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Not only has Shane Mosley been on the losing end of his latest boxing matches, he is also losing the fight in the courtroom as well. Per TMZ Sports, Mosley’s ex-wife Jin Mosley will be awarded 3 championship belts as part of their divorce settlement. Ouch. Here are some details: The settlement provides that ex-wife [...]

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  • So the belts are actually for the children. This is what you characterize as 'losing the fight in the courtroom'? What a misleading headline. Why, I wonder, was this an important part of the divorce settlement? Did she not feel he would take care of his own children?
  • This was a settlement agreement approved by the judge, meaning that Mosley agreed to this. Chances are that Mosley used this as a means of keeping his belts from any possible creditors in the future. You know like when you see a famous persons stuff on auction block because they owe some money, or the IRS some money, this agreement pretty much locks away his belts from both his name and his wife. I would not have agreed to this as an 18 year old would not know what to do with such an item, but probably that was a legal formality and no way around it.
  • If the man is paying all of that money, what in God's name could she need the belts for except to just add insult to injury. Typical vindictive bitch. He should have learned a good lesson about marriage from this. I learned the hard way too.
    It just took one time!
  • Awww, C'mon! Instantly blame the wife? READ the above post, and this makes alot more sense than your comment about insult to injury. I'm sure also, that it is to take them (belts) out of both his and his ex-wife's name from any creditors should he run into any trouble (financially) down the line. THINK b4 speak~Good rule to live by
  • I bought the pay for view on Mosley's last 2 fights with Pacman and Mayweather. I felt I was donating to his retirement fund but I guess that was his divorce fund. I never felt so ripped off in my life. Shane I hope your wife whips your ass just like Pacman and Mayweather did.
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Who would want that material crap after a divorce anyway? To remind you of a bad marriage or a good divorce? Cut your losses and buy new :)
  • As far as I am concerned he fought to win those belts not her. They belong to him and it is his choice as to whether or not the children should get possession of those belts ever. She sounds like a gold diggin bitch and he is lucky to be rid of that skank!
  • I agree, he did fight to win those belts, but it really has nothing to do with her being a gold digging bitch, she's only trying to give His children some stability, because often what happens is these guys divorce their wives, and divorce their children right along with them. Then they get with a new younger chic, and make a whole other family and forget to support the children they already made. If he has a good enough relationship with his three children, I'm sure they wont mind handing his belts right back to him when they're 18. It's sad that incentive to take care of your children has to be sparked by material items. SMH
  • I understand your point but I guess my point is the belts belong to him. Should he pay support and be responsible. Of course and who says he isn't a great parent who does take care of his children. The article says nothing about that. I think she is selfish for taking something that only has true meaning to him. Also the fact that he has found himself a younger woman is neither here nor there. His marriage was over in 2009 and he has the right to date whomever he chooses. I am not defending him, I just don't think his ex should get championship belts he earned. That's all.
  • I'm sure he agreed to this in the courts, this was all arranged between the two of them. By doing this, noone will ever be able to take them away, since they are going to each child after each one turns 18. Very smart thing to do (IMO) If you consider the legal ramifications, BEST thing he could do....eva! In addition to being able to bag the last 3 mill he made since it was "after" thier separation~
  • Unless you personally know the man you can't just assume that he will not take care of his children.
  • I hope yur not an atty because you're a moron, She is a gold digging bitch. She didn't earn a penny of the money that lavishes her in luxury. Yet she want more. The only thing worse than a gold digging bitch is one who does it in her kds name. Like the children are driving her new Bentley? Like that is essential to the childrens health? MORONIC. HE and nobody else earned those belts. Don't they say "CHAMPION" ? so how can they belong to anybody but the champion. They are memorialzations of his accomplishments, NOT hers or the childrens. Before Moseely got real big he was a local. His ex-wife is went from normal to rich to gold digger. She doesn't have to work, they're not together and she is too rich to work. He should support his children but why in the hell should he give what he "FOUGHT" for, should he give up the student of the week award from third grade too.? The belts represent his own accomplishments and nobody elses. Also if you think the children would just "give back" the belts then you're more niave than you sound, which is bad. Open your eyes to the world and human nature. Do you read alot of fantasy? Only in the backward state of california.
  • You must be some spiteful person to reply in this mannor.She is absolutely a gold digging, spiteful,low morality individual.How can you fix your mouth to say that "These guys often divorce their children" and " forget to support them" HELLO a freaking house, enough money for anyone on the planet! and Ect. Is support.! This is just evidence that child support needs to be reformed drastically and soon. Im tired of seeing women take advantage of men just because the U.S. laws allow them too.
  • I'm just trying to imagine a father who gets full custody having a judge give him custody of his wife's trophy's or his wife's rings, even the rings he gave her like her wedding ring, to hold onto until the kids turn 18. I mean do you really want your 18 year old daughter to be given your 40,000 dollar wedding ring that your husband puts away for 10 years in a safety deposit box. Yes, those belts likely would have gone to the children, and yes Mom's wedding ring will likely go to the children, as will many possessions, but to take those possessions from the person who received them sets a bad precedent that could be used against mothers and fathers to extreme points. Imagine a veteran who lost both legs who's wife takes his medal of honor off his neck and puts it in a box for 17 years for their child (or what if the child was born into the marriage but some other guys from adultery). Or imagine a veteran, a woman who's 21 who earns a purple heart for 3 months in captivity where she was raped. Imagine having the medal ripped off her chest so that her step son can have it when he's 18. See, there's no way to see this without emotion and it's just a bad door to open.
  • "This was a settlement agreement approved by the judge, meaning that Mosley agreed to this. Chances are that Mosley used this as a means of keeping his belts from any possible creditors in the future. You know like when you see a famous persons stuff on auction block because they owe some money, or the IRS some money, this agreement pretty much locks away his belts from both his name and his wife. I would not have agreed to this as an 18 year old would not know what to do with such an item, but probably that was a legal formality and no way around it. "

