Originally written on ourlads.com  |  Last updated 4/6/13

The URL shows ourlads.com which has been doing their own versions of teams depth charts and updating them (as they see it shaking out) as moves are made this offseason.

Offensively we all know McCoy will be out RB, and Maclin/Jackson will be our WRs there wasn't any doubt of that. The FB position has been answered with the multi tool James Casey who will more then likely play more of an Hback rather then traditional FB. The biggest question mark going into this off season was the QB and the future of Vick. At first personally I wanted him gone ASAP. The frustration of two turnover plagued seasons had be begging for them to cut him even before they hired a head coach (I even thought it would make it more appealing to attract coaching candidates). However, the more it sinks in the more I like the move made to keep him. This draft clearly doesn't have a QB that anyone is pointing to and saying "THAT'S THE GUY!!!!", Vick allows us to not HAVE to reach for a player (cough cough Geno Smith).

Our offensive line is set to return! Peters, Kelce, Watkins, and Herremans are all back and Mathis is still around. It may not be you're wet dream of a starting offensive line but it's a starting line none the less. 

To the defense:

4-3? 3-4? 4-3 under? who knows maybe we'll just put five guys on the field and run the Syracuse mens basketball team's famous zone defense. Obviously that's a joke and the team is moving to the 3-4 at some point. With that it looks like the D-line will be Cox, Sopoaga, and then Cole/Graham/Curry/Thornton/etc...? take your pick. It doesn't really matter the point is somewhere in that mix we've got a guy who can start. The linebackers are Barwin, Ryans, Kendricks, and Cole/Graham/Curry/Hunt/etc...? Again dealer's choice here and while we may not have the IDEAL guy we do have A guy. 

Gone are Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, enter Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. Maybe not the most exciting names but there they are. Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung have been brought in to revamp the safety slots in an effort to get away from the Coleman/Allen/Anderson clusterF*** of last season. 

It may not be pretty and there still may be questions as to who starts where but there you have it your (current) starting 2013 Eagles. WE HAVE A FULL STARTING ROSTER!!! Is there room for improvement? Absolutely! Are there guys who I wish we didn't have to rely as on day one starters? You bet! 

But wait there is a silver lining! Sure you can point to the RG spot and say Watkins isn't the ideal guy or look at Bradley Fletcher and ask if he's really starting caliber. My point is we have guy who can start, maybe not be stars or elite or even good. They can just be, and that's fine for this season. 

Now we are set to actually draft the best available guy in this years draft! Whether it's an offensive linemen, or Dee Milliner or a guy for our defensive front 7 we can get whoever the Eagles see as the best! This is great for us moving forward with the rebuild because we don't have to reach and take unnecessary risks.

Lets say that we let Vick go, everyone would point to that and say "the Eagles NEEEEEEEEED a QB" and they'd be right. We'd automatically be penciled in by everyone as taking Geno Smith with very little debate between the "experts". Pressure from fans for an answer would probably force the Eagles hand and they'd HAVE to take Geno at 4. Well what then when/if Geno struggles or dare I say busts. We are left without and upgrade at another position AND and even bigger glaring hole at QB.

Don't fret my friends, the Eagles have covered their butts and set themselves up to take the guy they like rather then the guy they think they need. They remembered their 8 P's (prior, proper planning prevents piss poor performance and pregnancy) and set this team up to effectively rebuild the way they should!

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  • I see you made the attempt. Commendable. Let's see who chimes in with THEIR positives for 2013.
  • Wow, they have guys on both sides of the ball. They are ready for all comers. This is first for an NFL team to field an offense and defense. The Eagles are on their way. Fly fly fly. LMFAO
  • Well its the first time in a long time actually that fans can look at the roster and not see any huge glaring holes. For the longest time it was the LBs. The best you can say right now is that maybe some of the players aren't the best options or you'd like an upgrade but everyone has shown they can compete at the starting level.

