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Found December 20, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:
PLAYERS: Tony Hawk

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Tony Hawk is arguably the greatest professional skateboarder of all time, but even the greatest make mistakes. That’s why the photo you see above — which Hawk posted on his Instagram account earlier this week — has been met with a great deal of backlash.

There’s nothing wrong with Hawk having fun with his daughter in his private skate park, but some of his 3 million followers were outraged by the fact that the young child was not wearing a helmet or any other safety equipment. Hawk later added this photo with the following message:

“For those that say I endanger my child: it’s more likely that you will fall while walking on the sidewalk than I will while skating with my daughter,” he wrote.

At least there were no idiotic reporters around to flatten little kids on skateboards like this one did, but I can see both sides of the argument. Tony has been skating his entire life and feels just as comfortable on his board as we do in our sneakers, and we wouldn’t make our kids wears helmets when they are running around. That being said, it probably wouldn’t hurt to teach her some proper safety techniques at a young age.

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  • If all those who are "outraged" are a "Perfect" Parent fine let them be angry... But Tony has every RIGHT to raise his daughter as he sees fits without the World having a say about it! Jeez!
  • Agreed. And I'm so glad that he didn't bow down to the p/c morons and make some bs apology statement. Get over it people.
  • Totally agree. and also all those parents that are outraged, can they honestly say that their kids have NEVER gotten hurt while playing with them???
  • totally disagree. so you recommend we just drop all those crazy child abuse laws in place since we can raise our kids how we see fit in your little world? you must have fallen without a helmet on.
  • Tony Hawks is not the kind of person you or law you are referring to. Get a life and make your comments somewhere else. I'd hate to be your kid, thank God I am not.
  • chismosito
    Really? Child abuse? Grow up. Or put YOUR helmet on and mouth guard in and go fetal in a corner. Tony Hawk is absolutely right. This guy skates better than you walk...and he doesn't even know you! Good on him for being an active father. Period.
  • You are going very slowly when you walk. Speeding along on a skateboard puts you more at risk should you fall. It is irresponsible of Tony not to put a helmet on his child. Accidents happen no matter how good you are. The child has no say in the matter. She is totally dependent on her parent's good sense. That parent is not exercising good judgment in this case.
  • Walking with your child on your shoulders.... child should be wearing a helmet???

  • STFU. I want to raise my son to take risks. That is my issue and Hawk's. Mind your own business.
  • Dip S it
  • You aren't walking that slowly to begin with. And do you know how fast Tony Hawk was going with his daughter to justify saying that he was speeding? No you don't, so STFU...
  • It is irresponsible of Tony Hawk to play with his daughter like this without putting the appropriate safety equipment on her. Accidents happen, even to the best. He is putting his daughter in harm's way.
  • I agree with FunMom! How many people out there spin round and round then flip their kids upside without safety equipment on. If you put that under harmless fun then you should read the accident reports of cheerleading mishaps.
    Personally I don't know whats worse, the pain experienced sometimes when you wipeout/fall or growing up scared of getting hurt!
  • You do know that just by even having kids that you're putting them in harm's way, right? You could have a perfectly healthy 12 y/o kid and he slips and busts his head on the counter in the kitchen or bathroom... Oh, no! Those parents put that kid in harm's way cuz they didn't have padding on the counter edge!!! Dude, you're a troll and nothing more....
  • Totally agree, it's his business and it appears his daughter is having a blast!!! Keep on having fun!!!
  • That girl needs a helmet!!! & to u idiots who don't see a problem w/ this...do the world a favor & don't reproduce.

  • Spoken like a true person in need of a helmet yourself!
  • If you think he is setting a bad example for other parents fine. But that kid is not in danger and does not need a helmet.
  • he has ever right to raise his daughter any way he likes. just cuz u sit in the coner n let the govt. tell u how to raise ur kids n they need to b sheltered. child abuse laws r way to much. i cant punish my child, haha thats ******** its y all the worlds kids are so messed, n u feed the govt there fuel to take more of ur rights away wen it comes to ur children every day.
  • CHILD ABUSE?!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!! This man boards just like you walk. Would you endanger your child by carrying them while walking? OH GOD YOU MIGHT TRIP AND FALL!! WRAP TH BABY IN BUBBLE WRAP!! Please. It has nothing to do with rights or anything else. Kids are more at danger eating from McD's than boarding with Tony Hawk.
  • I once fell down the stairs with my 6 month old daughter but she didn't have a helmet on. Hmmm, things happen. But Hawke is a skateboarding god so I don't think doing some gentle non complicated boarding is a child abuse issue. You're one these alarmists that like to make sure the government is monitoring our every move so this world of idiots doesn't do anything like have a life.
  • What's this got to do with the government? Tony Hawks just needs to act more responsibly.
  • people like you try to make it about the government cuz you can't seem to live without them telling you what to do every step of your life....