    Didn't post this, but, completely agree! READ
  • If you are going to be a writer, learn to spell. It's "judgment", not "judgement".
  • Before you spout off, you should check your facts and realize that either spelling is correct. :)
  • Yes, it is true that either spelling is correct. However, when dealing with divorces, it is most certainly "judgment" and not "judgement". Sort of like "their", "they're" and "there". You use the wrong one, you just look stupid. Continue on Macnbrd.

  • In Great Britain and many of its former colonies, “judgement” is still the correct spelling, but ever since Noah Webster decreed the first E superfluous, Americans have omitted it. Many of Webster’s crotchets have faded away (each year fewer people use the spelling “theater,” for instance), but even the producers of Terminator 2: Judgment Day chose the traditional American spelling. If you write “judgement” you should also write “colour”.
  • And this has what to do wit the substance of the comment?
  • Exactly Kelemvorb!!! what the hell does this have to do with the subject. Dont gudje me please..
  • nitpicking shows you have nothing else, shut up
  • Hate to do ya like this but you dont have to be a writer to know that both judgement and judgment are acceptable in the english language. This is not about correcting people but if you are going to do it, please do your research. That is if "you are a writer.. lots of love
  • Re; Macnbrd: You are the one who should learn to spell. Judgement is the correct English spelling.
  • Ithink "belts for the children" is so much bs. That was a power struggle plain and simple. If his kids wanted a belt, he could chose to give them one or not, when they turn 18 and have a sense of their meaning. Those were personal. He did the work, he fought, he won. And oh, I am a woman boxing fan. I say take the money and run...but the belts...that's a whole other thing. If you don't get that...what can I say?
  • You can spell judgement either way.
  • "Judgement" is British English. If you use "judgement" then you should also use "colour," "honour," and "whilst."
  • well, whilst you sit here in judgement of this writer, I want you to know that this subject is growing way out of colour.. This is about belts and divorces.. Damn.. Or should I Damnit
  • In a non-legal context, spelling differs between countries. The spelling judgement (with e added) is common in the United Kingdom in a non-legal context. The spelling judgment without the e is however often listed first and in any case without comment or regional restriction in major UK dictionaries.[5][6][7] In British English, the spelling judgment is correct when referring to a court's or judge's formal ruling, whereas the spelling judgement is used for other meanings.[8] In American English, judgment prevails in all contexts.[9] In Canada and Australia, in a non-legal context both forms are equally acceptable, although judgment is more common in Canada and judgement in Australia.[10] However, in a legal and theological context, judgment is the only correct form. In New Zealand the form judgment is the preferred spelling in dictionaries, newspapers and legislation, although the variant judgement can also be found in all three categories. In South Africa, judgement is the more common form. The spelling judgment is also found in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.

