Stay Or Go Eagles Roster: Chip Kelly Edition

Posted January 18, 2013


M. Vick: Hasn't been ruled out as an option officially, by no one other than Vick himself and his public refusal to restructure his contract. It's a clear play to try and get himself out of town and perhaps into another starting job. Personally I don't think Chip Kelly is dumb enough to place his offense in the hands of an injury prone turnover machine like Mike Vick when his salary could be used to improve the team in other areas as well. Go

N. Foles: Despite the praise by Kelly, I don't think he's sold on Nick, and the truth is he shouldn't be. Nick showed some flashes last season, but he's slow footed, has questionable arm strength, and can't  run. His durability is also in question as he missed the final game due to injury. The harsh reality is that if Nick Foles wants to be the starter for the Eagles then he had better channel his inner Tom Brady, because that is they only way he keeps the job beyond next season. Stay

T.Edwards:  He may be the guy on the roster who fits least of all. At one point I thought he would be a good backup for Foles once Vick was released, but now I wonder if he even makes the roster. If the Eagles keep both Vick and Foles, then he's most likely gone. The Eagles are likely to draft another quarterback which would make him the odd man out if the Eagles decide to keep Vick. Go

Running Backs

B. Brown: In the NFL turnovers are an absolute killer. Bryce Brown had some exciting games last season only to be dampened with a costly fumble or two. He has to learn how to hold onto that football and learn some patience running between the tackles. A running back who fumbles will not have a long NFL career unless he can fix that problem. Stay

D Lewis: Somehow found himself underneath Andy Reid's doghouse last season despite his strong preseason. Truth is Lewis is an expendable cog in a crowded backfield. Cut him and add a linebacker or offensive lineman to the roster. Go

L. McCoy: People are crazy who want the Eagles to trade Shady. Shady can make this offense go and if used properly will take some of the pressure off Vick or Foles next season. There isn't much to write about. Stay

C. Polk: Tops the Eagles keep three backs and a fullback. Polk is going to have to work his tail off to make this team as the Eagles will likely have a late pick of a back or even a free agent guy come in and try to make the team. We don't truly know what Polk is, but last season's performance wont guarantee him a roster spot. Stay for now

Full backs

S. Havili/E. Igwenagu: The position could use an upgrade in terms of finding a blocking fullback to help get first downs. If Chip Kelly plans to go for it on 4th down, then he better get a fullback in here that can clear out a linebacker or two. Both GO

Wide Receivers

J Avant: Two things Chip Kelly recently mentioned that are not in Avant's favor and that is youth and speed. Avant lacks both, but he still is a viable third down weapon and it may be hard for the Eagles to just walk away from him. He's still a solid and versatile receiver who is willing to play special teams. Stay

R. Cooper: If Tebow is truly in their plans (highly doubt it) then it may be best to keep his college roommate around to keep him company. I think people see Jordy Nelson potential in Cooper. I don't, but he at least can play special teams. Stay

B. Cunningham: Big kid from Michigan State. He will have to show he deserves to stay. Practice Squad again

D. Johnson: Will be a weapon for this team the Eagles will try to get in space with some of their other speed guys. It's unfortunate all of the Eagles speed guys are midgets. Stay

D. Jackson: People were very down on Jackson last season despite the fact he was on pace for one of his best seasons as an Eagle with all of the offensive turmoil. Hopefully Kelly can find ways to use Jackson as more than just a decoy. Stay

J. Maclin: Will this be the season Maclin finally turns into that elite receiver? I doubt it, but the team will most likely keep him an hopes he can. Stay

M. McNutt: Not very fast, hands are suspect, and he isn't a good route runner, but he's at least big. Go

Tight End

B. Celek: The guy is a warrior, but man was he bad this past season. So many critical drops, and terrible fumbles. Passes skidded off his hands and into defenders. He was just bad. Maybe he can bounce back, but the Eagles need to consider drafting his replacement. There is little use in the NFL for a tight end who isn't good at blocking or catching the football. Stay until a better option comes along