    Hawk skating with his daughter is like someone else walking with theirs.
  • Just simply amazing how we lived as children. WE invented skateboards. WE didnt have elbow pads or knee pads or helmets for anything we rode on but motor cycles. WE didnt need idiot warning labels on anything. WE invented the internet, calculators, computers, rocket ships....YOU should get the point. All you have invented is a litigious society. AND YES I have fallen without a helmet on. But that didnt make me a tard, what made you one?
  • LOL, "idiot" warning labels...love it!
  • So now it's a law you must be wearing a helmet if you fall!Only in your world jizzmoto.Don't raise your kids to be chicken $hit$.
  • What in the heck does this have to do with dropping child abuse laws? Wow that was a huge jump in issues!
  • Most child abuse laws are stretched to obscene limits by social workers, which leads this normal, relaxed parent to roll her eyes at your comment. :P Last I checked, skateboarding, rollerskating, and bicycling without a helmet on were not "child abuse". I never make my oldest wear safety equipment on her bike because I never had to and I survived with a few scrapes. Maybe if our kids knew what physical pain was and how to get back up after a painful fall, they wouldn't grow up disaffected and, you know, shoot up a school or mall because they have no empathy or ability to cope with reality. :P
  • Who said anything about child abuse laws? And where is the child abuse is skating with your kid? Maybe you're the one that fell without a helmet on or maybe your pop should have worn a helmet before hitting your mom in the low whiskers....
  • Unreal Freaking real!! Tony is one of the kind of athletes who is more at home on a board than on his own two feet! I see nothing wrong with him teaching his child a sport such as this. People should always remember that when they point their finger at someone and judge them, there are more pointing back at them! Leave this guy alone and get a life!
  • I agree, but he did post those photos himself. He wanted this "debate" so dont leave him alone he obviously doesnt want us to.
  • Although I feel that Hawk felt safe doing it, stuff happens to world class athletes all the time. As for raising your child anyway you want,and I know this is a bad analogy, I don't think you'd be as forgiving if I said I wanted to raise my daughter to be a crack addict *****.
  • Perhaps a slight safety issue, WHO CARES ! A father with his daughter spending quality time together!! Society has to find better ways to use their negative energy , like go after the dads not spending time with their children and sitting behind their computer criticizing the men who do !! Get a life !!
  • Way to go Tony! Screw e'm!
  • My 12 year old daughter was in my office talking to me when I was looking at this; the first thing she said about the pic with Tony's daughter "flying in the air" was "SWEET!" I personally can't skateboard worth a damn, so I wouldn't do it, but I don't see anything wrong with it. As to say, my daughter came in from driving our go-cart around our yard and cul-de-sac, 2" of snow and ice on the ground.
  • its like skating with a beer even if he falls he wouldnt spill a drop chill out ppl i would trust him more skating with my kid then letting most of you walk carying my groceries.
  • Are we really having this conversation and debate over this? When it comes to class ….Tony is, and always has been at the top of the list in terms of American athletes. He is an American Icon and his actions on and off the main stage is indicative to his character. To think for one second that his love and passion for his sport cannot be shared with his children in a way that is positive and nurturing is just insane. Don’t look at the still pictures. Rather, look at what must be an awesome moving picture of a bond between a father and a child. It’s no more difficult than that.
    My guess is that all the negative reaction is coming from those that are under achievers and have no idea how to raise their children in a meaningful and positive way. Figure it out people..and stay off the net until you do!
  • Seriously. People have become "omniscient moral busy-bodies" lately and it's ridiculous. MYOB!! However, he chose to post the pic on a public social media so he should not be surprised people have opinions. BUT, let people face their consequences good and bad. We all don't need babysitters! Everyone accept personal responsibility! If you ACTUALLY SEE, or have solid evidence of child abuse then yes, report it! Otherwise, STFU!!
  • Mostly you are spot on one minor thing there is no such thing as a perfect parent.. no one is perfect.

    It appears that chismosito was abused as a child and is twisting this dumb article into something way more than what it is also typical of liberals and the media as a whole.
  • Disagree with all the people who think it's HIS decision.

    If he is this careless with his child's wellbeing, it should no longer be his decision. He, at this point, in my opinion, is being self-centered. It wouldn't be HIS life or health on the line, it would be that little girl's.

