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ESPN the Magazine released all the photos from their annual “Body Issue” on Tuesday, giving sports fans an artistic look at the physiques of some of the world’s best athletes. The issue includes athletes of all ages (including 77-year old golfer Gary Player, the oldest model since the inception of the Body Issue) from a wide variety of sports. Here’s a full breakdown of the athletes featured in the issue, via Gamedayr: Courtney Force (photos via Williams + Harikawa): Funny car racing John Wall (photos via Peggy Sirota): Basketball, Washington Wizards Colin Kaepernick (photos via Richard Phibbs): Football, San Francisco 49ers Tarah Gieger (photos via Peter Hapak): Motocross Gary Player (photos via Peter Hapak): Golf Chris Sharma & Daila Ojeda (photos via Boone Speed): Rock Climbers Elena Hight (photos via Martin Schoeller): Snowboarding Giancarlo Stanton (photos via Peggy Sirota): Baseball, Miami Marlins Marlen Esparza (photos via Peter Hapak): Olympic boxing Kerri Walsh-Jennings (photos via Richard Phibbs): Beach Volleyball Kenneth Faried (photos via Carlos Serrao): Basketball, Denver Nuggets Miesha Tate (photos via Ben Watts): Mixed Martial Arts Joffrey Lupul (photos via Carlos Serrao): Hockey, Toronto Maple Leafs Sydney Leroux (photos via Peter Hapak): US Soccer Agnieska Radwanska (photos via Alan Clarke): Tennis Carly Booth (photos via Williams + Harikawa): Golf Vernon Davis (photos via Ben Watts): Football, San Francisco 49ers John Isner (photos via Alan Clarke): Tennis Swin Cash (photos via Carlos Serrao): Basketball, Chicago Sky Matt Harvey (photos via Martin Schoeller): Baseball, New York Mets You can check out all the photos right here. Article found on: Next Impulse Sports

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  • Whats the point?
  • Actually, all of these bodies are beautiful. I wish after all those years of physical labor I did as an ironworker I could have held on to the physique that I once had. Maybe the beer after work got in the way. I'm jealous.
  • Ditto
  • Its not your job to reason why, Its your job to punk and tie!! Thats if you tied bar.
  • I'd like to that motor bike(Tarah Geiger).
  • I'd like to be that motor bike seat
  • Nude in America, a Christian nation? No wonder the view the Muslin world has of us. Of all the worthwhile things we could put in print of a positive nature,, is this the best we can do?
  • Who asked you about your views on Christianity or the Muslim world my fried? You were curious enough to gaze at the article and naked people yourself so what does that say about you?
  • my fried? Sounds like you are fried!
  • French fried Muslim anyone?
  • Is that the best you can do? poke at one misspelled word. lol
  • If you check your Christian mythology, the 'fig leaf' was donned by Adam and Eve after they ate of the tree of knowledge. Prior to that God liked them naked.
  • VERY TRUE Dawnbreaker, your right on! :-)
  • "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God." They were one in the spirit in the Hevenly realm with God, So when he ate of the forbidden fruit and fell from grace, God covered them both with the seven layers of the skin which enableld them to see their nakedness down here in this natural realm. I hope this clears up the issue. Thanks
  • you mean the muslims who bomb our streets and kill our children, those muslims can KMA!
  • Do you really think that all Muslims are the same? That is like saying all Christians are the same. Once you have worked with the Muslim community, just perhaps your view point might be different. Are these beautiful bodies connected to the Muslim religion? If so, please clarify that view point for me.
  • You are clearly, not well informed. Don't blame a religion for all the bad things. There are good and bad in every religion,race ,nationality. Think before you talk!
  • Well said!!
  • Muslims are not bombing our streets Sir. We are bombing theirs. We, though not intentionally, kill their children. "Our" children who have fallen, carry M-14s.
  • Right ON!