C. Harbor: Seems to be getting better as a player overall, but again the Eagles could use a solid blocking Tight End on the roster. The team needs some guys who can hold their blocks to get some short yardage first downs. Stay until a better options comes along


D. Bell: Boy did he stink. Maybe he just couldn't figure out Mudd's system, but MAN DID HE STINK!!!! Go

J. Peters: I don't think we should assume it will be business as usual for Peters once he returns from his injury. It's been a long time since he played some football and he will have to learn a new system. Anyone remembers how long it took him to figure out Juan's system when he first got here? Stay

K. Dunlap: A serviceable backup who can come in for a game or two if needed. He's not great, but he's at least serviceable. Stay

D. Kelly: Was actually somewhat of a surprise as a rookie. He came in and played fairly well. Stay

T. Herremans: May be served best to move back on the inside. Like Peters there is no telling how well he plays when he comes back, but he wasn't having his best season before he got hurt. Stay


D. Watkins: Roseman's child even if doesn't wish to admit it. He has a cronic  ankle problem, isn't strong at the point of attack, and isn't aggressive. Nothing about him says player. Everything about hims says bust. Go

E. Mathis: If there was a guy on the Eagles roster who deserved to be in the Pro Bowl last season it was him. Stay

J. Scott: Like Mathis last season; Scott came in and did an admirable job filling in for the offensive line. Stay

J. Kelce: I have never been that much of a fan. Mudd saw Jeff Saturday, but I don't. Nevertheless he's athletic and quick so maybe he can improve.  Stay

D. Reynolds: Just isn't an NFL center. Go

Defensive End

T. Cole: Has age and injuries finally caught up to Cole? If they have then he will not make it out of preseason. Stay for now

D. Tapp: A waste of roster and cap space. Go

V. Curry: They finally let him play. He shows flashes, and then they re-shelf him. What gives? Stay

B. Graham: Finally showed he was worthy of that high pick. Let's see if continues especially if he is moved to a 3-4 linebacker. Stay

P. Hunt: Another guy who shows flashes. He's a big preseason and training camp guy who disappears in games. Stay

F. Cox: The Eagles brought him along slowly, but before he was injured he was playing at a high level. If the Eagles go 3-4 I see him more as an end. Stay

C. Jenkins: Cullen Jenkins worked hard this season. He seemed to be one of the guys who didn't quit, but if the Eagles make a 3-4 switch I could see him becoming one of those "cap casualties" Stay for now

C. Thorton: Last season the Eagles loved him. I thought he showed some flashes, but I also thought he made some rookie mistakes. Could push for a starting job next season. Stay

A. Dixon: The Eagles signed him back for two seasons before they even had a coach. Even playing NT in a 3-4 set he's going to need to cut down the weight and work on the technique. Stay

D. Landri: Didn't have a good season and doesn't fit if the Eagles go 3-4. Go


J. Chaney: The Eagles could do worse for a backup linebacker who can play all three positions. Stay

C. Mathews: A Chip Kelly guy, but that doesn't mean Chip Kelly keeps him. He's going to have to earn a roster spot. Stay for now

R Rau: The guy is like a little missile. The perfect kind of linebacker for special teams. Stay

M. Kendricks: As the season wore on, Kendrick wore down until he finally broke down. Still he has a ton of potential. Stay

D. Ryans: I wouldn't be surprised if Ryans becomes a cap cut like Jenkins. He had a solid, but not spectacular year. Stay for now

A. Jordan: The guy is the NFL version of a cat (9 lives). Even if the Eagles move on from him, he still most likely will have a job in KC. Go

Corner Backs/Safeties

N. Asomugha: Nnamdi quit and was finally benched at the end of the season. For the money he makes, he surely isn't playing like he should be. Bringing him back could send the wrong message to this team. Sadly they may not have a choice due to the money he is owed. Stay

DRC: The knock on him coming to Philly was at times he would take plays off, and only played when he was motivated to do so. You can add terrible tackler to the list. Go

B. Boykin: Hopefully he improves as both a corner and a kick returner. Hopefully the new defensive coordinator will be smart enough not to have him playing man to man with the best receivers in the game over 6 feet tall. Stay

