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Current welterweight champion and politician Manny Pacquiao caught some heat for his comments in a recent interview with the Examiner questioning President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage. Here’s a snippet of Pacquiao’s comments: “God’s words first … obey God’s law first before considering the laws of man.” “God only expects man and woman to be together and [...]

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  • what ever happen to freedom of speech....
  • Freedom of speech and freedom of religion have to take a back seat to political correctness. After all what is the big deal about constitutional rights? America is all about being liberally correct and looking good. If your not in step with the current trend, you need to be put back in the closet. The only thing Paquino could have done that would be any more offensive would have been to wear something unfashionable.
  • Wonderful! Satire is good. So is speaking your mind.

    It is so incredible to see time after time the people commenting are as a huge majority the opposite of what the article's intentions were.

    All these public places and celebrities can kiss my grits if they don't like what the majority believes.
    Too bad!
    What's next? Being banned, exiled, shunned for not liking a man marrying a sheep?
    don't laugh. You think that isn't coming?
    Look how far off any even reasonable path of decency America has sunk the last 20-30 years.
  • Great point! Very sad where we are headed and last time I checked we still have freedon of speech in the USA. I don't think China has taken us over or have they. Have a good day.
  • . I do not support the decision of “The Grove” in LA. I have never been there and at this point BOYCOT THEM until they retract their decision in regards to Pacquiao. If you (the readers) believe that “The Grove” was wrong in their actions let your voice be heard. Let “The Grove” in LA know how you feel! You have taken the time to read all these comments, take an extra few minutes and send “The Grove” your feelings at thegrovela@carusoaffiliated.com . Let’s help them understand what the word intolerance really means!
  • Pacquiao can say whatever he wants. His free-speech rights are secure. The Grove ownes "The Grove" and is well within its rights to not allow Pacquiao to say what he want - at The Grove.

