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Yardbarker.com is now governed by the Fox Sports Digital (“FSD” or "we") Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Some of the key changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are summarized below, but please take the time to read the full, updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You accept and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use when you visit or use Yardbarker.com or any FSD Service.

What’s new in the new Yardbarker Privacy Policy?

In order to better customize the information, content and advertising we provide to you, FSD may combine your personal and non-personal information (for example, we may combine your name with information about your use of the FSD Sites and/or demographic information).

The updated Privacy Policy describes the information and content shared between FSD, its Affiliates and other third parties.

What’s new in the new Yardbarker Terms of Use?

  • Arbitration Agreement - To help streamline the resolution of disputes, the updated Terms of Use now contains an Arbitration Agreement that specifies that both you and FSD will be obligated to arbitrate disputes that arise out of or relate to the FSD Services.
  • User Content - We have provided further information concerning the use, storage, protection, removal, and ownership of User Content provided by you or others in connection with the FSD Services.
  • Your Information - The updated Terms of Use reinforces the control you have over the information you provide to FSD and updates the limited circumstances when FSD may access, preserve, or disclose such information, such as when we may be compelled to do so by a governmental or public entity.
  • Contact Information - In a continued effort to provide you with communication options, we have clarified how FSD and you may contact each other in a variety of circumstances.
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