T. Lindley: Why did they resign this guy after the season? Is he fodder for camp? Go

C. Marsh: Another wasted pick. Go

B. Hughes: Showed more fight in his spot time then DRC and Nnamdi did all season. Stay

K. Coleman: He has a lot of heart, but heart doesn't equal skill. Go

C. Anderson: Special teams guy who likes to fly to the ball. He is a liability in coverage. Then again what Eagles safety isn't? Stay

Nate Allen: Never recovered from his injury. Can't wait any longer for him. Go

D. Sims: Played as well as he could, but the bottom line is the Eagles need another safety and somebody has to be cut to make room. Go

Special Teams

A. Henery: If we are always going to go for it now does he matter? Stay

M. McBriar: How do you get blocked by your own player??? Stay for now

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  • A nice analysis but I will only comment where I disagree. Of course
    QB Im going to go with Vick stay until a qualified QB can take his place. Foles isnt an NFL starting QB so why give him the spot. I can live with some college Qbs as alternatives but not leadfoot.

    RB: Polk-Go: We need to invest more at the position and wouldnt have any problem in an early round (2nd) upgrade. Good teams have a stable of runningbacks. If we had a nice fullback compliment that might reduce the need to upgrade. I like Brown but the games he played didnt count.

    FB: A good fullback makes abig difference. Notice Vonte leach on the Ravens. Another leanard weaver hell yeah.

    WR: Too many WRs on the roster and other than Maclin and Jackson the rest are expendable. I like Avants intangibles but from an atheltic standpoint he sucks. Im not even sure he has a presence in the lockeroom. He may be odd man out. Id rather see Cooper in the slot but Eagles need a WR upgrade for sure. Mainly in the depth department.

    As far as Johnson goes, I like his quickness and his ability to get open. But how many midget receivers can you have on a roster. You got to get some blocking from WR. And we have discussed this before, I dont think Maclin and Jackson shy away from blocking but they dont wear a defense down. We need physical possession receiver that blocks hard.

    TE: Both go. We have discussed Celek and you know where I stand with the guy. His sports hernia and other injuries have transformd this guy into a different player. He doesnt look fluid or fast. He is damaged goods and part of Reids regime. Gotta go. Clay harbor is a 3rd string TE and is basically useless. Too small, cant block and isnt a consistent receiver.


    A Reid guy. Too many bad memories . Has to go.

    Watkins: Stays. need traing camp to see if he can add depth. A bust so far but has a a small window.

    Reynolds- Stays. I think he is a serviceable backup that has some experience after last season. Obviously not a starter. But still developing.


    Hunt - gotta go. showed me nothing. Not sure what he does well.

    Dixon and Landri- go. Depending on how the roster rounds out we have Jenkins that can play DE and DT. Patterson, Cox , Thorton. We need that big solid DT in middle of this defense. Seymour? 1st pick in draft?

    LB- agree

    CB- DrC: Tough call here. Showed flashes when it didnt count but could be a distraction to the defense. he lacks discipline soemthing the Eagles cant afford.

    I like Boykin the rest dont care.


    I think we need a overhaul at the safety position. This might be an area we sign a qualifed free agent. Allen had a horible season even when healthy and jsut doesnt want to hit consistently. we need a lockeroom enforcer at that position. Its historically one of our most important positions. time to find the guy.
  • I wouldn't say we disagree here except for on Vick. I don't see him as a fix to the problems at hand. Vick isn't a starter in this league anymore, because we can't count on him. I don't have a problem moving on from a guy like Dunlap, but I think he can be serviceable in small stints. He can't be relied on as a starter. I don't mind if the push hunt out. I can't see the Eagles going high for a running back. Why bother when they have McCoy and Brown? If anything the Eagles will pick a late round back. Besides we both agree they need to overhaul the secondary. That's where they need to making some high picks. As priorities go I would list them as follows:

    1 quarterback: They need to find out if Foles is their guy or if they need to upgrade. Vick is not an upgrade.
    2 safeties: They need new players back there. I may be willing to keep Coleman. He plays special teams and has started both positions, but he isn't a starter.
    3 cornerback: Supposedly their strongest point was actually one of their weakest.
    4 Tackle: It's time to start thinking about Peter's replacement.
    5 defensive end /linebacker : If they are switching to 3-4, then they are going to need a legit rush man.
    6 tight end: They could use an upgrade at this position.
  • Out of the RB's I think Dion Lewis is a better stay than Chris Polk. He fits the mold that Kelly likes (fast/quick rb) and Polk is expendable even though he's currently our best "power back".