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  • Umm No, again misinformed people, its so sad. Look up what it is to be a true muslim, there is no murder involved in the religion just like in Christianity and most every other God Loving religion. Its the extreemests that blow stuff up, don't forget the 'christians' who blow up buildings and kill Doctors in front of thier own children. They are both wrong, any religion when taken too far can be Very Wrong and it tarnishes the good parts!
  • It is not full frontal nudity. It is tasteful art. The muslims are filthy murders. They beat, rape and throw acid on their women and you are okay with that? You are a sympathizer and should go live with those pigs were you belong!
  • It is a shame how people categorize and judge those who they know absolutly nothing about. For the record, we beat and rape women everyday. We have not gotten to the acid throwing yet.
  • Agree with MHamilton. This comment reaks of hate and ignorance. Its the equivalent of saying "Catholics drink blood and eat the body of their savior". How do you think that sounds? Open your eyes and see past your rage and the media that you solely base your opinions on. Do you truly think all muslims beat and murder, and rape, and splash acid on their women? Because if you do, I certainly hope that is not the story you are teaching your children...... Or if you are, I hope you are also teaching them that christians put people in camps and starve them and make them do forced labor, and then gas them in chambers and burn the bodies or bury them in mass graves. Because lets not forget, Hitler was a christian... therefore he must represent all christians and their ideals, right...?
  • Whoa! Hitler? Really? ONE insane man who happened to claim he was a Christian and instilled fear and terror into most of his followers to get them to act on his orders? WOW! Thank goodness the Jews don't hold all that against us Christians...
  • I hope they don't either because we are following in his footsteps. Illuminati(nwo) working all through our gov't.FEMA(death) camps,marshal law, AURORA and SANDYHOOK- libor trials,Boston bombing-trial run for marshal law not terrorists. Our own national security! check history alquida and taliban for the most part is our own CIA. We sit on our a-- in church, oh I forgive, love unconditionally,grace and mercy YES! AMEN. What most walk out is hate,grudges,lie ,steal,disceive,selfish,all about me.9/11 was Pres. BUSH,CIA,Isreally gov't. Iam a veteran,and am disgraced by our genacide,treason. Know the truth before vomiting. WAKE UP the Illuminati is real & operating everywhere. Stop blaming and learn these things that we can change this.tv is a lie. computer-not IE nor Firefox.
    I do care and may the Muslims forgive us in time.
    thank you
  • Stop with the muslim slamming you can go in history and find just as many so called 'Christian Killers' just like MHamilton said...Muslims are not boombing our streets we are bombing theirs!! The US has invaded the countries of Iraq, And Afganastan.Bombed the hell out of them for how many years and for what???? Oh that's right, for some Right Wing LIE!! Yeah ,thats in right wing extreemism along with the Religious Right, you know who you are....killing Doctors..cause you think you should be the judge and jury...Shame on you all. Only God can judge you and I hope I can see what gets laid down for all those people who hate others for no real reason.
  • I worked at a world class hotel in which I had to take care of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. All the booze they drank was charged in water!!! We shipped prostitute from all over for them and they threw it in my face everyday. They threatened my life on a daily basis. These bodies are beautiful and a work of art. On top of that I see no pornograghity at all.
  • Boondocks, your comments on this beautiful photography/artwork is a excellent example of why some people "MAY" have a negative view of anyone, not because your a Muslim. No matter where were from, we were born nude, its natural! In the name of Christ Jesus live where "you believe" you belong. God is LOVE!
  • "Boondock"? No kidding. How about you hunker down around the ol' kerosene lantern and read yer'all bible...where it says WE are made in your gods image...and the examples shown are truly beautiful and non-sexual - especially the woman before and after birth...how beautiful! The Muslims worship a few hundred virgins and stone their wives and children on whims...and their view is even a consideration...why? Nudes in America!? OMG!!! god would be so pissed off to see a naked person. He would be positively cold-cocked.
  • So sad that you are ashamed of your naked body.
