Yardbarker is a sports site where everyone's an insider! Sports fans, bloggers, and professional athletes all hang out in the Yard to read and discuss sports articles, view the latest sports photos and videos, debate and interact with each other, and much more.

What are the Top Stories on the homepage?

The Yardbarker homepage is updated throughout the day with the best sports stories from around the web, handpicked by our editors. Stories may include blog posts, news articles, athlete blog posts, and more. When you click on a story, a Preview will pop up. From there you can click to read the full story at the source, or click to comment about it on Yardbarker.

What is My News Feed?

When you are signed in, your news feed can be seen on the homepage and on your user page. Your news feed is a collection of links you may be interested in based on your recent activity and the teams and Yardbarker users you have chosen as your favorites. You can see your news feed on the homepage when you are signed in, as well as on your user page.

What are Favorites?

When you add a sport or team as a favorite, you will be shown articles about that sport or team in your news feed and on your user page. To add a favorite, click on the “Add to Faves” button at the top right of that sport or team’s Yard page. You can also visit your user page and select favorite teams and sports there from the Settings tab. To delete a favorite, visit the Settings tab of your user page.

What are Verified Athletes and Athlete Blogs?

Dozens of top professional athletes blog on Yardbarker. Each athlete has been verified by Yardbarker to be the real person and his or her profile is marked with a “Verified” tag. The athletes interact with fans through their blog posts, comments, and other activities on the site. The latest athlete blog posts are shown on the Yardbarker homepage and you can click the Athlete Blogs link in the nav for a full listing of all Yardbarker athlete bloggers. If you are an athlete and would like to become a verified Yardbarker blogger, please contact us at

What’s in the Videos section?

The Videos section is continually updated with new original Yardbarker videos from our athlete bloggers and from Yardbarker coverage of events in the sports world. You will also find plenty of other videos submitted by Yardbarkers and other sources throughout the site.

What are Quizzes?

Test your sports knowledge with multiple-choice and beat-the-clock quizzes about a variety of sports and topics. Currently users can not create their own quizzes, but email us at if you have an idea for a new quiz.

What’s on a Sports Yard?

When you click on a sport like “NFL” from the navigation bar, you are taken to the NFL Yard where you can browse the latest NFL news & rumors, athlete blogs, photos, fans, and more. You can also navigate to these items from the NFL navigation bar, which contains additional links to NFL quizzes, sources, and team Yards.

What’s on a Team Yard?

When you click on a team like “Philadelphia Eagles” from the navigation bar or from the NFL Yard, you are taken to the Eagles Yard where you can browse the latest Eagles news & rumors, photos, fans, related athlete blogs, and more. You can also navigate to these items from the Eagles navigation bar, which contains additional links to Eagles quizzes, sources, and player Yards.

What’s on a Player Yard?

When you click on a player name like “Donovan McNabb” from a team page, you are taken to the Donovan McNabb Yard where you can browse the latest news & rumors, photos, and fan barks about him. In the player navigation bar, you can also click to the verified athlete blog if that athlete blogs on Yardbarker.

What are Sources?

Sources are sports blogs, news outlets, team sites, Twitter feeds, and other sources we’ve found on the web that are relevant and trustworthy. You can look at our list of sources by sport or by team. Many of the stories you see in the News & Rumors sections come from these sources.

What are Fans?

A Yardbarker user becomes a fan of a particular sport, team, verified athlete, or other Yardbarker user when they add it as a favorite. You can add something as a favorite by clicking the “Add to Faves” button at the top right of its page. Fans of sports, teams, verified athletes, and other Yardbarker users are shown on those respective Yard pages. On your own user page you can click the Fans tab to see who is a fan of you.

What does it mean to "Bark about" a player or Yardbarker user?

On any player Yard or any user page of a verified athlete or other Yardarbarker user, there is a box where you can "bark about" that person. It's kind of like leaving a note about that person. Shout them out or show them some love!

What is the Morning Bark?

The Morning Bark is our email newsletter sent daily Monday through Thursday featuring some of the best stories from the Yard. Click here to subscribe to the Morning Bark.

Where does Yardbarker content come from?

Yardbarker subscribes to thousands of feeds from sports blogs, news outlets, official team sites, and other sources. We aggregate them all and deliver the best articles to the sport, team, and player Yards. We also subscribe to a photo service which provides most of the images on the site.


What is the Hot 40?

Yardbarker subscribes to thousands of the best known sports feeds: blogs, mainstream news sites, team sites, and more. We automatically aggregate and categorize each new article, as it arrives. The Hot 40 uses a proprietary algorithm to process all of this information, and tell you which sports personalities are generating the most buzz right now. It's updated several times per day, and generates a real-time measurement of sports popularity.

What are the numbers in the Hot 40?

In the right column of the Hot 40, there are numbers (with arrows) that tell you how that person's ranking has changed over the course of the last 24 hours. For example, if Kobe Bryant is currently ranked #10, and the arrow to the right of his name says " 67", you would know that 24 hours ago, he had been ranked #77.


