When Nick Foles Is Named The Starter What Will You Do?

Posted July 16, 2013

Will you call for boycotts like so many sorry souls have done in the past while you crept out with your other girl/team?

Will you call Chip Kelly a racist and march on Broad Street?

Will you cry all season about how Vick would have done better even though he would be stinking up the joint with his new team?

Will you do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier?

Will you join in on the Marcus Vick Twitter rants about the apparent mistreatment of his big brother?

Or will you accept the fact Vick was just beaten out.

Can you find it in your heart to actually root for a white quarterback?

Will you continue to make excuse after excuse for Foles like you have for Vick or will you still have a prejudice in that area?

Will you still be talking about Bobby Hoying and Kevin Kolb, relating them to Foles as if all white quarterbacks look alike?

Will you make posts about how terrible a coach Chip Kelly is even if he’s winning?

Will you admit you were wrong if Kelly is winning?

What will you do?


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  • Really EZ, this is something that belongs as a MESSAGE not as a post.

    To answer you question, I've already said what I will do.
  • What's that call Chip Kelly racist for not choosing Dennis Dixon?
  • No one said Kelly was a racist. I said that YOU are. Lower still, you lied about being Black to try and get away with what you say on here.

    I was trying to let the race thing die, but if you want to dredge it back up, let's do it! We can spend all of the 2013 season focusing on it. See ACTUALLY being Black, I've dealt with "people" like you before.
  • I still find it hilariously ironic how the black guy who married a white woman still thinks that I'm not black enough to be black. PE third album track 7. Go look it up.
  • Public Enemy? Really? A militant teamed with a minstrel show, and THIS is who you base your life philosophy on?

    I own two PE mp3's but both of them were downloaded for snippets in shows. The thing with PE is that, like you they were all show and no go. Not a surprise that you'd STILL be listening to them.
  • I believe you are what you claim you are, Eazy. It takes a desperate man to question your heritage simply because you grew tired of watching McNabb and Vick and decided to be "vocal" about wanting to see the Eagles move on. I remember seeing you tell Hollywood your heritage quite a while back and I see no reason why you would lie. You haven't been racist one bit as far as I have seen. Remember that this is the same guy who just told his friend that I wasn't loyal after I told the truth (and after he questioned just about every Eagle move this year) and had her question my morality but ignored Hollywood's first morally inept rant that fit exactly what Ibleedgreen's post was supposedly about.
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  • I wish I could agree with you spot. I dont think you care about race adn I know I dont care. But the meat grinder of legitimacy that McNabb was subjected to in philly is almost unprecedented. They had Tony Banks/Cunningham in Balto and it wasnt even on the radar but in Philly you get the whole personality disorder routine. The microexamination. Its just not a good environment for extraordinary skilled black athletic leaders. Its proven it can ruin careers.
  • LOL. The guy that calls two people by their ethnicity instead of taking 30 seconds to find their names doesn't care about race. Don't give me that crap that we should be less sensitive. You really need to work on a few character flaws and how you look at things, hollywood.
  • You are the one harping on race I just dragged your hatred out the closet. I can talk to people of all races anyway i want and you know what they know Im not a racist. You can sense a hater. Im not that. You think I cant talk about my own religion. Jews are a pain in the ass. You get all bent out of shape and queasy when talking about ethnicity. frankly I dont give a crap.
  • Really? 9 days and this is what you come up with?

    You dragged my hatred out of the closet? How was that...by the biggest liar on this site stating I'm something I'm not with no basis to make that statement? I don't get all bent out of shape or queasy by what you type...I simply know that you are an ass for typing it.

