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Rob Parker’s comments questioning Robert Griffin III’s blackness have finally cost him his job. ESPN announced on Tuesday that they would be firing the “First Take” host. Here’s the company’s statement on the matter: “Rob Parker’s contract expired at year’s end. Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent RGIII comments, we decided not to renew his deal.” Parker said on “First Take” Dec. 13 that he wasn’t sure what kind of brother Griffin was. He questioned the quarterback’s blackness, and the episode re-aired throughout the day on ESPN without that idiotic part being edited out of the show. As the backlash picked up throughout the day, ESPN finally addressed the comments by calling them “inappropriate.” ESPN suspended Parker and at least one producer from the show, and then announced Tuesday they decided not to bring back Parker. In his first extended comments since being suspended, Parker expressed very little remorse for his Griffin remarks. Parker blamed others for his RG3 comments, and then he said the public took his comments out of context. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand says ESPN made the decision to fire Parker before the host’s interview with Click on Detroit. The post Rob Parker fired by ESPN appeared first on Larry Brown Sports. Related posts: ESPN: Rob Parker’s Robert Griffin III comments were ‘inappropriate’ Robert Griffin III’s father dismisses Rob Parker’s comments Rob Parker blames others for his Robert Griffin III comments

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  • Holy Crap, it sure took them long enough to do this. I hate to see anybody get fired but he brought this on himself. There are times when you just have to keep a belief to yourself and not make it public, especially when you make your living in the publics eye and your comments are examined. It's about time as a nation of people we judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin or as Parker puts it, 'Their Blackness or lack thereof'. I still can't understand why black people insist on using the 'N' word towards each other when they find it so offensive if a non African American uses it. It's a vile word and should not be used by anyone whether they are black or white. Well Parker may not have dropped the 'N' word or an 'F' bomb but he still screwed up so maybe others will stop all this nonsense about how black someone is.
  • You mentioned the N word being freely used by African-americans. This is not true. This term is used by people,(black), who are generally mis-informed, mis-guided,and stupid, and have an outright disrespect for themselves and other African-americans throughout history who have experienced a living hell and died miserable deaths so they could stand and disrespect everything that got them to this point. Sad, but, true. Every race has their cancers.
  • Not true. It takes on a totally different spelling and meaning. For those of you who label brown people mis-informed...etc...you are mis-informed. For you to feel the need to respond to someone that is not obviously of brown heritage is an issue that should be addressed. This notion to be accepted by those who have killed, murdered, raped, lynched, and burned brown people for hundreds of years is......"stupid"
  • No one here, that I am aware of, has killed, murdered, raped, lynched, or burned brown people.
  • I liked him. and sad that he got fired . it was just an opinion. First take sees them self as a cutting edge debate show and his being fired for giving his opinion as he was asked to do cools the show down a bit. I don't think his comment was a personal reflection on rg3, but if he could fit an idealized afro american role for youth . now with him being sensored how can we take first take seriously.
  • steven A smith should go too....what a *******.
  • I have seen too many people on Fox News, Rush Limdoper,and other conservative media people Say things and they don't get fired, and the ones that do go to another TV station, O'Reilly said Asians where too smart to be Dem. and many Asians where upset about his comments about Asian-Americans, was he fired? NOT!~ This thing about Blacks using the "N" word? I am sure you use words to call yourself and your race behind close doors or when you are with people of your ink. All that will happen is if you are dump enough or brave enough to tell it like it is in this America, you better be King, or Malcom X, Marcus Garvey or the hundreds of others who stood up and told the true and saw the face of death for a cause, this is like all the other cases others will keep on pushing and saying things you think they should not, they do it everyday and when they get caught they just say they are sorry and they come back even stronger and bolder, Rush Limdoper is a good example of what I am talking about, I never heard so much hate speak come out of one man's mouth as his.
  • Who cares? No one is addressing the bigger problem that the black community has a whole laundry list of what black people should be. They are all out for themselves.
  • THEY? Who the hell are you to speak for THEY? Who are THEY? Are you one of THEY? If not, how the hell do you know what THEY are out for? Unless you've walked in THEY's shoes I think you should shut the hell up and keep your opinions to yourself. Just another racist who lost the election and possibly your tea party card!
  • The opinion you obviously have such a problem with isn't nearly as racist as the man's who was fired. If RGIII has to be a certain political affiliation to be black - and with the slams you made about the election and the Teaparty, you're obviously in league with this idiot who was fired - YOU are the racist.
  • hey prisonwarder. I grew up in communist Detroit from the '67 riots on through '90. You remember...when THEY Homies burnt down THEY city and its still THEY s**tpile 47 years later. Are you and Parker just "cornball" brutha's or "cornbread" brutha's? Us inquiring "cracker a** cracka, honky whitey" minds would like to know!You're a racist moron d***head. Go f**k yourself
  • Take it easy 5thwarder. You sound pretty "racist" yourself. How you like that? We are ALL fed up with the race card BS, OK? Got it? It's a damn crutch. And if I hear "walk in my shoes" one more time...it's an excuse to be lazy and cast blame on everybody but yourself.
    Wake up, bud. Chill. Read some more.
  • There is enough black on black crime without this clown doing it on national tv.
  • is there enough white on black crime????
  • How about black on white crime? Oh wait... the mainstream media doesn't report on that, so it must not happen at all.