  • This is why men should never get married. Women are cute cuddly kittens when they are young but turn into fat, lazy house cats that eat, sleep sh*t and take your money. Better to be happy and play the field or find yourelf a nice hooker. The only difference between paid sex and free sex is that paid sex is cheaper.AND.....Why are divorces so expensive? Because they're worth it!
  • No all women are like that some of us get married and e are good wives, mothers , providers, house keepers, and lovers. Sometimes it's men's cheating azzes that are the problem, and then and only then will a good woman become vindictive. I personally was all of those and my husband was just a hoe. However I still didn't care about nothing except divorcing his azz, him paying child support and participating in his childrens lives. His sorry azz couldn't even do that. So don't get it twisted, two of my best friend also walked away from everything, house furniture all possesions, only took family pic, car, and personal belongings. So......
  • I take it msteel stands for mouse of steel.
  • Women deserve to have a decent settelment but they usally get way more than they deserve. Men know this and they still get married,oh well. Much cheeper/safer/better to get a hooker or masterbait,the end result will be the same. This Is why I remain single,and yes Im a reasonably happy person. I dont have millions of dollers like Shane,so a devorce could be devestating to me,like so many others. Some people I know are married and tell me they will never pay for sex,I smile and say "all righty then" lol;D
  • You ought to learn to spell masterbate not (masterbait).
    Do you even know what that is?
  • The problem is the laws! In other cultures/countries men actually have right to the children ect. food for thought!
    Q: If women did not know that they were entilted to all of these outrageous benifits. How many of them would find a way to work it out like most of our parents and grandparents did?
    A: An overwhelming majority.
    If this woman had an ounce of class and dignity she wouldn't even wan't His Belts. I sure hope that other men pay attention and do not fall into this spiteful spiders web!
  • All joking aside, I do agree with you. She has absolutely no right to those belts and quite frankly neither do his children while he is alive. I stand by my position that she is a gold diggin bitch. I have zero respect for her and she should be ashamed. I doubt she had anything before they married and I don't think she should get any part of money made from his career. He paid her way while they were married. Now they are no longer together, she needs to pay her own way in life.
  • Think about it msteel, that goes both ways. Men forget to take care of themselves too. Hookers..I just want a Man on retainer!
  • It sounds like to me that she just like all the other women in this world that make sure she get all the man's money. She probably never loved him anyway. She aint gon spend the money on the kids. Watch what I tell you how she gon be walking around looking fly with new outfits and jewelry and cars. The money going in her pocket for her own use. She just like all these other baby mommas out here taking him for all that she can get so she will be supported for the rest of her life. What he should have done was made her sign a pre-nup so that when she leaves, she will ONLY leave with what she came into the relationship with. All she will get is child support. No alimony and no greivance. A pre-nup works wonders. All these money hungry females out here out to get a man just for his money. It don't make no sense. If rags was all she had when I met her, then rags will be what she leaves with after the divorce. HELLO!!! In the words of Resputia from Norbit, "how you doing"!!!
  • So what will spot her from selling later on down the road? If she wants a belt put on the gloves and go out fight for one. No judge should have that right. There's no justice in this country anymore.
  • She probably won them at home fighting him.
  • think you are missing, the judge awarded her to oversee (not sell) the belts until the children turn 18. Remember she has to pay to safe keep these belts until then. She can't sell them without some type of legal approval. If she does, shame on her, if she gets caught, then blame her.
  • As far as the belts, Shane agreed to the terms, otherwise he would had contested to the agreement. Intinally I thought the woman was a Gold-Digger but that was not the case, she just was not a pushover. The problem was his FATHER. The Father intervened and even probabaly wanted to mess arond with Shane's wife and she was not going for that. Thanks to his father's meddling, this resulted in a divorce. Why did you think he fired his father three times as his trainer? It never was a solid relationship between them two. Things happen and couples grow apart. A Pre-Nup should be in Shane's future the next time he gets married.
  • Mosley, tell your lawyer to step his game up. Make sure she don't get s***. I would fight to keep my own kids. She sure won't get them just so she can have some money. And then soon as she get a new man, Mosley, your money gon get spent on the new man, matter of fact, its gon be the child support money spent on the new man. I'm telling what I know about gold diggers. She with you as long as you're up on your feet to make it look like she the supportive little wife. But when you fall down, she gone, she wants a divorce. That don't seem suspicious to you??? Tell your lawyer step his game up and tell your gold digging wife the kids are coming with you. Like Kevin Hart said, "say it with your chest". Let her know that you mean business. You got 99 problems and a b**** aint 1!!!
  • In this time of day, a divorce does not work that way. I suggest you step into reality. Shane's father WAS the problem in why the divorce came into place, learn the facts before making a reasonable statement. Just because a woman wants a divorce does not make her a gold digger, would the divorce between Halle Berry and Eric Bennet make Bennet a Gold Digger??

