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Found July 23, 2011 on Sportz Assassin:

This has to be the best pre-race invocation ever.

Pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church delivered the invocation before the Federated Auto Parts 300 Nationwide Series race in Nashville, Tennessee. This is something straight out of Ricky Bobby's mouth.

The best part? When he thanks the Lord for his "smokin' hot wife". Beautiful!!!

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  • Richard Petty's been forgotten!This is indeed good news! Not that I care much for Baptists anymore...Yet good news!
  • I think everyone is being too critical of one man's opinion. Yes I thought it was funny but it also crossed my mind that many people would find it disrespectful. God made each of us different and yet we seem to get upset when these differences come to light. So EVERYONE lighten up and don't be so hard on those who think differently than you!
  • I think this "pastor" should be ashamed of himself. He makes a joke of the act of praying to the Lord and humbly thanking Him for His blessings. The Lord needs to be worshipped and respected with awe and this guy does everything that is NOT that and I thought the so-called invocation was disrespectful.
  • I think when one speaks from the heart GOD LISTENS..!!!
  • helpmeob1-Yeah and you probably think its ok for gays to get married and support abortion rights to, huh?, Tell it to the hand brother!
  • You don't think God made that smokin-hot wife he was thankful for? C'mon buddy, if you swallow the whole kit-n-kaboodle, you have to realize he was praising God when he said that. Maybe not everyone is such a stick-in-the-mud about religion, but that was praise brotha!
  • u know with all the things that are happening in this world today, there comes a time when u need some laughter in ur life...i saw nuthing wrong with it,actually i enjoyed it with a smile..!

  • Ah yes, you would be from the Church of Doom and Gloom,right?
  • i can look at it two ways: for believers, i think the prayer was fun. it was definitely different, but it was thanking god for positive things. it seemed to make people there (including the drivers) happy. i say - good job for a creative prayer.

    for any non-believers in the crowd, i bet it kept their attention!

