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#Dodgers lineup vs. #Mets:Crawford LFEllis 2BKemp CFGonzalez 1BHairston 3BEthier RFEllis CSellers SSKershaw P #whiff — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) April 23, 2013 Tonight’s #Mets lineup:Tejada SSMurphy 2BWright 3BBuck CByrd RFDuda LFTurner 1BCowgill CFNiese LHP — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) April 23, 2013 I hope Clayton doesn’t think Cowgill is an actual cow and tries to milk him halfway through the game. — Jill Tejadalander (@GoJBuckYourself) April 23, 2013 Let’s Go Mets! Beat Fred Wilpon’s favorite team! — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 23, 2013 While I hate when the Mets barely stand a chance, it’s always fun to watch an animal like Kershaw. — Nicolette517 (@Nicolette517) April 23, 2013 I love Ruben Tejada but he really does look like a kid who won some kind of Daily News contest and gets to play SS for the #Mets. — Randy Medina (@ReadTheApple) April 23, 2013 Who is Fred Wilpon rooting for tonight? — Murph (@metsfanmurph) April 23, 2013 Wright didn’t get the memo 1 pitch for the 3rd out — happy hank (@happyhank86) April 23, 2013 I think I have more followers than people in attendance tonight at Citi… #Mets — Kevin (@KVP_10) April 23, 2013 It sucks the #Mets don’t have Scott Hairston anymore so we can have #checkinginwithkevin talk about how he and Jerry Jr are brothers — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) April 23, 2013 Ethier just told the ump to have a pleasant day #Mets — Meriwyn Travisano (@Meriwyn) April 23, 2013 Quick poll guys, what should I order? #PBandJ or #5cheeseMacandCheese #rovellpoll — Brad (@Braddigan89) April 23, 2013 So does Adam Rubin think no one watches the games and we only follow it on twitter? — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 23, 2013 Three walks, a hit, and a double play. 1-0 Dodgers mid 2. Who wants to do the “it could have been worse” honors? — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 23, 2013 Beltran should get his money back, Niese’s beak is still ridiculous.. #Mets — Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83) April 23, 2013 Can the Dodgers just go far away from starting pitchers? They’re bad luck. — Ellie S. (@NieuwenMets) April 23, 2013 GET THE RAY RAMIREZ AWAY FROM THE PITCHER — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 23, 2013 PAging Mr. Wheeler — E.J. (@TheHappyRecap) April 23, 2013 I should not come to games started by Jon Niese. I saw him tear his hamstring. And now this… — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) April 23, 2013 Welcome to Flushing, @wheelerpro45 — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 23, 2013 You’re on notice Beltran! #BeOKNiese — Katie (@cardny5) April 23, 2013 Harvey and Niese and … NO DAMMIT NOT NIESE TOO!!! — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus) April 23, 2013 Just what Mets didn’t need. Jon Niese hit by liner on lower right leg- walking gingerly…out of the game — Kevin Burkhardt (@KBurkhardtSNY) April 23, 2013 Why are people paging Zack Wheeler? I highly doubt he owns a pager #Mets — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) April 23, 2013 So we are giving this game to the Los Angeles Dodgers of Dodgerheim right? — Jill Tejadalander (@GoJBuckYourself) April 23, 2013 Screw the outfield, can anyone pitch? Anyone? Kirk? Anyone? — Brad (@Braddigan89) April 23, 2013 OMG Keith Hernandez, you dapper *********** — Katye McCarthy (@myfriendkatye) April 23, 2013 Gee and Harvey with those hats look like the Mets Swim team. — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 23, 2013 For the record, I’ll take Jon Niese hopping on one foot over Aaron Laffey. #Mets — Jason Fry (@jasoncfry) April 23, 2013 I can’t get wrapped up in #Mets drama right now… Let’s GO #Knicks!!!! — Harry C. (@harrycalat) April 24, 2013 RUBEN YOU BEAUTIFUL BABY! — Catsmeat (@CatsmeatP_P) April 24, 2013 Will the real Ruben Tejada please stand up? — AndrèaMets4Life (@Mets4_Life) April 24, 2013 If that’s not a web gem, Tejada needs to write a strongly worded letter to ESPN. #Mets — Stephanie Maria (@stephaniemaria) April 24, 2013 Robert Carson walks in his first major league plate appearance. Against Clayton Kershaw to break up perfect game. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) April 24, 2013 Robert Carson: Moneyball hitter. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 24, 2013 Matt Harvey is probably scoffing, at the moment. #jacket — Chris (@tpgMets) April 24, 2013 Get your jacketed ass back to first, Carson!Enough funny stuff!#METS — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) April 24, 2013 Btw, Robert Carson now has as many walks this season as Justin Turner, Collin Cowgill, and Kirk Niuewenhuis COMBINED #Mets — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) April 24, 2013 Daniel Murphy with a two-out single gets Mets first half and gives Robert Carson his first MLB run scored. #Mets 1, #Dodgers 1, bot 3. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) April 24, 2013 Robert Carson making **** happen. I smell a new leadoff hitter. — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 24, 2013 MURPH ties it up!!! #Carson4Leadoff — Ty (@tysim19) April 24, 2013 Well, this inning is unexpected. — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) April 24, 2013 Aside: murph needs a raise because that Chapstick he was using is dollar store chap stick. I own it. — Heather Nicole (@Lud_Bug5) April 24, 2013 DAMMIT METS. I HAVE KERSHAW IN FANTASY. STOP IT. — John Ewen (@HashtagEwenning) April 24, 2013 #Mets get two runs off of Kershaw. The Emperor is pleased… twitter.com/ReadTheApple/s… — Randy Medina (@ReadTheApple) April 24, 2013 Niese – Contusion, lower right leg. X-rays negative. Day to day. (but then again, aren’t we all?) — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 24, 2013 Murph knows hitting. Murph knows fielding. Murph knows trolling. Murph knows. #imwith28 — Kevin O (@fromheretoLI) April 24, 2013 Remember when MLB Network listed Daniel Murphy in the Top 10 Second Basemen and we all snickered? — Adam Rossi (@aj16ross) April 24, 2013 Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy are putting on a defensive show right now. Never thought I’d type that sentence. #Mets — Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo) April 24, 2013 Clayton Kershaw vs Justin Turner. Kershaw wins, Terry Collins is probably shocked. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 24, 2013 Babe Ruth once got thrown out stealing to end a World series…Could u imagine twitter after that game? — Rich Coutinho (@coutinho9) April 24, 2013 Translation: Needs Tommy John Surgery RT @mets: Jonathon Niese left the game…. X-rays were negative. He is day-to-day. #Mets — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) April 24, 2013 Mark Ellis knocks out Niese. Next at-bat: He takes Robert Carson deep. #Mets 2, #Dodgers 2, top 5. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) April 24, 2013 Wow Ellis is a PITA tonight — Katie (@cardny5) April 24, 2013 dang gumit Carson was cruising — happy hank (@happyhank86) April 24, 2013 I’m sure this is how he always pictured it: Juan Lagares will make his major league debut on a double-switch with Scott Atchison in the 5th. — Mike Kerwick (@mikekerwick) April 24, 2013 Scott Atchison wants to know if it’s OK if he plastic wraps the pitching mound. — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 24, 2013 Scott Atchison’s diet on the bench consists of Centrum Silver and Werther’s Originals. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 24, 2013 As the British invaded Boston, Scott Atchison knocked on Paul Revere’s door to let him know. — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 24, 2013 Murph is wearing me down.. Thinking I may be with 28 sooner than later #Mets — Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83) April 24, 2013 Sending out tweets in morse code tonight. Only Jack Bauer gets it. — Jay Horwitz (@Jay_HorwitzPR) April 24, 2013 Scott Atchison’s social security number is 7. — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 24, 2013 I wonder how often Wright licks his shoulder with his follow through — Steph (@whutyearisit) April 24, 2013 Howie: “Here it’s the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles 2, the New York Mets 2.” word.@metswfan #Mets — Rising Apple (@RisingAppleBlog) April 24, 2013 Hey kiddos, in addition to catching line ups with your bare hands, I would also like you to take rides from strangers. #Fundies #Mets — Keith Hernandez (@imkeithernandez) April 24, 2013 If he could Terry Collins would double switch Justin Turner into the game even though he’s already in. #mets — Joe Pontillo (@JoePontillo) April 24, 2013 You gotta be kidding me with this Mark Ellis trash. — Catsmeat (@CatsmeatP_P) April 24, 2013 Ugh.#Bullpenproblems — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) April 24, 2013 So glad that for the 3rd year in a row, we went out and solved our bullpen problem #Mets — Tar Heel Met (@TarHeelMet) April 24, 2013 Mark Ellis 3 run homer. 5-2 Dodgers in 7th. Yeah, I dont’t think #Oops quite cuts it. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 24, 2013 Whatcha talking about Ellis ? twitter.com/Jconstantinide… — Jimmy C (@Jconstantinides) April 24, 2013 #MetsTwitter is going to take Mark Ellis into a back alley and beat him with sticks after the game — Jill Tejadalander (@GoJBuckYourself) April 24, 2013 Let’s officially welcome Mark Ellis to the pantheon of #Mets villains. — Paul Hadsall (@PaulsRandomStuf) April 24, 2013 I’m wanna kick Ellis straight in the dick — Heather Nicole (@Lud_Bug5) April 24, 2013 Juan Lagares delivers his first major league hit on a seventh-inning single against Paco Rodriguez. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) April 24, 2013 GOD BLEES YOU, LAGARES — Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life) April 24, 2013 #CheckingInWithKevin “Hey Gare, Juan Lagares’ last name has ‘Gare’ in it, so I’m going to call him LaGareus. Guys?” #BackToYouGare — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 24, 2013 #metstwitter is quiet this evening.Everyone must be watching the Knicks whoop on the Celtics. — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) April 24, 2013 Where’s Collin Cowherd or whatever the **** his name is? — Murph (@metsfanmurph) April 24, 2013 Josh Edgin should never get in a 3 run game. — E.J. (@TheHappyRecap) April 24, 2013 Welp.That should do it.#Mets — Steve Markham (@steve_markham) April 24, 2013 Congrats Josh!You just won an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas! — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) April 24, 2013 #DodgersDreamTeam treating the #mets *********** as an all-you-can eat buffet I see — Jay (@TeamThirstTrap) April 24, 2013 Is Terry explaining to Dubs why the eff we are carrying 6 OFers? — E.J. (@TheHappyRecap) April 24, 2013 Remember what we said back in the 2nd? It did get worse. Dodgers 7 Mets 2. Harvey tomorrow. Good night. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 24, 2013 Hang your stockings and say your prayers cause Harvey Clause comes to-night! — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 24, 2013 MEANWHILE, IN BOSTON… A’s are winning by so many runs Brad Pitt is pulling his truck off freeway and no longer heading to Visalia. — Batting Stance Guy (@BattingStanceG) April 23, 2013 THE IRRELEVANT FACT OF THE DAY… It takes about 42 hours for sloths to have sex. — UberFacts (@UberFacts) April 21, 2013 The post Mark WHO?? #MetsTwitterRecap appeared first on The Daily Stache.

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