    Some think that because he's such a longtime pro at this, that nothing will happen. Those are the very times something CAN happen, when you're too overly confident.

    She needs a helmet. My neice just got kicked in the head at camp, by a horse when she fell off it. No helmet. She's gone through surgery after surgery and could have been killed.
    You cannot predict what will happen and while you can't protect children from every scratch and bruise, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  • You go guy! Rock that Little Darlin's world! What a cutie...
  • Seems your a lot out of touch with safety those photos shows Tony is too, concussion, brain damage etc i could care less about the irreponsible dad but the daughter i do care about
  • He is a proffesional he knows how to fall just as well as he knows how to skate. People who think he should have her in helmets and pads are moronic and reactionary at best and utter fools at worst for judging him on something they themselves know nothing about. His daughter is in no danger what-so-ever, that is his baby he is not going to drop her and he is certainly not going to fall carving in a SKATEPARK HE DESIGNED! He is carving not bustin' 760's or mctwists or any "tricks" at all ,just carving a really nice line .
  • Even a professional can fall. In the first picture, should he fall, he would be unable to protect her and she would be injured.

    When we know better, we do better. Yes, in the "good old days" we didn't wear helmets when we biked or roller skated. But now we know how we can prevent serious injury or even death with appropriate safety equipment. It is irresponsible of Tony Hawks to do this activity with his daughter without taking the proper precautions.

  • I have seen kids fall off playground equipment. Should we all now require our children to wear helmets and pads, when they go to their local monkeybar toting playground? I have seen kids hit poles and fall off swings. Should we now completely pad the local playground equipment, or just tear it down to remove all dangers? I have seen kids running on the basketball court and get hit with a basketball and fall onto the concrete? What should we do there? Remove basketballs, and wear helmets? You might say I am blowing this out of proportion, but this is the same median you are basing your arguement on, concerning Tony and his child.
  • Did he fall in the first pic? No, so you're just wasting your breath. He knows what he is doing. It's not like he just suddenly decided to take up skating and made his daughter tag along even though he never skated before... Now that would be stupid.
  • Heck I grew up in the day when my friends and myself did things a whole lot more dangerous than this, and never had a piece of safety equipment, and every one of us turned out just fine. We may have had the wind knocked out of us, or a few stitches, but we are all good. Seriously, the bulky safety equipment would have restricted our movements, and thrown off our coordination and balance. Thus we would have had more accidents, and spent most of the time on our backsides, instead of having fun. There are to many of you pampered weiny people, on the internet readily critizing everyone you don't agree with, and the controlling media runs with it. Instead, of out there teaching your children to be active and healthy. Hence, they are not outside having fun because of the restrictive equipment prevents you from truly enjoying healthy activities. Thus, they keep themselves locked up in the house playing violent video games, and listening to toxic sexually and violent music, and watching explicit and horrific movies, and don't get me started with the Internet.. When do you think they will start acting on those impulses they are subjected to, by bieng nurtured by these indoor safe activities?! He is just doing what he was taught, and Tony turned out just fine, and he is healthy and happy, and he wants the same for his progeny.
  • Good for him..........i certainly promote safety, however in this nonsensical politically correct world of fools, its great when someone tells them all where to get off........

    I am with you all the way, Tony
  • i hope ur beautiful :) is the same when Tony takes pix of her in a wheelchair.
  • Look around the action sport world people! Athletes do this with their kids all the time, if you have a problem with this why don't you go knock on Tony's door and tell him yourself. Some wakeboard with their kids in between their legs...any issues there??
  • Lots of parents endanger their children needlessly. Does that make it OK to do? When you know better, you do better. When I was a kid, we didn't know better...and a lot of kids got hurt and some got hurt badly because they weren't wearing a helmet. We know that helmet save kids from injury, even death. Why not take that information and act like a responsible adult?
  • Every time you drive somewhere with you kid, you know that you are endangering your kid, right? I mean, you could get in a bad accident at any moment when you're driving. Oh, and some times the seat belts themselves are responsible for deaths. So don't give me any of that seat belt BS.
  • By the comments on this board, there aren't very many RESPONSIBLE ones. My guess, is their parenting skills are just as irresponsible. I certainly hope the young ones don't reproduce.

