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Sports has the power to change the world; to inspire, to unite people and to speak to the youth in a language they understand. -- Nelson Mandela In a time long ago, the late Earl Woods likened his precocious young son to not just Jack Nicklaus -- or indeed any sporting champion -- but to Buddha and Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. Perhaps because Tiger wasn't much of a carpenter, he left out Jesus Christ. "Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity," Earl boasted to Sports Illustrated in 1996. "Because he's playing a sport that's international. Because he's qualified through his ethnicity to accomplish miracles. He's the bridge between the East and the West. There is no limit because he has the guidance. "I don't know yet exactly what form this will take. But he is the Chosen One. He'll have the power to impact nations. Not people. Nations! The world is just getting a taste of his power." It might sound, with the benefit of hindsight, a tad fanciful. And, if there were any doubt, the whole façade tumbled down in November 2009. But maybe there was something to it back then. Earl Woods saw in sports what Mandela -- who brilliantly used the 1995 rugby World Cup to unite his divided, beloved South Africa -- also saw. That it had the power to change the world; to inspire and unite; to speak to the disparate in a common language. Tiger spoke that language to billions. They watched him in awe from all corners of the globe. He was, indeed, special. According to Earl Woods, Mandela knew it when he first met Tiger, in 1998. "Tiger was playing there, and we went to Nelson Mandela's summer home," Earl told Golf Digest. "We went up to his residence, and were escorted in to see him, with the instructions that there were to be no flash pictures -- the years in captivity had sensitized his eyes too much. So as soon as we walked in, they locked eyes, and they recognized each other. "And they acknowledged each other and spoke to each other as equals. "It was like a teacher talking to a pupil, but acknowledging that the student is clearly superior to my other students, so I have to pay special attention to him, because he's going to do great things. "And Nelson counseled him, telling him that he did have this ability and that he had to go out and do a lot of good in the world. I sat there and marveled at their complete ease with each other. It was marvelous to see." On Thursday, Woods finished a so-so round of 71 at his Northwestern Mutual World Challenge and was greeted with the news of Mandela's death, at the age of 95. "I got a chance to meet him with my father back in '98," Woods said. "He invited us to his home, and it was one of the most inspiring times I've ever had in my life. It's a sad day for many people around the world." Woods has told the story of meeting Mandela many times; how he and his father feeling a "presence" in the room while they awaited him turned around to see Mandela folding paper in the back of the room. "The energy that he has, that he exudes, is unlike any person that I've ever met," Woods has said. Later on Thursday, like many, he took to Twitter to pay his respects. "Pop and I felt your aura when we met. I feel it today and I will feel it forever. You have done so much for humanity ... " "You will always be in my heart Mr Mandela." What he didn't say, of course, was that Earl over-reached on the impact his son would have on the world. Tiger was special but he used that power to sell Gatorade and clothes with a swoosh and unfashionable American cars. He was the next Jordan, not the next Mandela. Tiger, I've long suspected, has known that all along. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But Mandela refused to succumb to that temptation, and even after 27 years of imprisonment, chose to look beyond bitterness and vengeance to a peaceful future for all his people, both black and white. "I don't think any of us probably here could have survived that and come out as humble and as dignified as he did," Woods said Thursday. "And to lead an entire nation and to basically love the world when he came out, I think that's a testament to his will and his spirit and who he was." Who he was, was a hero. Not a sporting hero; a real one.

Boxer Matlala dies, was a Mandela favorite

South African boxer Jacob ''Baby Jake'' Matlala, a four-time world champion at flyweight and junior flyweight and one of Nelson Mandela's favorite fighters, has died. He was 51. Matlala's death Saturday was announced by family spokesman Ray McCauley. Former WBO champion Matlala died two days after Mandela, one of the fighter's biggest fans. Mandela attended...

