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President Obama and Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney caught up recently and snnapped a picture for the ages. Fresh off of the Olympics, McKayle Maroney’s “sideways” mouth meme has overtaken the internet, and even the President of The United States is not immune. The 16-year-old Olympian met with President Obama recently and the below picture was the outcome. Internet gold. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Article found on: Cosby Sweaters

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  • That's OK, America isn't impressed with Socialism either ...
  • You are not all of America. Stop with the Socialism nonsense.
  • you don't even know the definition of socialism. if you did you would not have voted for the liar in chief.
  • idiotic ,you lost
  • Very funny, are we lost in the woods or did we lose? Then the word you mean is loss. I am so glad we have you for your opinion.
  • All he's ever tried to do is reach across the aisle, and the Republicans refused EVERYTHING, even when they would have gotten exactly what they wanted. The only reason they did it was to try to get him to be a 1 term president.
  • Yeah throw out the congress that is comparable to the do nothing congress of the Truman administration. That's all I have to say at least Obama saved jobs by bailing out the auto industry and provided a stimulus package that actually comntributed to the infrastructure unlike the last 2 proposed by Bush.
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  • You're a Limbaugh, beck, hannity fan aren't you? You've let them brainwash you right along with the rest of what I call the "rabid republicans". Mind you, I'm republican too but I have better sense than all you racist publicans. You people have turned it all into a racist thing when you should REALLY being working toward helping your country. Put some thought into THAT before you finish killing our country with your stubbornness. We have the President we have so do the best we can for now, STOP SHOOTING YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN FOOT!
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  • Did you not notice that Republicans in the the house of representatives lost the popular vote? The Democrats got more votes, but the Republicans kept control, due to "gerrymandering." Look it up. Let the Republicans block and obstruct for 2 more years like they have been, and they will be thrown out in the next mid-term elections. The voters have spoken, and you crybabies need to learn how democracy works.
  • Why am I illiterate if I didn't happen to read 1 piece of history. If you want to prove a point don't insult other people
  • Very soon you will tell us who is an idiot. You can not write any nonsense an get away with it. You need to learn your manners
  • Remember this "God has control over it all from the top".
  • You all are so angry and bitter. Think of how good Almight God has been to us. You have the freedom to speak and write whatsoever in your heart. Not many people in other country can do so. Be happy and get over the election and yourself.It doesn't matter how you see this election. Obama is their for a reason to accomplish something good for all people. Now go on with your life and enjoy the moment and quit calling people names. You know, it takes one idiot to know another.
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  • aww, sore loser, you're mad because stupid mitt did'nt win.
  • you must be a repulican
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • the word is idiocy
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  • Weak, that was a good will jesture...kind of like football coaches shaking hands after a game. That is one aspect of Romney's policies, it takes more than job creation to be POTUS. I know that is what everybody in America is thinking about, but their is more to the US than the economy. We had immediate problems to deal with, like Iraq and Afghanistan which had no end in sight during the Bush administration. Extensively plan went into targeting terrorist leadership, look at al-Qaeda's combat effectiveness, pretty low, they are stuck being facilitators. So before we go tooting the Mitt Romney horn, he did lose, and as a politician your goal is to win. And Mitt Romney changed his political platform drastically during the grooming process leading to his presidential bid. Mitt Romney will most likely sit at home and continue to be the business man that he is. Most people who have failed presidential bids either pick up a cause, like Al Gore and the environment. Maybe Mitt Romney can point out the reasons companies like Bain Capitol fail.
  • The reason we are looking for WMD's is because of the lack of accountability of what we (US Gov.) sold to them. So if Iraq does not have what was sold or accountability of what was done with them, someone in the region is most likely sitting on them waiting for a prime time to use them.
  • We sold them weapons in the 80's I don't think they have that much of a usage life built into them. We're also NOT looking for WMD but instead spreading democracy into their country like dictators. Also many US businesses have opened up chains in Iraq. The WMD was a pawn for oil and corperate growth
  • You would like to think that everyone who voted for Obama are just a bunch of uneducated, nonworking, living off welfare supporters. Wroooong again. I doubt you have any grasp on the healthcare dilemma in our country. Millions of those uninsured work minimun wage jobs which don't provide health insurance. These are good hard-working people. Ask yourself why we are the only industrial country of our peers that doesn't provide health care for our citizens. Its your fear of change that prompts such accusations as the one you make about socialism
  • No nrobin, it's all turned into a racist issue. Those rabid republicans are only throwing up the roadblocks they do because we have a black man for president. If he was white they'd leave it alone and think it was GREAT. Look at what Bush did to oour country but THAT was ok, right? He did it in the name of being a Christian and vindicating his daddy but that was ok, he was white. AND NO, I'M NOT BLACK. I AM a Christian tho...