    You are 50 right, Hollywood? You do get that on a forum like this the only way we have to judge each other is by what we type. You have typed some of the most hateful things on here (as an Eagle fan you are the worst by far but flip is catching up) and definitely the most racist. Your post about the Cowboys being "Mexico's team", your totally unfounded claims that Reid was a racist because he named Casey Matthews a starter even though his franchise QB was McNabb and Vick for a few years, your claims that Lurie is a racist even though his first head coach was Ray Rhodes and the faces of his franchise were many black men and lately your calling Chung and Sopoaga by their ethnicity instead of by their names and just the way you act like all this isn't a big deal goes a long way in seeing how insensitive you are about a subject that should be handled with much more class than you handle it. You're scum Hollywood...I'm not the first that has implied that nor will I be the last (your buddy is the only one that actually blocked you). It isn't me just calling you that for no reason...I call you that because it's true. You have had more issues with barkers than anyone I have seen on this site by simply stating your bizarre thoughts...at least your buddy romorules was looking for the negative attention he got.
  • Green I think scum would find your words hateful and disgusting as you are identifying scum with this guy.
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  • And what if Vick is named the starter? U do realize he has as good a shot if not better than foles to make it right? He was the guy the could have got rid of for d@mn near nothing but brought back for 7,000,000. He's also the bargaining tool used to bring chip here. After all the crap u said about Vick, how the hell r u gonna cheer for him and not feel like an idiot if he is named the starter?
  • I know you directed this at Eazy but I think you bring up a good point about it being tough to cheer on Vick if he is named the starter. I have already stated as much, kind of. It will be tough for me but it has nothing to do with me pulling for Foles. It has all to do with Vick's play over the last two years and worrying about injuries and his dive in play after a quick start in 2010. I just won't feel comfortable with him out there and will be waiting for the bottom to fall out like it did these past couple years. Regardless, I can't help but root on the Eagles...even in Vick's last meaningless game against the Giants. Whenever the Eagles hit on a play I felt my heart start racing...unfortunately there weren't too many and deep down I knew that winning that game would have only hurt their draft position...I guess I (and the Eagles honestly) was lucky that Vick only seemed to be going through the motions.

  • I can certainly cheer for Mike, but I don't see how you can view anything I wrote as crap. If Mike is the starter I will be rooting for him to succeed just like I have the past few seasons. Now with that being the case My tolerance for failure is much lower for Mike Vick as he's failed several times the past few years. So that means Chip Kelly will draw my ire and he will receive my criticism for choosing Vick if Vick continues to fail this team by getting injured, and making turnovers. Now that I have answered your question, how about you do me the common courtesy of doing the same since I asked the question first.
  • Ill cheer for foles same ill cheer for Vick. I said last year week 3 to start foles this year regardless of how Vick does. Being that chip uses his qb similar to Vicks strengths I said it looks like Vick would be the guy and it still does. I just want someone to be named the starter. It could be Barkley I don't care.
  • You sound like an Eagles fan. We'll all root for whomever leads us out there. Like you I just happen to think that Vick's skills better suits what I've seen from Kelly.

    None of us started watching football in 2012. We've seen how it's done by successful teams (both ours and others). Like you, most of us just want the stability of a named starter.
  • Lets live with the fact Charles chip Kelly is the coach otay
  • Are you struggling with this fact?
  • Watch , wait and then tell EZ and GTD I told you so. Then Ill add Foles to the KK and Hoying list.
  • You should add Vick to the KK and Hoying list. In fact unless your "list" is named Quarterbacks Who Brought CHAMPIONSHIPS TO PHILLY, your "list" should be rather lengthy. So what is the name of your "list" Jimmy the Greek Jr?
  • I'm not sure it matters who gets named starting QB. Unless this year's offensive line is a huge improvement over the last couple of years' it won't matter. He'll just have the privilege of being the first one injured. Whichever man gets it, I'll cheer for him and keep my fingers crossed for his health.
  • I can't believe you actually made me get on here and READ your response. :^)

    As long as Jason Kelce can be forklifted back into his QB, there is always going to be that question. Like I said to you last season it's not the Tackles that worry me, it's up the gut. People are counting on Jason Peters and a rookie to make us better this year, but that ignores where the problem really was.
  • Well Watkins is out and herremans is defiantly an improvement even with ur concerns. I would still like to see kelce push by Reynolds. Other than a few bad snaps his play was just as good if not better. When Scott was brought in we seen most of the pressure on the qb disappear.
  • Good point about Herremanns. I was doing just what I've been saying that OTHERS were doing. I was judging Herremanns ability on JUST his ability and not in context to where he stacks vs. the rest of the roster. I still have my concerns about him vs OTHER rosters; but yeah, he is an upgrade over Watkins.