    Oh wait but that's right holly you expected this team to field a superbowl caliber team this year even thought it is plain as day that the Eagles are rebuilding and so far they are off to a pretty damn good start.
  • i disagree that we dont have any holes. i think we have some major holes still but thats to be expected when u go 4-12 n switch defensive schemes.

    just looking at the offense that they project i see we r in desperate need for a RG. herremans hasnt played well at RT and could still play guard despite injuries. with peters coming back it would be nice to let them rekindle their marriage at LT n LG. i know i know i know, but mathis was so good at LG. he wasnt that good n defiantly wasnt a pro bowl snub. he just looked so good surrounded by bad play. since he needs to learn a new system anyway learning to play RG should not be a problem and if it is hes a moron cause i used to play both during games depending on plays n defensive alignments. peters, herremans, kelce/reynolds (not much difference), mathis, fisher/johnson/long (all three would be great picks depending what they wanna do in the first).

    now the defense

    having barwin and cole/graham on the field at the same time is gonna hurt dramaticly in pass coverage. we need to upgrade OLB and DE. personally i would go with star in the first make him part of a nasty dline with cox n soap (long in second) and go after either an OLB or ILB in the 3rd. kendrick will be able to play either ILB or OLB personally i would like him as a threat on the outside coming around the edge or dropping into coverage the defense would never know.

    so for the draft i go
    and maybe kiko alonso i need to do mroe homework on him but he has nice size n speed
    tony jefferson
  • Look I'm not disagreeing with you that we don't need upgrades, especially at spots like the RG. My point with this post was that the Eagles don't have to say "we need this guy because we don't have a guy that can start there"

    Watkins has been a disappointment yes and I don't want to see him start. But having everyone else back will be able to mask SOME not all of his deficiencies. But just because he isn't the idea guy doesn't mean they have to draft a guard. They could go Tackle at 4 and shift Herremans back inside. Or maybe they target several guys in later round and make someone earn the spot.

    I said there we're still issues that needed to be worked out, and this season is going to be a rough one. But with this roster you can look and see that they don't have guys who were backups on the team forever having to start. Guys like Omar Gaither, Akeem Jordan, Macho Harris, Juqua Parker, or Winston Justice who started because the team didn't bring in anyone substantial.

    This season we are set to be able to bring in whoever we want, and can start immediately, in the draft. Then we can shuffle guys like Watkins, and Cole around.
    For those who don't know it, we have one of the better NT's in the game. I think he'd be fine as a base to build around in a 3-4, but I can see him as surprising the NFL (especially at his age) as a 2-technique in a 4-3 base.

    Cary Williams is a guy who I thought we'd have to trade for if we could get him at all. This guy gets his hands on more balls than a gay prostitute. I think fans will like this guy.

    There is more talent at LB than at any point since 1992. (Depending on the alignment and who plays what.) My doubt is that Trent Cole will be an OLB 1) No coverage skills 2) Connor Barwin 3) There's no need to change both Graham AND Cole when Barwin is on the other side. Whether they want to flex Cole out as a SITUATIONAL rusher is another matter. (Perhaps then he could surprise an opponent or two by dropping into a shallow zone and grabbing pass or two.

    Again, we have a dazzling display at RB, but I think we need a big back. Not a physically big back (Brown is 223) but a PSYCHOLOGICALLY big back. Brown heads for the outside on his runs, even the ones that start inside. We need a guy who knows he won't break one so he build his game around getting the hard yardage in the hash mark to hash mark. (This is also big for FG placement) We've been a finesse team for a while. Being known as a tough team couldn't hurt with signaling a change from the previous regime.

    TE is another area of strength, provided we ARE using the SPREAD. None of the guys we have at TE are expert in-line blockers. They're more big, slow WR's, or faster, more agile FB's. They can buy you time with a block, not blow guys up routinely with one. It's the type of TE we have that says to me, we HAVE TO BE running the Spread.

    Personnel-wise THAT is what I see that we can hang our hat on when times get tough and games are close. I'm still waiting for something coaching/administratively that makes me go "Yeah! That's the way!"
  • I know you're more critical of Kelly then most at this point because he hasn't give you your "Yeah! That's the way!" moment. And I agree with you. I'm just more of a lay and wait, lets see how things pan out once camp gets rolling and we see everything in action. To each their own.

    The negatives I see:
    1. CB Fletcher worries me a bit, I'd rather that he was slotted at the nickle right now and then forced to earn the starting gig, but that could be a moot point if they take Milliner. If they don't I don't believe it will be the end of the world just might have to be addressed next season. That being said I think he's a guy who if he has to go one way or the other I think he's gonna step up and prove he can start.