  • Pretty Sure they were going for "The human Body is a beautiful thing", and athletes seem to have the best examples of this, as they actually take care of their bodies unlike the majority of the rest of america. And yes, USA was founded by a bunch of christians... who grew rich on slavery and growing addictive cancer causing plants and didn't like paying taxes. Spare me your patriotism and ideals. As a christian, I would think that you would have more love for the human form, created in gods own image. These pictures do not show people doing anything obscene or engaging in pornographic acts. If it makes you uncomfortable, why did you even click on the link, I am pretty sure it was pretty straight forward what the article was about...
  • What?? Are you kidding me?First,we are a nation built on FREEDOM OF Religion. So we can CHOOSE or NOT and its not only Christian. UMM NUDE in AMERICA? Yeah, why not? After all, God did create the human form right? What is wrong with looking at those beautiful photographs? Are you really embarrased of what God and those people's hard work and dedication created? You are a very jugdgemental person, not very Christlike at all!
  • "God" made us this way, mankind put clothes on. None of these pictures show anything obscene either, they are beautiful people who take care of their God-given bodies, we could only dream to be in such great shape, but they work very hard to maintain that and deserve our respect. Get over yourself already.
  • The view of the Muslim world? Who the hell cares what those animals think.
  • I feel the same, not calling Muslim peopel animals, but who asked this animal about his religous beliefs?
  • Ease up Boondocks; Remember we all look like that in some form or another.
  • Yes RVGrandpa, which is why I found this very motivational and inspiring indeed :-)
  • What are we as readers possibly supposed to extract from this? Whatever the answer, I don't get it. Here is my question: Why in the hell is the media so damn anxious for people to take their clothes off & talk about their EMOTIONS? Who gives a Rats ass!I think the media are comprised of some sick axx M@(&@(&*'s!
  • At least the media have better and cleaner language skills than you do. The media tries to provide material of interest to readers. Am I correct in assuming you must have been interested enough to read what the media presented. My question is why did you read it in the first place maybe that is your answer is why the media did it.
  • I was just looking at the pictures
  • The media have? That is the media "has" Next, your "Am I correct.....presented," should end with a question mark,?. My question.....read it in the first place, would end with a question mark. "maybe, should have a capital "M" Finally, "that is your answer is why the media did it" Work on your grammar and perhaps your commentary will prove to make more sense.
  • Actually "the media have" is correct. Singular is 'medium'. Plural is 'media'.
  • Thanks for that correction, this is true in American English. I studied in England and we use, the media has. Nevertheless, point taken. Thanks!
  • its art. wth is wrong with you? i wonder if you are equally offended by the good looking cheerleaders? or does the swimsuit issue of SI get you shorts in a bunch too? the staue of David??.... just wondering. why does one have to extract something? while i agree with you to a point about the media, but they are just giving peole what they want. its not like its a porn shoot. get real.
  • you gotta admit, these are some pretty awesome photos. even the golfer looks fantastic. 77 and fantastic! very cool. the mom with child was beautiful. not cuz she's nude but because she's just her, and child. beautiful!! thank you.
  • Why are some of you offended by simple nude photos? You're ok with prolific violence in the media but not ok with some naked bodies? Really? Ok go back to watching your Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. Or maybe you should just go join the Muslims who appear to be as uptight about something so natural as our own bodies... god forbid we should have to see that!
  • These athletes represent hard work and dedication. Human body at its best; it is a beautiful thing! To the prudes, it's just skin. We all have it. Love and treat your body right. It is the only one you have to live this life with.
  • This is the problem with America, everyone think about sex. Outside of America sex is not a dirty word and children are not raised in a sterile environment. Children are taught that the body is a beautiful art figure. They are taught in a healthy way unlike most American children. The parents are the blame. Parents don't take time to teach their children much of anything, so children learn from other children the wrong way. I traveled Europe and stores that Americans call sex shops are nicely windowed and you wouldn't think of it as just a sex shop. It is done in a tasteful manner and not objectionable to the eye. Yes it is different than what we are use to but I can accept it in a different manner. Americans are just snobs and have an unhealthy mentality about the human body. Grow up people as there is nothing wrong. Statues throughout the world are naked. If Americans were brought up different, we probably wouldn't have as many rapes and other sexual incidents in our country. Grow up and expand your mentality for a healthy manner.