    Ok all you immature idiots...go ahead and tell me to STFU...since that's all you were taught.
  • Without a life vest? He can decide to do as he sees fit, but why take any chances with his child's health? What harm does poping a helmet on her do?
  • Yes I do have issues with that. Children are at the mercy of their parents' choices. It is encumbent upon the parents to be responsible and safety-conscious when it comes to their children. He was foolish to post this picture. But when he did, he opened the door to people criticizing his actions.
  • I love the new Facebook-generation mentality that if one posts a comment or a picture, that's an invitation to judge them from your couch. Very nice. Meanwhile, in Sanityville, many of us will let this man -- and all the other parents -- parent his children, because they're his kids and not ours.
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  • It is his life and his daugther , He can do want he wants . This America and he has the right skateboard with his daughter without a helmet if he chooses . So you lid's mind your on damm business .
  • the moment he posted the pics meant he open himself up to criticism, which is also a right for people to do if they chose..
  • Or you could be a better person and just accept that he obviously doesn't agree with your viewpoints on how to parent his child.
  • "Cool Dad" having fun with his kid, nothing wrong with that!!! 2nd picture is just plain AWESOME!!!!
  • the smile and no fear in her eyes pricless,these photos will be some of her best memories
  • Looks to me like a guy having fun with his daughter and a daughter having fun with her dad. Who could be outraged about that?
  • who? dumb ass fools who think they should be able to tell you how to live.
  • borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring
  • I think he is her best protection. If she was alone on a board without helmet etc, then yes I would freak out, but she has the best protection any kid could have, her dad, Tony Hawk. I think it's sweet, all kids love to be swung and play with daddy. People complain about the wrong things. That stupid Honey boo boo show has a child addicted to caffeine (mountain dew) on it and everyone thinks it's so adorable. WE need need to get a grip! I wish Tony was my daddy! I agree with those that say the pics are awesome, they are and she looks so happy. Awwwwwww...
  • Most likely feminist idiots. Two words for people snooping in the way other people raise the children, Piss off. Some lady barked at me because I was letting my kid climb on a jungle jim.
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  • i don't think there's anything wrong with what tony did. but his response comes off as arrogant. i consider myself pretty good at walking for an average guy, but even i get tripped up now and then. i don't care if tony was born with wheels on his feet; accidents can happen.
  • Tony did say you were more likely to fall down walking then he was skating. Arrogant? Not as it pertains to you I guess.
  • Arrogant...

    Mild and tempered compared to what I'd say to people who ought to mind their own frickin' business! I doubt seriously he posted to create a feeding frenzy. Looks like a proud, caring Poppa to me.

    All you with the negative comments... crawl back in your hole. I pity your children who will be forced to grow up in a bubble. Of course you could just park 'em in front of a TV or better yet a video game.
  • What a great father that little girl is having a really good time what's to not like. Someone just cannot mind their own business.
  • He put the picture out there and opened the door to criticism.
  • The only issue I have is there are no helmets, or pads. Stupid when it comes to safety
  • I agree with Chetta13. Tony Hawk has the right to raise and play with his children as HE deems appropriate. He is not even arguably the greatest skateboarder of all time but is the greatest one. His daughter is probably safe with him on a skateboard in a contolled environment than riding her bicycle to school.
    I wouldn't skateboard with my kids but I would let Tony Hawk.
    Many people should save their outrage for their own attitude that makes them believe they have a right or obligation to tell other's how to live their lives based on uninformed beliefs.
  • Oh puhleeeze, he's not doing trick jumps for crying out loud. People who put their kid's on the back of bikes (motorcycles) are endangering their kids faarrrr more. Get real guys....
  • "People who put their kid's on the back of bikes (motorcycles) are endangering their kids faarrrr more." Yes, and they'll also get arrested as that is illegal.
  • "People who put their kid's on the back of bikes (motorcycles) are endangering their kids faarrrr more." And they will get pulled over and fined for doing that. Not only is it unsafe, it is illegal.
  • Yeah, and the people bitching are probably the one's sitting their fatass kids in front of a computer and letting them play video games all day while their fatass sits in the other room doing the same. But at least they are safe right? LOL.
  • When we were kids, we rode bikes and go-carts without helmets, stayed outside without supervision until dark and ate twinkies and soda but didn't get fat because we were outside playing. Kids today are over-protected and whimpified by helicopter parents.
  • Some of us did get into accidents. Some of us did get concussions and fractured bones. Some of us died. Some of us did get fat, some of us did get diabetes. Being safe is never a bad idea
  • I AGREE....
  • Yep some of us did, and we were kids, we lived as kids, not as vegitables in fron of computers or TV's. I had concussions and fractured bones and even took on a car until it knocked me 20+ft in the air. The only thing I would change in my child hood would be to have a father to enjoy as this girl is.
  • Yep, rode my bike accross town to the BMX track, spent all day there and rode home all without a helmet. Rode in cars without wearing a seatbelt and in the bed of pick up trucks. Rode ATVs, go karts, skateboards and roller skates all without a helmet. Sure, fell down occasionally and got hurt, but you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and went back at it. Funny thing is got more seriously injured playing basketball! It's all part of being a kid and learning how to do something. Tony didn't jump on a board and started doing 760s and mctwists, I'm sure he'd be the first to tell you that he fell down plenty of times, but by doing so he learned how to do it.
  • "...without wearing a seatbelt and in the bed of pick up trucks." Really?! I s'pose you think seat belts are not needed, despite all the research to the contrary.
  • what researh is that? i worked in Insurance investigations for many years and can absolutely tell you there is no way on earth to confirm any helmet or seat belt saved any life or prevented any injury. Statements that they did are pure speculation.

