Posted July 11, 2013

THIS is not about Michael Vick, nor is it about Nick Foles. This is about Charles Kelly When you step back from "picking a side" this whole QB controversy seems silly. I'm actually starting to see both players as victims in this thing. 

On one hand you have a guy on the wrong side of 30, with an injury history, and who despite what even his critics will admit was a re-dedication to his craft, has not yielded the results many believed should have come easy to him. In large part Vick was the victim of a system that did not fit his talent set, and has been a round peg in a square hole for the last couple of years.

On the other hand, you have a young guy who when drafted was viewed as a developmental project. (Just as examples: and

Instead of developing, Foles was thrown into the fire early. He did NOT play well. Sporting a sub 80 passer rating and losing 5 of 6 starts, his numbers only look "not so bad" when compared to an under-performing starter. Neither can be viewed sanely as winning football. That came from a system seemingly tailor-made for Foles's talents. With this new system, he will be a round peg in a square hole.

As I said, I'm beginning to take pity on both men. NOW LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING.


You want to know where a man is going, you look at where he's been. As I said at the start, this isn't about Vick or Foles.

This is about Charles Kelly.

In that video up there, I watched his starting QB from last year Marcus Mariota. In that fifteen minute highlight reel, there are 94 plays run (68 passes, 10 broken play scrambles, 15 designed runs and 1 play where it starts out a run, gets bottled up and becomes a pass attempt/fumble for a TD.) It's a highlight tape so you try not to get too married to things, but hen you spot a habit. 

In 78 passing plays, 68 of which became attempts, only EIGHT of those plays show the QB stepping into his pass. Just EIGHT. And I'm even giving credit to a couple of slight hops. A QB stepping into his pass is a fundamental. If Kelly is NOT teaching fundamentals to his QB's it's no wonder none of the guys who started for him can find NFL jobs, and 2 have even struggled to stay on CFL rosters. 

Fans want to see Kelly develop a franchise QB, but so far he has not even shown the ability to develop a steady third-stringer. It's unlikely he'll have an easier time developing pro QB's than collegiate QB's. Vick or Foles, it's a moot point. It hardly even matters at this point. Vick isn't here next year and Foles (or Barkley) has no one to develop him. 

Don't believe me? Fine. Just look at the history. 

  • “Prior to Kelly's arrival at Oregon, Dennis Dixon struggled in his first three seasons at quarterback. Under Kelly's guidance, Dixon was the Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year and emerged as a Heisman Trophy candidate.[7]”

    So basically in one season Kelly turned Dixon into an NFL capable player, and a possible Heisman Candidate. So much for this load of B.S. you’re promoting.

    “In large part Vick was the victim of a system that did not fit his talent set, and has been a round peg in a square hole for the last couple of years.”

    This in large part is the biggest load of apologetic BS I think I may have ever read. Maybe if you didn’t have your nose so deeply planted in Vick’s anis you would see the truth. Nobody was saying Vick wasn’t in the right offense in 2010 when he was putting up MVP numbers, but now it’s suddenly the systems fault??? Oh and take your own advice and look at the history.

    Even a blind man can see that Vick’s numbers are actually BETTER as an Eagle than when he was in ATL, despite the fact his win/loss percentage is virtually the same. Real men speak the truth, and not try to cover up an obvious kiss azz move with fluff B.S.
  • Kelly DIDN'T turn Dixon into an NFL capable QB. Note his NFL career as proof. Despite GAUDY collegiate numbers, Kelly's QB are largely ignored and avoided.

    BTW didn't have an MVP year in 2010, he had a run of games in 2010. If you recall he faded down the stretch as teams figured out how to play him.

    And DUHHHHHHHH, his numbers here were better in Philly. Most of that has to do with him actually putting in offseason work (he admitted that in ATL he didn't). Also he had better coaching here. They actually taught him to read NFL defenses and how to go through his progressions. So yeah, his numbers WERE better here.

    Atlanta let him play to his talent, Philly gave him pro skills. Whether Kelly can make those 2 things meld is the question.
  • So it's Vick's fault he was better in Philly, but Reid's fault he wasn't better in Philly? You flipflop so much you don't even realize how ridiculous you actually come across.
  • How can it be someone's FAULT that they've gotten better?
    Like I said Reid equipped Vick with better tools, but the system he played in wasn't set-up to take advantage of what he's best at.

  • So what is he "best at", when his stats and win/loss ration have been virtually the same his entire career? How many coaches need to be fired, before Mike Vick fills this so called untapped potential? Rather than answer these questions how about we stop making up bogus excuses for Mike Vick being simply himself? And for this idea that Vick has somehow better himself due to his own diligence is pretty much blown out the door when he himself said Chip Kelly JUST taught him how to hold a football.
  • Thank goodness Kelly came along and made Vick better, now he won't fumble.
    Isn't it weird that no other NFL, college, or High School coach ever showed him how to hold a football? 33 is strange age to finally get coaching in ball security isn't it? Perhaps NOT TEACHING BALL SECURITY to your starting QB, is PART OF what got so many coaches canned?

    Just a thought.
  • You know something flip. That's a very good point. I don't know if it means Vick will learn to listen at this point in his career on a regular basis, but apparently if there is a coach who can actually teach Vick something it's Chip Kelly. With that being the case hopefully Vick can learn how to thrive in competition and legitimately beat out the other guys. It's the only way the Eagles get better.
  • I hope he listens. I know he can't be made to slide. (It's not in guys like him or Steve Young, they want every yard, every foot, every inch.) As an Eagles fan I just have to deal. It's part of his game that I dislike, but I understand it. Some love it. Hell, IBG78 hated when McNabb would slide instead of go head first.

    I'm not sure that Vick CAN legitimately beat Foles at this point. Same with Foles beating Vick. The whole process has a de-legitimized feel to it now. No one is TAKING it away from the other, it's being judged and awarded. That's not how you dethrone a king.

    I know you hate when I mention the Raiders, but bear with me on this one: Matt Flynn had the starting job awarded to him. (I hated that and said as much.) Coach made it no secret that Flynn hasn't locked it in yet. Now Pryor or Wilson will have to TAKE it from him.

    Like Vick/Foles, Flynn/Pryor is a competition of who plays the best. UNLIKE V/F which is a level competition, Pryor has to fight UPHILL to win. IF Pryor wins, he has overthrown the king. If Flynn wins, he's defended his territory. You were a boy. You know how us males regard that. Winner gets the respect and ownership of locker room.

    It's one thing to capture a locker room because you were the last man standing. It's another thing to have a coach award it after a dog and pony show.

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