    Our center position has been a mess since we first lost Jackson to injury in 2009. It's weird that we couldn't find a decent one in FOUR years. What's funny is that last season, FoulMouthPhilly was saying the same thing. She likes Reynolds better than Kelce, but not by much.
  • "If the fact they have the ability to run, I believe that's an added bonus, but that's not the precursor to what we do," Kelly said. "We've said it since day one. I want the quarterback that has the ability to run. I do not want a running back that can throw. We've never been that type of offense, and I think that's a misconception."
    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20130717_Mobility_a__bonus__for_Eagles_quarterback__Kelly_says.html#bZa1WxzYgEC7Liry.99

    It's not me. It's Chip Kelly who is going out of his way to get rid of Mike Vick.
  • So foles and Barkley can run? Seriously? Do u really think Kelly is going out of his way to get rid of Vick when he already went out of his way to get him a new deal? Ur delusional at best.
  • Do you understand that running in Kelly's mind is nothing more than a novelty and not a necessity. Just remember if Vick doesn't win the job as a passer then he becomes a liability to this team.
  • In ur quote of Kelly it says I want a quarterback who can run. Foles and Barkley r both slow as dirt. Do u not understand Kelly wants a qb who can run?
  • He said "ability" to run. That is not to say he wants a running quarterback. In fact he said he doesn't want a running quarterback. If he didn't want Barkley he didn't have to draft him. I don't see how you can read this quote and think Vick is his guy.
  • He has never once said he doesn't want a running quarterback. He said he doesn't NEED a running quarterback but he WANTS a qb with the ABILITY to run. Foles and Barkley don't fit what he wants. Vick does. Not too hard to see. Plus if u believe he would have lost the locker room by cutting Vick it would seem the players want Vick too.
  • First off unless you're in a wheel chair or missing an appendage or two EVERYONE HAS THE "ABILITY TO RUN!" Kelly is making it clear decision making and accuracy with the football are the priority. He's going to choose the guy that is the best at those abilities. Getting to your second point. Kelly believe he would have lost his team if he cut Vick, because he wouldn't have given Vick a chance to compete. Tell me if Vick loses out to Foles on the field can anyone deny that Foles was the better option? The answer is no. If Kelly wants Vick to be his guy at this point who would question it? Nobody would so if he wanted Vick to simply be the starter he would have just named him so.
  • So ur just gonna ignore the part where ur made up sh!t like Kelly said he doesn't want a running qb. When in ur quote he says I want a qb with the ability to run. The way foles n Barkley move they might be better off in a wheel chair. Kelly wants a mobile qb. He's said it. It's obvious if u pay attention. He said he can adapt to a foles type but he wants a mobile qb. If he didn't want Vick he would have cut him. U dint waste time reps and energy into someone u don't believe in. If he didn't want Vick he would have cut him. Do u seriously think Kelly doesn't want Vick?
  • You cut your hand despite your face. If Kelly "wants" Vick he wouldn't have went to him and asked him to take a pay cut to stay. If Kelly "wants" Vick he wouldn't have him sharing reps with the slow guy despite the fact Vick says he doesn't like doing so. If Kelly simply "wants" Vick then he wouldn't have him in a quarterback competition. If Kelly "wants" Vick his answer simply would be he's my quarterback instead of "I didn't want to lose the team." If this is how you view wanting life must be really hard in your world. How often do people have to PROVE themselves to people who supposedly want them? I recall a preseason game when Vick first got here when McNabb waved Vick back onto the sidelines, because McNabb wanted to get the offense into a rhythm. Nobody questioned it on that staff. That's the type of thing a wanted quarterback can do.
  • No wrong again. Kelly didn't hand Vick the job because he's looking for the best option which he believes may be Vick. If he didn't Vick would be gone. He wants a mobile qb. That's what the quote says. Vicks the mobile qb. One plus one is two right?? If he didn't want Vick why is Vick on the roster? And ur still gonna ignore the part where u made up Kelly doesn't want a mobile qb?
  • You're right, EZ is wrong.

    EZ isn't really arguing with you, he's actually arguing with Kelly's history.