  • Fuzzy57,
    Yes your so right. Was a child counsellour for a school district for 18 yrs, im aware that sex education is taught in schools starting from the 5th grade plus CPS. The point is because of the AIDS edpidemic this was the cause of prophylactics being introduced & given away free at all schools & state agencys. Sex ED introduced to young children is FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Especially in the elementary schools when the young are curious. Yes it starts at home but also the eductaion
    starts to form their minds. Yrs ago the birds & the bees came normally, but because of this the good have to suffer along with the bad. Same thing for the CPS (child protective services)
    by the t ime they reach high school.. the teens use that law against their parents which the parents are afraid to repremand or discipline their children at home. Therfore they do what they will & have no fear of authority & no respect. Take in mind
    education is a form of brain washing. This is my opinion. But your correct...the world is filthy & uncouth.
  • The pictures are beautiful, yes Americans are to uptight about nakedness BUT rape has nothing to do with sex, nothing.
  • I thought we were supposed to comment on the article not try to berate the people that make a legitimate comment. Sounds to me like you just want to be a jerk.
  • For someone that is trying to make a personal statement against what other people are commenting about, it seems you are also complaining about the same thing. Why don't you just mind your own business and comment on the article and not worry about what other people are doing. The pictures are all done in good taste and quite beautiful as human art.
  • Beautiful photos. Athletes use their bodies for their professions - why not see how they look without their uniforms? Not one photo is inappropriate or sexual. Although Colin's pic is pretty hot! Fit bodies are beautiful - we should all aspire to keeping our bodies (our temples) in the best possible condition as a way of being thankful for the gift of life!
  • I was going to say how stupic these pictures are until I saw boondocks' holier than thou little lecture. Now I'm buying the issue. Might even get a copy for my Minister as well. By the was, assface, we aren't a "Christian" nation. This is the United States of America. I can practice any religion I want, or no religion at all, and be just as much a citizen as you are (you might want to take note of that as well, lardog).
  • animals? Your being kind. More like road side bombing,running and snipping,beheading innocent people,shooting little girl,nutless cowards. Who gives one ____ iota what those cowardly minute minded savages think!
  • If being naked is bad what is stoning a human to death or lopping a head off?
  • This could be a good discussion if religion and attacks on Muslims and Christians had not been brought up and become more the focus.
  • I thought that was a cool issue. Nice work on changing things up.
  • Beautiful - great shots.. Considering I live in Southern California this is so refreshing. Not everyone is in great shape! People go out half naked to restaurants with blobs of fat exposed! The human body truly as a work of art.
  • YES, these photos are a refreshing representation of the human body in various stages of life
  • Great pictorial! I for one, am inspired by the thoughtful, artistic representation of, and testament to, the human body in it's physically fit form. I view this as art, as honoring the benefits of the physically fit body. There is NOTHING here to be offended about!
  • Excellent portrayal of people who have invested time, energy and dedication to staying fit and strong, as-well-as sculpting their bodies to perform to the max and be as beautiful as possible. These photos are quite inspiring.
  • Cool story bro.
  • I agree that it's art...But where are the offensive linemen with the fat guts or the beer guzzling bowler? Remember Rick Rueschel? Where are guys and or ladies like that? Athletes come in all shapes and sizes.
  • All I can say is I'd love to be in Sydney right now... and I don't mean Australia!!
  • Beautiful art. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, any other legitimate religion or no religion. Black, white, yellow, brown or alien. Tall, short, fat, skinny or perfect. None matters you're either an asshole or your not. There are three classes of all of the above. One is politically correct, one is prejudice and one is complimentary. Oh, and we're all nude at the beginning and end.
  • Great pics - Faried is my favorite.
  • These pictures are beautiful!
    I would like to say though that not all Muslims are terrible people. It is the extremist groups that are the ones who we hear about in the news. There are good and nice Muslims in the world and even here in our own country. They are people just like us. Remove every single opinion and belief from everyone in the world and strip them down to nothing and we are all just bodies, just like the ones pictured above (some not quite as fit as others, but that's okay too).