    2. Offensive line. Probably been talked to death right now but Watkins hasn't been cutting it. New coach, new system who knows how he responds. I tend to believe he could go either way. 50/50 on which way that is. My bigger issue is depth. We are severally lacking and it exposed us last season. Taking top talent at 4 coupled with some late round picks and a veteran free agent or two could solve the problem for a season or two.

    3. Safeties. I like Phillips and Chung. Personally I think these were two guys the Eagles should have targeted a little more when they were coming out of college but that's neither here nor there. They are here now and I think they are a clear upgrade from last year. Last years guys have proven they are more of special teams/back up type players. The issues I have with Phillips and Chung is that they do have some question marks. Injuries, and the fact that their teams didn't want to keep them says something also. I think these guys are like Fletcher though. I think they now carry a chip on their shoulder and will use that to motivate them to become at the very lease solid starter.

    4. OLB. This is obvious and simple. Who starts along with Barwin, Ryans, and Kendricks? Idk but we've got a slew of possibilities the problem is each one is carrying that "will they be a liability in coverage?" question with them.

    With those four problems though it's pretty clear that if we are smart and draft the best available guys in the first and second that some of these issues can't be fixed. Say we take Fisher at 4. Start him, push Herremans back inside and relegate Watkins to a backup. Or if we take Milliner, then he starts and Fletcher is our nickle guy. Say Dion Jordan is the choice. Then slide him in as our last LB and let Cole/Graham/Curry focus on being situational guys or even DEs.

    There's room for improvement no doubt but we are a lot better off then last season, we don't have to reach on a guy in this draft, and because of that whoever gets picked can be an upgrade to not only their position but it'll allow other guys to be shifted around make us even better.
  • I could have filled a page with what I see as negatives, but the point of your post was to say NICE things about your team.

    I didn't want to sully that.

    If I disagree with a post (or just feel a topic has been discussed to death) I tend to just ignore it. No need to go on someone's work (which half the time, they took the time to research), just to pick an argument.
  • Hey I'm right with you I could fill a post full of negatives too. We're rebuilding there's a lot of negatives. I just wanted to point out that the big negatives of last year seem to be getting smaller.

    End of last year we needed two CBs, two Safeties, LBs, a DT, a DE, a RG, etc... A lot of the holes are being filled and the draft should result in a few more upgrades. And because of the moves that we're made we won't have to reach on a player in the draft in order to fill a need.
  • I agree with most of your thinking in regards to the starters here but I just can't bring myself to state the Eagles are fine at QB this year. I would have been fine with the Eagles giving Foles a shot to see what he can do but I get not trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Bringing Vick back is just the Eagles spinning their wheels for a year and we all have seen them spinning too long now. I just can't see how an oft injured turnover machine that had a 54% completion rate before becoming an Eagle (and is going backwards in that regard the last 2 years) and allows himself to take way too many hits is going to work in any system. Just one of the reasons I have been fine with the Eagles ties to Manuel (and in slighter regard to Smith). I get that this is going to be a couple year fix and you won't see me whining if the Eagles don't draft an early QB and Vick is the starter day one. I rooted Vick on in 2010 even though I wasn't thrilled about it (he outplayed Kolb...no doubt about it) and I'll do it again if he is the man...can't type I won't be worried about another fall off in play though even if he surprises early. A bridge or a band-aid I can handle for one more year...hoping that's all he is or I'll have a hard time thinking this ends well.

    Overall I think the Eagles have made big strides into what ails them. Many of the new players the Eagles brought in are hungry due to either injury or being in the wrong situation or a little bit of both. I like both Chung and Phillips and if either stays healthy and plays as well as they can play the Eagles may have filled at least one safety position. Casey seems like he will thrive in this system and I have high hopes for both Jackson and Maclin this year. Both Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher were forced into some starting duties because they were the next in line and from what I have heard both played well at times...especially Williams. Let's see what the the tough gritty guys at corner who have to fight to get there can do over the guy who may have felt he already made it and the guy who seemed to forget where he came from (or is just getting old or both). If the Eagles do draft Milliner Fletcher being the 3rd or even 4th CB would be a much more solid situation.

