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Report: Philadelphia Eagles to work out Arizona quarterback Matt Scott POSTED: Thursday, March 7, 2013, 3:51 PM University of Arizona quarterback Matt Scott worked out for pro scouts Thursday during the school's Pro Day, and the Eagles were not in attendance. And why would they be? They just signed former Tulsa quarterback G.J. Kinne - their fifth passer - earlier in the week. But that doesn't mean Chip Kelly and the Birds aren't interested in Nick Foles' successor at Arizona. According to Daniel Berk of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, the Eagles will be the first team to meet with Scott. That meeting is scheduled for Monday. Berk also tweeted that Scott will work out for the Eagles later this month. Scott also said that one of the teams that he has heard from the most is the Eagles. Considering Kelly coached in the same conference - the Pac-12 - maybe there is real interest here and it is not just "due diligence." It would be hard to imagine Kelly was impressed when they faced off last season, however, since Scott threw for three interceptions and no touchdowns as the Ducks beat the Wildcats 49-0. Most outlets, including CBS, project Scott to be a fifth-round pick. ESPN's Todd McShay thinks Scott is one of the best read-option quarterbacks in the draft, behind Florida State's E.J. Manuel and Zac Dysert of Miami (Ohio). If the Eagles are looking to add a quarterback with read-option experience, they may opt to go with someone like Scott, who isn't projected to go as high as Manuel. That would allow for general manager Howie Roseman to address some other areas of weakness like, say, the defensive backfield, in the earlier rounds. Last season, the 22-year-old senior threw for 3,620 yards and 27 touchdowns, while throwing 14 interceptions, for the 8-5 Wildcats. He also added another 506 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns. In the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Scott passed for 382 yards on 47 attempts, including three touchdowns (plus a rushing touchdown) and two interceptions. Arizona beat New Mexico 49-48, scoring two touchdowns - both short passes by Scott - in the final 49 seconds of the game. Matt Mullin Philly.com Staff
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  • Bring on as many QB's as Kelly wants. The more guys giving Vick a run for his money the better I say. Might even get lucky and one of them might beat Vick outright and then we could finally move on from that headache.
  • I'm not shocked with all of the names flying around, but it is interesting that many of the options are sort of read option guys now. Unless Foles is lights out he most likely will be the odd man out. They really should stop jerking Trent Edwards around. Let him go get a chance to compete. Maybe they are thinking they can get a late round pick for him. A 6 or 7 for a guy they were going to release anyway wouldn't be all that bad.
  • At this point its smarter to keep guys who arent going to restrict us cap wise. Edwards doesn't do that so they could use him to get more draft picks like you said. maybe kelly isn't as dumb as everyone says?
  • Everyone says the man is a genius except for some fans who swear they know more. Too many predictions of doom and gloom on this site lately. It's usually what happens when people feel left in the dark.
  • I highly doubt Edwards would bring the Eagles anything...no one wanted him 2 years ago and he's done nothing with the Eagles. I don't get why he is still on the roster either but I can state the same about the much more expensive Asomugha. Cut both and move on.

    I do agree with your thinking when it comes to the QB situation, bnugent. Hopefully one of these guys does enough to beat out Vick. Foles if he isn't dealt, Dixon, Kinne...I don't care but I've seen enough of Vick. Honestly even if Vick looks great in this system throughout the preseason (probably isn't going to happen) I'm going to worry that the bottom will fall out eventually when teams catch up to him (and maybe Kelly's system a little) just like 2010...even if that doesn't happen he will surely end up injured...that is almost a guarantee.
  • I saw on the site a prediction for Vick to rush for 1000 yards. No chance that happens , because Vick would be too injured to achieve that goal or benched from all the turnovers. Everyone seems sure Foles will be gone, but I'm still not sure if Vick makes the roster.