    What can be proven is, that a great many people who were ejected from their car did survive because of not wearing a seatbelt, in accidents where the cars were completely demolished, caught fire or exploded immediately upon impact or where objects such as a fence, a pole, a branch or other object went through the windshield and would have impaled a person strapped in.

    Yes many people who were ejected died from those injuries, However, unfortunately there is no way to be certain the result would have been different if they stayed in the car. I said unfortunately because if there were a way to prove a difference would have happened I would support wearing a seat belt, but still not the law because that is a freedom each person should decide for themselves.

    The only time I wear them is when I race cars. I wear a 6 point harness and a helmet along with a fire suit, in a car with an onboard fire extinguishing system because I am going over 250MPH in a car that is likely to be in an accident, roll over and possibly catch fire. Racing is a totally different situation

    Lets require helmets on all risky sports! Cheerleaders who tumble and make human pyramids can fall and break their necks or get head injuries so lets make them wear a helmet and also cover them in a plastic bubble. Same for gymnists, acrobats and circus performers! make them all wear helmets, shoulder pads and more to protect them! Lets require all mountain climbers to wear a parachute in case they fall off a cliff.

    Lets require bullet proof vests for all airline passengers too and after Sandy hook make all kids wear them to school along with steel combat helmets to help against bullets.

    Of course there's the danger of crossing the street so that plastic bubble should be required to wear anytime you go for a walk. That would absolutely help save your life. Of course you'd be a human pin ball bouncing around for an hour after impact, but it would save your life!
  • agreed
  • I think if we had fewer people wearing helmets and safety belts in cars like they did when I was a kid we cull a lot of the dumasses that bitch about people not wearing safety belts and helmets. Darwinian biology is about survival of the fittest, not saving the weak.
  • The old, "when I was a kid" argument. So lame...and outdated. When we know better, we do better. We now know that seatbelts save lives and that helmets prevent serious injury.

    I've worked and am now working with kids who didn't wear their seat belt or who didn't wear appropriate safety equipment when doing certain sports activities. I work in Special Education.
  • Um, you do know that a vast majority of special ed kids were born that way, right? I would even say that at least 95% of them were born that way. And the ones that are in special ed as a result of an injury were most likely injured in a car accident or were hit by a car.

    One of the first things you learn as a skater is how to fall. Even if he was to fall, which is doubtful since he wasn't doing any tricks, he'd know how to fall to best protect himself and his daughter. But I am sure that you wouldn't know that since you think you know everything...
  • I didnt agree with the teacher either, but are seriously going to tell him he doesnt know how special education children get in his classroom? I hate when people share my point of view and dont know how to make a decent argument.
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  • If I allowed my daughter to ride a skateboard with anyone. This would be the guy.
  • this is his daghter, mind your own business. this is not news!
  • IDIOT -- caught with his pants down and doesn't have a clue of what else to say. Don't seat belt her in either; better chance of tripping on the sidewalk ... right.
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  • hmmmmmm good choice of a screen name
  • I think anyone who has something negative to say about Tony and his child, needs to mind their own F*n business! Go put a helmet on ( your ) disfunctional child and send them on a " play date " and leave the ( real ) kids, alone! We rode bikes without helmets, our parents spanked us, we hitch hiked across the Country and did hundreds of other things and we survived and have more disipline than your spoiled little brats and are here to write about it now! Stop trying to make everyone a ***** in this Country, that is why we have so many problems, people try to control everything we do. GO AWAY, Tony and the rest of us can handle our children without the help of a bunch of underachievers, telling us what they think we should be doing, instead. You can't even run your own lives, don't try and run ours! :)
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