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The day that many people have been longingly awaiting is almost upon us -- the release of Nike's new sneakers, the "Air Yeezy II."

People have already begun camping out outside of retail stores for a chance to buy the new basketball shoes, which are being described by some as the "most anticipated shoes ever." That statement may come as a shock to some people, after seeing riots break out over Nike's "Air Jordan Concords" in December of 2011.

The Air Yeezy II's were designed by rapper Kanye West, and will have a retail price of $250. In fact, you would be lucky if you paid that price. Some people who were lucky enough to get a pair of the sneakers early have listed them on eBay, with prices ranging from $400-$3,000 dollars.


Click here to see more photos of the Air Yeezy II!

  • Wouldn't buy 'em if they were the coolest... hottest... only shoes left on the planet! Not if he is getting one penny from the sale!
  • I am a Kanye West fan and and I have 25 pairs of Nikes but I think he should stick to making music
  • No thanks. Would rather go barefoot first.
  • First off, they're ugly. Just like his personality. I do not like this guy. Too full of himself. Disrespectful, class-less and an embarrassment. Taylor Swift is talented, poised and deserved the award that time without his ignorant input all of which embarrassed Beyonce. Thank God she knows the meaning of damage control. the other thing with him AND Jay-Z is the name of this concert in paris. Jay thought well enough to stop using the B-word after his daughter's birth LMFAO but he didn't think well enough to not use the word to begin with because he has a MOTHER? HELLOOO!!. Or let's fast forward - what about Bey - he didnt think enough of her to stop using? Back to the name of the concert: These asswipes lack that much talent that they have to resort to setting the black community back a notch by using this derogatory statement that rattles the graves of our ancestors!? for the Love of Hip-Hop and the image the younger generation derives from ppl like Jay-Z, etc CLEAN IT UP GUYS. if these sneakers are not attainable to the kids who would want them then...he can give them to Kim. ROTFLMBO
  • 1. Hot sex
    2. Good food
    10,000. Root canal
    1,000,000. Walk barefoot over hot coals and shards of glass.

    Not listed: Purchase Kanye's Nike shoes.
  • I wouldnt wear these if they were the very last pair of shoes on earth.My feet are prettier
  • Don't like him, his music, his shoes or anything else about him. Nike is local, Oregon based company and I have been buying their gear for year, not any more. Why Nike doesn’t stick to athletes, is a mystery to me. What next, Air Bieber’s?
  • They were thinking of giving Manute Bol a sneaker at one point...AIR BOLS! Thank God that didn't happen.
  • beiber doesn't make G.O.O.D music. listen to the MUSIC.
  • Those are not fashionalbe looking shoes and I am sure they are athletic either. Kanye please stick to music or create something worthwhile instead of crap like this. Seriously who the heck wants to pay that kind of money for a shoe in todays economy fallout? Be real for once and create a product that anyone can buy not just Freaks with too money and time on their hands!
  • Even the president says he is a jacka$$.
  • Like KIm K's Sketchers...there will soon be a lawsuit of some kind...I would not have anything to do with any product he is associated with...same goes for KIM Products..disgusting couple....two most "no talent" jerks on the Planet!
  • Wouldn't support stupid, and he is stupid to be with a Kardashian.
  • How can a corporate giant let an infamous douche bag sponsor their product? Shame, shame!

    I'll pay $250 for this shoes if they'll let me hit KanyeDashian in the mouth with these shoes. That's a free product-testing service!!!
  • taylor swift was a few years ago, i wish people would get passed that. listen to college dropout, see where his soul is. realize that people go through problems, and his problem is controlling his mouth. but on the other hand, he speaks what he feels, and i don't see a single problem with that.
  • Ugly shoes. Too bulky. Look like space boots. Just not a smooth looking shoe. A high price tag is what makes clowns think they are getting something. kind of sad.
  • I like Kanye but those shoes look like the ones marty Mcfly wore in back to the future 2 , do these blow dry you off in the rain? They better do that and a whole lot more for 250.00. But then again I wont spend 1 hundred dollars on sneakers.
  • They are absolutely, the ugliest piece of footwear, I think I have ever seen!!Good luck to whom ever buys or wears them.... laughing so out loud!!!

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