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For a moment, it must have looked like New York's fashion elite were taking their shows just a little too seriously after Lindsey Vonn was pulled aside to undergo a mandatory drug-test while in a couture gown at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards Monday night. The Olympic skier — who is training for the 2014 Winter games in Sochi, Russia — was accompanying designer Cynthia Rowley to the high-end awards ceremony at Lincoln Center when representatives from the International Olympic Committee pulled Vonn aside to fill a urine sample bottle— on the spot. According to The New York Post, sources said that Rowley and the skier — wearing a stunning, custom-made white gown from the designer, were sitting in Alice Tully Hall with other fashion luminaries — including Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Anna Wintour — when Vonn got a call from the IOC. Several drug testers were waiting outside Lincoln Center, and told Vonn they needed access to the event to perform a drug test immediately. Rowley met the IOC group outside and ushered them into the hall. "Lindsay met the IOC at the bathroom. Cynthia stood guard outside, and no one was allowed to enter the bathroom. They were in there for about five minutes," a source told The Post. We’re told that amidst the glamorous setting, the IOC team made Vonn "pee in a cup" and tested the urine sample on the spot. She passed the test, our source reported, and the IOC staff told her to "have fun." "Here Lindsey is in this custom-made gown, feeling like Cinderella, and she has to get up and do a drug test," joked one source. Vonn didn’t seem rattled by it, and said afterwards: "We’re having a great time and [Rowley] did a great job with the dress." The world champion skier is recovering from a serious knee injury and claims her rehab regimen is going well. "I get to start jumping and running soon, so that’s exciting," she said. As for whether Woods is giving her rehab help, Vonn remarked: "He’s obviously been through it so he can relate. It’s good to have a strong support system." Remember, those little bottles are a woman's perfect accessory this season and nothing brings out those bright summer pastels like adding just a touch of yellow. Quick, someone better warn A-Rod to stay away from those Fashion Avenue soirees for the time being.

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  • This gal has a reputation of being an easy lay on the ski tour, so possible drug use is not out of the question.
  • So if you are a male and successful with women you are a stud, but if you are a woman and successful with men you are an easy lay. Guys like you are an embarassment to men. I am a male.
  • That is just religious b.s. There is nothing IN REALITY wrong with people enjoying what life has to offer. Labels are becoming too sickeningly tossed around anymore. If she wants to have fun her way, who gives a sh*t? And to the original poster, just because she likes to run around with guys on the tour, she has to be drugged up? OMG where does THAT come from? Just because someone likes sex they MUST like drugs, too? Where is the rock you people climb out of? Or cave, to be more precise.
  • I would hate to think like you that if someone enjoys sex they could be a drug user. Does that mean you have no chance of being a drug user. Or is my reply as stupid as your comment.
  • Like you have first hand knowledge of this. Shut up and quit talking smack about something you don't even know. Next off comment to the article not your trolling misconceptions.
  • No class by you or anyone who spreads that crap ... I lived in Avon, next to Vail, and she did NOT have that reputation ... she's just another damn fine lookin', healthy girl. Trash talk does improve your image, however.
  • IOC -- International Organization of Communists!!
  • So you think that using performance enhancing drugs, and getting an advantage over other athletes - a/k/a CHEATING - is ok? That athletes should risk their lives, their futures, everything, just to beat others who are following the rules? That there is no such thing as an "unfair advantage" as long as they don't get caught, and the best way to not get caught is to not get tested? She is in training right now, and she was off guard. It's the PERFECT time to test her. They didn't do it when she's not in training. If she wants to compete, she plays by their rules. If she doesn't want to submit to random drug tests, then she can do something else for a living. Apparently, she doesn't want herself or competitors CHEATING, or she would not participate. You "anti-authority" whiners never stop to think that if people didn't ruin it for everyone else, we wouldn't need oversight. The athletes brought this on themselves. But this was the perfect time to test her, a completely off guard moment, and she didn't mind -- and THAT is the most important part, it didn't happen to YOU, it happened to HER, and she didn't mind.
  • I think it's high time we did away with the Naziesque practices of the IOC. They can take her out of a non-sports related event for drug testing? That is nothing more than harassment. The IOC has been using high handed practices for decades to run (ruin) the lives of athletes. Unless they are paying for her physical rehab treatments, they have no damned say in a thing she does.
  • You are another one who doesn't get it. She is REHABBING and IN TRAINING right now, the most likely points in which an athlete WILL be doping. I'm guessing you aren't, or never were, an athlete, don't know any, and don't know anything about their regimines. THIS is the PRIME TIME they will dope. Also, she was off guard at this event, which is the PURPOSE of "RANDOM" drug testing. It's the PERFECT time to test her. They didn't do it when she's not in training, so it's not like the Nazis, you idiot. Not to mention, you don't even know your History!!! If she wants to compete, she plays by the rules she agreed to. If she doesn't want to submit to random drug tests, then she can do something else for a living. Apparently, she doesn't want herself or competitors CHEATING, or she would not participate. You "anti-authority" whiners never stop to think that if people didn't ruin it for everyone else, we wouldn't need oversight. The athletes brought this on themselves. But this was the perfect time to test her, a completely off guard moment, and she didn't mind -- and THAT is the most important part, it didn't happen to YOU, it happened to HER, and she didn't mind.
  • Sorry guys but if the press wasn't running around looking for trouble to sensationalize eveything, this wouldn't happen. It goes back to her recent ties with the German doctor not to wether or not she was an easy mark on the ski tour. Press should just keep its nose out of things, nobody cares what they find unless your some lame individual with out a mind of your. own.
  • Seriously? Are there still people like you out there?
    I thought your kind was exterminated with the evolution of the cave man.
  • No, there plenty of knuckle-draggers out there, most of them comment on sports. They are anti-authority on everything, because they are too dumb to realize that this is the only way to stop cheating, that she is rehabbing and in training, which is the time most athletes WILL dope, and she was off guard, which is the whole definition of "random" drug testing. The bottom line is SHE DIDN'T MIND. She knows this comes with her sport and that the athletes only brought this on themselves. But I guess these knuckle-draggers think cheating is ok, and that no one should get caught. They are just idiots, it goes to show that our educational system is not doing a good job.
  • they should have used a milk bucket.
  • Random testing is done on all Olympic athletes, this is nothing new and has been going on for years. They show up unannounced, anywhere, anytime, and you give them the sample - face to face!
  • She wasn't singled out, it has nothing to do with her past, and this is nothing new. All Olympians go through the same process - all of them. Just as an example, Missy Franklin - the teen swimmer - was approached at high school numerous times by the IOC for a piss test. I don't agree with the policy, but unfortunately this is how they do it.
  • Why don't you agree with it, because you think cheating is ok? If they are in training, that is the best time to dope. The WORST time to dope is right before an event. Vonn is rehabbing and training. That is prime time to dope. So why don't you think it's ok to test her now? My only guess is that you think it's ok to cheat.
  • This gal has a reputation of being an easy lay on the ski tour, so possible drug use is not out of the question.
  • Considering the type of women Woods usually runs with, they probably figured Vonn wouldn't object to hiking her skirt and taking a leak in her martini.
  • I agree, they are always white, easy, cheap and freaky as hell! They will do it any where.
  • your screen name explains your response, Plankton is a drifting debris that may consist of animals, plants, and bacteria.
  • Very innapropriate to say the least. There is a time and place for everything, Just another power play by someone less famous and very jealous. Obviously thier point was to embarress her. Very disgusting that these people have this kind of power.
  • No, their point is that she is rehabbing and in training, which is when athletes are most likely to dope, and she was 100% off her guard. That's the best time to do a "random" drug test and PLEASE look random up in the dictionary, because this falls under that definition. Their intention was to catch her at a time in her training when she is likely to be doping, and at a time in her week when she was least expecting them to show up. THAT is what these tests are supposed to be about, to catch cheats when they think NO ONE IS LOOKING.
  • just leave her alone mind your own self.
  • If she's got nothing to hide, then what's the big deal. It's all part of the system and didn't seem bothered by it. She lives in a glass house and accepts the notoriety...good for her.
  • Vonn has always been know on the tour as a party girl and an easy lay, so drug use is a possibility