    Anyway, enough with the race BS. He was fired because he said something incredibly stupid. It happens all the time regardless of race.
  • BAD BAD BAD MOVE.. Now he will play the race card,, they could have let him stay a while and become irrelevant,, Now he will play the victim., AL and JESSIE have a new protege.
  • You didn't make a valid point at all. You just wanted to say "race card....AL and Jessie". Its the usual comments applied to everything racial
  • Thank you!!
  • He can't play the race card, because he asked to be fired. Unfortunatley, he was still looking for acceptance in the wrong place. Also, he still has an identity issue with himself. He is not proud to be black.
  • Wow...I was thinking the exact same thing although I believe he will surely swear on all that's holy that he was fired "because he is black." I don't see this guy admitting he spoke out of term and made an huge error.
  • Yes, he should play the race card because the race has always been used against and to the detriment of black/brown people for hundreds of years and still counting....
  • None of this is about black PEOPLE. The whole "black" debate and issue is abot black MEN! What this black man is doing, what this black man is saying. Should black men be able to date as many white women as they want? Should Tiger woods get away with cheating on his white wife or OJ with killing his? Should the police have shot some black boy? Should the President be a black man? Did some black guy say poor blacks are lazy? Did some black guy call Jews bloodsuckers? Did some black guy say dare a white reporter to use the n-word........I'M SO SICK OF THIS! Black males are a minority- within a minority (and are out numbered). Black females pay most of the taxes for blacks, are employed more, have most of the high school diplomas and college degrees (without the SPORTS scholarships), and to the bulk of the voting and church going for blacks. But whites and the media still make them the center of attention so you can agree or DISagree with "how BLACKS" are and how "BLACKS" talk.
    {{{RGIII is NOBODY!!! SO is Rob Parker! If RGIII does something wrong to his white girlfriend/wife (ie OJ, Tiger ,and others) you all will consider his race and "preferences" in women too.}}}
  • News flash....blacks were never the minority. Are you a global thinker or local thinker?

