The Firing Of Juan Is More Proof Of Reid's Arrogance and Ignorance.

Posted October 16, 2012

I'm sure some people will pat Reid on the back for finally letting go the experiment of the Offensive Line Coach pretending to be a Defensive Coordinator, but not me. It's infuriating to me why it has taken this long for Reid to get it right. Juan should have been dealt with this past off-season. The Eagles had a chance to get a real defensive coordinator and finally do away with this gimmicky Wide 9 crap, but no. Reid was too stubborn to make the move. He wanted to prove everyone else wrong. To actually assume that someone like Spaggs who has been coaching defensive players all of his coaching life will be a subordinate to to Juan Castillio is beyond arrogance. It's borderline stupidity. All of Reid's good ideas for his recent coaching staff have blown up in his face. Jim Washburn in the Wide 9 system should  follow Juan right out the door. Andy has allowed his own arrogance to finally put his own job in jeopardy. We will see how far he will be willing to change in order to save it. My guess is not far enough.

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  • He mentioned yesterday "As I stand here today Juan is my defensive coordinator." It's a play on words. Today is a new day. Juan is fired. That's why after his comments about Vick I have to wonder if he's considering a change there as well.
  • Its a play on words but typical Reid backstab. He has burnt all his bridges.
  • I know this much. If Lurie doesn't fire this guy like he implied he would he will become a villain on par with Norman Brahman to many Eagles fans.
  • I would NOT coach at any level, any sport..why???? simple Damned if you do??? damned to hell if you dont...
  • Good for you. Incompetence is Incompetence in whatever job you have. In my job being to arrogant to make changes early or to ask for help early could literally mean the death of people. Failure to do my job promptly and correctly could lead to my dismissal. Why should Reid be any different? Just because he's from the west coast so that makes you like him, doesn't mean he shouldn't be held accountable.
  • EZ. Are you a doctor or a Paramedic or something? I'm just guessing based off the whole life or death description.
  • Dr. EazyEagles. Has a nice ring to it. LOL.
  • LOL Nice.
  • I'm an Air Traffic Controller. I save more people in an hour than Superman saves in a lifetime.
  • Hopefully Reid let's Bowles do his thing and not force feed him his beliefs but I doubt that happens. Castillo will be the straw that broke the camel's back but honestly it goes back a little longer than that. If we are to believe some of the media many of the available defensive coordinators last year had no desire to coach a defense that was running the wide 9 so in a way Jim Washburn could be that straw. I just don't get why Reid hired his line coach before replacing his defensive coordinator. What coordinator would want to have some of his coaches forced on him? Obviously one that was just trying to make his defensive mark on a team....Juan Castillo. Maybe Reid will now acknowledge another mistake and start letting this team step into the future by benching his turnover machine but I doubt it. That would mean he has accepted the fact that he is done.
  • Listen to the players. They were questioning their coaching staff. They were calling out players for being selfish. Defensive linemen are patting themselves on the back for NOT GETTING SACKS! Andy Reid has lost this team. Nobody is being held accountable. He's got two weeks to right the ship with an undefeated team looming to add another loss to his resume.
  • they have a tremendous amount of pressure when atlanta comes to town. this could get really bad. maybe Reid is next you never know.
  • I heard what Coles said about the pressure on Sunday and he is delusional if he thought they had enough on Stafford. I also heard Asomugha's questioning the switch in coverage late and another player (don't remember who) made a comment about some players being selfish. Never a good sign and it seems like the team is starting to unravel. This move is a big move for a team that had Super Bowl aspirations (their thoughts...I didn't think it would happen behind Vick) and but it needed to be done. We just know it isn't going to be enough. How does Bowles help Vick's turnovers? How does he help the decimated offensive line? Just not going to be enough.
  • This is a team without leaders. They are mercenary players. The Eagles need to cultivate talent and keep it. Who would you rather have now Cullen Jenkins or Bunkley. Trevor laws or Cedric Thorton? Bradley , Gocong, Mickell...etc. Leadership potential. What do they have? Avant, Celek what else? Even Akers would be useful.
  • You can't have leaders who didn't develop in the system. You're right. They are a bunch of mercenary's who care only for the paycheck. Now Cole is sounding as dumb as Babin. It's getting ugly fast. That's what happens when a team lacks true leadership.
  • Yep, I will say this I underestimated Dawkins as a leader. His skills diminished but he held that defense together.
  • He was the heart and soul of the team. He's a one
    of a kind type player. They never recovered from the loss.
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  • They definitely could use some leadership but the guys you mention don't do it for me either. Maybe it's the personalities. Cole should be one of the defensive leaders on this team but may not be vocal enough. Asomugha should be the leader in the secondary and even though he spoke up Sunday I feel he is too quiet and too much of a nice guy plus he really isn't playing all that well. Who wants to listen to a player that is struggling himself?
  • Nnamdi, Cole, Vick, Jenkins, Herremans, and McCoy are arguably the leaders on this team. You're right! Who is going to listen to a bunch of guys who are just as much the
    reason the team is struggling?
  • thats a big part of the problem and if aq guy like Jackson pops up inyour face they will push him away like a fly.
  • More fools gold here. Juan's defense gave up leads, but you should win games when you hold teams to 16 point a game. Where is Marty's accountability? How about Vick for putting the defense in so many bad situations? April special teams have been a joke. If Mudd is such a great coach why for two seasons straight the line has looked putrid in the first half of the season? More people than Juan need to be held accountable.
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  • Like Asante Samuel tweeted:

    "Sometimes you have to blame yourself. You can't try and always point the figure at someone else" - 9:55 a.m. EST"
  • This is one of the few seasons where I can't wait for it to end.
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  • Somebody needs to grab a hold of this mess. It's spiraling out of control rapidly.
  • In the past Reid could rally the media and fans to scapegoat someone. But he used up his credits. Now its squarely on him and the whole country is watching.
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  • He has no choice in the matter. Change with no REAL CHANGE AT ALL. Juan is nothing more than a scapegoat. Meanwhile the offense has been awful! Where's that accountability?
  • sorry flagged. I agree w/u I think he needs to sink his fangs into Marty. That would strike a note with the fans.
  • YB's flag thin stinks. They should go back to the old way. They had more people back then too.
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  • LOL of course some of those multiple IDs may have gotten booted (like that in4mous guy) and that's why there are less people too. Of course the main reason people left is because Donnie 5 left.
  • I've already told you why I think they didn't do anything about multis. Look at how they let one man run amok with his many, many IDs and what they let him get away with for a very long time. Whenever I complained to yardbarker (who are the only ones who absolutely know who the multis are and what they do with their IDs) I got one answer..."we allow the use of multis as of now". Why? What good does it do and why did they allow a couple of people (and one main barker) to continue ruining this site for the barkers who just want to discuss football? No reason could possibly be a good one and all I got was a lame ass reason anyway.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • At least you got a quick response about him, Spotella. Early on I got replies from the mods but it was only when I needed help getting into my account (and I also tried helping hollywoodeagle when he typed saying he was having problems with certain aspects of yardbarker) and also when I complained about a dealer trying to sell his wares in the yard. The mods were all lovey dovey then. I shot an email out complaining about the multis without making any reference to anyone in particular and got the "we allow multis as of now" response. Afer someone continued his BS with his many multis I started complaining about romorules directly and started being ignored. No responses...nothing. Nothing was done until I started calling yardbarker out in the yard. I even had some of my comments deleted just for questioning why yardbarker would allow this kind of behaviour. Funny, isn't it? All the rude comments they allow on here and all the crap they allow one man to pull yet I get some comments deleted because I question the integrity of this website. The mods sent me an email telling me they knew who the multis were and asked me to stay out of it and I told them I would but also expressed my disappointment in how they weren't dealing with the mess. They ended up deleting many of romorules IDs that he openly admitted to and that he made easy to spot. Some of them actually mysteriously reappeared after they were deleted until I complained about them again...they were permantly deleted after that. He started back up again for a while and I complained again only to be told that everybody involved in any kind of yardbarker altercation would be tossed off the site. I was basically told that if they booted romorules I was going with him. Romorules starts this BS, I call him a slug for it and they threaten to toss me off with him if I push the subject. Justice for you, huh? It's funny that you and I and many barkers have complained about romorules and yet here he is again starting his crap and nothing is being done. Makes you kind of wonder, doesn't it?
  • I'm just trying to stat out of the multi-id crap. It's a waste of time Green. You know how it goes. You're more likely to find yourself dealing with the Mods coming at you instead of going after others. You know they wont do anything about.
  • You're absolutely right, Eazy and honestly it's why I put this out in the open yard. It's the only way the mods seem to try to keep a handle on things. I guess you can say I try to shame them into doing their jobs. If they want to come after me for trying to do what they should be doing, then shame on them. If you don't see my comments out in the yard after a while you know why. LOL. Thanks for your concern.
  • I You and Spots do what you feel you have too. I'm just trying to keep my disagreements sports related. LOL anything else will feel like I'm banging my head on Kelliscott's wall.
  • Who says Bowles wont use the Wide 9? I agree that Marty should be held accountable, but that's Andy's boy and what people still fail to realize Andy and Marty offensive think the same. All that will happen is Reid will once again take over the play calling and you wont notice any change. The only true change will come with the firing of Reid himself.
  • We all know Andy is a creature of habit. He says one thing and does something different. The problem here is that there is so much blame everywhere it looks sort of petty getting rid of Juan. It doesnt seem like enough. This was sort of like getting rid of a wart. He needs to slay a a heavyweight but if its Vick he will destroy the lockeroom for good. He has very few options. I dont think the players will respond well to Foles. But , hey at this point WTF
  • It's not enough to get rid of Juan when offense is scoring points at the rate of the Jaguars. This team is locked in a state of delusion. They swear they are so talented, and they act so cocky when their record is .500 and still haven't won a playoff game since Dawkins left. This team needs a shock to the system. Maybe benching Vick for at least a game could be that shock needed.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I would only start Foles just to see what we have in him. If he's even just average, I still want to trade up for Geno Smith. Think about it. What do all of the most recent champions have in common?