  • Ok now they need to do the same to Tiger but use a better test it hard to detect HGH.. Hey Tiger and A ROD use the same Doctor so it time to check.
  • Her and Tiger can exchange prefered juicing methodology. The cream, the clear ..... whatever. It's a match made in heaven. But he better not piss her off. Unlike his ex, her two iron to the head could prove fatal.
  • Classy response by Ms. Vonn.
    She obviously understands the protocol of being an Olympic athlete.
  • For all the negative comments...it's obvious as hell the majority are coming from pissed off white guys who at one time worshipped this girl until she made the fatal taboo mistake of sleeping with a black man who ironically doesn't even identify himself as being even HALF black, if Tiger Woods had his way he would totally erase that ethnic portion from his genetics. With all this said, just relax fellas...none of you could get close enough to that to even tote her skis because regardless of how big a ***** Tiger Woods is, NONE of you on here have his kind of money including me, because if you did, you would have far better S#@t to do that sit on here and spew hate....ItisWhatitiss
  • The only thing I disagree with you here, and I mean it's the ONLY thing, is that Tiger embraces his ethnic roots. He has stated he is very proud of his Asian heritage as well as his Black heritage. I don't know if it's that you expect him to act ghetto or what to show that he is "half Black." He was raised in California, he comes across as any Californian with a good background to me. He is highly educated, and very well refined. There are millions of Black people in America who don't act ghetto but who embrace their ethnicity. BUT, that said, I'm half Italian and half Czech, and I don't go around acting it. I go around acting like an American. So does Tiger. I don't know why you would call him on the carpet for that. But as far as what he does and doesn't embrace about his genetic code, he has embraced it all. I've known about this guy since he was a kid, before he made the national stage. When he was a kid he had a hard time with being half ASIAN, but since he matured, he never once has said he is embarrassed to be who he is.
  • The IOC is a bunch of power-hungry trolls!!! The only way they could even get into a party of that caliber was to to say they were there to "test" Lindsey Vonn...betcha the creeps at the IOC do way more drugs than any of the atheletes...maybe THEY should be tested at, say the Olympic awards ceremony??
  • they just had something like that happen to someone else not long ago where they came to some kind of big event and drug tested someone. i think it was a gymnast. you would think they could wait for a more appropriate time and place to do something like that. i think most drug's stay in your system for at least 3 day's and i kind of doubt she was sitting there shooting something or smoking something there in front of everyone.

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