    Also, black females don't pay the most taxes within the black race. Black males make more collectively than black females.
  • @jbrizzy...What the hell does how much taxes black women pay or don't pay have to do with THIS conversation?
    I have the right to ask since I am a black woman.
    You sound ignorant as all outdoors.
  • seems to me, rob parker's freedom speech guarantees were absolutely violated in this matter. Any "issues" should be left to RGIII and RP to resolve on their own terms, as men, albeit black men!
  • You shouldn't comment on factual matters without understanding what you're talking about. Do some reading about free speech guarantees, then give me a two page background paper in the morning. Maybe then you can comment intelligently on free speech.
  • Free speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want at anytime or place...You place limits on it when you sign contracts to represent your employer on the air and they reserve the right to restrict your opinions to keep them in line with theirs. If a white man asked that stupid question, every black on the planet would be raging and demand his termination. Good for ESPN for being fair and equal. It was pathetic to challenge RG3's "blackness". Maybe parker should consider his own so-called blackness, because he sounds like an ignorant backwoods hillbilly whiteboy...RG3 is a class act and I would love for my own boys(white) and every other boy of all ethnicites to show the honorable character, work ethic, and pride that RG3 shows...What does parker mean by "down for the cause"?..maybe that same ole bitching, blaming, excuse making crap that has divided people for years?...Parker would be the first one to blow his top if anyone challenged a mans "blackness" He would be making racist allegations right away! Go get some lessons from RG3 about "class" and get over your racial BS! When he apologizes and acknowledges how stupid he was to even suspect anyones "blackness" I'll stop considering him an ignorant moron.
  • its funny how YOU PEOPLE consern your selfs with what black people or african americans call each other ,its like a family thing. family can say what they want about each other but out siders cant ,white people have called black people the N word more times than a N.W.A and Richard Pryor record ,and still do but not in the open so much ,its non of your consern what we call each other ,i could care less about white people calling each the N word !dont get mad because its not the 1800s and you cant openly disrespect us with out us getting in your stuff .
  • Wrong. It is not a family thing to disrespect every drop of African blood that has ever flowed on this earth by useing a term that was and is considered less than dog. People were called the N word while being raped, hunted, burned, lashed, hung,beaten, and tortured in the most unimaginative ways. And for another black to use it as a term of endearment is diplorable and sad. Their is no excuse to justify it's use.
  • You are so right bboppp. That word is derogatory to the max. I grew up in 50's-60's Louisiana and it was b-a-d all around for blacks. Before MLK. Things most young blacks have never seen or experienced. I guess IIISupreme's "family" are not "Americans"? That's my family and I don't use rotten language on them unless I get it from them first. Ban the damn N word forever. Get rid of it. It's not "family", endearing or funny.
  • No one needs to disrespect you, you disrespect yourselves more than enough for all others to just watch and shake their heads.
  • Why does the media feel the need to sensationalize EVERYTHING! The headline says "Rob Parker Fired by ESPN". Then in the first sentence of the article,it quotes ESPN saying that “Rob Parker’s contract expired at year’s end........and we decided not to renew his deal". Besides that,if ESPN is so sensative about comments like this, WHY IS STEPHEN A.SMITH still employed there? How many more N bombs does that guy get to drop before he gets fired?
  • because this guy questioned the "blackness" of a celebrity