  • he's not black either
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  • By cutting the nations debt? Offshore manufacturing expansion was probably one of my biggest disagreements with his presidency. Otherwise the economy was booming in his 2nd term and part of Bush's first. if you're talking about the BJ, grow up. It is immoral but had nothing to do with his presidency
  • We should not even bring race into the discussion. He is not black, he is bi-racial. Who cares, stop making this about race. If the republicans want to be a party that matters again... start looking outside just my white male supporters, but this issue should have been addressed based on demographics not politics..
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  • We got into this big debt because we are charging the nations' credit card. How do you expect to pay for everything the government provides and two wars on tax cuts by um Bush? Bush was a terrible president and a dictator.
  • no not everyone that voted for obama was uneducated, some are rich anti gun idiots! i see the problem with companies hiring only part time to save costs like insurance, i feel that is lousy of a company to do that. ALL of the other (industrial countries) are broke and they are taxing their people upwards of 50% so you need to ask yourself do we want to be taxed 50% and have a government that is broke? oh wait a minute OUR GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY BROKE AND THEY STILL KEEP GIVING MONEY AND JOBS TO OTHER COUNTRIES!!!!!!
  • Great post. It doesn't matter who you vote for as long as they got us or are getiing us out of this mess
  • If you look at the statistics of voter age and economic status, which influences educational levels, you will find much truth in the mentality of those including the illegal aliens, and dead people that voted Dumb enough to buy into the promises of tax breaks, student loan forgiveness and release of contract, and of course we cannot forget the "free" birth control of condoms and abortions, free and open citizenship proven as a large consumer of resources, someone will have to pay up. The Chinese are getting frustrated with the loans for bailed out companies and heavy support to Terrorists organization’s which has gone from money now to actual specialized weaponry. True that many people need insurance and because of that need many companies are having mass lay-offs in order to adjust their books so not to be fined, taxed or whatever you want to call it. The mass lay-offs will obviously create a greater need on the gov. programs to sustain a form of life. The cost of this will come from another loan from China, or further gutting of social security and Medicare and Medicaid and we can't forget the massive cuts that will occur into the military budget. If people can't afford insurance, how do you expect them to pay the fines? hmm, maybe work camps or forced labor. Not original ideas, same pattern of tyranny and treason Hitler used the same process maybe some generations have forgotten that. I took an oath to defend and protect this country and Constitution from enemies Foreign and domestic. I will have no qualms fulfilling that oath as well as thousands of my brothers and sisters who took the same oath. We will see how long this chaos will continue before we begin to fulfill that oath with extreme prejudice against the enemies both foreign and domestic.
  • Hostess shut down because no one bought their products anymore. More people realize that stuff is atrocious for their health. The people who lost their jobs will quickly regain employment with the company who will take over Hostess' shelf space. That is not socialism but rather capitalism and the way it works - demand is low, supply is high.
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  • Yeah they also cut Health benefits and workers pensions in addition to raising CEO salaries before the bankruptcy. The people eventually had enough and wouldn't pickett for just a measly pay cut. What those CEO's did was immoral of placing workers' pensions that take a lifetime to work for into their own greed stricken salaries and should be imprisoned for it.
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  • If they didn't bail out the auto industry the unemployment rate would've been much higher. Plant workers, designers, machinery workers (as in fixing), and carsalesman would've all been out of jobs. Also Twinkies are not needed in life like cars are
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  • Read why Hostess failed. The workers, union reps, and the company couldn't come to an agreement. Hostess was no longer profitable and they sought ways to cut costs and they presented a pay cut proposal to the union, which was refused. This is bad-decision making on more than one person's part. People preach the fear of "socialism" but how is this a government problem when a particular business fails. Oh yes, it has to be President Obama's fault as well, because after all that is POTUS' job to see the future. Lets be realistic, its every politicians fault in the chain of succession for people's everyday problems. Because after all it so easy to run a government, you are currently qualified to course correct this nation.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • You're spot on. It's not because hostess is "atrocious for their health" that they went under. Plenty of that to go around. It's because unions wouldn't negotiate. And they knew Obama backstopped them with years of entitlements for their employees when Hostess did shut down.

    So let's pile another 18,000 workers onto the burden of the "wealthy folks who can afford to give just a little more." Okay maybe a couple of thousand of those ex-Hostess morons will ultimately find work but the rest will remain unemployed for the rest of their lives. I look forward to getting that bill Mr. President. Just go right ahead and add it to the growing tab.

    I am a proud one percenter who earned it the old fashioned way by getting up every morning at 7:00 and going to a job, any job, and not always my favorite job for the past 25 years. Nobody handed it to me and plenty of people tried to take it away but never my own government.