    See that's what happens when you do not think thing throughly. Your own logic gets turned against you.
  • nobody said the divorce was her fault, just that she took what she should never have been entittled to. They are hallmarks of his accomplishments and nobody elses. They should never have been assigned a value or been an issue. Did he ask for her High School Diploma? some things just don't apply. This was wrong and the judge a moron. Shane agreed to it, either he's acting stupid or he was in a corner. Either way this is why the public opinion is of a system that favors women, because it does
  • The diploma is not a financial asset.
    Elvis's High School Diploma IS, though.
    Its about what this man could sell to make money. That is part of his income and fortune.
  • That judge should be disbarred! That is the most ignorant decision (divorce) that I ever heard. Did she take one damn punch to deserve those belts? The money, house, kids, understandable. The belts that he gave his life for? How can anyone justify this? Then wife should have NEVER put those in the decree as items she wanted. The judge, wife, lawyer all will rout in HELL!!!!!
  • The problem is that most judges side with the woman. Woman are always wanting fair and equal treatment until they feel they are entitled to something like when a divorce happens. The only time a woman should be given alimony or any money is when she was a stay home mom and/or she finacially contributed to the monetary pool, other than that, split the assests equally then be on your ways, two separate lives as if you never had each other.
  • that would be too fair, especialy in California, capitol of the femenist regime. Equal has a different meaning in california than in the rest of the world. Sad
  • And another thing, why is she asking for something she didn't earn to begin with. She didn't have her pretty little in the ring fighting for those belts. Thats just like a selfish money hungry woman. I'm a woman but I'm not gon try to take something that I know in the back of my mind I did not earn. Those belts have meanings to him. He worked for those belts, not her. She just done got outrageous. Where they do that at?!?! Homegirl whomever you are, sit down, shut up and get a job and support yourself. Stop being lazy waiting to a marry a rich man just so that you can take him for all that he's worth. So typical.
  • let's face it, how many of "these" guys really want their wife working?? None of them, what would that look like, that he can't support her? Listen to yourselves. And WHY shouldn't she live the way she has become use to living? HE did that NOT her.
  • The belts SHOULD be left to his children.That being said.....he ain't dead yet,and he earned them.
  • yu're half right. He did earn them, only who says they should go to the children? He earned them. They are awards of HIS accomplishments. They should go where HE says. The wife alraedy got paid for the purse, now she gets the belt?. She came out with more than him and he was the one who fought! To all the women reading this, this bitch makes all women look bad, she is a huge gold digger. Just like deadbeat dads make it tough for those of us who are good parents. You can't have your cake and eat it too. there is a double standard in our country concerning divorce, but this time it crossed into plain stupidity. Sad, even sader is that this is one example of a state wide trend. I guess you have to be famous before it's noticed. Unfortunately women do this crap everyday. I'm even hearing younger women today claim a goal of marrying a rich man to divorce. Our system is so biased that little girls are planning this crap from childhood. Outcomes like this only encourage such stupid thinking
  • Keyword : PRE-NUP

