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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Super Bowl XLVIII is going to have a much different feel to it than Super Bowls past. First and foremost, the game is being held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey — outdoors and in cold weather. In the Super Bowl’s 47-year history, a game has never been held outdoors in a cold climate. But don’t worry — fans aren’t going to freeze while tailgating. That’s because tailgating won’t be allowed.

On Monday, Super Bowl CEO Al Kelly announced that there will be no grilling and lounging in parking lots for the hours leading up to the game.

“You will be allowed to have food in your car and have drink in your car,” Kelly said, per ESPNNewYork.com. “And provided you’re in the boundaries of a single parking space, you’ll be able to eat or drink right next to your car. However, you’re not going to be able to take out a lounge chair, you’re not going to be able to take out a grill, and you’re not going to be able to take up more than one parking space. And it’ll all be watched very carefully.”

In other words, feel free to stand next to your car in 20-degree weather and eat a Lunchables.

The NFL and Super Bowl organizers intend to take incredible security measures on Feb. 2, 2014. In addition to a tailgating ban, there will also be no unauthorized taxis or car services bringing fans to the game. The 80,000 ticket holders will have to arrive by way of charter bus called the Fan Express, which costs $51, by way of the NJ Transit or with the use of a parking pass, of which there are less than 13,000 available.

“Nobody’s going to be dropped off by black car,” Kelly said. “You can have a black car, a green car, a white car, a red car as long as you have parking, and the car needs to stay on the premises the entire time.”

That’s OK, fans can just park in lots away from the stadium and walk to the game, right? Wrong. Kelly said no one will be allowed to enter the stadium on foot unless they have arrived via public transportation or shuttle bus — where security will have screened them before and after — or they have an approved parking pass.

While a lot of these rules and guidelines sound insane, they’re in place for our safety. It may be untraditional, but it’s tough to argue with that. Unfortunately, that means we won’t be seeing any incredible tailgate grills like this.