    Pacquiao should take his free-speech rights to church with him.
  • Wrong! if the place service the public and has over 25 people employed , they cannot descriminate based upon religious beliefs. If you look at what he stated, it is right out our religious text....sounds like The Grove is the bigots
  • If they believe he will cause violence they can. If he believes his bible he needs to have his tatoos removed. You dont get to choose what you want from your book.
  • I don't recall the mall manager stating it was based on religous belief and who cares anyway. Manny has his right to speak his mind, but he REALLY should be a bit more careful as a public servant and all. This is one area I'm getting more and more ticked about - people thinking that because they claim they're 'Christian' they can dictate to me what I can and can't do, believe - that they're right because they read the bible - blah blah.
  • Of course it's their right but telling Pacquiao he is not welcome because of his religious beliefs is the very definition of the intollerance they claim to disallow. The term "tollerance is not exclusive the LGBT community. This is pretty much the definition of hypocracy as well.
  • E-mail sent. Thanks for web site.
  • I remember as a young man, I would stand up for Gay people, and could not understand, why anyone would perecute people that were simply different? Now that I'm 67, and Gays are readily accepted by most in the Country, I cannot beleive how intolerant, and vindictive the Gay movement has become. Unlike the President, I have not evolved, and won't, unlike the President, I realize, it isn't about me, but about the Religious Doctrine, that I follow in the Bible as a Christian, and I don't beleive the President has the right to change the teachings of the Bible! He doesn't, but I'm sure he will understand that better after the election is over! Manny Pacquiao, was misqouted by the Mall Manager who banned him, and that individuual, is simply an intolerant Bigot! Why should I respect Gays who bash Christians, I don't, and I'm sick and tired of the political correctness at play in the Country. The only reason that Mall Manager, banned Manny was to get attention for him or herself! They should apoligize for their Bigotry, and intolerance. I for one am getting tired of hearing about men, and women crying to be married to the same sex. In the beginning Gays just wanted equal rights like everyone else, as they should have. Marriage, hell no, get over it, two men, or two women, cannot reproduce! Take the equal standing under the law, and just shut your intolerant mouths, and leave that Great Man Manny Pacquaio alone. He's not banning anyone from coming to his fights, or anything else, so whats the beef, by this intolerant Mall Manager? There is no legitimate beef here that I can see, just an intolerant hating Mall Manager! Thank you,
  • I'm with you here Boogerman. I have seen the gay community more and more lash out a anyone and everyone that refuses to accept gay marriage. The Grove should be charged for what they are doing, they are being intollerant, not Pacquiao. He stated he is against gay marriage, but not against gay people. I am the same way, you are gay, well then that is you fine. But don't ask to get married, that is offencive in a nation that is still prodominantly Christian. Pacquiao now has a new fan in me. I support him fully and sure he might have lost a few fans but he gained a whole lot more for standing up for what he believes (and is) right.
  • How tolerant would you be of people who claim that you should be killed? Pretty drastic, don't you think?
  • Congressman Pacquiao has the right to say what he thinks and it is covered by Freedom of Speech. I agree with Congressman Pacquiao, Same sex marriage is againts God's will. The interviewer is the one who quoted the verse in Leviticus and was not the Congressman. In the New Testament in Romans 1:26-27, it states,"That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.
    I applauded Congressman Pacquiao for speaking up, I know God is calling him to be an Evangelist not a boxer, not a Congressman and not a Governor. Praise God and thank God for the courage he has given him.
  • He doesn't need to go back. There are plenty of monkey brained people like yourself right there in Miami. He made something big out of himself from one of the poorest corners of the planet and with nothing but hard work and determination. Let us take a close look at your life, shall we?
  • Well said and to the point. I think you covered it all!
  • Excuse me, check your spelling first, Filipino not Philippino. Unless you've seen the Philippines you have no right to say about this country. Congressman Pacquiao lives in a Mansion, his Mansion is much bigger and better than the White House. He has a house in Beverly Hills, He owns a lot of properties and business. When was the last time you gave a dollar to a homeless man standing on the street in America. Congressman Pacquiao gives away money to the poor, help all those poor students accomplished their goals to finish college. He feeds the hungry, pray for the sick. he gives jobs to the jobless. He created a lot of good things for people who is in need of jobs, money, pay for medical expenses for those who can't afford. And he built a Gymn for Boxers who cannot afford to pay for the training. He opens his heart, his mind, his home, his everything and doing everything to help the poor. He even has a game show which gives house, lot, money every week called Manny many prizes. If the contestant won $30,000 he doubled it some times triples the prize. The old man who lost everything he had, he was supposed to pick a lower pri ze but out of sympathy to the old man Manny gave him the house and lot. So before you criticize him, stop and think first, because it is a Terrible Thing to Fall On the Hands of the Living God. Bless and you will be bless, curse and the curse will be given to you. Watch out it is coming to you.
  • haha shows what you know... isn't there a nick blog about justin you should be commenting on?
  • did you forget your meds?????
  • No, a man marrying a sheep is not the next thing. Unless a sheep can agree to a marriage, it is not going to happen. Is it impossible for you to argue a point without being stupid?
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  • Maybe you are the stupid, if the gay community can re-define marriage to include same sex, whats to stop people from claiming they intrpret sheeps Bahhhh for yes....50 yeas ago defining a marriage between same sex was considered less likely than sheep talking
  • no but in that same period of time many states had to add interracial marriages to their constitutions - what's the difference now?
  • The man is just quoting from the book and it is true. Did not make it up so, what is the big deal.
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  • There is no big deal the Liberals just enjoy hearing their own opinions and expect us conservatives to bend over and take it in the ass. Well thats not my way of life or beleif and if they enjoy taking it in the ass so be it but dont try to exile another individual with the opposite opinion. I mean they are doing exactly what they are suppose to be against am I not right.
  • most filipinos, other islanders and asians including hispanics and most of the planet do not believe in the gay lifestyle or marriage religious or not! Gay militants and their supporters are dictators!
  • No, you idiot, I don't think marrying sheep is coming.