    To buy what EZ is selling, you have to believe Kelly when he tells you that he is NOW going to do something different than what got him here. It's gamesmanship and nothing more.
  • Didn't you write that about the quarterback situation? Wasn't Foles supposed to be traded? Aren't the fans in an uproar over Kelly? LOL
  • Yep! I DID say that Foles would be traded, just like I was sure that McNabb wouldn't be. Seems I was wrong. Oh well.
  • As I was ABSOLUTELY certain you were wrong then I am just as certain you are wrong now.
  • As Arte Johnson from laugh-in Fame always said "very Interesting" and yes it will be under new coach Charles chip kelly.
    I know I recall his coaching here in Eugene,Oregon..
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  • Yeah, it's hard to establish and keep a rhythm if your partner keeps being swapped out on you. At this point I'm like "Pick a guy! ANY guy!"
  • Better to shop around and make sure you make the right choice rather than just picking a someone, because you're impulsive. Chip needs to take his time and make the right choice. In either case he going to be criticized.
  • http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000219626/article/nick-foles-confident-in-philadelphia-eagles-qb-battle

    That's foles saying he wants to start. Quick someone make a thread telling him he isn't allowed to go against the coach and to shut the h e double hockey sticks up.
  • See, this an example of something we'd avoid if we had a named starter. Kelly could still have his competition, but at least they'd know what leader to follow as opposed to splitting the locker room.
  • If Jackson boasted about individual accomplishments he plans to have this season nobody would mind. I never mentioned what he thought about Vick becoming the starter. Seems to me you and flipflop are the ones upset with Foles having confidence in his own abilities. Suddenly a guy has confidence in himself and it's a problem? Now if Foles were dumb enough to say that he's taking us to the Bowl this year or that with him starting we are on the verge of a dynasty then I would be the first to make a post telling him to shut up and prove it first.
  • "Seems to me you and flipflop are the ones upset with Foles having confidence in his own abilities."

    At NO point did 20Dawk nor I, convey a sense of being upset with Foles. I WANT players who are confident. I'm not generally a fan of meek football players. For every Barry Sanders, or Jerry Rice, there are 4 Singletary's and 3 Dieon Sanders. The HOF is NOT primarily populated by meek players.

    FYI: Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame Football Players: Chuck Bednarik (1967), Bert Bell (1963), Bob (Boomer) Brown (2004), Sonny Jurgensen (1983), Tommy McDonald (1998), Earle (Greasy) Neale (1969), Pete Pihos (1970), Steve Van Buren (1965), Reggie White (2006).

    Everyone of those guys was a talker and/or a braggart. Talking WORKS for us.
  • You have no idea what you are writing about. Van Buren and Reggie White were not big talkers. In fact Concrete Chuck would probably punch you in the mouth for comparing him to a punk kid like Jackson who would rather talk about it instead of being about it.
  • Apparently u don't know sarcasm. U blast Vick for saying he wants a starter to be named, not even saying he wants to be the one. u also blast desean for saying Vick should be named the starter. But when foles says he wants to be named the starter it's fine? Yea and flips the hyprocrite.
  • I Didn't blast Jackson for wanting Vick. I blasted Jackson for whining about the fact there wasn't a starter chosen and about them being a top 5 team. For a guy who got demoted in OTAs he sure is talkative. Meanwhile you seem pretty upset about Foles wanting to win the job that you don't even think he should have a chance to win.
  • When did I ever say I don't want foles? I just think if we r going to blast one player for something we should blast the, all for that same thing. All u been doing is blasting desean n Vick all offseason. Hold foles to the same standards u hold Vick. If Vick can't say he wants to be the starter either can foles.
  • I hope you don't mind if I add my two cents.