Comments 1-100 (of 196):
  • What a joke. I still don't understand the logic behind playing outside in February, but no tailgating? Glad I will bein my living room with good food, good drink, and good friends.
  • I say go by the rules he is a idiot just trying to make money what a scam there is a away around the tail gate party drive a pick up truck into the parking lot have your chairs grille and cooler in the bed and party your ass off your in the parking spot no rules broken would love to see 13000 trucks in parking area and make him eat crow am from Oklahoma lmao,moneymaker out
  • I am from Oklahoma would love to see 13000 pick ups or flat beds in all the parking spots with chairs coolers and grilles in them not braking the rules just going around them tail gating your ass off lamo idiot
  • Mini Vans!!! :) in idle, heat on, windows open, electric hot plates, electric George Foremen grills pluged into the aux outlets. Mini Mancaves! Inverted Tailgate party!!! Just a suggestion ;)
  • This is a joke it is all about the NFL making more money. I think there should be someone there then to make sure no celebrity gets into the game if they did not come VIA public transportation or shuttle bus. If they show up any other way they should be denied entry to the game.
  • What a bunch of morons commenting on here. New York is still the number one target of radical muslim assholes, not Oklahoma, as one cross eyed goober on here tried to use as an example! Security for those entering the game will be extremely tight for those entering the stadium, but as with the Boston Marathon, there is a real exposure to
    a simply made bomb that could cause massive injuries to those in the parking lot trying to tailgate. If that were to happen they would cancel the entire game. I doubt anyone of the idiots making these comments will even attend
    the game, so it's not your ass on the line. Therefore, just STFU!
  • Bad guys win. sad f--ken day. Not your ass on the line!!! waaa what a Baby you are! WTF!! You make this Retired Marine Sick!! I will bet you have never put your ass on any line! I agree there has to be tight security,,, But face it ,,, IT'S IN NEW JERSEY !!! LMAO!! :)
  • you spineless pinhead, grow a pair and then come back and waste our time with your drivile
  • Perfect reason to have the superbowl somewhere else.
  • Did anyone consider forced to take mass transit makes a focal point for terrorists? Why don't we play the game in Dome A in the Antarctic... -138 degrees today, that's how I feel about this BS.
  • Maybe NJ actually thought they would have home field advantage this year...idiotic choice in the first place.
  • Maybe Miley Cyrus will sing at halftime and she'll make a stupid face that will freeze up like her grandma always told her it would... hahaha
  • This isn't about security, it's all about greed.
  • CORRECT!!! 100% greed!!! SUPERBOWL IS ONLY FOR THE RICH PEOPLE ANYWAYS!!! The common man that actually pays for these players are SHAFTED every year by the NFL!!!!!!!!!
  • Lets boycott it this year. Don't go and don't watch it.
  • cancel the game
  • The NFL continuing to screw the fans WHO they make all their money from! It makes me so mad! Wish there was some way for the fans to unite and boycott them!!
  • There is a way to boycott the Superbowl. Spread the word to NOT watch the game on T.V. The advertisers will get the message that perhaps of millions of T.V. viewers will NOT WATCH THE GAME ON T.V. The T.V. ads cost a few million per minute. So I am going to be the first to start the word. No watching the Super Bowl on T.V. in 2014. Start by sending this article to everyone on your e-mail contact list. If everyone does just 20 e-mails it will be millions of 'Super Bowl Abstainers by kickoff time and probably well before the date even arrives. Believe me, it will get the attention of the NFL and T.V. executives.
  • Gee, you and your five friends are going to boycott the game. I'm sure the NFL is quaking in their boots! LMAO! The rest of us will be at fun superbowl parties or watching the game in their homes. Hey, are you the one who developed the republican strategy to shut down the government too? This sounds like as brilliant and effective as that!
  • Really? What planet are you from? How does one compare the government shutdown to the Super Bowl? Some will argue that this is a public safety issue; others will argue that it's a money making scheme. Regardless of the reason why, how stupid are you compare a boycotting strategy to any kind of political strategy. This has absolutely nothing to do with, nor can it be compared to the government shutting down.

    Regardless of your stupidity, I must thank you for being openly obnoxious and ridiculously uneducated. I have never commented on a public blog and honestly, I never care to read any of the comments on an online article. However your idiot comparison and laughable remarks truly moved me - so I created an account to make a one time comment. So thank you DevilAnse.

    By the way, have you ever heard of the civil rights movement? Have you ever heard of a union strike? Or a sit-in? Strikes, boycotts, mass non-participation and public movements ... they HAVE worked, my friend. Or did you not pay attention in History 101?

    Despite what may have come across as unkind words, take care, read a book, get educated and for the love of all things holy, quit going around and "LMAO" at others when you very clearly don't know what you yourself are talking about.
  • I can see that comprehension is not your strong suit so let me say this as simply as possible: Your boycott idea is as stupid and infective as the republican strategy to shut down the government, they are not the same thing, but your idea is just as stupid. If you can't understand that perhaps you can have someone explain it to you. Duh!
  • Don't you mean "ineffective" instead of "infective" ?
  • wow you f**** sissy how much lunch money was beaten out of you as a child?
  • It's apparent that comprehension is not your long suit so I'll try and explain it to you in simple terms: your brilliant idea to boycott the superbowl is AS stupid as the republican strategy to shut down the government (and well prove to be equally ineffective). It is not the same thing or an equivalent. The only comparison here is that they are both asinine ideas. If you are still having trouble understanding this perhaps you can have someone explain it to you. Still lmao!
  • "Long suit" huh? And maybe "proven"? Gosh you make it so easy... Obviously spelling was not your strong suit ...lmao
  • @Grammarnazi: What a freakin(sic)woman you are, you loser. Posting comments on smartphones can be tricky, especially when using a Swype keyboard. It will often put a word in that was unintended (e.g. well instead of will; infective instead of ineffective) which everyone but you seems to understand. It takes a real 'have no life' loser to comment on these minor typos as opposed to having something substantive to contribute to the conversation. Here's some advice, try to get a girlfriend or even hire one for the night because you clearly are spending too much time wanking your willie since you have nothing better to do than correcting others spelling online. Silly LOSER!
  • Mr. Devil Man ...