  • Left in the dark is how the Eagles operate. Their is no comraderie or transparency. Thats what led to Reids and the organizations failure to win a superbowl. Inclusion is agood thing. When you go t bugerking dont you like knowing whats on a whopper? or would ou rather just have some employee create it for you? the point is the organization has not set goals publicly. Its all rumors and news leaks. I dont see any change how thios organization is operating. You could bring back Andy and it wouldnt make a bit of difference. A few scheme changes but same old Lurie operation. Its not doom and gloom but nothing they are doing makes me believe they have a "new" system or "new" approach. Its just a new face on the same served up Eagle con job. I mean thats what I see. I could be wrong because its early but I sense in KC Reid is implementing a plan while Chip looks like he is grasping for savings to line Luries pocket. Just an observation.
  • You don't know what's happening.
  • WHAT...you can't see what's happening, Eazy? You can't see that Jeff Lurie is the antichrist and will take the souls of every Eagles fan by never bringing the city a Super Bowl victory before he conquers the world? LOL.
  • Kind of tiring going back and forth with him on the same stuff despite what the topic is.
  • Yeah it is...you think he'd realize by now that it's hard to take anyone seriously when all they do do is complain about the FO with 95% of their posts.
  • I watched as Ive said about a zillion and half times? chip kelly coach , Im from eugene and what I hear and read and recall this coach could care less, what any of us say!
    hes the coach and thats that!
  • Then I guess it's a good thing we post for us and not for Chip Kelly.
  • We can do what ever we want! Chip ,when he was at Oregon, didnt care what color jersey the ducks wore? and if you know anything about oregon football??? how many styles do they carry?? yes from silver? black, white, and black??? and what is Oregon's colors?? last time I checked Green and Yellow!
    No I didnt say, lets not blog about kelly, NO
    all Im saying is this coach isnt into all the hype and circumstance, he coaches football.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • if we bring him in that 3 mobile n 3 pocket passers. it may end up being an open competition but i pray to god it isnt. kelly needs o establish his system for the entire roster. the game is bigger than the QBs.
  • Actually 4-2 in favor of the mobile QB but who's counting?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • The idea that Kelly can't create an offense makes no sense at all. A play book can be expansive, but does a team run every play in it all the time? Usually never. A game plan is put in place and practiced generally changing every week depending on the opponent. Then there are walkthroughs. Film study trying to exploit weaknesses in the opponent. A gameplan is always changing anyway! Who cares how long Chip Kelly takes to pick a quarterback as long as he picks the right ones. Teams have passing and running quarterbacks on their roster all the time. Did the 49ers slow down when they switched from Alex Smith to Kapernick? The Redskins had the same problem when RG3 was first injured and it didn't slow them down at all. Stop trying to make something a big deal that isn't a big deal at all.
  • A Cardinals QB!? Bad move.
  • Almost draft time, gr. Arizona Wildcats not the Cardinals.
  • My bad, saw Arizona and just thought of the Cardinals, didn't read the entire story.
  • Reports have the Eagles entering the Revis sweepstakes.
  • Typical Eagles. They are getting everyone.
  • Every team is linked with many players that just aren't going to happen. I would guess that agents, the media and bloggers are the main reasons behind this and not the teams...but of course somehow you blame the Eagles for the rumors surrounding them.
  • Make up your mind. Do you or don't want the Eagles to get veterans. Whining back and forth still?
  • Revis makes no sense for the Eagles at this point but Vick makes little sense in my opinion...we'll see where it goes.
  • It all makes sense if they think they can win now. That must mean they don't think much if the NFC East.
  • easyeagles for goodness sakes dont read my latest blogs.
  • I see they had a private workout with Geno Smith. If they pick him at #4, I might just chuck my TV out the window in anger. The fanbase would absolutely revolt. The reception McNabb got back in '99 would look like a cordial welcome party in comparison.