    Smith only showed that he was "down with the struggle" by saying N***A Please

    yes i know he said he didnt say it and it was only because he "talks fastly"...but i listen fastly and yeah, thats what he said
  • Yeah, well "N***A PLease" needs to go, too. And now.
  • @sleeler69...
    Thank YOU for saying it out loud and telling it like it is.
  • None of this is about black PEOPLE. The whole "black" debate and issue is abot black MEN! What this black man is doing, what this black man is saying. Should black men be able to date as many white women as they want? Should Tiger woods get away with cheating on his white wife or OJ with killing his? Should the police have shot some black boy? Should the President be a black man? Did some black guy say poor blacks are lazy? Did some black guy call Jews bloodsuckers? Did some black guy say dare a white reporter to use the n-word........I'M SO SICK OF THIS! Black males are a minority- within a minority (and are out numbered). Black females pay most of the taxes for blacks, are employed more, have most of the high school diplomas and college degrees (without the SPORTS scholarships), and to the bulk of the voting and church going for blacks. But whites and the media still make them the center of attention so you can agree or DISagree with "how BLACKS" are and how "BLACKS" talk.
    {{{RGIII is NOBODY!!! SO is Rob Parker! If RGIII does something wrong to his white girlfriend/wife (ie OJ, Tiger ,and others) you all will consider his race and "preferences" in women too.}}}
  • Hey Free, why did you feel the need to post the same remarks 15 minutes after your first one?
  • First, learn how to spell if you're going to criticize others. It's about not "abot." Second, stop using generalizations about specific incidents. It's not about a black boy just being shot by police or whatever. It's about the details around it. Also, I doubt you looked at any statistics for most of the garbage in your comment, so just shut the hell up. It's a SPORTS show. To unintelligent people like yourself, that means they talk about SPORTS. So they discussed RG3 and his comments. Then Rob Parker's own comments were discussed and ridiculed heavily. If a black woman would have made Parker's comments, she would be ridiculed as well. It's my pleasure to speak for everyone who wasted 30 seconds of their lives to read your ridiculous uninformed comment, and tell you to please STFU!
  • Wonder what Ole BuckWheat had to say about the game Sunday like maybe " Sure did look like RG3's knee didn't bend like a brothers knee" " Looked like a Whitey injury"!!! Good riddence to this wind bag, I hope we see him at the local soup kitchen in the near future, but he'll most likely find a way onto Al Sharpton's posse!!!
  • Yea....and your comments came out of frustration at Rob and Al?
    Way to justify your racism.
    BY the way, when was the last time anybody heard from Al or Jesse? You whites talk about them like they are having press conferences everyday. They haven't said a thing in nearly a YEAR! Except Al Sharpton supported gay marriage.
  • I did not know Al Sharpton was gay...guess that explains the hair
  • You obviously do not live in chicago. Jesse writes for the Sun-Times and we hear his crap on a regular basis.
  • Mack, he won't be at a soup kitchen, he's a damn good sports reporter. Sounds like your remarks were kinda racial there.
  • Shame on you Yardbarker!!! For sensationalizing nothing.
  • Actually, as an afterthought, it further seems to me, RGIII has much more issues and concerns to ponder than Mr. Parker's freedom of speech, as RGIII's abysmal performance on Sunday are much more critical deserving more attention as he failed to bring victory to his team despite his big build-up, attention, and platitudes. One has to ponder if we are seeing another black quarterback failure, along the lines of Randy Cunningham and Donovan McNabb, both of whom exhibited extreme futility in key games while attempting to lead the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • I'm kinda sick of all the racial crap. There are good people and there are bad people but we are all God's children. We need to heal as a nation and put all this where it belongs....in history books. Try saying something nice to 5 people a day and you'll be amazed how good it makes you feel. Also read Sidney Poitier's book "The Measure of a Man". BTW.....I am white but I love my fellow man.
  • Why? Sidney Poitier is no hero or black savior.
    He has his own type of racial hang- ups. Similar to Quincy Jones. Portier's book has about as much usefulness and Earl Woods (Tigers father) book or Bill Cosby's....or THE BOOK OF VIRTUES or Newt Gingrichs writings on morality and values and work ethic.
    Its a lot a smoke and righteous talk from men who are hypocrits and live a life or lifestyle that was or is part of the problem.
  • Great statement!! Finally, sensability. God bless you!
  • Hate is Hate: it doe not know color. Samuel Jackson has been getting away with this BS for decades. Remember when Al Sharpton asked "...but is Obama Black enough?..."? A white person would have been crusified with this bullya,(remeber Rush Limbaugh's McNabb statement?) it should be wrong for the black person also. Wrong is Wrong!
  • Not quite.
    When Vanessa Williams became the 1st black Miss America, it was not because she was talented and beautiful. SHE WAS! But there had been many other black women just as talented who didn't even make the finals. Vanessa was blond and blue (greeny) eyed! She was given the titled for that reason....she was the whitest black there was. In fact history has proven that whites have NEVER elected a dark skinned black as the first anything!
    THAT WAS THE REASON FOR THE OBAMA DEBATE! Were whites really opening up racially or were they eager to play the old game of putting the black in with the whites skin or the white parentage.
  • Yes on both counts.
  • So true. Darker skinned blacks worked the fields, lighter skinned blacks worked in the homes. Throughout history lighter skinned black have been more accepted by whites than darker.