    Enough said.
  • Depending on the ages of the kids, these belts may not be worth much later. I just saw a belt signed by Ali that was selling for less than $6000-hardly a large amount to support anyone at 18 years old.
    This seemed to be a way for her to remind the children who "baby-daddy" was, after he cuts her out of his life completely.
    This is a vindictive move, by an angry ex, perpetuated by a low-life divorce attorney in order to take the focus off his other assets. Just like the petty folks on line giving spelling lessons-it's about content, not prose.
  • I totally agree with you
  • You people do not know the history of divorces in when women were left with nothing, laws have changed and Shane agreed to the TERMS. So BLAME SHANE of the agreement.
  • Really??? The history of divorce?....are you gonna bring up the history of slavery and say that every white man needs to give black folk money...what an ignorant statement. History has nothing to do with it! In a divorce you don't "agree" to the terms...you must "accept" the least devistating financial settlement. I'm sure if he had the choice to keep all his money and belts, he would "AGREE" to that. But, i doubt that was offered to him. It's 2011 not 1932....women can work. They bitch about equal rights....so let them go on their own and not always depend on a man. A divorce is just that....he wants her out of his life and his money. The only one who wins in a divorce is the State and the attorneys.
  • "A divorce is just that....he wants her out of his life and his money."

    Uhhh, she was the one FILED for DIVORCE. Get your facts correct.
  • The facts are correct.....it doesnt matter who filed, moron. He still wants her out of his life and to keep his money. Use commone sense....well if you have any.
  • What an idiot. There's one born every minute. They never learn it's cheaper to keep 'em. Now he has to hand over half of everything he's got and for what? A girl half his age. How long do you think THAT will last? He'll keep getting older, and the new woman will get tired, and then she'll put in for HER cut of his assets, and around and around we go, until he winds up broke like the rest of them. An old story that repeats itself every day, but they never learn.
  • I'm pretty sure that he will make sure that he takes care of his children. All the money that he makes boxing will take care of his children. I'm pretty sure he is a great dad. Its just that some of these women out here don't recognize some of these men for being great father's. She's trying to benefit herself and fill in her own pockets by hitting him where it hurts the most, his belts. She wants the belts, alimony, child support, the house, the kids, the cars and the dogs!!! LOL She crazy! The judge shouldn't even rule in her favor. She asking for something that she never fought in the ring for. She never stepped her pretty little face in the ring for no pay check and no belt and no title. All she did was lay down and have the kids and went shopping every chance she got off of HIS salary. Now tell me people, what does she deserve? NOTHING!!! NOT A DIME!!! If she was a real independent strong woman,she would have been making her own money, being an entrepreneur of her own. Look at Kimora for example, her husband was making his money in his own business, while on the other hand she realized, "hey, I'm gon make my own money too, I'm gon make my own clothing line and I'm gon call it Baby Phat". Thats what homegirl should have been doing instead of waiting for his title fight checks to deposit in the bank. She could have gotten a degree or something. My man works and so do I. I depend on no one. We work together as a team. There is no "I" in "team" or "we" or "us".
  • I totally agree with you. I'm a mother, engaged, and I work and go to school. I could never be finacially dependent on my fiance. I can't see how people can sit on their ass, lay on their back, and shop to you drop. Everything I have, I earned and likewise with my fiance. She need to get a job but he messed up by not getting a pre-nup stating that you leave with what you came in with. Point blank period!!
  • How are you sure of that?
    because athletes like ALWAYS take car of dey babies? Come on!
    *Black wives and kids get nothing
    **1st trophy wives get little (and they fight for that)
    *** later trophy wives and groupie girlfriends hit the jackpot if they are not murdered.
  • PRE-NUP!!! PRE-NUP!!! PRE-NUP!!! Men, make sure that what she came into the relationship with, is what she will leave out of the relationship with. I'm a woman but I firmly believe in that. My fiance' is damn sure gon sign a pre-nup for me or there will be no marriage. No one will take what I worked so hard for and I mean no one.
  • Men like Moseley don't make white, asian, or hispanic women sign prenups (look at Tiger Woods). Its about these men valuing these women more and looking upon black women as gold diggers.
    Non-black women are just hot babes who deserve to live large and get blinged out.
    This attitude backfires when these men get bored and look for new trophies.
  • A lot of presumptions in these comments both ways. I understand taking care of the kids and whatever she is "entitled to". However, when it comes to the Belts, That should be Shane's to do as he pleases. I have 3 Championship rings that I have put up for my kids or grand-kids when I get them. My wife as I am sure his does, has a lot of Jewelry also that I am sure will go to our daughter more so than our son. Next, we will see the belts on "Pawn Stars" or "E-Bay". Bad decision Your Honor.