    for the record, i'm an atheist (although i did i go to 12 years of catholic school). but, i still give mad props to the pastor. you go on with your bad self!
  • Life must be an ordeal for you if humor is something that will not be tolerated. The crowd was actually listening to a man giving thanks with a little humor thrown in, not some stuffed shirt making veiled threats from a pulpit.
  • if you can't talk to god like a friend....what's the point?
  • You don't have a sence of humor and haven't seen talladega nights. God has a sence of humor, look around.
  • God is not exclusive unless you blaspheme. I heard nor saw that in this pastors prayer. As a pastor I often run up against well meaning Christians who have decided that only they can read Scripture and understand it. God has a sense of humor. If Jesus were still walking as human on this earth I believe he would attend NASCAR events regularly and I believe that this pastor praised God and in the Name of Jesus. Humor is good rather than a drawn down face and anger at how someone prays. I comend him Baptist or Presbyterian. I thank God for my Smokin Hot Wife as well and for all that the pastor continued to thank God for. Scripture tells us to 'Pray without ceasing, rejoice evermore, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning You.' I suggest we all seek God's conviction of our attitudes toward one another and remember the compassion the Christ shows and showed to the sinner while still living as human while still fully God. Thanks for letting me preach.
  • why do pastors think they are the only ones who can read scripture?
  • I don't know about your so called 'Lord' but mine has a sense of humor. He created us with one and we are created in His image. Yes, He does deserve honor and respect. Yes, this pastor's prayer was a little off the wall, but if u r gonna go by the Bible, then go by the WHOLE Bible..."Do not judge, lest you be judged." We can only know we belong to God by our fruits and fruits can't be judged by one incident (not to mention, God is the only Judge of a man's heart & only God can KNOW a man's heart.) So lighten up! There's enough religion in the world. If you had relationship with God, you'd let Him fight His Own battles :)
  • Hey baseball boy, get a grip
    Bet ya still war a hood on saturday nite come to meetin
  • This pastor gave an amusing and meaningful invocation. Why do you feel that he made a joke? He basically thanked a whole lot of sponsors and spoke in NASCAR speak. He spoke to the crowd and didn't disrespect your lord at all in my eyes. He thanked your lord for the drivers, sponsors, car manufacturers and wished them well in your lord's name. What's wrong with that? I thought it was great!
  • That was an honest prayer. You do not think the Lord doesn't know he has a smokin hot wife? Sure he does and he just got thanked for it. You dont think the Lord knows what is in your heart when you pray? I have heard prayers that you would think is respectful and the man who said it was a goon and you can be sure the lord was not listening to him but again. you would think it was nice. Do you not think the Lord has a sense of humor? He created it you know. So lighten up. It was a great prayer and it came from the heart and to be sure the Lord was listening.
  • Why are people always so negative?? If you don't have anything good to say, then keep your mouth shut! You need to lighten up Baseball lover!
  • Apparently his wife has the looks and a big heart to go with it. Some people believe it or not actually look at someone from the inside not what they look like on the outside. I call that a winner in my book.
  • I agree...we need more laughter in our lives. If we had more preachers like him you would see more people in church.
  • She could be 5' tall and 350 lbs, but still be smokin' hot to him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's not just a cliche'.
  • i agree 100%!
  • I loved that prayer, if more preachers preached like that it would be a start to a wonderful Sunday. Keep it up preacher man. :)
  • Did you see that DNA evidence indicates that Neanderthals mated with humans? So it's not surprising that some traits surface.
  • People need to lighten up. Did you see the faces on the race car drivers, they thought it was humorous. I thought it was too, put a smile on my face. I lose my temper quickly, worry too much instead of enjoying life. If this was my pastor I would surely be in church every sunday and maybe living a happier life!!
  • As advertised - best race invocation ever! If you think God doesn't have a sense of humor, look around you. I'd love to attend his church! I'm thinking he knows his people pretty well.
  • I'm sorry that I don't live closer to this preachers church! I saw/heard no disrespect. Just an honest, forgiven Christian Brother who has a much needed zest for life! God bless him and while you're blessing the preacher, God please forgive all the people who fail to see Joy in You and in life of this Brother and his smoking hot wife!
  • A prayer is but a conversation between you and god. There is nothing wrong with what the pastor said.
  • All the sticks in the mud and stuffed shirts on here need to lighten up. Where does it say a man of God can't mix in a little humor for a sermon or in this case an invocation. He obviously is passionate about racing and was truly thanking God in his own way. Nothing wrong with that. I really doubt God would have a problem with anything the pastor said.
  • If Jesus was on His throne above the track and he could still say that prayer than I am good with it. But if he could not say it in the presence of the King of Kings than it was inappropriate. I know that God is with us at all times but we take that for granted. If we actually seen His presence we would probably act a little different.
  • "I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagle's wings, and singing lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I'm in the front row and I'm hammered drunk!"
  • Amen...Only with a smile...or a giggle? Don't think the good Lord is laughing...? I do...
  • personally i think it was blasphemous at best and i'll bet hes got a SMOKIN HOT wife, he might want throw a little holy water on her if you know what i mean. really though, if you think this is ok than i say why bother, i mean shiit, i got better things to do than to screw around going to church and giving clowns like this my hard earned money just so he can impress some SMOKIN HOT babe!, Hell! i'll keep my money and get one for my own damn self!
  • Some people will find fault with anything..We all could use a little laugh..If you don't like it so be it..Maybe if you loosen up a little and smile,Your days may be a little brighter..
  • If there are ministers that can get the attention of young who are not interested in going to a church of "thee shall' & "So sayeth" it might lead to this great country staying great with out fear of invading religions leading our young away. I would have attended a church with a minister like this when I was young
  • God Bless this man, his smokin hot wife and all of the rest of us with a sense of humor.
  • Heck... That ain't nothin'... I once heard a pastor "Thank God for The Winston Tobacco Company"(am I dating myself now ?...: ) at the Copper Classic @ PIR... Phoenix International Raceway...

    d Ranger
  • I had the good fortune to be at this race and the crowd just loved this guy. Being an Irishman on a visit to relatives in TN, and knowing nothing about the principles of cars driving around in a big circle for two hours (I follow F1 where the cars turn left and right in quick succession), this guy got me laughing and set the tone for me... I had a great night even though the car I picked didn't win. I still can't grasp the fascination of cars driving in circles nor do I understand people passing judgement on what was a humours and heartfelt homily to his God. Some sad and delusional so called Christians in the world I guess.
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