Should Jeff Lurie Have Given Reid His Last Year Because He Lost His Son?

Posted July 12, 2013

We all know that Andy Reid tragically lost his son last year. It seems that a couple barkers think that because of this the decline in the Eagles play the last few years should have been ignored and Lurie should have let Reid ride out the last year of his contract. I disagree and from what I have heard on the airwaves, from what I have read in newspapers and on the internet my opinion sits with the majority. Jeff Lurie had a hard decision to make after the 2011 season and after a 10 minute speech that sounded like he was going to let Andy Reid go he announced he was keeping him but hinted a .500 season would not be enough to bring him back for his last year. Should Lurie have tried appealing to tens of thousands of fans who fill his stadium (and the rest of them) and tell them he had a change of heart based on what Reid endured at training camp?...better yet would most fans feel that it was the main reason for the 4-12 season that we all watched and understand? I say no and Lurie knew this and did what he had to and make what was probably the toughest thing he had to do as the Eagles Andy Reid.

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  • His son is found and probably peddling enough steroids to feed an army of Eagles. Not to mention the overdose. And you think he should have considered keeping him. Are you a phucking nut. The farther away that guy is the less investigation into what was really going on in Eagle training camp will take place. They brushed what was probably one of the biggest sports stories under the rug. Nobody in Philly had the balls to investigate that minor little problem. Really keep him? The guy should be in jail for running a drug operation. Just my opinion.
  • You obviously didn't read what I typed under the title (who's the nut?). Read it next might see that I am against the idea that the Eagles should have kept Reid. You may want to direct your insults and comments to the two barkers I am discussing in my post...your buddy and his new friend.
  • What does "the toughest thing to do as an Eagle owner" mean. It was an easy decision. He should have been more deliberate in his decsion with McNabb and he wouldnt find himself in this mess. I feel no pity for Lurie and Reid. What comes around goes around.
  • If you don't think it was his toughest decision you simply haven't been paying attention.
  • I don't believe Green is stating that he thinks Reid should have stayed. He's actually contradicting the post made by flipflop with his girl handle. Save a few know nothings I don't think anyone truly feels Reid deserved to keep his job, because of the unfortunate death of his son. Dag hollywood sometimes you write the most coldest unforgiving things I've ever read. Reid is gone, so is his son. Let's not go out of our way to soil his family here.
  • So I should turn a blind eye to the things that happened under his watch. Not really a good policy to do that because its an easy out. He should have been throughly investigated but im sure he had plenty of ammunition to protect himself thats why he got a job instead of jail time. Its called the NFL double standard.
  • What proof do you have that Reid was part of anything? I saw nothing that implicated him. Funny how flip and his spank-off hand have been so quick to praise you wood, but here you are absolutely crushing Reid and he has nothing critical to say about you?
  • I type that the Eagles had to move on and flip and Ibleedgreen tie morality to it yet look at Hollywood's first post on here without a reply or comment from either one of them. What a freakin' joke. Yeah, we should take either one of them seriously with this issue.
  • I get flipflop not having issue. He needs as many allies as
    he can get but his so-called real fake friend came here
    and made this here first priority topic. Now she doesn't even comment after wood makes a mockery of her. 1bleedgreen is 1bigfraud.
  • I think she was real but I think she may not have had her heart into being here...I think someone talked her into it. Besides, how can you keep arguing points that truly have no basis? Questioning my loyalty and morality when all I did was state the truth...that Lurie had to look past Reid's tragedy and let him go last year but ignore Hollywood's comments when his comments were the epitome of the point she was trying to make. Seems she wanted to target me for having an honest opinion that had no lack of morality and may not have had it in her to actually stick up for the point she made. It's a shame. I would have liked to see her and hollywood have at it. If she truly believed in what she typed she probably could have put him in his place...of course that isn't stating much.
  • I find it fascinating that the lot of you feel more comfortable attempting to deny me my identity and writing me off as Flip's "girl handle" simply because I happen to agree with him. Easier to do than perhaps acknowledge that a woman can have a legit opinion about a male-dominated sport. *sigh* It's like the bra was never burned...
  • I'm comfy with it! I never talked down to you about the sport. ESPECIALLY not after my first game while still in my uniform!
  • I have no problem discussing football with you but if you're only here to defend flip's honor on yardbarker it will be a losing battle. Look around the site...get to know the barkers on your own accord without flip steering your way.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • if and when they connect his son to any eagles plaers reid will be toast
  • I don't even think that investigation exists. I agree that it was very strange for him to have been found with steroids at an NFL training camp and nobody is talking about it. Not even the NFL. Not that it has matter much considering they only won 4 games.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Personally I thought Reid should have stepped down once all this happened or at least taken a leave of absence. I can't tell another how to grieve, but last season he was distracted by so many issues. Nobody would have faulted him had he just stepped away for sometime.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He should have sat out a year now instead of jumping back in so soon. No matter he's thankfully the problem of another city now.
  • You are probably right. No one cares about a loser. hate to say it but its the truth. Some on here find offense with the truth.
  • Where is your "truth" hollywood? This conversation started with a series of your lies!
  • really ruckus? what lie is that? right now your heritage is under the microscope. Flip put it out there and I for one have some questions about you?
  • We should call the papers if you and flip have some questions. Let's start with the National Enquirer.
  • So my heritage is in question by the neo-nazi, and the black guy who married the white woman, and claims that I'm not black enough to be black. LOL If you two are the ones questioning my heritage then you both ought to self-evaluate before you end up embarrassing yourselves.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • You are right, no one should have to prove their heritage, Spotella but when there are comments being thrown around like racist, Klansman and other insults of that nature on here simply because someone voiced their thoughts on 2 black QBs it gets people a little upset, I would guess especially Eazy. The accusations aren't even accurate regardless of his heritage because Eazy was a huge proponent of the Eagles drafting RG III and also typed up a whole article and discussed for days that he was for the Eagles drafting Geno Smith if the Eagles thought he could be their franchise QB. Seems to me like he looks at talent and not skin color when looking at the Eagles QB situation. Flip's accusations weren't thought out and were beyond over the top.