    They all have a superstar at QB. We need to have that superstar QB.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Spot. I hate the Giants as much as the next Eagles fan, but I've got to admit that Eli is definitely elite. The guy has now won 2 SBs. That's not overrated. Believe me. I hate to admit it, but it's true.
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  • I think it's a combination of things. A combination of both luck and skill. I keep hearing how talented the Eagles are, but Bill Parcells said it best. You are what your record says you are. Perhaps this team isn't as talented as we like to think.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Check your messages Spotella.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • checkmate----reid turning eagles into clown organization---juan should stayed o-line coach bar none.
  • I get why he would promote the good soldier Juan, but promote him to a spot to get him some notoriety, but not to a spot where he can tear the team down. Juan's being the good soldier, sacrificing himself, for Reid. Too bad for Reid nobody is buying it.
  • If you think about it pretty much lowers expectations early on. So now i they compete Reid looks like he turned everything around. In the end Reid survives and Lurie protects his investment. NO OUTSIDERS ALLOWED.
  • Hollywood right now they have plenty of outsiders in the nest, because so many of their former assistance are now head coaches or former head coaches. Their former GM is in Cleveland. Their former president is in Cleveland. Now they have guys like April, Washburn, Mudd, and Bowles. All of them are outsiders to Reid. Lurie lost his mouth piece and is now going at it alone with a sprinkle of a little Roseman. If Reid DOES CHANGE THINGS AROUND I for one would be happy. I don't care who wins the Eagles the bowl as long as it's done.
  • If you believe Lurie everything is on Reid and the wide 9 and Juan appeared without his approval. Use ur head EZ. Lurie is a millionaire and you think he doesnt understand the effect of Juan and the wide 9. Its a reason to point fingers and divert attention from not winning a superbowl. All PR and manipulation. Eagle fans are clueless. This is not on the up and up.
  • I don't think Lurie is meddling with Reid on football related operations at all except for the signing of one player. Lurie had to be on board with the signing of Mike Vick. Lurie made it clear he wasn't a fan of it at first, but through assurances from Reid he changed his mind. Yet another decision made by Reid that could eventually come back to haunt him.
  • I agree, Eazy and have stated this numerous times.
  • Reid's personnel decisions have been questionable at best recently.
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  • If that were true then it's nothing but more of an indictment on Reid. Reid hired him. Reid has been with the guy for 14 years. If he didn't know the guy wasn't capable of doing the job, then what does that say about Reid?

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