    Outside of Kendricks and Ryans (still our best option as QB of the defense) I don't see many linebackers who will stick with the Eagles (regardless if we are a 4-3 or 3-4). I do like Ryan Rau though, and I hope he sticks around for his special teams play.

    We will probably move to a "Zone Blocking" scheme, so whoever isn't mobile enough will be gone. We have a lot of players returning from injury so this is a major concern. Watkins (who I see as Reids "pick" over Rosemans) underperformed under Mudds scheme, but may prove to be an asset in zone blocking. I'm hoping the Chiefs take QB Geno Smith with the 1st overall pick and we get OL Luke Joeckel. Hard to guess what Reid might do since there are so many holes in KC and his affinity for OL/DL. But QB is the biggest issue and Reid needs a guy he can mold from the start (a la McNabb). If Reid snags Joeckel (or a team before us) don't be surprised if we go defense with our first pick.

  • I wouldn't be surprised to see the Eagles go defense. They are in much need in many areas. If the Eagles switch to 3-4 I wonder about Kendrick's on the outside. He isn't a pass rush specialist. I see them moving him back to the inside and the combo would be either him and Ryans or him and Mathews. There is going to be a lot of transition over the next few seasons. I am not high on Danny Watkins making a big comeback. He's young so they may try to give him another chance, but I don't see it coming together for him.
  • It's way too early to try and figure out what Kelly plans to do with his players. His first move has to be Vick with 3 million of his salary due to be guaranteed in a couple weeks and hopefully he makes the choice we both have been waiting for. I can't see why he would even think about keeping Vick past the deadline....too risky to keep him with thoughts of trading him especially since Vick says he won't renegotiate (I'm not even sure he would have any suitors unless he was a free agent and a team could get him MUCH cheaper and on their terms right off the get go). Your thoughts on that are right, I'm sure...he is looking for his ticket out so he can try and find himself a new starting gig. Even Vick sees that his days are numbered in think that hollywood would get that also. He may not be able to read defenses, he may not be a great decision maker but he certainly knows that the Eagles aren't going to settle for what he has given them for 16 million dollars.
  • It may be a little early to decide who stays or goes, but I was getting tired of constantly reading the stuff one guy kept putting out with all of his doom and gloom and for once it wasn't Hollywood. So I decided to change things up and move forward. The teams self proclaimed best fan is the biggest crybaby in the yard.
  • I don't care too much about his incessant whining over Reid and the Eagles choice to replace him but his insults towards us for being down on the Eagles (in light of a horrible year) when we know he complains when the Eagles don't do what he thinks they will is extremely hypocritical. He told me he grew since he sulked when the Eagles traded McNabb and it doesn't seem like he is quite there with the Reid move but he obviously isn't letting the move go as much as he would like us to believe.
  • Regardless of what one Raiders fan thinks this is still an exciting time. The Eagles got their man. Despite what anyone thinks of him they got their number one choice. They deserve some credit for that.
  • Im in a much better frame of mind right now. I just want kelly to succeed and I think time isnt on his side. Look, the division isnt strong especially with RGIII going down. The iron is hot we can strike now. I really believe Lurie thinks we can get right back. We had the rebuild since 2008. We have veteran players that can compete. We dont need to "clean house". Most of the veterans are just entering their prime so we need to make a solid QB decision before the season starts. Foles isnt solid. Its got all the makings aof failure and thats someething that wont go over well. So unless you have a guy that can fill Vicks shoes name him. Other than the crap that Foles can do it because he cant.
  • WHAT SHOES, HOLLYWOOD? Vick has struggled, don't you get that? Wake the hell up!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He keeps stating that someone better than Vick needs to take his place. They haven't stormed into their last two seasons because Vick has struggled right out of the starting gate...he's even looked HORRIBLE in the preseason. I'll take youth and potential over a 16 million dollar quarterback who is always hurt and constantly turns the ball over any day! May as well start a new Eagles era off with a young possibility instead of heading into it with an old positively not!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Sorry wood, but Vick doesn't make them better. That doesn't mean I think Foles does either, but Vick stinks.
  • I dont care but i can assure you that Foles can learn everything but if you cant run (and he canT) you better have a cannon arm and he doesnt. Case closed.
  • If you don't care why do you spend so much time whining that it has to be Vick? It can't be Vick, hollywood...don't you get that? Vick has had his chances and if he wouldn't have disappointed it wouldn't be a question of what they would do with him. Case closed!
  • Joe Montana never had a big arm and he wasn't the greatest runner either. He got by. Don't confuse what I'm saying. Foles isn't close to Montana, but that doesn't mean he's going to fail, because he doesn't fit certain statistics.
  • As I said Chip is an Innovator he can be sly at times..I know I watched him here in Eugene...will it work in the (N)ot (F)or (L)ong???? we will have to wait and see???
  • I think he's smarter than Spurrier so I don't get hose comparisons at all. Kelly believes in practice. Spurrier believed in Tee times. They are not the same guy.