    By the way, Spotella. I don't want anyone telling me later that I let barkers believe that I was something that I am not. My picture is simply a picture of the cover of the Pink Floyd album "Animals" incredible album (and just one of the bands) that I was raised on. The only way that it is tied to me is that I love my music so when I chose an avatar I wanted to reflect that.

    I think you were right about kellyscott. I think she did admit to being a woman in one post but I could be wrong. You definitely were right about hollywood but he makes that deduction easy for all of us.
  • Absolutely right, Spotella...and it doesn't make you a horrible person for thinking that way.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • His play calling had been bad for years and Marty's was even worse. He should have been fired but I wouldn't have minded if Marty was the one to go and a real OC was brought in. No matter how u slice it though the messege got stale and the majority of the team stopped listening.

    Hopefully Kelly does like he said and runs the ball. Using shady and Bryce brown, if he isn't in jail, is our best option. Run the ball quick out routes and play action and either qb we use should be good.
  • I think our offense can emerge if Chip stops playing the QB card. Just go with your gut and bring on our starter.
  • I don't think Brown did anything wrong. Well I hope he hasn't. These guys need to leave these Pits alone. I know people talk about how great they are, but the fact is they are an aggressive breed that were designed to do exactly what their name says. That's why they are outlawed in many states, countries, and in some neighborhoods.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Just one! IbleedGreen78. We've been friends since she was in high school (I had just gotten out).