  • Never is a long time. Ever heard of JC Watts. He is not one of those "whitest black" at least from what i see. His district that elected him is about 75% white. I feel you can make some good points but you are much too influenced by something else.
  • thumbs up!!
  • Also plenty of whites openly debated whether Obama should be identifying himself as "black" while having a white (deceased) mother and grandparents. Do some research. It wasn't just Al asking the race question with OBAMA
  • I can never figure out the method for elitist TV executives when choosing who to "punish" and who to reward. Why is Kathy Griffin allowed to co-host CNN's New Years Eve when she pretended to give Anderson Cooper a kiss on his "sardine" with millions of families tuned in? This wasn't a black thing or a civil rights thing. Its about money and ratings. Rob Parker must not have been making the execs rich enough.
  • All this guy did was make a comment. An opinion. Nothing more. I wouldn't want that job, sitting around a round table making comments about sports and the Atheles that perform these sports we all enjoy watching. I used to watch ESPN and that program "First Take" almost daily. Not anymore, These people have got be super cautious with their words, not saying what they really want to express.
  • If whites and this country were really tired of the race issue, you would stop elevating black males to special places jsut so they can say negative things about whites or negative things about blacks (as Bill Cosby and Rob Parker did- in different ways). The whole debate is about and around black males and what they are saying or doing. Thats no accident, considering black females outnumber, outwork,out vote, and pay the bulk of the taxes black people pay.
    If you are watching or listening or defending or attacking RGIII, Rob Parker, Samual L Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitiers, Jessie Jackson, Tiger Woods, Michael JOrdan, Clarence Thomas or "all the blacks with their pants hanging down around their butts"........then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!
  • free you are a racist idiot. listen to yourself "you whites", and you start with that and call us a racist in the same sentence and say we are the problem.Maybe is black women were not all over reality shows hoeing around and acting like loud mouth hood rats you would get more respect. I know some cool black women but most act like they are owed something and always scream racism if they are criticized at work. They always date some hood scum that has ten baby momma's and no job and you support them in prison and act like they are the victim. grow and get your head out of your ass. if you want respect then earn it. its not racism, i feel the same way about white trash and mexicans that live in trailer parks. if you want the media to notice black women then take your selves off these awful reality shows that make you look like materialistic slutty hood rats. you get treated by the way you act and represent your self and sorry but people do characterize and profile, everyone does it black, white, brown, and yellow all do it, its not racism it just the way people are
  • There's no race card here fool, there are many idiots in the so-called African American community who dislike their own kind like Mr. Griffin, Tiger woods and others, and Mr. Parker is just trying to call them out.
  • I agree-some what. I think people choose to miss the point.
    If Rob Parker was making a blanket statement that "if you date white....you are not black"- that is WRONG!
    But after OJ and so many others (including Michael Jackson) why are whites acting like there is NO HISTORY of black males with money or power "status dating" or "trophy marrying"- its not right that their status and trophey's are color coded.Even P. Diddy openly casted for only light skinned female models. Its a real issue.
  • Yes Kathy Griffin kissing Coopers crotch was way out of line....CNN should not have her host again....clean it up Kathy.....tasteless.
    and the First Take guys are a buncha loudmouths. fire them all
  • it's about time, usually it's ..... oh ! their racists , see ya, parker, bye bye !
  • He should have been fired that afternoon, some blacks tend to frown upon decency and just being a real guy, raised by honorable American parents, to have morals and integrity, something missing on this jerk offs resume. Another unemployed racist.
  • Alright folks, lets call this guy what he is, not real bright when he's suppose to be talking sports on a sports show and here he is popping off about how black is black.
    Where did this come from anyway? if he's up set about him not having another real brother maybe it's time for him to go out and start making more friends.
    He can't call this firing a racist situation, he's wasn't there to discuss any issue about black versus white, I think he had a fart for brains moment..
  • WOW, the balls on this moron(RP) who unfortunately has a mouth, to express an opinion. RG111 has black skin, question of his etnicity is put to rest right there. Just because he has a different outlook than this HUGE MORON(RP), that makes him a different black man, WTF?!! I have never used the N word to describe anyone, just seems so pointless to drudge up someting that pertains to our ignorant past. If they like to use it on each other, and I understand they use with a whole other meaning, it still carries ignorant antiquated derrogatory undertones. And What his ignorant gentleman has tried to do is segregate the races back to a time of ignorance, and uneducated missuderstandings. Rob Parker needs to evolve or go back to the gettos, trailer park, goverment housing, or wherever this unintelligent big mouth came from. This guy(RP) has loser written all over his forehead!!!
  • Well it took them long enough....Good riddence
  • Well, he asked to be fired. Unfortunatley,he was still looking for acceptance.
  • So let me get this straight ESPN. Question a media darling's "blackness" and get fired, but another says the N-word on live TV and then lies about it and keeps his job? You guys are becoming more and more laughable!
  • Well, he asked to be fired and he did not realize that he needed to resign after he made the negative comment against RG 111, before CNN fired him.