  • If that fungus wants those belts she should step into the ring and earn them like everyone else has. My moneys on Shane.
  • Once again California makes itself look like a fool. The belts belong to the person who won them, not the selfish ***** who wants them. Not all women act like her. I am a woman and disagree totally with this settlement. You need to blame the judge. This is not a settlement, but a judge overstepping his bounds. There is no way, I don't care what a judge said, I would take something like that from my husband. I don't want to hear about the community property laws, what personal title Mosley won in a boxing match has nothing to do with her. Don't put me in the same category as her. Not all women are money hungry *******. A lot of us do have personal pride and respect for ourselves.
  • Thank you.
  • Moseley knew what he was getting and why. He paid extra for a woman who could bring him status based on things having nothing to do with her mind or morals.
    Moseley's type wouldn't date a non-gold digger. These women are ususally not the right age, size, or color.
  • Custody of the belts? ... Really? That is utterly ridiculous and any woman who can't see that is probably a "golddigger" herself. There's going to come a time when men are going to divorce women and take half their earnings and other unrelated items and then, and only then, will women begin to understand that the judicial system is totally unfair when it comes to divorces. This is a "shoe on the other foot" type of lesson and whether it will come to pass remains to be seen. Here's a scenario: A woman has a thriving clothing business, makes three times more money than her husband, they get a divorce and he wins custody of the children (it can happen because I got custody of my kids when they were 3 & 4 yrs of age). As part of the custody agreement the courts force her to sell her very successful business, that she, and only she, worked extremely hard to build, before he even came in the picture, but she has to sell it to pay court cost, alimony, and child support. Now ladies, tell me, do you think that's fair?
  • We do not know all the terms to the divorce. We know about belts, but that's mainly it.

    workhomeunion said

    There's going to come a time when men are going to divorce women and take half their earnings and other unrelated items and then, and only then, will women begin to understand that the judicial system is totally unfair when it comes to divorces.