    And YES I said SHE! So now the sausage fest is a little less uneven.
  • Sorry but flipflops new chick doesn't seem to bring much to the table, but a tired argument from people crying about Andy Reid and McNabb. When her/his lame argument was crushed by green her reply was he proved her point? She seems less like a new identity and more like another flipflop talking head. I sure hope day two will be better than day one, because so far it's not that impressive.
  • I think we are looking at the same circumstance with Penn state even though children were being abused?
    it took how many years to uncover?
    here we find a death of a son and it almost seemed who cares?
    with the combined two, id say the hell with the sport...
  • this episode could become one of the darkest in Philly sports if any journalist worth a damn would do his or her job. This story could resurface.
  • Penn State is not Philly. In fact the main campus is much closer to Pittsburgh than Philly. This is a typical response one can expect from someone who truly has NO IDEA about Philly, but really tries to hard to attempt to put my city down.
  • back to the Penn state garbage it took I saw 9 years? to uncover abuse with children?
    I have NO children and it just about made me vomit to hear the news.
    didn't matter that a coach lost his son??
    no we have a super bowl to contend for, then Im reading Reid was this or that??? again damned if you do and damned to hell if you don't...
    I wouldn't coach any sport from that basis...
  • The Penn State scandal was a horrible event that could have been lessoned if coaches (Joe Paterno included...especially actually), the athletic department and Penn State officials would have done what they should have instead of worrying about how their program would look. Sandusky should have been exposed for what he was instead of letting him keep his office on the campus and turning a blind eye to what they knew he did. So many people I talked to tried telling me that Paterno did what he should have by telling Curly what McQueary saw. He and the school didn't do enough. More children were abused while Sandusky was allowed to keep his job and is that doing enough?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Exactly what it needs to be about, Spotella...the children not Penn State football. A distant family member typed on facebook that he hoped the students would burn the campus to the ground when Paterno was fired. I questioned why he would make it about Paterno instead of the children who were molested after Paterno knew about Sandusky. I got no response.
  • Thats what happens when you stay on too long. Paterno was too old for that job and unfortunately with age comes a loss of critical quick critical thinking. He was way passed his prime and hanging on for his own legacy.
  • Joe Paterno did nothing wrong. Could he have done more? Sure, but he followed procedure. Why isn't anyone b*tching about McQueary? He was the one who walked in on a child being raped and walked out without a word. He had a chance to be that boy's hero, and instead he probably stars in a few of the kid's nightmares. How do you walk in on a grown man with his d*ck in a boy and not beat him senseless? But, that's just my opinion. Y'all can go back to blaming a dead man.
  • I can't see how that works either. To my mind you ain't no kind of man to walk away from that and let it keep happening.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Bull! Paterno wasn't the one who saw the kid in trouble, McQueary was. McQueary is the one who walked away. What the hell was Paterno supposed to do with a report of a crime he didn't witness himself? Do you really think the police would have acted right away? Maybe in a perfect world, but, then again, in a perfect world, old men wouldn't f*ck little boys!

    Like I said above, McQueary was the eye-witness. He had an opportunity to save that boy, but was too chicken-sh*t to confront an old man. He could have gone to the police. Personally, I think he should have hit the pervert with a garbage can or something, then called the police. It would have been hard to keep a bloody old man with his pants around his ankles and a young boy with a bloody *ss a secret, no matter how much power the university has. But that didn't happen, and I think it's because McQueary, and those well above him, were more concerned about protecting their own *sses than those of young boys.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree foul mouth but remember McQuery knew the weight of Penn State would be against him. And he was right when Paterno picked up the news he went into beauracratic mode. Paterno was an old geezer that cared about #1. Hes no victim here.
  • The kid is the victim. Nothing was done to stop the crime in progress. As for Mike McQueary:
    >>He said that he turned and glanced over his right shoulder at a mirror that had a 45-degree angle and saw Sandusky "standing behind a boy who was propped up against a wall." He estimated the boy to be 10 to 12 years old.

    He said that the "boy's hands (were) up on the wall. The glance would have taken only one or two seconds. I immediately turned back to my locker to make sure I saw what I saw."

    Then he put his shoes in the locker and slammed it shut, hard.

    "I made the loud noise in an attempt to say 'Someone's here! Break it up!"' McQueary said.

    When asked what he saw, McQueary said "the defendant's midsection was moving" subtly.

    He said he then went upstairs to his office.<<

    In the end up the world ended blaming Paterno and Penn State, forgetting the kid, and giving McQueary a pass. Note who most of the ire (even HERE, months later), is directed at.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I don't know how things work where you live, but I know from experience that here in Philly the police aren't likely to act on a second-hand report of a crime. Maybe Paterno should have told McQueary to go to the police, but, as a grown man, he should have been able to figure that much out for himself.
  • over looking by as I've said sweeping it all under the carpet
  • On the contrary I don't think it was overlooked at all. The Penn State issue has been addressed in the past and it has again thanks to you. Perhaps you need to clarify your position if you don't feel it's been addressed.
  • The bottom line is Lurie did the right thing by letting Reid go. As a coach he lost the team, and knowing his future quickly went lame duck. He quit as much as the players did last did last season. On top of that The fans cheered him out despite the fact the team gave one of the poorest performances I've ever witnessed in that final Giants game.

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