    Wait, why didn't I think of this before? People will marry sheep so that they can have them on their health insurance. They'll marry them so they can inherit the estate left behind by the loved one. They'll marry them so the sheep will have all the legal rights that are due to the spouse of the dearly departed.

    That is about as stupid as anything I've ever heard.
  • wake up. havent you seen or read of people giving all their wealth to a dog or cat! while their are greater needs in our world. granted, they have that right, but goes to show peoples lost values and confusion.
  • helooooo!!! havent you seen news here ? on earth? how this is all going to blow up soon because of the insanity people is having lately ?? dont you think that marrying sheeps and even dogs arent going to come after all the things we've seeing in the world? the crazyness of people this past years ? what a naive you are ,wake up my friend cause you are not living in this planet.
  • Now this is scary. A true Christian who can not support all Americans. Find your truth and be saved from the Hell you are damning your self to. Christians at one time was burnt at the stake. What I see now with all theses BIBLE people, they will burn in HELL. Repent and be saved.
  • Could you explain what you mean by "A true Christian cannot support all Americans"?
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  • lyinching racist black people who attack a filipno like paquiao is a good thing! He reprsents most of us asians worldwide who don't want that gay crap in our society!
  • Maybe your parents were siblings MikoNMiami and that's why you can't make 2 posts that don't contradict each other. Your first post said the Pacquiao isn't american and should go home because he's Philipino, clearly a biggoted, anti "immigrant" statement. It really sounds like a lot of the KKK and neo-nazzi propaganda. Then all your posts are anti- "redneck" or "hillbilly" which is the main source of the new KKK and neo nazi movement. Then you post here a pro minority statement against lynching black people. Then you are telling someone else who posted their opinion to kill themselves, once again a very biggoted "redneck" behavior. You don't seem to have any clue what you are talking about and are very ignorant yourself. All your posts are about how you can't seem to make up your mind if you hate "redneck hillbillies" or want to join them. None of your posts are even about the event highlighted by this article.
  • in case you all missed it cuz the system replaces stars over the words. Below, I say F-U-C-K THAT and everywhere else i say F-A-G-S. And those of you who don't like it, and can't stand that intolerance then you can kiss my ass too and all those intolerant of F-A-G-S like us.
  • What the hell is this country coming to. Only these gay people have full freedom of speech now?? Freedom to speak your mind is no longer provided to those who are against f-a-g-i-s-m. Yes I made that a word. You gay people and those of you who defend them think you're the only ones that can get offended? hurt? Bunch of double-standard hypocrites. Don't talk about constitutional rights when you're the first ones to violate them.
  • The sooner we get rid of you Hypocritical bible thumpers the sooner we can get this country in a good place.
  • Your a bigger moron then he is. Shouldnt believe everything you see on Fox News.
  • so true, america needs to get back to God. this country is getting weaker and will be destroyed like sodom and gommorah, only worse.
  • perhaps it would behoove this young man to read just a few of the 341 admonitions regarding straight people..it is interesting that people suddenly get religion and immediately they are biblical experts..