  • I making this movie.
    So I want to Foles to advance Pro Bowler. lol

    Very good article!
  • good job
    can I see it backwards
  • Looking back and forth between the Eagles and there are a few names that stick out that I will be surprised at if they are still Eagles before free agency hits. Obviously Vick is the big one...the Eagles can either pay him 16.9 million or cut him in a couple weeks and take a 4.2 million dollar cap hit. The numbers are very similar with Asomugha where his salary sits at 15.3 million dollars and an even 4 million dollar cap hit if they release him. Demetress Bell is an obvious casualty being that the Eagles gave him a multi year deal that left them the abilty to walk away from it without losing a penny and owing him 9.6 million this year if they honor brainer there. I also believe that they walk away from either Mike Patterson or Cullen Jenkins which will save them at least 4 million (they could let both go if they draft DT Star Lotulelei out of Utah with the #4 overall pick and save an additional 4 million). I believe Patterson will be the casualty due to his health and Jenkins better pash rushing skills and ability to move outside if the Eagles need him to. Nate Allen is owed 1.2 million and could be shown the door unless the new defensive coaches feel they can work with him. There are other players that are borderline and could also be waived or asked to restructure their deals. Maclin is owed over 4 million but I think he hasn't been as bad as some of you feel (he has more catches than any other Eagle in their first 4 years) and I am hoping Kelly at least gives him this year to show he can improve. They may not have the money to add to a wide receiver core that has talent so why not give him this year? Celek at over 4.5 million and Demeco Ryans at 6.7 could be players asked to take pay cuts and altough neither player would appreciate it they certainly both had their struggles. Besides with no guaranteed money on his deal Ryans may want some kind of stabiliy from the Eagles. I know that many won't be thrilled to see this but it looks like the Eagles would get no cap relief by dumping Watkins salary being that his salary seems to match the dead money (2.1 million) so I would think the Eagles new offensive line coach will at the very least take him to camp and see if he can give them anything. I actually want to see this because I would hate for them to give up on what so many analysts and scouts thought was one of the top two guards in the 2011 draft (let him work with the new coaches...maybe send him to stress management counseling. LOL). They could still cut him but it would make no sense to me. Jason Peters will be making 10 million plus coming off a major injury but I doubt the Eagles ask him to take a cut in pay especially since they took advantage of the injury rule that allowed them to pay him less this past year. I'm sure the Eagles are looking for ways to give them some cap relief and I'm also pretty certain that the first 4 that I mentioned HAVE to be done. They are currently 16 million plus over the salary cap but by just making those 4 moves it will drop them roughly 36 million bringing them around 20 million under. They will still need to round out their roster and use up their rookie pool money which will be higher than most years being that they have a top 5 pick. Getting comfortably under the cap while releasing players who have helped this team get to where they are now (4-12) should set them up to let Roseman and their rookie coach make a move or two in free agency and help make their draft a stronger process. According to two of the deeper classes of free agents seem to be at tackle and saftey...two needs the Eagles have. Hopefully the Eagles put themselves in position to make a move or two to help strengthen this team.
  • Lots of really good information here green thanks. It seems very likely Vick will be cut. It seems the contract was designed for that purpose.
  • Thanks, Eazy. It took over a day of this comment floating around in yardbarker purgatory before becoming visible. The only thing I can think of that yardbarker may not have liked was my mentioning other websites. Maybe it was the length? I have no freakin' idea!