    Come on 20dawk. Foles being confident doesn't even come close to trying to "push" or "bully" a rookie coach into making a decision. I don't take issue with any player being confident...if they aren't they won't be in the NFL too long. I do take SOME issue with players questioning the coach on how he is coming to a decision he should handle the way he feels fit. Kelly says that he has no problem with it and as long as things don't get out of control I'm okay with it...and as much as someone on here would like us to believe that Kelly is either losing control or hasn't gained any yet I have heard no such thing.
  • I don't care if foles says he's confident. My point is Vick was blasted by ez n other fans for saying he wants A STARTER TO BE NAMED. It was twisted into HE SAID HE WANTS TO BE THE STARTER. here we have a direct quote of Foles saying HE WANTS TO BE NAMED THE STARTER. if Vick can't say it why can foles?
  • The difference is simple Vick expressed his frustrations over the fact he was sharing reps with Foles and the others. With his frustrations with sharing he commented on how he wanted a starter to be named so he wouldn't have to keep answering the question. None of that was for the benefit of the Eagles rather it was for the benefit of Mike Vick himself. I have no problem with Foles, Barkley, Dixon, Vick, and even Kinne feeling confident in their own abilities or even stating as much. Mike wanted to take the ball and go home. His own words implied that he didn't want to compete. He wanted it given to him. That's the difference. That's what drew my ire. I am happy Mike is confident in himself. Had he shown that confidence earlier then he wouldn't have been crying for someone to be named for the job. He would have went out there and talked about simply winning it. Mike mentioned when he was first resigned about competing for the job and his confidence in his own abilities. I had no problems with him saying it then, but what does it say about Mike character if some adversity comes along and some competition comes along and he flakes out about it? If Mike can't handle this there is no wonder why the Eagles have been the way they have been these past few seasons. It's no wonder why he's in a competition for his job now, and why his head coach virtually said the same thing this morning on the radio.
  • I know what Vick said and it doesn't change my opinion. No one seems annoyed that Vick is confident...no one buried him for that. I believe Eazy ripped on Vick and Jackson for openly questioning Kelly for not naming a starter...something that Kelly should do whenever he feels comfortable...whenever he is ready. Vick even took it one step further and told the reporter to publish his statement. Not a hanging offense but something that really didn't need to be done and certainly nothing like just stating you are confident in your abilities.
  • I think if everyone just sits back and asses the situation they will understand the difference here. I know that I have no problem with Vick or anyone wanting or believing in themselves. I do have a problem with players undermining their coaches or saying stupid things like "we're a top 5 team" when the team hasn't been a top 5 team for most of the time he's been here. Somehow those facts got twisted into Jackson being compared to Reggie White being the same type of talkers. Jerome Brown was a mouth. Dude never stopped talking on or off the field and even he never said anything as stupid as what Jackson said.
  • You know how things go, Eazy. People take what they want out of your comments and twist them. Flip tries that all the time anymore. I remember awhile back he took one of my comments and twisted it (even put it in quotations) and when I called him on it he wouldn't back down and told me I meant it the way he interpreted it. I told him when using quotations the words should be exact but he still wouldn't state that he was wrong. I believe he asked a question based on our feelings and when I portrayed how I thought we on yardbarker felt on what he asked, he stated in his post that I typed it as the whole fanbase...again IN QUOTATIONS. I told him I only was telling him what he asked and based it on the half dozen people I saw answering his question (I believe he hinted no one answered...I just pointed out that we certainly did answer...but like usual he ignored everyone else for his own purpose...It's the birdflipper way).
  • One thing I learned on this site is you can't fix stupid no matter how hard you try. I seriously don't know if he's purposely twisting it or he just lacks the comprehension skills. What I have found is he and Wood are working off one crazy agenda.
  • Didn't mean to flag this.