  • We,American, should not care about what the Muslims world think about us. They are from another planet (point of view stand).
    They are trained to destroy us. East against the West. That is the bottom line. They just take advantage of us. We should stand strong. I do not know not even one Muslim who like us. They are here just to use us. They are not a Western religion.
  • Yawn. Get back to us when you wanna show something other than side views, with everything 'strategically' covered up. Might as well be wearing clothes.
  • Muslims , Americans, Christians have been killing innocent people for a long time. My father a decorated war veteran killed women and children following orders. Drank himself to death. Mercy and unconditional love might be of some use. Just a suggestion , you are free to pick love or hate .
  • It amazes me that people's religion some how comes into the conversation. These are pictures of the human body. It's sad to think that we as human beings, can't look at tasteful photos of other people who take care of their bodies. I see NO porn here. It would be fantastic, if everyone would remember that ALL religion is TAUGHT---we are not born with it. It makes me laugh when I hear people say---I believe. NO---you were TAUGHT TO BELIEVE a certain religion. Just as we are taught to speak English, French, German, etc.. I feel they did a very good job with the lay out of these photos. Great job.
  • Lots of hate in the comments above... Sad. Most surprised at the christians who are hating on other religions, or on the nudity... but I guess alot of people just don't know the first thing about being a christian or what Christ taught... including some christians.

    The pictures are awesome, a testament to gods creation if nothing else (if you believe in god). And a testament to the beauty of the human body when it is taken care of (if you don't believe in god).
  • I have observed the comments, We all deffinately need to forgive if we have the slighhtest desire to be forgiven of God. We do not discern Jesus after the flesh, our enemy is the spirit of error and to recognize it we must learn of the Spirit of Truth Who dwels within His temple whose house we are. I am not waiting for Him to return from without(the world) but I am expecting Him to appear from within(heaven) His Temple built by God for Himself purchased by Himself. Let's act accordingly...
  • AreYouKidding? This page is to show how god made us, and what we can become if we live a healthy lifestyle. Also, who are to judge? You probably go nude around your house, and you probably don't care when family members or relatives do it, so why do YOU care about these wonderful athletes. As I said before, THIS IS HOW GOD CREATED US, and if you don't believe that God did this, you're an Atheist.
  • lakercc
    I initially wrote some mean things to respond, but I’m working on that so it was deleted. Those are beautiful tasteful pictures of the human form of people that are fit due to training for what they do. When you compete in a sport at the caliber of those photoed, your body will look like that, Notice how the skiers have larger quads, and how the climbers have slender muscled long limbs. It's awesome how they've perfected their bodies to the sport that suits them through hard training. To my eye, the beauty, form, and art of the human body was depicted, and I wouldn't have an issue with my kids seeing this. The mall, the local grocery store parking lot, or Wal-Mart poses a higher risk of our children seeing perversion. My daughter and I unfortunately saw a wrinkled pierced nipple yesterday while parking the car at a grocery store. Try explaining that.
    For partially nude non sexual photos of athletes affecting you children, try this. Teach your kids that they are worthy of respect from all and to respect all others. Those that don’t give respect, don’t deserve respect. Those that don’t accept respect, don’t give respect. Don’t associate with no respect. Photos of people that don’t have self respect aren’t to be respected. Photos of athletes that work from the age of your children to master their sport and develop the unique muscular form their human body has is no less the feat of that da Vinci had taking 16 years on the Mona Lisa.
  • Wow! Looks like some comments at the top somehow got deleted or removed. Interesting...
  • Yea, most of them we're PROBABLY marked as spam.
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  • Kerri,
    Thanks much for sharing momma. That's an awesome photo side by side. That makes a person ponder the miracle of life. Beautiful baby! Congrats.
    PS-Good job following your heart. Keep it up.
    Husband of my one and only and dad of two cool kids.
  • All I saw was beautiful spirits in beautiful tabernacles.
  • Cool. What a beautiful piece.

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