    I love the Barwin siging at a much needed position and it allows the Eagles to sit back and see if one of their 4-3 DEs can make the transition to OLBer instead of worrying about both. I am obviously hoping that Graham can make this switch...don't want to think about another wasted high draft pick. I share flip's concerns on Cole making the switch but know with his contract the Eagles are going to have to find time for him.

    At defensive line right now the Eagles only have Cox as a long term answer but they have time to find out if Thornton can play a little, if Curry can play bigger than he is or even if Geathers can finally make any impact on his 5th team in his short career (not holding my breath but hopeful). I didn't have D-line in a mock I made up recently until later in the draft but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Eagles draft someone early. I see Lotulelei starting to climb back up in some mocks and even going to the Eagles at 4. He would make a ton of sense since he can play all 3 positions in a 3-4, can be one of the tackles in a 4-3 and could make the Eagles D-line a force to be reckoned with (as long as he is healthy).

    I feel that WR and RB can be left alone this year...we all knew that some size needed to be added but with the acquisitions of Benn and Momah I would be fine with going to camp and seeing how this all pans out. If Maclin finally doesn't have that year and wants too big of a contract than I guess it's time he finds a new home.

    Offensive line is somewhat a concern brought on due to last years injuries and what seems to be a yearly lack of depth. I already stated yesterday that I truly believe the Eagles target a tackle early in the draft and wouldn't be surprised to see another lineman drafted later. I also had been holding onto hope that the Eagles would give Winston's agent another call or would maybe even look into Clabo since he was released but it just doesn't look like it will happen...maybe after the draft.

    The draft will hopefully bring in at least 2 more long term starters. This team may not be well on their way but I feel they've done just about as well as they could have considering where they were last year and where they are at in the off season right now. The draft will open our eyes up a bit more into what Kelly's plans actually are.
  • I completely agree that QB needs an upgrade. I just DO NOT want to reach on Geno Smith just because we don't like Vick anymore. I'm with you I think Vick is done and to be honest I don't think he's anything more then a stopgap now in Philly. I do think Kelly's system will benefit his play however. He won't be forced to be a pocket passes as much as the past few years with for him and the team should be good. But I fully expect the Eagles to move on in the next season or two. Who knows maybe someone flat out beats him camp, could be someone on the roster or someone they take in the later rounds. Change is coming just might take time.

    That being said I do look at this years roster as and upgrade over last years. GONE are the aging interior defensive linemen who weren't getting it done. GONE are the underachieving CBs. The safeties are UPGRADED. There's MORE TALENT in the LBs we have this year then there has been in a long time. More VERSATILE, HUNGRY, HARDWORKING players like James Casey are here. Our offensive line is HEALTHY. Big question marks are slowly turning into little question marks and the panic needing upgrades everywhere immediately has faded to concerns about a few positions and depth behind starters.

    We've gone from a team who many thought was the CLEAR suitor for Geno Smith to a team almost no one knows where we'll go in this years draft.

    Other then who we draft the biggest question mark now lies on the coaching staff. Can this staff right the ship? Will Kelly's system work? Can Bill Davis run an effective defense? We won't know till games start being played. We'll get a taste of how sane Kelly is when we see who he drafts and how he gets them in a few weeks. BUT so far his roster moves have been smart and have BEGUN to set this team up to rebuild and get back to becoming a contender.
  • We don't know if it will all work out but finding out is half the fun (and better if it all ends well) and most of us agree that these changes needed to be made. Can't wait until April 25th!