    DJax was demoted but he straightened Kelly out and now he's a starter again. Seems to me it's cool if he talks, if he can tell the coach to start him.
  • If it was out of line wouldnt kelly have benched him? Its only Ok if Foles rants. Hes pulling a Kevin Kolb. He should pay respect to the incumbent starter. Only In Philly do they let these things become a lockeroom virus.
  • exactly right Dawk.
  • The episode of a Football Life featured TEAMMATES saying that White was a talker. But I'm guessing you knew him better than Mike Golic did.
    As for Van Buren, all I know is what I've heard from people who say him play. He was well retired before I was even born, so I won't fight you on something I could damned well be wrong about or at the least can't verify.
  • First of all I don't mind on the field talking. I think it's clear I was referring to off the field boasting to the media. Trash talk is common place. There is also a difference between confidence and just saying very stupid things like we can be a dynasty when you can't even win five games. Surely you're smart enough to understand the difference. Then again...
  • I am trusting Kelly on this. He said if guys outplay other guys they are going to climb up the depth chart. The Eagles haven't had anything on this level since the late seventies. With that being the case even a guy like Kinne could end up starting if he outplays the other guys. Stay tuned.
  • The Eagles have their fans right where they want them. Creating drama, arguments and dissaray. Divide and conquer. The oldest method in the book. This organization shows no loyalty or durability. Its weak knee and doesnt focus on the prize and its all happening again. A team like the Ravensnever act like this weak organization. Its embarrasing.
  • How silly is that? What do the Eagles benefit from a divided fan base? There is no money in division. Besides the point the fan base hasn't been this energized and excited in years. Reid sucked the life out of the people and now it's back. Of course you're in Baltimore so you don't have a clue.
  • When has Hollywood ever even tried making sense? 3/4s of what he types has no basis to it and just makes little sense at all...and his buddy follows him around hitting the "I like this" button just because they whine together.
  • My question is who is the nut job who actually liked his comment? Don't be shy whoever you are. Stand up and be counted in the lot of idiots.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • It most certainly doesn't! That was the comment that his buddy based giving him the title the accountant with the tin foil cap on. Good times...good times.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I just think the guy writes to get a rise out of people. No one can truly think like he does. He takes everything written and twists it around. When he's called on his antics he twists everything more. If he is like that in real life I feel sorry for anyone who trusts him enough to do business with him, because he seems too unstable.
  • in balto you can talk about the broncos , 9ers, steelers , patriots ...etc. you mention th eagles and there is a chuckle and then laughter. im not kidding one bit. dont even waste your time in balto with the eagles they are pegged as losers. i still think lurie will be gone within 3-5 years. This is his last chance.
  • 1 Nobody in Philly gives a sh%t what people from your city thinks.
    2 Considering you are a "businessman" please explain to us the strategic nuances of dividing up your consumer in an attempt to dilute your own product is beneficial to business.
    3 Explain how Lurie is stripping down his product when he turned a million dollar business into a billion dollar one.
    4 Talking about the Eagles in Baltimore would be like calling a Philly radio station to talk about the Ravens. You would seem like an out of placed idiot.
  • Exactly! "Out of placed idiot"...hhhmmm. Sounds like someone here, doesn't it? Why should it change from yardbarker to the radio?
  • Of course you care when your team gets no respect. If you dont your a fool. Second any publicity is good poublicity. Lets se the gimmicks they have going this year- QB contoversy, 3-4 defense, Chip kellys offense. While in balto they are talking repeat. You prove my point Lurie has turned a million dollar business into a billion dollar business by stuffing his wallet. Thats why the Eagles get that fat ass backup from SF and the ravens get Elvis Dumerville. Only idiot here is the one buying tickets to see that crap.
  • Hollywood you don't give your team any respect. You can clap your hands giddy for Dumerville, but your Ravens lost two HOF players 3/4 of its starting secondary, two insider linebackers (not named Ray Lewis but still expected to play), it's best player in the post season (Boldin) and are now cap strapped thanks to Joe Flacco. So to act as if everything is all Rosey Red in Raven land is silly when in reality they are going to have issues next season, because their overall talent has diminished.
  • thats funny they are #1 in most power rankings and have added dumerville spears and canty on defense. You live in a wannabee wonderland and cant tell reality from fantasy.
  • Thought I heard it on radio. But even so, they are nearly top 10 or lessin all rankings. Eagles are in bottom 10 in most. And your claiming the Ravens have problems. wake the f-up
  • The Ravens do have problems, and I'm not the one acting as if the Eagles don't. Dude you are so full of bull though. This comment that they are number one in most power rankings to now you heard it on the radio? You got caught in a flat out lie. What did you think you're the only person who has the internet? Let me guess the "radio stations" just happens to be from Baltimore right? FYI you talk with your Balto friends and the laugh when you bring up the Eagles, they aren't laughing at the Eagles. They are laughing at you.
  • Hollywood has his own website now? The name is perfect!
  • Uncle R- you have lived in a fantasy world or far to long. If my memory serves me correctly didnt the Ravens just win a superbowl. Only a dope like you would try to convince people that "the Ravens do have problems". You think you want to think before you strike. Thats about as dumb as it gets. Baltimore has the defending champls and Philly has?
  • Speaking of fantasy worlds you tell me how drafting the great Beanie Wells works out for you. I didn't realize the Cardinals were so talented they could simply release top 5 running backs.
  • Just more of his reaching and not wanting to admit he was wrong. I will never get why he comes to this website to continuously lie and type BS. He just refuses to understand that we all can read...that we all see what he types and keeping the BS going just makes him look more like an ass. The sad part is that he always seems to have at least one enabler that makes him think he is typing good things on this site. For years it was romorules and now it's flip (just think about that flip...that's what you've become to hollywood). All it takes for someone as delusional as hollywood to keep going is one person to make him think he makes sense and unfortunately he has that. Then again I doubt anything would stop him from typing his crap here. He's still wasting his time after 5 years or more...what a freakin' waste of time.
  • They were beast friends before when all that boycott stuff went down. Flip flop tried to act like he made that up, but that was a wood thing. I guess he blocked him then, because he didn't want to look like the understudy to Hollywood.
  • You knock the superbowl champs? You should wear a dunce cap for trying to compare the two franchises. The Ravens have rings the eagles have a marshmellow owner. the team reflects its owner and the eagles right now better get some balls are the fans are in for another humiliation.
  • The only moron comparing the Ravens with the Eagles is that fool Raveneagle.
  • I ll be the first white guy to admit. It would be nice to have a white franchise QB fir the first time in 30+ years. I don't think it has anything to do with racism, but more about being able to relate and heritage from European past.

