said that he may still stick with whoever has the best chance at getting him the most wins...Vick. They also stated that since Lurie does not get involved in what his coaches do during the season that he probably would not force Reid into playing Foles...SEE THIS HOLLYWOOD...the hosts of the Eagles pre-game show have spoken.
  • It sucks that they wont force Reid to play Foles. I get giving Reid the best opportunity to save his job, but at some point the Eagles future is more important than Reid's job. Besides Reid will surely land on his feet by the end of the season. Some team will snatch him up. His kids wont starve or anything, but playing games with Reid could set this team back two seasons.
  • I would think that if Reid already hasn't already he will state that "Vick is my quarterback and as soon as he is ready he will be back in the line-up". He may even add a "we are excited about what the Foles kid can do and he did some nice things out there" (I think I typed that myself for good measure.
  • YOu need to understand that decisionis now the the new coaches ob whomever that may be. Cowher or another coach could conclude that neither are a good fit or Vick is the guy or foles is the guy. What Reid does is irrelevant at this point.
  • Are you really that clueless to think that:

    #1- Seeing some regular season game film on Foles will be extremely valuable to any new coach.

    #2-Getting Foles some game time experience could go a long way in helping him prepare for next year.

    You stated it tried crying that Foles would get killed behind that line but he didn't take NEARLY as many hits as Vick did and I doubt he will even if he finished out the year. He showed that throughout the preseason he gets rid of the ball quickly...Vick thinks he needs to make the big play almost every time and has gotten himself hammered more than most qbs because of it.

    ...and to think that on a different forum you were hinting you know so much about football. I don't know if you really feel this way or if it is more of just you trying to grasp at your predictions. Either way it's pretty pathetic.
  • *to not think that
  • you are a bold faced liar if you dont admit that the OLine was the best its been all season inthat cowboy game and vick was hardly hit. He took a dive for the team.
  • "I'm a bold faced liar" and then you state that Vick took a dive for the team? OH MY GOD!...REALLY? You honestly think that not only 4 backups and Mathis are better than what they showed so far this season, they are playing down to get their starter hurt because of orders from above and that also Vick would agree to take a dive? WOW! Yeah, nothing but the truth from you, hollywood! LOL!
  • they were better vs cowboys
  • gonna lie again and say the line was as putrid as the Saints mess
  • If the line was better it's because they were fired up not because they have been trying to get Vick hurt. You are being absolutely unreasonable if you think that Vick was never part of the problem with all of the hits he takes!
  • Seems like Mike Vick is going to be shut down for a longer period of time than originally thought.
  • big suprise. This was an orchestrated event. He wasnt even hit hard. If he had a "serious" concussion he would have been on the ground alot longer.
  • I heard different reports that he looked wobbly after the game! You are unbelievable! Yeah, no lies from you!
  • Wobbly. Thats a joke. It was maybe the weakest sack he took all season.
  • Sure hollywood. Instead of just benching the quarterback, the Eagles had Mornhinweg, Mudd and the O-line in on the plan to get Vick hurt. After ordering everyone to try and get Vick hurt they asked him to take a dive and he obliged and also did a good job of acting it up after the game. Or maybe they had the media write up false reports that Vick didn't look good at all after the game. They also obviously had their training staff in on all that trickery. Don't you realize how foolish all that sounds? Vick got hurt like usual...Foles got rid of the ball quickly early on and took less hits...absolutely nothing more!
  • he could have kept going. Perfect exit for Reid.
  • If Cowher comes in and says Vick is our best option what do you say EZ
  • Vick isn't a good option for anyone. He isn't an elite quarterback. The Eagles need to find an elite one.
  • But thats your opinion . I think their are coaches that would want Vick. And if Cowher says we can with Vick I beleive him. With Foles I beleive him.
  • believe*
  • You do realize that Cowher hasn't been hired yet and may not be, right?
  • There were only 2 teams who wanted Vick when he came back. There isn't a high commodity for an injury prone mediocre quarterback.
  • No matter who the coach is or who they choose they will need to SHOW ME they can win with those players.
  • Didnt Gruden win a superbowl with Brad Johnson. Not exactly "elite". Again my point, any negotiation with a head coach will probably include discussions on Qbs. I suspect the Eagles will decide what to do about the coaching soon after the season. Leaving them the option of having Vick return. I dont thibnk its a forgone conclusion that Vick is leaving.
  • I think Vick is due a pretty nice roster bonus 5 games after the season ends. He may be gone before the coaching discussions and interviews even start warming up. This is how your perdicted discussions would go anyway...Roseman and Lurie "How about Michael Vick as the starter, coach?"...Eagles possible new head coach..."NO!"...end of discussion.