    Unfortunately, he was still looking for acceptance, because he still has an identity crisis.
  • Although there is still racism in this country Rob Parker has proven stupid is not divided by color!
  • Amen to that!
  • If you look at RG3 and his accomplishments and the main thing that comes to your mind is his race – you are probably a racist. If you form a negative opinion about the man because of the color of his skin and the color of the people in his life, then you are a racist. It is that simple. Hell, claim it if you think it.

    Parker’s statement that RG3, or any other Black entertainer or athlete, has “pushed away from his people” is straight out ignorant and racist. He is speaking as if all Black people have to follow these certain rules and laws and limitations to be “Black”.

    Parker is a big idiot who obviously didn’t learn from his first mistake. ESPN did the right thing by firing him. Any television personality, no matter what race, should be fired for those type of empty-headed comments.
  • He and Brent Mustawethispantsburger can start their own network of idiots. Jerry Jones will back them !
  • Rob Parker has proven that stupid comes in all colors!
  • Yeah sure and that brown noser Stephen A. Smith can use the "N" word over and over then go on TV and LIE that he didn't say it when the tape is all over youtube!!! And nothing happens to Stephen for his remarks. Stephen had something to do with this, he don't like Rod and is always making fun of him and dissing his clothes. Stephen A really needs to check his background and not RG3!!! COOKIE!!!
  • I don't believe RG3 cares about meeting Mr. Parkers "blackness" standards. RG3 has a job playing football. Mr. Parker's personal feelings about RG3 only matters to Mr. Parker. Those feelings should not have been made public. Think before you spew out ignorance.
  • Let's see......RGIII comes from a military family, mom and DAD have been married forever and have been a family that teaches responsibility and christian values. He's intelligent and well mannered.

    Looks like he is just going to be hated by most liberals and a certain segment of the minority population due to either not fitting the mold or plain old jealousy.

    This guy should have been fired because he is not only an idiot he is the worst kind of racist. A jealous one.
  • Good! Im glad that they fired his ignorant ass. I am an African American female, and I don't relate to many things that are so called "BLACK THINGS",and my fiancee is a white male who is very loving and good to me. I live my life in a way that makes me happy, and its narrow minded ignorant individuals like this man who thinks he speaks for every person of color( Spike Lee, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton etc etc). For every black person that limits themselves to sterotypes of who and what we should be or act like, are nothing but slave minded just like this man, and shouldnt be clueless when the racists individuals make their ignorant comments towards minorities. All balck people are not created equal, we dont all know each other..lol, we dont all live the same, think the same, and do the same things, just as other races,cultures and genders do not, it all depends upon a persons mind and how they think.

    Note: Where the mind goes, the person follows. This man is now following his mouth out the door!
  • Well said. Racist are plentiful in all races.
  • some of that is true but we are all black and regardless there must be some unity, some understanding. dont act like you dont know where he is coming form, who cares if you dont agree... i dont!
  • " I don't relate to many things that are so called "BLACK THINGS",and my fiancee is a white male"

    -No wonder you only see the world as white.
  • So Rob you are saying that if a black man is a republican he is not a brother. What an A h--e. You are part of a very big problem that stems from ignorance and stupidity. So automatically if you have a different opinion than the 98% that voted democrat you a traitor or at best austrasized. The whole idea is to get beyond color and respect a person for their effort, morals, opinions, etc. Centering on the topic that you have chosen to address is disgusting and dispicable. I'm glad someone had the b--l- to fire you, you self-absorbed j--k a--.
  • Actually and honestly, Parker has been expressing his racist and partial attitude on the air for months but it took this to get him FIRED? Victim my butt, ESPN should sue him for slander!
  • We've got to stop labeling ev erything and everyone. We're just people. Forget the color thing. What the **** is wrong with us?
  • They pretty much ALWAYS say they were taken out of context. Even when you play the entire thing back for them. Heyyy, how often did Rethuglican politicians get to weasel out from under their verbal diarrhea this past year with "I was taken out of context!"
  • About time they fired that racist and bigot
  • He's a sports commentator and should be talking about sports.