    If you look at the history of marriage and family court, the courts allowed the men to do whatever they want while the woman suffers because she has NO rights. This is a hyper-reaction to all the injustices of women who were beaten, abused, and robbed out of everything. So if you look at it, most men brought this upon themselves.
    My ole saying is, "if you want to be the king of the castle you have to earn it." Earning it is.
    1. Manhood
    2. Leader Resonsibility
    3. Family Security
    4. Decision Responsibility
  • Where have you been? The time is already here.
  • Does the woman ever have to get a job? Does she have to give back all rings and jewelery bought before the marraige including wedding rings? Did she even pay for his? I doubt it. Who's ever heard of a woman doing the right thing like that. Only after money
  • I feel on your sentiment. In the end in all relationships, the responsibility relies on the MAN of the CASTLE to what happens in the relationship.
  • UUUH...
    the majority of the black wives and baby mommas (who are usually the early ones) go on quietly.
    OJ Simpson's wife had to work as a beautician while Nicole lived in a nice house.
    Or the 1st Mrs. Woods (of Earl and Tiger Woods fame)
    Mike Tyson's other baby momma lived in a very modest, middle class home (that's where is daughter died in a freak accident).
    You don't here about these women because they aren't rich and they don't want to get into lengthy court battles over money or write books. But they suffer for taking the high road. Their kids go to regular school and they struggle to pay bills, while everybody in the neighborhood knows who daddy and the ex is (and knows how much he spends on the new trophy girl).
  • This seems to assume that he's not going to take care of his children, therefore the wife is being given collateral. That stinks.
  • No it's not fair. A woman would be pissed if that happened. The bad thing is the divorce judge always looks in favor of the woman. The judge don't know what she did when he was fighting for those belts. She was probably shopping and doing what a lot of these gold digging women do and use the turkey baster. I hate women like that. The only women I respect is the ones who were there when their man was poor and still here, faithful and love stronger than ever.
  • Big deal...belts. It's probably all the money he has left. That in itself is a pity.
  • B-I-I-I-T-C-H!!!!!
  • Did that bitch spend half of the time in the ring getting the crap knocked out of her face? Did she spend half the time in the gym doing the grueling workouts? No she didn't and the judge shouldn't have given her SHYYT!!
  • I see it's hard for you to maintain a relationship with the opposite sex, maybe you should try the same sex!!
  • Probably earned them at home.
  • The belts are just material possessions that are usually placed in the corner somehwere after your boxing career is done. Kennedy Mckinney a former three time world championship is my younger brother and I had his belts for years before he even asked about them. The kids being awarded the belts by the court system is really no big deal. This is just a little something that the wifeee threw in the divorce settlement just to make Mosley say ouch...............
  • Oh by the way, I meant to write three time world champion and not championship....correction...lol
  • Let this be a reminder to all americans. STAY AWAY FROM ASIANS! They are known to be gold digging evil bitches!
  • You are an absolute moron. I heard they are told to stay away from Black Men because 60% of them are irresponsible, abusive, lazy, broke, and Bi-Sexual
  • Let this be known to all americans. Stay away from asian females. They are known to be greedy and evil bitches!
  • Stay away from all asian females. They are known to be evil!!! On top of that, skanky as well!
  • Awe gee that's too frigg'n bad................
  • That's the dumbest thing I've heard yet....she should just give them back. she didn't win them ! If he wants to give them to his children that should be his perogitive ....HE won them not her. She's stupid to even except them. That's just as bad as girls stealing Bull Riding belt buckles.....ya you look like an idiot..give him back his belts he worked hard for those wins. Have you been to the gym, bitch working out hard every day ? Hours dripping sweat ? Doubt it.....sooooo rediculous and shame on the judge I think it's disgusting.
  • I feel for Shane that he has to give up those belts, but in the end he could had changed the circumstances, Mosley has pull along with Del La Hoya. I think the belts custody is temporaily and it will change.

    Stay away from all asian females. They are known to be evil!!! On top of that, skanky as well!
    by OnlyTheTruth 6 minutes ago Reply Options

    Have you dated a woman of Asian decent ONLY????

    Not all Asian Women are goldiggers. Not all Black, White, Hispanic, Native women are goldiggers either. You have been watching too many rap videos
  • It stinks! He won the belts, she doesn't deserve them!
    This kind of stupidity is getting widespread, and it's time to stop it!
    Stupid judges should be disbarred for life!
  • He doesn't mind. Brothas are willing to spend a lot of money on CERTAIN women. The kids may have to fight for cash though (since their moms never really cared about the father- just wanted to get into a big house and never have to work in their lives
    Bella.....classy. But Jin is not much better:\

  • I am not sure if this is your average gold-digging, victim pretending, "I want 50% plus all his money and happiness forever" type ex-wife. However, in all fairness, she got the going rate for divorcing a celebrity. And it is cool that the kids get the belts when they turn 18! I think any Dad would love that.