    I'll be goddamned if the morons in charge now are going to take it away. My lawyers and accountants are booked up through the holidays by guys just like me trying to figure out how to stick it back to the man instead of giving up and handing it over to the state.

    And don't fear - we will succeed - and this will remain a country where building something is rewarded. Let the blood sucking leaches piss away their years in smokey mobile homes just like the one I came from. Me, my kids and my kids' kids are never going back.
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  • Love the comment about politics but as business in general it's typically the board's fault with bad decision making as well. Many Board of Trustees and CEO's like to blame politicans (mostly Obama) for their own bad decisions (like Hostess) or scam product. Businesses do not go bad do to government or overnight but by trying to cut corners or making poor decisions.
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  • Clearly you don't understand Socialism. The government isn't taking over private business. It's bailing out private businesses by taking partial ownership until those failing businesses are back on their feet. It's how we kept wall street alive through Too Big to Fail, and that was GWB and "Socialism" on a much bigger scale.
  • Sorry, but you don't know what socialism is. Have you lived in a socialist/communist country? Well, I came to this country from a socialist/communist country and have personal experience of what type of regime it is and can smell a rat a mile away. You'll kmow pretty soon what socialism/communism means. Obama and his cronies are subtly putting the machines in place. When they feel the environment is ready for it, I mean they have found enough gullible people like you, they will put the machinery in place. You will wake up one day to find that your house is no longer yours, your car is no longer yours, the government will dictate what you have to eat, wear, and read, including your basic freedom, etc. I could go on and on, but space is limited and besides, since you know so much, I will let you find out for yourself. Don't tell me that it won't happen to the US, because it has begun to happen. Obama hates the USA and I dare to believe that he isn't even a US citizen not even a naturalized citizen like me. Good luck!
  • You all need to educated yourself about communist.Obama is runing the country for 4 years now. When was the last time the government dictated when you eat, take your pay check, took your car keys (if you have one), tell you when to take a shower, where you sleep, when to go and come. Tell me when! Your all are a bunch of ungrateful people. Do not appreciate nothing and take everything for granted. You all need to trade places with people from the third world countries....and you all will understand how good you American has it. This country and the universe doesn't belongs to any of us. We are only here temperary. So make the best of it and get over yourself.
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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Don't come to our country spewing that hate. At what point can you say that you have proof that the President hates this country. I think from what it sound like from the left and the right, they have all found some disdain with this country. The right,dress it up behind this take America Back rhetoric, and the left dress it up behind the "Greater Good" mentality. And do you have an idea of the history of this country. It was built on hate and subrigation. So if you think an entire race can be enslaved for 400 yrs without lingering effects of disdain, then you should go back home.
  • Socialism is Medicare/Medicaid, and social security (oh look, it even has the word ‘social’ in it!). All created before Obama was elected president. If you hate the man, then just say you hate him, but do some research before attempting to make a point.
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  • The last liar in chief we had got us into 2 wars based on lies and misstatements about fault unreliable intelligence. Their were a lot more than 4 Americans killed as a result of those lies and we are still suffering as a nation because of the lies. Also since neither war was paid for by raising taxes to pay for them the present President has been forced into hard decision to get our country back on track in spite of your Republican Congressional people being total obstructionists. The obstructions did not work and 2 elections later you republicans still hide behind patiotism that is hatefilled and racist as well as calling yourselves fiscal conservatives. America has let you know twice what it thinks of your lack of compassion and false fiscal conservative actions. True conservatives pay their bills and only when they are paid look for ways to lower their budget.
  • Our so called president is so great that 40 states want to secede from this country. You need to look up socialism before you make a statement like that.I guess 40 states feel the same.I think that takes up a majority of the country.
  • You're a moron. Just because these states have people who want to secede, doesn't mean it's the majority of the population in these states. In fact, a VERY VERY small minority of people from each of these states signed the petition. God damn why are all you people so dumb?!
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  • You're dumb, just like I said before my post was removed. A few tens of thousands of people from each state doesn't come close to representing the majority of America. So instead of being patriotic, these people want to leave. How about working together towards a better nation? Instead of whining about how supposedly one man is destroying it.
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  • How about if our beloved President works together rather than trying to be a dictator. He has not made any effort to work with both sides. It is his way or the highway! Just look at his facial expressions when anyone tries to question what he does or says. He gets angry. Gee thought this was a free country. I guess you can only say things if you think the way he does otherwise, watch out! Obviously he does not have all the power to change everything and make his own laws but he is not making a good example of how to behave. You need to grow up and he needs to stop being a narcissist and do what is best for this country!
  • Yea, but there are 11 states that want YOU out! But then you will have to pay us for your education oh that's right you don't need that, sorry I forgot to whom I was speaking!