    Oh I comprehend just fine. Here's what I comprehend: You're the liberal that tries to turn every instance in to a way to (once again) talk about republican and conservative politics. The republicans didn't shut down the government. Regardless of your political affiliation, it was politicians (liberal and conservative) shut down the government. Do I need to explain which party "liberals" are tied to and which party "conservatives" are tied to, or do you understand that?

    Oh, one more thing ... as for your response to Grammar person ... You Mr. Devil Man obviously are in the same boat - in terms of time spent on the internet. I'm pretty sure the Grammar dude (or chick) was making a point at needling you about your inability to spell - regardless of using a smart phone or a Swype keyboard. You yourself sat and "swyped" about people's opinions and "LMAO" at their boycott ideas. Again, I ask you, have you ever heard of the Civil Rights movement? Or public sit ins? Or unions? Boycotting does work.

    And Krautkan ... who are you asking about lunch money? The Devil Man? The Grammar German? Or me?
  • Well there is a way...don't watch the game. Spend the time doing something special with your family instead and just get the highlights off the news if you must...low viewer results for a few years would cut the advertising cost which would eventually trickle down and hurt the game. But the we all know you all can't go without watching the game so don't complain about it...you have helped create the problem. I gave up watching any football in the 90's...can't say I miss it any more.
  • Boycott them by not buying tickets for the game and staying home. Also, DO NOT buy any products advertised during the game. Hit these ignorant bastards where it hurts, the wallet. The way I see it, anybody who buys a ticket and goes to the game is a supporter of these ignorant decisions.
  • You and any one else that thinks this sucks can boycott the NFL and the SUPER Bowl. Don't watch it. They will track if youre watching or not. Just dont watch. They make their money from TV revenue. If youre watching they know it.
    You can boycott if youre mad enough. If youre not then watch it.
  • cancel the game.
  • No don't cancel the game!! I pray for SNOW or RAIN to come down on these RICH PEOPLE who could give a s@@t about the rest of us!!!
  • Takes the fun out of the game. As a season ticket holder with Miami, part of the experience is tailgating. This is the biggest show on earth and you can't even tailgate? Hire security with all the $$ you will make by hosting the event. Now I know why I left New Jersey. Dear NFL, please remove METLIFE for any future Super Bowls. More and more a business and less and less about the fans who support the game.
  • My safety?! Screw you, jerk -

    They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    I'm sure you have heard of Ben Franklin - too bad the old timers are gone.
  • Yes, we've all heard of Ben Franklin, I've also heard people like you use that quote without ever bothering to check its source and the context in which it was said. It comes from Franklin, writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly in reply to the Governor on November 11th 1755 (when we were still an English colony), asking him to approve funding for the defense of the frontier counties against Indian tribes who, after a long history of peaceful relations with the colony of Pennsylvania, were being paid off and used by the French to attack those frontier counties with promises that they would recover all of their lands. This is best understood by the following from the opening paragraph of that same document " And being deeply affected with the present distressful Circumstances of the Frontier Counties, determined to do, for the publick Safety and Welfare, every Thing that could reasonably be expected from them, either as dutiful Subjects to the Crown, or Lovers of their Country;.