    The only thing I would have done different as a judge is allow Mosley to keep the belts until the kids are grown, not his ex. It should be his until it belongs to his kids. Aside from any value they may hold; they represent a life achievement for him personally. It’s like losing a college degree in a divorce…really?
  • By the time his kids are adults, Shane will have MANY more kids. Its possible that there may not be more belts. The last baby momma will want her kids to have them and Moseley wil comply with whoever he is currently sleepin with.
    If she don't get it now, she aint gettin it!
  • Here's Jin!!! Glad to see she had a life outside of her husband's fame (cough). She can join Tiki Barber's wife in wealthy single parenthood.
    {they're all better off than sistas, though)

  • Moseley knew what he was getting and why. He paid extra for a woman who could bring him status based on things having nothing to do with her mind or morals.
    Moseley's type wouldn't date a non-gold digger. These women are ususally not the right age, size, or color.
    Its like crying because some old rich guy got his house taken from him by his 3rd, young blond trophy wife! These guys aren't victims!
  • HEY D*CKS!!!
    IF MOSELEY IS SUCH A VICTIM OF A GOLD DIGGER, WHY IS HE NOW DATING THIS?!!! Yea, some victim. He has know idea these chics are after money. How could they be? They're SO CLASSY and not black.

  • See more comments >>

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Knicks reportedly preparing for a fire sale

It has taken the 2014-2015 New York Knicks less than two months to prove to everyone that they are not going to amount to anything this season. Losers of 11 of their last 12 games, the Knicks could be the second-worst team in the NBA behind only the Philadelphia 76ers. As a result, Phil Jackson...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
2 hours ago

Cashman: A-Rod now Yankees’ full-time designated hitter

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman revealed on Tuesday that it apparently is the team’s intent to have Alex Rodriguez serve as its full-time designated hitter, not as the de facto third baseman. The GM confirmed during a conversation with the Associated Press that Chase Headley, who signed a four-year, $52 million deal with...Read More The post Brian Cashman: Alex...
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Jay Gruden doesn’t sound too happy with DeSean Jackson

As the Washington Redskins conclude what has been a disastrous season for the bottom-feeding franchise, it’s becoming apparent that some changes will be made in the offseason. Recent reports suggest that one of those changes won’t be head coach Jay Gruden, who is expected to return to the nation’s capital for a second season. And despite a lack of success, Gruden does deserve...
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Elliot Seymour admits to taking dive against Mickey Rourke

Actor Mickey Rourke shocked the boxing world (and Hollywood) last month when he won a match in his return to fighting at age 62. Rourke defeated 29-year-old Elliot Seymour after the referee called the fight following several knockdowns. Just days after the bout, a report claimed Seymour was paid to take a dive against Rourke....Read More
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The Chicago Bears took a beating once again on Monday Night Football, losing 31-15 to the New Orleans Saints. With the whole team feeling completely defeated at this point in the season, Bears’ workhorse running back Matt Forte had this to comment about the team’s woes (via NFL.com). I’m here to play football and be coached and be coachable. Whatever happens … happens...
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Brady responds to Knighton's Super Bowl guarantee

Tom Brady on Monday attempted to downplay inflammatory comments made by Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton regarding how his team would be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done. Of course, the presumption is that for the Broncos to even reach the Super Bowl the team will have to go through...Read More The post Tom Brady reponds to Bronco Terrance...
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Report: Jim Harbaugh to Michigan becoming more likely

Michigan seems to have zeroed in on a coaching candidate. Will the Wolverines be able to land him?  Most reports lean towards “yes”.  With LSU’s Les Miles and Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen both claiming they won’t be headed to Ann Arbor, Mich., Jim Harbaugh – the man who has seemingly been Michigan’s top choice all along – appears to be the only top candidate...
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Kosar: Browns front office 'makes me want to throw up'

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar had some strong words for the organization after a brutal shutout loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Kosae said that the organization’s front office is “uneducated”, and that the team’s struggles this season “makes me want to throw up”. “They don’t know how to lead and organize and set a culture for doing...
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Jets backup cornerback has playbook stolen

New York Jets backup cornerback Josh Thomas took to Twitter on Monday to issue a public plea for the return of several items that some thief pilfered out of his car. Please return stolen articles. At least return my passport and playbook. #Jets #JetsNation #HappyHolidays #Christmas — Josh Thomas (@Josh_Thomas22) December 15, 2014 Thomas, inactive...Read More The post Jets backup...
Via Sportress of Blogitude
8 hours ago
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