  • The Grove states, "The Grove is a gathering place for all Angelenos and not a place for intolerance." If that is the case then the Grove broke it's own rule by not allowing Pacquiao in...Am I correct!? You have to enforce and follow rules fairly and evenly if tolerance is the goal, then they need to not be intolerant as well.
  • You are absolutly right.This is what troubles me about homosexual"MARRIAGE" I know the word Homosexual is not PC . So when it is law does that mean everyone must accept it? Why of course it does. Will this legality require Religions to "marry" Homosexuals in churches who believe it is a sin? Will the law over rule the religion? Will the courts be clogged with lawsuits trying to force the issue?
  • I think you misunderstand. The churches do not need to accept same sex marriage. It is a state thing. Homosexuals want equal rights in the eyes of the state or fed. Churches will not be required to accept same sex marriage - part of the church's protection in the separation of church and state. Also, homosexual is the pc word for it. Gay or other slang is not.
  • Tell that to the boy scouts who have been shunned by government organizations, schools and many other institutions for their beliefs, no they can;t make churches do it, but they can make them wish they had...is that really respecting their opinions like you would like gays to be respected?
  • Not sure what this has to do with my post, but um, I think it's an uphill battle trying to get the church and homosexual community to try to respect one another. I really don't care if they do or don't, actually. I just care about equality.
  • It's about money.If your not married family can step in and take your partners estate and finances.Screw that, your equal get off your fat ass and get your own money.Greedy assholes
  • No. Everyone does not have to accept gay marriage. You just shouldn't be able to deny the right to someone else. No. Churches will not be required to marry anyone they do not wish to. Churches can deny marriage to anyone. This is a civil issue, not a religious one.
  • I don't believe in marriage gay or straight everyone out for themselves.I just read an article on the computer that there's 30 million single people in this country.So if everybody is so happy why are they single.When AIDS and sex are free why get married!That's 30 million in America.Besides it's cheaper and less stressful to masturbate.I don't pay for sex and thats all marriage is now. Whores
  • Yeah MR> MANNY!!!!, Don't waiver on GOD"S word, because heaven and Earth shall pass away BUT God's words shall NEVER pass away, even til the end of this age....Don't Waiver Mr. Manny,God will supply your needs by another means if necessary, believe that, I'm a witness!!! Stand Strong, don't FEAR their faces!!! Only God has your destiny in his hands!!! In Christ Jesus name..when man says no God says yes....
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  • the only good gays like you are in the hands of IRAN or north korea!
  • what the hell does that mean?
  • Don't knock it till you've tried it!
  • then explain to me the species in nature that can change their sex or that tend to be homosexual? don't recall seeing anything like that in the bible and just how much of what is in the bible was misinterpreted by man? 1400 years went by before the bible was put in print lots of time to be confuddled and another 700 years between then and now - lots of time from drunks, dopers and pissed off kings to change things to their own way of thinking.
  • and what about divorce?Did God make that up or did man.From my understanding divorce is only right if your spouse has sex out of the marriage.
  • Amen.
  • By the power of Gray Skull, you shall be smited so sayeth He-Man. Heed his words mortal!
  • Amen
  • Well done!