    I know black men most likely feel the same way about having a black QB. Its not racism, its more about being proud of your "people"

    that aside. I loved 5 until 2007 2008. Then I was worn down and ready to move on. Vick came in and surprised everyone and we all loved him in 2010; but 2010 is OVER! He has been horrible the last two seasons.

    right now the best QB on this roster is Foles. Personally I would rather have Dixon win the job over barkly or Vick!. *( I think Barkley sucks a*#)

    so stop the racism. Stop the hate. Look at what Vick has got us and move on.
  • I completely disagree with you. I could careless about the race of any player, coach, owner or anything else. All I care about is victories. The guy could be blue for all I care as long as he (or she for that matter) brings a parade down Broad Street. This race stuff is stupid.
  • "completely disagree" .. so you are arguing that I don't want a parade down Broad street? Did you read the comment? Or did you stop after the first sentence?

    The best QB on this roster right now is Foles. Of course, I would rather have a superbowl than anything else, but i'm also not going to pretend like the subconscious mind has no effect on decision makings we all have.
  • I completely disagree with race being an issue for me. The parade for me is more important than the color of the guys skin who gets me there. Race isn't an issue for me at all. Production is all that matters.
  • i think everyone here is claiming they arent a racist. So I think everyone at this point deserves the benefit of the doubt.However, I think in the management decision making process race does play a factor. we have a president thats race played a factor in most americans decsion process. it may have been low down on the lsit of important factors but it was there. I dont believe that it has been determined that Foles is the best QB on the roster. In fact, everthing Ive read in camp is negative about him. Its early so we shall see. At this point race is the least of Eagle fan worries. They need that Lombardi to have any credibility. I am frustrated. Thats the big problem . When fans are frustrated they cannibalize their own. And thats whats happening right now. It will get worse if things get worse. The Eagles need to be held accountable from the top on down. No one should be immune to being questioned. They have failed to deliver and thats the bottom line.
  • I don't think anyone has stated Foles was the best guy on the roster. As for myself I'm not sold on Foles. What I do know is unless Vick completely changes how he plays we have no real shot at a championship. Vick,Foles,Dixon,Barkley,Kinne,Cookie Monster. I don't care who gets us the wins as long as they are wins. Just remember that Vick is also susceptible to those questions you were referring to.
  • Speaking on race for a moment Riley Cooper is an idiot, I never really liked him before, and I can't stand him now. Out of every Eagle this season he would be the most difficult one for me to root for if he actually makes the team.

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