    I added some comments to our discussion on the Seahawks and the Eagles QB situations on the bottom of that post because yardbarker's commenting policy told me I couldn't reply to my own comment while trying to reply to yours (yeah, Jeff....your policy is wonderful and needs no fixing!) I updated an old comment so I could do it so it didn't change the time the post was commented on.
  • OH MY GOD ah
    Do You Hear what I hear the word
    connected to this football team??
    for all the arm chair coaches!!!
  • Allow me to respond to the title of this article.....BAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love the direction the Eagles have taken. They have turned the page from a terrible situation and although I believe it may take some time they could bounce back sooner than people think. If Nick Foles can step up and flat out win the quarterback job or even impresses enough to make the Eagles reconsider drafting a quarterback from his offseason workouts then perhaps the Eagles could use all of their top draft picks on legit starting players rather than at least one project who wont start for at least a half of season. We have all written off Foles chances, but here is the funny part. Everyone has said Chip Kelly is a bright man, yet everyone believes he is dumb enough to run the read option with a quarterback who can't even stay healthy? The Eagles have some talent and if properly used (along with staying healthy) can point some serious points on the board in a small amount of time. Even the giants fan above me knows that.
  • I think they are going to be drafting a QB regardless. I hope it's not in the 1st and I'd prefer not the 2nd. I hope that all the teams realize this class isn't that strong and people don't start reaching for QBs.
  • will you pleaze stop with the Foles dribble. i mean I can understand one mistake with Kevin Kolb but here we go again and your spouting the same thing all over again. Give it a rest 1-7 was enough to deter me. Apparently , you like a good ole fashion spanking.
  • So 1-7 by a rookie, but 3-7 by a 10 year vet is okay with you? So do you just hate white quarterbacks or are you just plain stupid? Here is the truth. I am rooting for Foles or anyone other than Vick and Edwards to win this job. Both of them are moving backwards and not forwards. Edwards had failed when he had his chance, and if I had one word to sum up Mike Vick as an Eagle it would be UNRELIABLE!!!! That's in every way, shape, and form. The Eagles can't count on Vick. I don't care if the future is Foles, as long as there is a future. Vick and Edwards aren't that. You keep bringing up Kolb. The other option was overpaying McNabb. HE STUNK THE NEXT TWO SEASONS! He became a third string in Washington, to benched in 3 weeks in Minnesota, to OUT OF THE LEAGUE! I guess you have forgotten that part of the story haven't you? On a side note Kolb is still getting jobs as a quarterback in the NFL, while McNabb is working as an analyst hating and crying over everything that isn't about him, refusing to accept the fact he's cooked. Kolb looked like a 10 year vet while Vick looked like a first year rookie when they went head to head last season. So if you think Kolb and Foles stink, you quite naturally should think Vick does too considering he did less with more. Explain that?
  • Easy, anything is possible but after what the eagles fielded last year it's unlikely they're going to make much noise this season. The offense Kelly ran in college won't work in the pros to the same level of success. And I highly doubt Foles is the answer. I know Vick isn't because he's washed up at this point. But I guess anything is 'possible', not likely but possible.
  • If Chip is the real deal and we have a great draft we can be contenders in our division.
  • Seeing as the past two season the NFC East has pretty much been up for grabs it's a possibility. I doubt it'll happen. What is going to be the main factor though is how the defense comes together. Our starting offense is basically the same and when they are healthy and play smart they can be scary.

    The defense has almost an entire new starting roster from last year, plus they're going to have a new scheme to boot. Complete new secondary, new LB, new D linemen, plus whoever is brought in through the draft and expected to start. Not to mention guys are going to be shifted to positions they aren't familiar with or haven't played in awhile so it's all gonna hinge on the defense.
  • If the Colts can go from one game winners to the playoffs using two different coaches anything is possible.
  • But very unlikely, the Colts did it with a VERY good quarterback.
  • In a weak division to boot. I always say the NFC East doesn't have a winner, so much as a survivor. I WISH we got to play in the AFC South!
  • I concede the Eagles have nothing but question marks when it comes to the quarterback position. Rather they have a bunch of average to proven below average guys, a second year guy and a complete unknown commodity. Still anything is possible.
  • I just read the Eagles have offered a contract to Akeem Jordan. I wonder if they consider him a player in their new 3-4, if they are actually staying 4-3, or do they just consider him special teams.
  • This team will be good my predition 10-6 ---- big and physical on defense beat them up---and fast on offense---trading away short midget players like dion lewis--and getting bigger on tight end size ---- this team will scare,and shock 2013 season. You read it hear--if qb position is secure.
  • The QB situation and the defense are the big question marks. Health is a real concern as well. Many of the guys the Eagles have brought in have had health problems. They have numerous guys returning from injury in the roster now. At least they seem to be after depth and players who can contribute in multiple ways.

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MLB's 2015 All-Star snubs

Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

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