    When Franklin is speaking of those who would give up liberty for safety, he was saying that although its impossible to fully protect so large a border area he was making the point that while there is no way to ensure their complete safety that those on the frontier were more than willing to take part in their own defense but could better protect themselves with the funds necessary to aid in that defense. Yes, he was calling for the very defensive measures you now seek to denigrate. Yet that hasn't stopped people like you from taking Franklins call for the king to provide funds and misusing the quote to serve their own purposes. Here's a link so you can educate yourself before misinforming others:
  • Your stuck in a small room. aren't you? Devilanus ;) cause you got way to much time on your hands but more power to you for trying to educate these nitwits. either you are a History scholar or you just google & read either way hope you make a dent or a new rinkle in there brains thanks for the Ben info I learned sumpin ;)
  • Lmao! Great reply pooman!
  • Did you just make an argument for concealed carry? That is the problem with historical references; They are out of context of the world we live in today.
  • Is this just because it is in NJ this year? Or is this a permanent nationwide rule? Superbowl or not......thanks for ruining the whole football experience!!
  • Why don't people vote with their wallets, stay home and watch the game on tv, and party all they want.
  • by watching the game on TV you are supporting whatever the CEO of the SuperBowl wants to do. By not watching it at home or anywhere else is the only way to boycott and make your feelings known. TV revenues are where its at for the Superbowl
    You watch they get paid. sorry dude
  • Sounds to me like a way to force more money out of people.
  • screw you (for lack of better wording)our government is trying to take full control of our lives and i sure don't like it,and further more i'm not even a big football fan....let these people have some fun for god's sake !
  • I don't believe that the government is behind this gross lack of judgement. It is the NFL Executives and possibly the stadium executives. Boycott the game on T.V. We can all read about the game on the internet and even watch the replay. Better yet listen to the game 'live', on the Radio! Granted, it will not be as good as live T.V. but the NFL will get the message, as will the T.V. advertisers! If everyone e-mails 20 people and they, in turn, e-mail 20 more it will be millions of 'Super Bowl Abstainers' for the 2014 Super Bowl. Will put an end to this rediculous and, yes, greedy rule on parking, limos, and tailgate parties. Start RIGHT NOW! I mean, RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I am!
  • This is all perfectly understandable since you get all these drunk idiots who decide to beat the crap out of each other over a stupid football game!
  • WTF? Think I'll just stay home where I can fire up my grill and have a cold brewski! And then maybe I'll WALK to my neighbors just because I can! What crap!
  • And why are there only 13K parking spaces? Well, because the NFL has to put up their private, heated tents for VIP's. Have to use the bus to get into the lot? How much is the NFL receiving in kickbacks from the NJTA? I wish the public (myself included) had the gonads to skip the game on TV.On top of that, the NFL is considered a "non-profit" by our government. A non-profit that pays it's CEO 40 million a year? The greed is just getting overwhelming.
  • Typical Joisey B S
  • Just one more reason to stay home, grill on my deck, drink my beer and watch the game "safe". From who? Oh well. It's a new world order.
  • be sure to lock your doors so you're safe.
  • No Fun League reputation live on !!
  • Another win for Taliban and that guy named Al Kyda. Don't even think of buying a sponsored product!
  • It's a challenge. All fans should be there with grill and chair, pack the parking lot. If all the fans are forced to stop, simply do not go to game and leave the stadium empty. Make it big, make a point and tell the nfl to kiss your azz. I'll bet that 10 - 20 thousand empty seats would send a message. Enough is enough. They gouge our eyeballs on tickts, then rape us to park. Once inside you are stripped of your dignity by paying $8 - $10 for a bread and meat hotdog worth about .75. Do I need to get into popcorn and drinks or those dried up out dated azz peanuts. Just how much do we give up before enough is enough. NFL, NOTHING FUN LOSERS! Start the rebellion now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would love to hear the explanation of how this improves our safety.
    If people want to get drunk before the game, this will not stop them.
    If bad people want to bring knives, guns, or bombs, it won't stop them either.
    I mean are they going to thoroughly search every car that enters with a parking pass and require everyone that takes public transit or the Fan Express to submit to a frisking. No, so then how will it the public safer.
    How are they less safe when letting people arrive on foot or by taxi, or compared to letting people do "tailgating"???

    This just makes absolutely no real sense to me other than as a cash grab for the transit, official event parking, and the stadium food & beverage providers.