  • LOL is this an Austin POwers moment?
    '' We will not tolerate the intolerant''
  • The Grove is not or ever will be a body to make judgement call like they did. People need to smarten up and avoid this place. Not give them any money or consideration for the actions they have acted on.
  • . I do not support the decision of “The Grove” in LA. I have never been there and at this point BOYCOT THEM until they retract their decision in regards to Pacquiao. If you (the readers) believe that “The Grove” was wrong in their actions let your voice be heard. Let “The Grove” in LA know how you feel! You have taken the time to read all these comments, take an extra few minutes and send “The Grove” your feelings at thegrovela@carusoaffiliated.com . Let’s help them understand what the word intolerance really means!
  • I support Grove...not the Bigots
  • Definition of BIGOT

    " a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance "

    Does this not also go the same for the Grove they are the ones that acted on simple words and made it public that Pacquiao was not welcome on their property.
  • someone on "The Grove Board of Director's" may have not liked what was being said so they did what did. Sad that they would do this but I agree we should avoid the place.

    Are they going to place signs at the entrance(s) saying those who believe the same are now banned from entering the area?
  • I support Pacquiao on his strength to voice his opinion on God and Country. I do not support the decision of “The Grove” in LA. I have never been there and at this point BOYCOT THEM until they retract their decision in regards to Pacquiao. If you (the readers) believe that “The Grove” was wrong in their actions let your voice be heard. Let “The Grove” in LA know how you feel! You have taken the time to read all these comments, take an extra few minutes and send “The Grove” your feelings at thegrovela@carusoaffiliated.com . Let’s help them understand what the word intolerance really means!
  • Great Comment!
  • I firmly believe the manager of the grove is more afraid of a confrontation between gay and anti-gay - nothing more - nothing less. I don't recall reading anywhere in the article that it is religously motivated.
  • Freedom of speech only applies to the government not impeding on your speech. I can't think of a single company or corporation that wouldn't fire a person if they vehemently disagreed with that that person said. As for the banning, I think it was stupid and I'm a liberal. But, the Grove has a right to do it.
  • correct me if I’m wrong please but would it be any different if it was a gay man lashing out at the government for banning same sex marriage? I think if any cooperation banned that man for that reason, that would illegal, so why is this different?
  • If they banned a gay person for voicing their gay views and being pro marriage without hurting the Grove in the least there would be an uproar or at least a lawsuit in the works. But since this guy is not gay and voiced pro God views its ok to ban him.
  • That said everyone who agrees with the Congressman can leave the Grove to those who agree.
  • the only people being deprived of constitutional rights are the gays.
  • I disagree with Pacquiao. I think he's an idiot, actually, and should not be preaching morals to anyone. I also think he's a hypocrite.

    However, by punishing intolerance with intolerance, the Grove is missing the entire point of trying to stand up against intolerance. They should have said something like, "While we are saddened by Mr. Pacquiao's intolerant views on same-sex relationships, we recognize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As such we will open our doors to him in a measure of good faith and tolerance. blah blah blah and so on and so forth."
  • Freedom of speech is one thing. Bullying a whole group of people is something else. A shopping mall would not tolerate having someone there harassing and bullying a certain race and it would make sense that it would not tolerate their gay customers to be bullied whether in person or making comments that are demeaning. Every single gay person I have met have had such a wonderful heart and so deep. I am not interested in knowing shallow people who are cruel to others and feel that it is ok to bully others.
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  • Very True! and I agree! you know the real issue is NOT same sex marriage! the real issue IS: changing the constitution by redifining what a marriage is. And it is truly about this people! If we do begin to change the constitution or treat it as an old document not "hip with the times" then we remove the values and landmarks that made America great! first of all that we believe in God (one God)and that he we recognize His moral laws as well as social laws to guide us as a nation. And as humans we are all equal and have inaliable rights endowed by "God" not the popular trend or philosophy of the time. So, if we leave the founding fathers and what they invisioned and believed, what will we replace it with? the politically correct? the Truth is that all our human nature is against God, and cannot submit to him. Thats why Christ came to deliver us from our sinful nature and placing His nature in us, when we acknowlegde His Truth and our dire need of His deliverance. Till then there will always be the battle of good and evil. Till then you will be in the dark and blinded from the Truth that truly sets people free! (by the way, truth is not subjective, a mere persuasion, but rather, truth is a person - God! We hurt ourselves when we resist Him and refute His laws without knowing Him! He loves the sinner, but does not love our deeds if they disagree with His revealed truth, and therefore calls us all to repentance! from unbelief and from wicked deeds as hate, lying, cheating, fighting, immoral sins (homosexuality), and all the like! If we are all honest, we all have sinned and fallen short of the grace (measure) of God! God calls the homosexual to repent as he does the liar, cheater, drunkard, wife beater.
  • all ya'all are f-tards. any person who gives a care , and posts any comment beyond this is of no consequence.there is no issue . one side is religious- the other is statute. and there is no compromise needed or accepable.
  • Freedom of speech and religion need to take a back seat to political correctness? I can not believe I just read that...it is one of our most basic rights and should NEVER take a back seat...if you don't like what he has to say then don't listen...and I strongly hope that everyone that feels like him also consider themselves banned from that place and take their business elsewhere until they wake up or go out of business.
  • While WE are speaking on the subject of Freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and the CONSTITUTION. lets talk a minute about the Seperation of CHURCH and State... And the R E A L, meaning thereof. We left ENGLAND and Came to the new country to insure that the STATE, Would Not dictate and Dominate the CHURCH and religious freedoms.
    The CORRCT meaning of Seperaration of Church and State. Was intended to keep the STATE, and GOVERNMENT Out of the Churches and the Christians business.. Their DESIGN was ONLY to keep the State O U T, of the CHURCH.. It was never meant to keep the CHURCH out of the State.. The Country was founded By Christians on Christian Principles and beliefs.
    The early schools were founded by and RUN by the CHURCH,ETC..
    The liberals and Marxists and the devils crowd is where THAT got Twisted and Changed. Slowly but surely and more and more Corrupt state, Took Over not only The schools but everything..