  • ***5 days after the season ends
  • Brad Johnson is a smart quarterback who gets rid of the football. You have a better chance to see Jeff Garcia than another season of Vick.... Seriously after what we have seen from Vick for over 2 seasons now WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU EVEN WANT HIM BACK!?!
  • Im not saying I do. I happened to like Vince Young better but lets see the options first. I mean if Foles fails do you want Trent Edwards. I mean I want some insurance we are not downgrading. My first inclination is Foles wont pan out. I dont know. But I have major doubts. But lets see. I have no problem wih that at this point. Do you have an alternative strategy other than Foles?
  • If Foles doesn't pan out then hopefully they will be bad enough to be in a position to draft another QB. Similar to the how the Eagles drafted McNabb. Hopefully the scouting department makes a great choice again. With that being the case I want to see Foles fail before I call him a failure. Vick has failed. It's time to move one. Sticking with Vick gains the Eagles nothing.
  • Come on business guy. 18 million next year or 7.2 million of dead money (I don't believe they will owe him a penny) to walk away from his contract! He isn't worth close to that!
  • I always tell wood I would love to work for him. I could be completely incompetent, get paid as much as I want, and never be fired for mediocrity.
  • Only if he predicted to everyone you were the future, Eazy. Only if you were "his" guy. If he didn't like you coming in he'd probably fire you before break.
  • I would make sure I was one of his guys before I got hired.
  • He didnt play well but neither did anyone on offense with the slight exception of McCoy. If he had a good o-line and receievers I dont know that he wouldnt have succeeded. You agreed the team sucked right?
  • You couldnt handle the business Im in.
  • I'm pretty sure I could. My job is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. There isn't anything your world could throw at me that I couldn't handle.
  • what do you do?
  • I have already written what I do on this site. What do you do?
  • Again, I have no loyalty to Mike Vick. I think he is talented and tough. Im not judging his play based on the disgraceful performance of everyone around him. His ststs are poor. His effectiveness was limited to poor. But that doesnt mean hes a terrible QB. Its a team game and I dont know enough about whats needed to win a superbowl to determine whats best for the Eagles. I leave all options on the table.
  • The Mike Vick option is no longer an option. Again how can you say Vick will be better when he hasn't been for over two seasons, but you already are calling Foles a bum after 30 snaps?
  • Im not calling him a bum but I think im realistic. Hundreds of scouts observed Foles at combines , tryouts ..etc. And the EXPERTS determined his relative market value upon entering the NFL. Hes a 3rd round pick and if history is any indication he has much lower chance of success vs a the first round Qbs. Could he be different. Maybe. But I havent seen that something yet. Thats all Im saying. You rushed to judge Kolb and Im not knocking you but I dont that special ability up to now.
  • If you were being realistic about Foles you wouldn't have an opinion of him at all. That's not being realistic. That's being bias. I never rushed to any judgement on Kolb. In fact after a decade of McNabb I came to a judgement on him. My judgement was McNabb wasn't going to win us a super bowl or anyone else for that matter. I was right about him. My only feeling on Kolb is the same one I have for Foles. I want to see him play before I make any judgement on him. You still don't get it. I don't know how many times I have to write this down for you to understand that. I had no opinions of Kolb. I have no opinions of Foles. Like Kolb I want to see what Foles can do. It's really that simple. On a side note like McNabb I have come to a judgement on Vick and Reid. Neither of them will win the Eagles a super bowl thus both of them can hit the bricks.
  • ...and he actually did call him a bum within the last couple weeks.
  • Thank god the options aren't up to you!
  • I wouldnt make any decisions on either until the new coach gets here. I TRUST a guy like Gruden or Cowher will evaluate the QBs and play the best one. Reid on the other hand will do whatever protects his job. The sooner Reid leaves the better the team will play.
  • My stance is simple. Rely on Vick and set your franchise back years. You ripped Foles after a half of a football game. I have been watching Vick since 2010 and he hasn't gotten better. In fact he's gotten much worse. A new head coach would be wise to walk away from the Mike Vick failed experiment while it is feasibly possible to be done.
  • so has the whole team
  • "Attitude reflects leadership." Julius Campbell Remember The Titans.
    It's time to change the leadership.
  • ...and hollywood is still scrambling.
  • i dont understand scrambling for what
  • Your claims that Vick WOULD win with this team. It's funny, you understand things that aren't there but you act like you can't understand my comment.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Foles threw that one behind Jackson, but regardless of that Jackson should have caught it. I don't know what kind of quarterback Foles is. It's better to find out now before it becomes too late in the season to truly evaluate him as a player.
  • Only Vick fans are folly enough to not agree here. It's quite simple either see what you have in Foles or you waste more time with Vick.
