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Jeffrey Maier, he's not. But on fan found himself on the wrong end of a controversial home run call at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. The strange part? That the offender appeared to be a Red Sox fan, helping out the Yankees in their own building.

In the second inning of Monday's game, a man wearing a Dustin Pedroia jersey reached over the right-field wall at Yankee Stadium to catch a Russell Martin blast. It appeared to bounce off his arm and then into his outstretched hat before he finally grabbed it out of the air.

Umpires ended up reviewing the play and upholding a home run for the Yankees catcher, which might be the first time that a Boston fan has ever helped a New York team do something positive. 


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  • Fans are always doing something idiotic. The best part is when the Red Sox fan looks around to celebrate with others near him. "Look everybody, I just helped Russell Martin of the YANKEES turn a double into a home run." How clueless are some Red Sox fans? This reminds me of a certain Cubs fan who will remain nameless (Steve Bartman) who did something similar, only in a far more important game. Fans = Idiots.
  • Apparently the Red Sox fan is as clueless as you are. In this case the fan reached over into the field of play. In Bartman's case the ball was in foul territory and into the stands, he had as much right to the ball as the player. Also, if you lood at the picture, there were many people around Bartman also trying to catch the ball, he happened to be the one who caught it and ever since then "idiots" like you have been giving him crap for it.
  • Right on d brunetto. The comment is the thing that is idiotic, not Bartman.
  • How clueless are NYY Fans? Remember a certain kid by the name of Jeffrey Maier?

    I was actually suprised that the NY announcers ADMITTED that it was a BAD CALL.

    I also remember a televised NYY game where a foul ball was hit into the stands. Player runs over & falls over barrier attempting the catch. Umps call it a caught ball DESPITE the video evidence of the guy in the crowd next to the player HOLDING THE BALL IN HIS HANDS!!!

    The ONLY way to prevent fan interference is put a barrier between the field & the crowd! That way do you not only prevent this, but you're also protecting the fans from being hit with balls or flying bats. I'ld rather go with something visually less attractive if it allows the games to be called fair.
  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Clueless? But a Red Sox fan caught this ball. Just because you are a crybaby and a NY hater, please don't make things up to make a "point". Barrier? Then the ball will hit the barrier. Hello!
  • Its pretty bad when your fans help the opposing team score. Looks like the Red Sox will be waiting a long time until they get to the playoffs again.
  • Maybe.....but I bet the Red Sox are going to do their best to make sure NYY DOESN'T get the division title.
  • Yeah, the Sox put up quite a fight last night...
  • The Red Sox are a bad team. Pedroia made sure that the clubhouse was a nightmare after Valentine made that dumb comment about Youkilis. The heck with the team, right Dustin. How quickly that team became a joke after their recent success. They got rid of that goofball Josh Beckett, a good pitcher but a clubhouse idiot.
  • If by "doing their best" you mean that they'll get swept out of the Bronx and sent home packing then yes, they will do their best. You're out of your mind if you think that Boston team has any heart left. Bobby Valentine is a cancer in that locker room since returning to managing, and he benched their 2 best players against the Yankees last night. So I don't see things ending well for that crappy team from Boston, and I hope they choke for another 100 years before ever making the playoffs again. There's no class in that organization and it shows, especially now that they're out of the playoff race. But good luck, I hope it all works out. What are they battling for again? Oh, that's right. Last place in the division. I forgot that they were actually fighting for something that means absolutley nothing to us in NY. If you think that the Yankees are the only team that gets calls their way, you must not be watching baseball. The funny thing is, I bet you can't even name the player you're talking about who fell into the stands. Your grammar is also horrendous. If you're gonna talk trash about a team or someone, at least have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The umps are human, and mistakes happen. As far as preventing fan interference, that's a ridiculous idea. You're hurting the integrity of America's past time and even putting the player's health in trouble. If you put up a barrier to prevent players from flying into the stands, they have to be more cautious of their surroundings, which takes their attention from making the play. The game of baseball would be boring without that element of players sliding into the dugout or flipping over the stands or diving into the front row to make a play. If you're going to try and improve the game of baseball, at least be smart about it. And if you're going to talk trash about the Yankees, think before you speak.
  • hi guys
    if you get to zoom in you may notice the ball hits his right shoulder in the stands which is a home run. Bad call by the writers of article.
  • I enjoy watching baseball but some of you people put a ridiculous amount of importance on a GAME, which is just entertainment for the majority of people. If baseball would cease to exist do you think you would?
  • So you mean we shouldn't care about anything, and have no rules, and place no importance on things? We don't live or die by baseball, we just like it a lot and care about it as a diversion. How is it you don't know that?
  • It was a home run regardless. The fan had nothing to do with it going out. With that said these moron fans need to stop reaching over the wall for balls.
  • Might want to check the angle of the ball's descent. Would have hit below the top of the fence.
  • People reaching for a ball in a game or fighting for a ball in the stands are idiots. Go to the store and get a baseball for $3.95....morons.
  • Gee, I'll bet you are a lot of fun to hang out with.
  • As an O's Lover it was pretty obvious last night was a gift from Boston (fans, pitchers, whatever) to NY on behalf of the O's.... what better way to get back at a sweep and keeping them out of the playoffs last year
  • Does it really matter? The Sox fielded a AA team at best last night (excluding alleged pitching which was certainly a AA performance). 6-2 or 10-2, the Sox were going to lose, so much for dignity but that's a different story.

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So There's This

Let it be noted that the Red Sox had a better record this September than they did last September. September 2011: 7-20September 2012: 8-18Perhaps someone can capture the bittersweet irony here better than I can, in the comments.
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