    Boycott Rick Caruso and the Grove I did they just lost my business. Caruso an Italian disgrace he thinks hes tough with all his money and mocking God I got news for you the back lash just begun the grove will lose business!!!
    hes a loser and a coward!! We should band the Grove and boycott them!!!I wish we had more people like Manny Pacquiao who is willing to stand up for what is right. As they say, if you won't stand for what is right, you will fall for anything. Society has fallen into the lie that gay marriage is acceptable. God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman
  • No ones being Judgmental they just banned Manny for freedom of speech it only applies for "speech" The Grove agrees with. I wonder how exactly one makes a case against intolerance by practicing intolerance.Start worrying about your self then Manny!!! Wake up we did!
  • Dear teapartybaby
    Manny is citizen of the Philippines were intolerence is the rule.
  • Christianity is the same on this matter.
    Manny is right.
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  • Dear Ehaze,

    Get your facts straight. Intolerance there comes from some sectors of the government. Has nothing to do with Manny Pacquiao. And if you want to get technical, it is not intolerance that you'll find in those sectors, it is communism and dictatorship which really are different things altogether in which their people are victims, not practitioners of it. So, dear ehaze, go elsewhere and preach your intolerance of intolerance when you first understand what you are preaching
  • Freedom of Speech does not include there are no consequences to your speech or actions. The Grove can practice Freedom of Speech by not allowing an intolerant jerk from its premises. They have every right. Manny said what he somehow concocted from the fictional book he beleives in, The Grove showed they disagreed with his interpretation and intolerance. What is confusing?
  • Chismosito: Lay off that DEMOCRACK its shows Kid,the only intolerant jerk is You!! Manny speaks truth from a Book of Life... you can't comprehend it becuase you are pervertedand blinded by Ignorance!! The Grove is a joke and is spreading their Ideology!!!
  • Intolerance? You're spewing it.
  • Almost everybody here is spewing it! I think the Grove is wrong. You think the Grove is right. I think in the Bible God destroyed those 2 towns full of gay people and you think whatever you like. However you cannot ban someone stating it is for his intolerance because that in itself is intolerance and you are taking a side. I dont hate gays. I think what they do is wrong but that is their choice to be wrong. I dont gay bash or ban them from my stores either.
  • I support Pacquiao on his strength to voice his opinion on God and Country. I do not support the decision of “The Grove” in LA. I have never been there and at this point BOYCOT THEM until they retract their decision in regards to Pacquiao. If you (the readers) believe that “The Grove” was wrong in their actions let your voice be heard. Let “The Grove” in LA know how you feel! You have taken the time to read all these comments, take an extra few minutes and send “The Grove” your feelings at thegrovela@carusoaffiliated.com . Let’s help them understand what the word intolerance really means!
  • God destroys two towns because gay people live in them??? What Bible are you reading?
  • They were destroyed because the people of Sodom did not perform the rites of hospitality. Their crime is actually paranoia. The people of Sodom, wanted to messengers of God raped, probably as means of torturing them for information. When Lot, Abraham's nephew gives them shelter - he offers his two virgin daughters to be raped in their place. Why? because he had granted the two hospitality.
  • well you read what he said or listen to what he said in the first interview and then read what he is saying now and i really get hes back peddling cause there is a change of tone all a sudden he has gay family wow i guess we forgive him?? and then goes on to correct himself by saying he was only talking about marriage.???
  • you moron.. he said he is against same sex marriage not gays. idiot!
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