  • I support anyone who wears the Eagles jersey, but Vick doesn't have the magic anymore and it's time for someone else to have a try. Vick was a great quarterback, McNabb was a great quarterback. I know, they never one the big game, blah,blah. I don't know if Foles will be great, but let him try or continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

    Sorry, cranky today. Not only did my Philly Eagles lose, my son's hs team lost 42-7 on their first playoff game in 28 years. Proud of the 'Hawks though - they faced a team that had twice as many players and a record of 10-0 the last two years. Friday nites won't be the same!
  • McNabb beat Vick in the NFC Championship game. That was a huge game. With that being the case it's irrelevant now. Right now what matters most is that there is an opportunity to evaluate the future here and if the Eagles were smart they would jump on that chance.
  • Even if Foles isn't the answer, let's see what he can do this season and if quaterback shopping is needed for next season. Don't ruin 2 seasons to find a replacement.
  • Exactly, goddess!
  • I absolutely agree with you.
  • I agree with that. We already have two. The trifecta is coming.
  • Goddess, the biggest point here is that Vick will not be back next year! At almost 18 million a year when I believe the Eagles can walk away and not pay him another penny? They will get hit with dead money but does anyone honestly think Vick deserves to make that kind of money for the little positive impact he has had with the Eagles the last two years? It didn't work out, time to move on and they may as well see what Foles can do. Of course if Vick is out there I will still be rooting him and the Eagles on. I honestly don't know any other way...I watch the games and can feel the positive emotion build whenever they are playing well...I just feel numb for the most part when they are playing poorly...unfortunately it's been more numb than good.
  • It's difficult to stay positive - even their wins this season were not very good. I don't like to blame one person on a team sport - but Vick has not been the leader they need. They need to be shaken up a little bit to get things going again. It will only get worse when the players start losing as much faith in the team as the fans have lost.
  • Some of the players may already be there.
  • Watching their body language yesterday, you're probably right.
  • might renegotiate. who knows. cool your jets. we got another 7 games to stay angry.
  • No renegotiation is won't happen.
  • That's it in a nutshell. We would be doing nothing but wasting time, but when you think about it that's Reid's M/O. He constantly wastes time making decisions. He takes too long to do the right thing and rarely does he stick with doing the right thing. Reid is the roadblock to progression.
  • Sounds like Reid isn't the only one wasting time in the organization. I think a new coach may at least give the team some kind of energy.
  • I just hope the people in charge don't pull a Reid and try to show us how smart they are and pick another out of the box type coach. These are the same people who drafted Danny Watkins, Jarrett, Graham, and Nate Allen.
  • Probably right, Eazy but I just don't see Lurie firing Reid until the end of the year. I think there is an outside shot that we will see more of Foles.
  • What if they hit 8 loses? I mean is there any point in keeping him after that point?
  • It truly doesn't matter to me. A new coach isn't going to get them in the playoffs and I'm SURE Reid will be gone at the end of the year. I would hate to see an interim coach step in and the team play just good enough for Lurie to sign him as his new head coach but I do think Lurie knows he needs to take his time and make what he believes is the right choice and probably wouldn't do that. If Reid gets fired I truly wouldn't doubt the interim would be Mornhinweg...would you be happy with that?
  • If Reid is fired during the season and Marty becomes the interim coach I would LOVE THAT! I like it for two reasons. One it will almost guarantee the team wont win another game and secondly it would rule out any chance of Marty being the next head coach.
  • This team isn't going anywhere either way!
  • good way to look at that. But ven though marty and reid are one in the same it might give the organization a glimpse into what could be different with a different coach. I think it would be more interesting . I suspect thats not off the table.
  • I agree, but I hope Marty doesn't become a candidate for this job.
  • 100% agree. They shoudl unload him now. He isnt helping at all.
  • The seasons over . there is plenty of time to evaluate everything. You have 3 qbs . us e all of them if you have too.
  • I thought he looked poised but you have to remember the kids comning out of college are groodmed in a pro style offense. Its when the game gets heated and dangerous that you find the great players. He made some ordinary throws. Made some bad ones . moved nicely in the pocket when things didnt count. and nearly got ripped in half when the game was on the line when he fumbled in the endzone. But he seems tougher than Kolb but I want tos see the difficult throws. The seasons over I dont care what they do with Mike Vick. But if Foles isnt the guy then what?
  • If Foles isn't the guy you find the guy. We know Mike isn't the guy. We know Reid isn't the guy so we move on to find the guy. What are you concerned about?
  • He isn't concerned about anything but being right. Vick not being the man means hollywood was wrong about him.
  • It's okay to be wrong about a player. We aren't the people who are getting paid or fired for picking the wrong or right guy.