  • Sounds to me like a way to force more money out of people.
  • People who want to tailgate outdoors at the Super Bowl would be frozen, since it is going to be so cold and snowy.
  • So what, its no worse than the weather in December in any other true football city, such as Chicago and Green Bay. Football is an outdoor sport. All the domes have done is pussify the game even worse than it already is.
  • Absolutely ridiculous! Tailgating is a tradition when it comes to football. Is Obama in charge of the NFL too?
  • I knew it was Obama's fault!!!
  • Nope. Kelly is republican. All about the money.
  • I do not understand how this truly makes people "more safe".
    If people really want to do bad things, then this will not stop them.
  • I bet you the elite will not have to abide by the rules. That's just for the common folks! Look for the big "black" cars being allowed in, depending on the status of the occupants!
  • oh come on! Get your head out. Now they are using fear, our own safety, to make a buck. All they are doing is making fear an enemy and excuse which is pitiful. day by day, they are ruining an amazing sport. now they are taking it to the fans at the superbowl because they know anyone able to afford a ticket has money to spare. Bull crap!
  • You are kidding right? $51 for a shuttle ride. What about the handicapped fans. You can be assured that even if my beloved Saints are playing I will stay at home. This is just NJ's way of making a buck off the fans. No tailgating means more food and beer sales, no taxi's means that they can charge more for public transportation. This isn't a sport any more, it is a racket.
  • I hope they never plan on holding another Super Bowl there again. You should never take tradition away and people should not be forced to pay for transportation after paying a small fortune for the tickets. The people who dreamed this up can KMA.
  • It seems to me the NFL has been stepping into the out of bounds and creating the PC zone, the NFL needs to back off and remember who pays the bills and who the fans are.....we don't need the NFL's moral equivalency and questionable ethic....nowhere in this article did the NFL cite reasons for this fan harassment.
  • Money talks and the talk walks. Boycott Jersey and this no tailgating thing goes away. That is a good part of the event and if you take that away why don't we outlaw cheering. That would make it more serious. Heaven forbid if you spend $5000 and not allowed to have any fun. See how exciting it would be if nobody shows up. Go Bengals...............
  • I think that NJ would be the last place to hold a superbow land i hope the last i know there are die hard fans that will do what they say but tailgating is part of the game and who in their right mind take their car there plus you can't walk in sounds to me NJ wants to make as much money from this then to have them to come back in later years i don't go but if i did i would not go to it to show my dislike to this matter.
  • Safty? Riiiiiiight.. You mean adding new ways of juicing your customers or an extra $51.. Plus no tailgatting so you are forced to buy ther food and drinks instead of your own. Oh, and its for our safty.. just laughable. NFL has to excease proits any way possible.. How long does the NFL get to keep screwing there comsumers beore people go away. They already make the game so much money that only corp's and super rich get to go, they watered down game, no tackeling allowed, No TD dances exct. game i grew up on is dead.. sad day..
  • Another reason not to go to an overpriced New jersey venue 51 bucks to take a short ride on a bus. I guess they must have figured this would shore up the public transit system.
  • Boycott, empty seats will fix what ails the thugging Nothing Football League
  • Don't blame the "so called" thugs! Blame the Grand Master Goodell and his Klans man!
  • Quote: "While a lot of these rules and guidelines sound insane, they’re in place for our safety. It may be untraditional, but it’s tough to argue with that." Yeah, I can argue with that all day long and then some. I suppose this is done in order to protect us from a terrorist attack. Meanwhile our freedoms are slowly eroding away under the guise of being protected. Glad I live in a Castle law state.
  • really really biggest game of the year n no taitgating I DONT THINK SO PAL. I THINK IT WILL BE PRETY HARD TO POLICE EVERBODY I THEY STICK TOGETHER. unfreekingbeliveable whats next this is not gona be pretty in n.y. in 25 degree weather.
  • I would be in solidarity with you, but I was already planning on boycotting this Superbowl.
  • The No Fun League lives and breathes !!
  • That's the exact problem with the game. Too many money hungry pigs running the show!!! Its not about safety, its about money, plain and simple.
  • Well, I hope its the first and last superbowl there then. Why in the hell would you have a superbowl in a city that doesnt know how to keep tradition. Its not about football anymore.
  • Whomever decided to hold the SB in cold weather has possibly made the dumbest decision in the history of the NFL. Farmer's Almanac is forecasting super-frigid weather for early February. Now they come up with these bone-headed prohibitions against tailgating, black cars, and so forth. It feels like they're trying as hard as they can to incentivize fans to stay home. Maybe in 2015, they'll announce that the game will be delayed until it can be played during a Nor'easter super-storm. Roger Godell is a putz.
  • Great!!! Jump thru hoops to get paid and now jump thru hoops to spend it and attend the game!!
  • In case anyone hasn't noticed, Osama Bin Laden won his war with the U.S.