    Imagine if a white announcer had said he questioned a white player's whiteness? It's totally ridiculous and has no place on a mainstream television station.
  • I heard the original interview. Steven A and Skip have said worse. This is PC BS, egged on by birther idiots. He posed the comments as what others were saying.

  • As Lenin and Marx said. The United States will destroy itself from within. Good Job liberals. White vs Black. Gay vs Straight, Religious vs Athiest, Rich vs Poor. Great Job everyone its not the United States but the DIVIDED STATES. This is what the USSR wanted. Finally, its sports, keep race, color, and sexual orientation out of it.
  • I always thought he was a horrible commentator. Every thing came out of his mouth was ugly. He only tried to voice his opinion to the obnoxious extreme. You had to hate everyone he spoke of to ever agree with him. I am SO glad he is gone. I am not a RGIII fan, just hate the kind of ugliness Parker dishes out. Again, Good Riddance hater.
  • Rob Parker is an ignorant black man that does not represent his race properly.
  • This type of mentality that Rob Parker has is just the kind of racism that the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King was trying to abolish. I wear braids and I'm not a brother, I'm not even a male, but because I wear braids I'm a brother ? Can't get any more racist or ignorant than that!!! I think RG3 is a respectable PERSON who represents himself as a wonderful role model, expecially in todays world of sports. People of any color who divide their idenity by the color of their skin ARE RACIST ! I would hate to hear what Rob Parker would call me because I don't have the same skin color as him. Sexism usually goes hand in hand with a racist. ESPN just got huge dose of respect from me for firing Rob Parker !!!
  • Wow a black man being fired for talking abbout a black man! How things have changed but for how long. It was a stupid comment from a stupid man. We had to put up with him for yrwas in Detroit and I was glad he was gone now I hope he just dissapears!
  • In a week no one will remember who..a.a.a..Rob or is it Rod...mmmm....the guy who said something about that quarterback
  • As much as I hate to see someone lose their job, in this case, I agree with ESPN.
    Parker's comments about RG111 were defamatory, malicious, and highly charged with ridicule,disrespect, and scornful venom.
    The only thing he didn't call him was an uncle-tom.
    As an African American, myself, I find his comments distasteful and reprehensible.
    Both Stephen A. Smith and ESPN showed a lot of class in this matter.
  • All ESPN needs now is to get rid of these two idiots
    Smith & Bayless
  • Good, now he can move onto something he is qualified for "paper or plastic"
  • Good riddance !
  • The Black Community has had a serious problem of color bigotry within the community for decades. How wonderful that our society has advanced far enough that now even that is being addressed. No more octoroons, quadroons, high yellow, field or house "N", etc. EVERY race needs to do some work within their own group. FINALLY, the Black community is beginning. Everyone will benefit. Hooray!
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Report: Robin Lopez, Knicks finalizing four-year deal

Becky Hammon will coach Spurs' Summer League team

Jimmy Butler on Derrick Rose: ‘I don’t think we have any issues’


Yankees get A-Rod's 3,000th hit ball for $150,000 donation

Report: DeAndre Jordan 'torn' between Clippers, Mavericks

Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Lakers apologize for first, get second meeting with Aldridge

Mike Scioscia: Josh Hamilton should apologize to Arte Moreno

Sacramento Kings continue to be an utter disaster

Five reasons the Browns should play Johnny Manziel

Blue Jays need rookies to keep producing for success in 2015

WATCH: Sean Doolittle gets cup check from teammate

University of Florida developing high-tech smart mouth guard

Pat McAfee is the best punter in NFL history

Mets coach on slump: The only thing left is human sacrifice

MLB teams who will continue to surprise in second half

2015 Women’s World Cup Final: The Rematch

Answering the five biggest questions in NBA free agency

Report: Mavericks sign Wes Matthews to four-year contract

Dwyane Wade celebrates deal with tea, painted toenails

Coach K at fan town hall: 'I have no thoughts on retiring'

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Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Solo, Rapinoe among USWNT stars up for World Cup awards

LBS on Sports Jeopardy! Here's how how it went

College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

Grading the deal: Davis commits to Pelicans

Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

Odell Beckham Jr. offered professional baseball contract

Orioles keep finding a way to win

Lloyd sends USWNT to World Cup final

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