  • Ike Reese is trying to make a case for Smith with the #4 and some fans are liking the idea of Kelly getting his franchise QB right away. Reese thinks that Smith is ahead of McNabb as a passer in college but a poll WIP put out does have over 60% of the fans not liking the idea. Reese just got done stating something similar to what I typed to you when we had our discussions about Manziel and waiting on your QB...he said he doesn't care where Teddy Bridgewater and the other college QBs are rated this year...he also brought up that Barkley was the top rated QB going into 2012. I would be a little disappointed if the Eagles used the #4 on Smith myself but wouldn't be as upset as most fans would be. At least we would know who their QB would be going forward and honestly he had a hell of a collegiate career and seems to fit Kelly's system. Seems he has just about everything that a Chip Kelly QB needs and what he lacks may be able to be taught. Wouldn't hurt if he could add a couple pounds though.
  • Maybe there is some traction to the trade with the Jets for Revis. It could be about swapping firsts and a few other considerations. With the Jets pick Smith wouldn't be a reach.
  • He also may not be there...many mocks have have him going to the Cardinals at 7...the Bills also need a QB and they pick at 8.
  • The Cardinals I still think they want to give Kolb a chance. They are talking about restructuring his contract. The guy throws flashes of brilliance. Just enough to keep teams hooked. Maybe the Bills are an option, but they did just give that big contract to Fritzpatrick. It would be a gamble by the Eagles to trade down and hope Smith is there. Of course with the Eagles moving back that will shuffle the deck a little. Players will change destinations and maybe a guy who those teams didn't think would be available to them becomes available now.
  • Didn't you listen to some of that tape with the Bill's and the Buc's GMs? WIP played some of it earlier. The Bills GM basically said that they are paying Fitzpatrick all that money to fight for a backup position. Doesn't sound like he thinks Fitzpatrick is his guy. WIP isn't playing the tape anymore (damn laws) but they played a bit earlier today. Two 20 year old kids somehow hooked them up by prank and taped their conversation. Fitzpatrick can't be feeling too comfortable right now.
  • WOW! I didn't hear it. That's crazy! That's pretty bad for Ryan. With that being the case, that GM was the dummy who gave him the money.
  • I think Qb Smith and EJ may go in first round. I am more intrigued with EJ. Maybe trade our first for a 1st and second and grab EJ early or move up to late 1st.
  • For now it doesn't seem as if the Eagles are interested on EJ. Maybe that's what they want people to think.
  • I still can't put my finger on what the Eagles are thinking. Jeff McClane (Eagles beat writer for the Inquirer) stated that the thinking is that the Eagles think they can turn this around quickly. Seeing what Vick can do goes with that thinking but letting go of so many veterans that were already here doesn't. Of course they did replace them with younger, hungrier versions that may fit what Kelly wants to do a bit better. Regardless, bringing in Geno Smith would seem that the Eagles are indeed looking to the future...unless they are only trying to create a market for that 4th pick by checking Smith out...who truly knows?
  • How do the Eagles create a maket for Smith by pretending to want him? I mean if the Eagles like him why would they trade with another team? It doesn't make sense to act like you love him to try and sucker another team to trade with you to get him. If anything that means teams would jump to the 3rd spot.
  • Just by letting a team think that there is a possibilty you could draft Smith but you are right...they would target the 3rd pick (or higher) not the 4th. It was a scenario that WIP discussed but it doesn't really make sense. Ike Reese mentioned it yesterday but the funny thing is that Michael Barkann said that taking the whole top crew down to watch Smith (including Lurie) must mean that they do have genuine interest in him and he is right. I honestly won't mind it if they draft him at 4 but there are some stud players the Eagles could miss out on.
  • I think it's them doing what they call due diligence now. I'm not certain he is their guy, and I do think there are some other options, but if he blows them away ( by the way that is what will build interest in the player and not Lurie going to see him. I don't get Ike Reese on that one) and he shows he deserves to be that pick then you have to take him. Despite all other needs the Eagles still need a quarterback. Everything else can be had in free agency and later in the draft. Of course this all could be a ploy ( just as plausible and as stupid) to motivate their own quarterbacks. Showing them that they should not assume they have the job and that they better be working hard to get ready and to stay working at all times.

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