What are some things I can do in the Yard?

  • Read news and rumor stories from the homepage or from the Yards of any sport, team, or player. You can also search for content using the search box.
  • Comment on a story from the homepage or anywhere around the Yard.
  • Interact with verified athletes by reading and commenting on their blog posts, barking on their player pages, and sending private messages.
  • Press the “I like it” button on any story you like to help boost its visibility to other users.
  • View photo galleries with continuously updated photos from your favorite sports, teams, and players.
  • Take a quiz and compare your sports knowledge with others.
  • Follow your favorite sports and teams by adding them as favorites.
  • Connect with other Yardbarker users by adding them as favorites, barking on their pages, and sending them private messages.

How can I leave a comment on a story?

If you click on any headline, a Preview box will appear showing the first few sentences of the source. From there you can click on “Discuss on YB” to leave a comment on that story’s Yardbarker page. Or you can click on “Read Full Story” to read the original source – you can then leave a comment on the Yardbarker page by using the “Comment Now” button on the Yardbarker i-frame at the top of the page.

How can I respond to another user’s comment?

Click the “Reply” link directly under their comment and a new comment box will appear for you to use. Your comment will appear underneath theirs.

Can I include videos in my comments?

Yes, paste the embed code along with any text you’d like to use and the video will appear once the comment or post is published. Most major video players such as YouTube are supported.

How can I contact another user?

You can send a private message to another user by using the “Send a message” link at the top right of their user page.

How can I contact an athlete?

You can send a private message to a verified athlete by using the “Send a message” link at the top right of their user page.

How can I suggest a story for the homepage?

If you see a story that you think would be good for the homepage, please email and our editors will review it. Due to the volume of story tips we receive, we apologize that we can not respond to all suggestions.

How can I suggest a source to include?

If you know of a sports source that is not already included in our sources, please email a link to for our consideration. If you have a sports blog and are interested in joining your site to the Yardbarker Network, our network of 600+ independent sports sites, please click here for more information.


How do I get started?

Anyone can read news and rumors, or view photo galleries without being logged in. If you would like to contribute and interact on the site, you will need to log in. If you already have an account, click the Log In link at the top right of the page. To create a free account, click the Sign Up link at the top right of the page.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately at this time you cannot change your username yourself. However, special requests for username changes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please send such requests to

I forgot my password, what do I do?

After clicking on the “Log In” link at the top right, click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

What do the MVP and Verified tags mean next to certain usernames?

MVPs are Yardbarker users who have completed a list of activities on the site. Verified Yardbarkers are athletes and celebrities who have been verified by Yardbarker to be the real person.

How do I become an MVP?

  • Create an account to join Yardbarker.
  • Select your favorite teams to follow related news in your news feed.
  • Upload a photo to identify yourself on Yardbarker.
  • Get fans by impressing other Yardbarkers or inviting your friends to join and add you as a favorite.
  • Take a quiz to test your sports knowledge.
  • Fill out your profile details with what makes you unique.
  • Select your favorite sports to follow related news on your user page.
  • Post a comment on an article to let your voice be heard.

I want to cancel my account, what can I do?

You can remove your email address and all personal information from our system by accessing your account settings. Sorry to see you go!


What are the rules of the Yard?

The rules of the Yard are: 1) Keep it clean (no cursing), 2) Be civil (no personal attacks), and 3) Don’t be a jerk (you know what we mean). There is definitely room for disagreement and debate, but following these rules helps to keep Yardbarker’s community positive and productive. Please click here for our full community guidelines.

How do I report inappropriate content?

If you see any article, comment, photo, or other content that is inappropriate or spam, please report it to our moderators by clicking the “Flag” icon or the “thumbs down” icon and selecting “Inappropriate” or “Spam.” Our moderators review these flagged items regularly throughout the day, and this is the best way to alert us to inappropriate content. If there is a problem that cannot be addressed with the flagging system, please email us at Because of the large volume of content submitted to the site every day, we can not review even a fraction of it, so we rely on the Yardbarker community to flag inappropriate content for our review. Thank you for your help in the upkeep of Yardbarker’s community!

How can I block another user?

If you block a Yardbarker user, they will not be able to bark on your user page, reply directly to your comments on any article or post, or send you a private message. To block a user, visit the Privacy Settings on your user page Settings tab. Type the username you want to block in the box and press the Update button.

What is Yardbarker’s privacy policy?

Please click here for our full privacy policy.

What are Yardbarker’s terms of service?

Please click here for our full terms of service.


How do I contact Yardbarker?

If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, please email us at For more contact information, visit our Contact page.

How can I get a job at Yardbarker?

If you are excited about what we are doing, please send your resume to along with a brief note letting us know why you would be a valuable addition to the Yardbarker team.

How can I hear more about what’s going on at Yardbarker?

Read our Yardbarker blog!

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