Nelson Mandela used the power of sports to unite South Africa

Nelson Mandela  has passed away at the age of 95, after battling a lung infection. The revolutionary icon showed the world what strength and compassion are through personal sacrifice. Mandela was falsely jailed for 27 years on charges that he was trying to overthrow South Africa’s government. When in reality he was simply opposing the country’s apartheid system. While serving...

Remembering Mandela and how sports influenced his legacy

  For me, Nelson Mandela is an iconic and heroic figure to whom I feel an indescribable and unusual closeness.  My personal champion.  Though he’s physically departed from the world, his contributions are transcendent and eternal.  His determination to achieve equality in the face of brutal inhumane obstacles, while remaining benevolent, exemplifies the radiance of life I...

TV station shows A-Rod photo while remembering Nelson Mandela (VIDEO)

Remembering Nelson "A-Rod" Mandela. What?!While many people across the world mourned the the death of Nelson Mandela — South Africa's anti-apartheid voice and former president — on Friday, one TV station is bowing its head in embarrassment.During a news broadcast, a local Detroit TV station, WDIV, made a serious gaffe — slapping Alex Rodriguez's face next...

Detroit News Broadcast Confuses Nelson Mandela With A-Rod (Video)

Graphics guy probably won’t have a job tomorrow. I just pray this was an honest mistake and he didn’t do this on purpose. Only in Detroit. @awfulannouncing Yeah…that's not Nelson Mandela. — Jeremy Klumpp (@Klumpp13) December 6, 2013

FIFA mourns Mandela, 'one of greatest humanists'

FIFA president Sepp Blatter says FIFA is in mourning after the death of Nelson Mandela. He released a statement saying the former South Africa president was ''probably one of the greatest humanists of our time.'' Blatter said he and Mandela ''shared an unwavering belief in the extraordinary power of football to unite people in peace and friendship.'...

RIP Nelson Mandela, A Great Ambassador for World Soccer

Yesterday, the World Soccer Talk team was assembled in Bristol CT as guests of ESPN. During pre-production for Thursday’s ESPN FC show previewing the World Cup Draw, an ESPN staffer shouted “Nelson Mandela died.” Suddenly everyone on the set led by host Dan Thomas began reminiscing about Mandela’s life and legacy. When the ESPN FC show opened at 5:30pm EST, the crew spent...

Detroit news station confuses Nelson Mandela with A-Rod, is stupidest station ever

FIFA Mourns”Greatest Humanist” Nelson Mandela

Former South African president Nelson Mandela and FIFA Boss Sepp Blatter FIFA President Sepp Blatter has described the late Nelson Mandela as one of the “greatest humanists of our time” after the former South African president passed away on Thursday. “It is in deep mourning that I pay my respects to an extraordinary person, probably one of the greatest humanists of our time...

Ghana legend Abedi Pele pays glowing tribute to Nelson Mandela

Abedi Pele with Nelson Mandela Ghana legend Abedi Pele has paid glowing tributes to former South Africa President Nelson Mandela who passed away on Thursday night. Mandela who had been battling a lung infection for the past three months passed on at age 95 at his home in Houghton in Johannesburg. Several world leaders and influential personalities have since been sending messages...

Garcia takes lead at somber Sun City

With the skies over Sun City fittingly gray, Gary Player cried on a tee box and Ernie Els shared some of his memories of Nelson Mandela. ''It is going to be a tough day for the whole country,'' Els said. A somber mood hung over South Africa's first major sporting event since Mandela's death as Sergio Garcia, wearing a black ribbon like the rest of the 30...

Janko Tipsarevic

R.I.P Nelson Mandela


RIP Mr Nelson Mandela

Parreira: Mandela was ´a god´ to South Africans

Carlos Alberto Parreira has reflected on his experiences with Nelson Mandela during his time as South Africa head coach. Parreira […]

World mourns death of great Yankee fan

At least we can take comfort in knowing that Nelson Mandela died with a smile on his face, knowing the Yankees had just signed Jacoby Ellsbury from the team he so reviled.
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