  • Cutting veteran players and hatcheting salaries is agreat idea. Im sure that will build loayaty and comraderie. Whats wrong with you.
  • Why are you questioning what the Eagles HAVE to do? They are 16 million over the projected cap...what the hell are they supposed to do? Forfeit their draft picks (still would be 16 million over even if they did that and of course they won't...just sayin')? Beg the league for a special rule so they can stay above the cap? You questioning me on moves that the Eagles will HAVE to make (they don't have to make the exact moves I suggested but players will be cut and salaries will be renegotiated) just proves to me that you expect the Eagles to do the impossible. No agenda for you, right hollywood? You cry they don't pay out the money and when they do and get themselves in trouble because of it you whine how they shouldn't make moves they now have to make to get below the cap. Again, can't have it both ways can you buddy?
  • Just adding to my comment above. Here you cry that the Eagles will have to cut players but last year you insisted they needed to sign players because they were 20 million under even though I explained to you that they would be 16 million over this season. You stated that there were ways to get around the cap (sure hollywood, sure). Do you understand why I think your comments are nothing but bad jokes, hollywood?
  • Hollywood I am going to tell you this. After looking at the stats Mike Vick was only slightly better than Nick Foles. In other words Mike Vick was barely statistically better than Nick Foles (a rookie I will add), despite having better players around him for most of that time. Nick Foles was playing with a skeleton crew for most of his time out there. Couple that with the fact Foles makes a fraction of the money that Mike Vick does it becomes clear. NICK FOLES IS A BETTER OPTION THAN MIKE VICK!
  • I dont care about the stats. Both wre injured. The line sucked. 2010 Vick proved he can play. Are his skills diminished ? Slightly. If you want to win and the Eagles dont have an alternative Vick should remain starting QB. All my football friends in Balto say Vick should start if they dont draft a QB. Only Eagle fans know better right?
  • Vick is ALWAYS injured and the line didn't suck in 2011. Keep making those excuses up, hollywood. Show everyone the fraud that you are!...and keep hanging onto what "all" your friends think in Baltimore. LOL.
  • Oh 2010 was so three years ago....LITERALLY!!!!
  • Hey spot anything you want to say about Flacco? Oh and any question about the Raven organization feel free to ask.
  • Someone seems awfully happy that a team he has claimed to hate is going to the Super Bowl.
  • Ive grown to respect them. In fact Im sorry I ever became an Eagle fan because the fans are rabid but drama queens. In Balto they expect honesty and transparency. Like I stated I hated how Balto aquired the team but I was a Baltimore Colt fan. Had they kept the name I wouldnt be here. We didnt have Jonny Unitas for nothing. We nknew a bum owner Irsay when he came to town. The only reason the Colts won in Indianpolis was because he was showered with money. Just like Lurie. In Balto, they would have torn Lurie to shreds by now. Fake owners dont get a pass here.
  • Eagle fans are drama queens from the yardbarker drama queen that is extremely funny!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • When you're right you're right, Spotella! He also expects a lot of honesty from the Eagles when he can't even be honest on a freakin' website. He's okay when the Ravens play the games most sports franchises do but god forbid when the Eagles play them. Biased much?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • looking forward to watching Chips first year as coach why??? i've watched as a college coach now I watch him as a pro coach....
  • Lots of really good information here green thanks. It seems very likely Vick will be cut. It seems the contract was designed for that purpose.

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