    He has effectively stolen the freedom our fallen soldiers...and citizens...have fought and died for.

    Our law enforcement agencies tell us it's all in the name of security. I beg to differ. It smacks of oppression if you ask me.

    I'm just sayin'.
  • Changing traditional rituals means
    that the terrorists have won.
  • That's like telling the kids they can't leave a snack out for Santa.
  • They have no choice. If they allowed vehicles, you KNOW there'd be a Happy Jihad One-Way Truck Rental front and center of the stadium. It would be a terrorist's dream.
  • If they terrorists want to get to the Superbowl there are a million ways to do it, and if they did-- America would still be America the next day, unless we let them steal this too.
  • Like the rest of the country, the Super Bowl is being Obamaized.
  • Get ready, here come the race mongers, you included Obummer in your comment, your now going to be targeted by the IRS, CIA, DOD, DOHS and the rest of the alphabet soup that is now making up America's newly formed dictatorship!!
  • Obamaized by Al Kelly the REPUBLICAN?? Don't think so. This is about pure greed, plain and simple.
  • Safety my arse. Their just covering theirs.
  • People need to open their eyes and see whats really going on here. The NFL CEO has obviously been paid off by the public transit system in New Jersey. This is about control and money, nothing more. I had tickets and will no longer be attending this game. I did not sell the tickets, I burned them and those 2 seats can be open. I only hope more americans have the spine to do the same. The only way people can be controlled is if they allow themselves to be controlled. Yes it does require sacrifice, but look at the end result and weigh it out. Stand up and be free or lay down and be controlled.
  • I agree 100%, this stinks of the classic NJ PAY OFF, no ands, ifs, or buts about it.
  • I can understand the tailgating but to not allow a taxi to bring you is ridiculous. Again the NFL wants to make as much money as they can and this proves it. If any entity needs to be controlled, it is the NFL.
  • For what it's worth, I believe the measure is against unauthorized car services and gypsy cabs. Obviously taxis sanctioned by the NYC Taxi and Limo Commission will be allowed to take fans to and from the game at uniform rates, but in order to protect attendees from price gouging, independent car services will be restricted.
  • Already wasn't going to watch super bowl because of their refusal of Daniel Defenses' advertisement. Pretty much over the nfl at this point anyway, pretty sure I can find better things to do with my time.
  • That's right, hold the Super Bowl for the trashy game of football that Jesus hates in a trashy city in a trashy state and tell people they are not allowed to have fun when they paid a thousand dollars a ticket. It sounds like Satan is in charge of it all, to me.
  • Plus no 2nd. ads(Daniel Defense) The American values being trashed by liberals again.
  • I am a liberal don't blame me for this crap!
  • Exactly. Al Kelly is a republican! This is about money, nothing else!!
  • Safety my ass! As always, it's about the money. More for the food vendors and more for the transportation vendors. More rules to dig the last few dollars out of the fans pockets!
  • See more comments >>
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