  • Of course it is okay but instead of admitting it or at least leaving it alone hollywood makes up excuses and starts typing about "vendettas" and coaches and players trying to get "his" guy hurt. I don't know if it's his pride or anger that gets those fingers typing before he thinks things out.
  • I agree. Just pointing out that I don't see what the big deal is. I supported McNabb for years. I thought he could win us the big one. I was wrong so I moved on. He should too.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Yeah me too. I knew after that loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs that McNabb didn't have what it took to get it done. It took me a very long time to come to that conclusion, but that game confirmed it for me.
  • Not really. hes wrong for Philly right now. Thigs are fluid. For instance, as much as I though t Kolb wsnt ready then. i think he might be moving in the right direction now. Its all about timing and the truth is Reid phucked it all up. He should have kept all three QBs and now would have been perfect timing for Kolb. And you know what he has some ability like I said. He was a slow maturer. He needed to to watch and enter in situations. had Kolb done that we would have our QB. Mcnabb would have been the perfect backup.
  • McNabb could NEVER be Kolb's backup. It all had to play out the way it did, but the Eagles should have just stuck with Kolb. If Kolb failed (most likely) we would have known, and would have been in a position to draft a future young quarterback. Instead we have been saddled with the mediocrity of Mike Vick. Reid's decision to go with Vick has set the franchise back as a whole multiple years. If the plan was to hold the franchise back he should have just stuck with McNabb.
  • I think if McNabb had stayed the starter Vick would have been gone and Kolb could have backed up unscathed. Instead the self serving of the interest of a arrogant coach cost Kolb his health, Vick his health and Mcanabb a smooth retirement. It stunk.
  • What part of his comment really rings true? It is all just BS to paint the past with how he would like people to remember it. McNabb would have needed a big contract to stay...the Eagles moved on and made the right choice regarding him. Kolb's health?...why is it Reid's fault his quarterback got his head driven hard into the earth 15-20 plays in on his Eagles career as the starter? Because he put him out there? Was it Buddy Ryan's fault that Bryce Paup drove his helmet into Randall Cunningham's knee? It's freaking football! Regarding Vick and his health...we have constantly stated that Vick is part of the problem why he takes the hits he does and the game or games that Foles gets the rest of the season will somewhat help show whether we are right.
  • Kolb is just an injry prone player, but so was McNabb. The guy stayed hurt and usually he would be out for multiple games. It's irrelevant, because neither are here any longer. This time the Eagles can't afford to make the same mistake and jeopardize the future again.
  • I'm sure Vick is thinking he wasted the last two years of his career signing with a franchise that is poor at selecting coaches, draft picks and free agents.
  • QB patterns are forming with this organization. What QB would be good enough. We used nearly a#1 pick on McNabb and here we are again Peete, Cunningham, McNabb, Young and now Vick. QB KILLERS= Philadelphia Eagles
  • This last comment is showing how desperate you are becoming pushing this issue and how foolish you sound...Vince Young now? WOW! None of these players walked away from the Eagles broken and unable to play. You guaranteed us McNabb would have more success with the Redskins and now you claim the Eagles "killed" him. LOL...sure hollywood, no twisting truths or telling fibs at all.
  • Cunningham and Mcnabb were elite quarterbacks that would have won championships if utilized properly. Vick may have even led us to the Super Bowl in 2010 if a few other players would have stepped up in the playoff game against the Packers when they had the chance. Unfortunately, our franchise tried to ride these guys without surrounding them with championship caliber talent. Maybe it's time to stop blaming the quarterback for our shortcomings.
  • Not my point at all Brink but I agree with you except for Vick (although I think some fans downplay the Eagles O-line to make excuses for McNabb...he could have used more skill players around him). Vick's play was already nosediving in 2010 and his trying to force a ball to Cooper was a big reason the season ended...he again was part of the problem. My point to hollywood is that he exaggerates with his comments (not to mention flounders). He guaranteed McNabb would have more success in Washington than the Eagles in 2010 and could possibly even win a championship...and now he blames the Eagles for ending his career...not the way any reasonable person would see it. Reid moved on after 11 seasons...Shanahan after 1...the Vikings after 1. The Eagles made the right choice. Look how he throws Peete and Young into the equation, what the hell is that?...he blames Lurie for Cunningham who was already struggling before Lurie even bought the team. I have NEVER only put the blame on just the quarterback but this quarterback certainly is part of the problem in which hollywood not only refuses to acknowledge, he constantly makes up excuses...I'm not going to ignore that.
  • Great way to put it. The only common denominator throughout these shortcomings were Reid , Banner and Lurie.
  • So when did Reid coach Cunningham? Do you ever think before you type? Anybody who has watched Vick over the past couple years and refuses to admit he is not part of the problem is either foolish or just plain stubborn.
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