  • 40 states!!! That is moronic, I hate to insult other peoples intelligence but are you serious. Please show some data to support that. You do realized the election was a few weeks ago, so are you saying only 10 states elected the sitting President?
  • Texas is diehard conservative and are arrogant about their own conservative beliefs. If so many states are unhappy with him then why did they re-elect him in the first place?
  • Do you understand the law, I know the Civil War happened many years ago and people like to relate themselves to there ancestors. However, let me present you with the fact you might not realize. The United States Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869) that unilateral secession was unconstitutional while commenting that revolution or consent of the states could lead to a successful secession. The way the South got around this in 1861 was there was no law that prohibited secession. Although the 10 Amendment states that this right is reserved for the states, the verbage in other laws basically says the federal government has to to honor the secession. If they choose not to, now they are able to prosecute all personnel who orchestrated the revolt. And a local news station is a biased source, they are going to reflect the attitude of the area they broadcast in. Give me facts based on several publications or the law for that matter, not a news channel.
  • Your 40 states that wants to secede are people like you
    who do not understand what is called Socialism
  • didn't realize socialism allowed 7-10 digit salaries for CEO's we are still capatalist because I don't make that kind of money
  • Wow can you believe this ... Simply amazing that we have sooo many people that hate thier country so much. some citizens really can not seem to accept the fact that the voting is done and thier choice wasn't the winner come on GROW UP,BE AN ADULT, BE A PATRIOT and get over it this is a FREE country.We voted President Obama won. Now lets get on with the business of moving forward. Of course this is a FREE COUNTRY and you all can continue to act like spoiled children,throw yourself on the floor and kick your feet and scream and cry because you didn't get your way, but personally I think you should leave these Great United States of America, because you don't love this country.The voting is done and if you want to sign a petition to secede, please leave, the majority of us who voted and won would like YOU TO SECEDE FROM OUR GREAT NATION NON-PATRIOT CRY BABIES.. Majority won, Democracy won.
  • (missymay) Great reply,thank you
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  • I wish one of those states really did secede. Then when there's an emergency you'll have no FEMA and you'll wish you'd even have the response that everyone complained about with Bush and Katrina. You won't have any armed forces either so if you're close to Mexico where do you think all the drug cartel will go to and you won't have anyone to protect you either. Don't you even wonder why 2/3 of the people who voted in Massachusetts (the state Romney supposedly did so much for) voted for Obama? So many things people take for granted....go ahead and secede....
  • If that's the case, how the hell did he get re-elected? You may want to think it out a little bit longer before you post. The people who find a way to get on TV and "create" reasons for him not to be president represent the "true" problem that still exists in our country. After his 1st month in office these people were already on TV saying "He's not keeping his promises and "We the People" want him out." This time around, after he won, a woman at the republican convention got on TV and said, "This is terrible..I'm just worried about my 4yr old daughter" and that was all she said... you people need to stop "CREATING" ******** that has nothing to do with anything... 40 states?.. what fantasy country do you live in?
  • If the states want to secede then why did they vote for him? Unless if you're talking about southern states (not 1 voted for him for one reason or another)
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  • eve2767,
    What years did you work in the Soviet Union? Which country? What agency and who did you work for. I was in both the military and the forign service and to quote a wise old philosopher,Bo Diddley i believe, either you not not telling the truth or you a nit-wit. If your going to pit wits with the big dogs bring at least a half a wit to pit with.
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  • Romney not in control neither Obama....Almighty God is in conrol of this universe. It belongs to Him and He was in this election. God sees the heart of every man, rich or poor. Mitt Romney was not for the poor nor the middle class. The poor has been exploited for too long. God put Obama in the White House for a reason. He has work to do. God does not look at prestige or money...He has all of that. If the Republican had won the election...the poor and the middle class would had to foot the bill for the country.
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  • Good job, way to insert religious fanaticism into politics. You are not better than the Taliban or other people who are fanatics. Men are in control of their own decisions (if of course like your Bible say, Man is created in God's image). Get out of here with a supernatural explaination, be realistic, and present facts.
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  • Weird answer! Socialism?
  • You wouldn't socialism if you sat in it.
  • Obviously you wouldn’t recognize actual Socialism if it bit you in the ***.
  • WRONG!!!!

    Prsident, Senate and Congress - The Leftists have President and Senate.
  • and the right-winged congress is comparable to Truman's do nothing congress, not the greatest argument.
  • You know the Senate is half of Congress smart guy...good job, prove to people you don't know what you are talking about.
  • That's so true. If more people realize this we could stop bickering about the president's actions. He can try to get a lot of things done, but if his attempts keep getting blocked the country can not see the benefits of what he is trying to accomplish for all of our best interests.
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