Originally written April 12, 2013 on The Daily Stache:
4/12 @mets lineup vs @twins Valdespin CFMurphy 2BWright 3BDavis 1BBuck CDuda DHByrd RFBaxter LFTejada SSNiese P — MLBLineups (@mlblineups) April 12, 2013 4/12 @twins lineup vs @metsHicks CFMauer CWillingham LFMorneau 1BDoumit DHPlouffe 3BRamirez RFDozier 2BFlorimon SSWorley P — MLBLineups (@mlblineups) April 12, 2013 The field is ready for our #Sprinter (Spring-Winter) series vs. the Mets! twitter.com/Twins/status/3… — Minnesota Twins (@Twins) April 12, 2013 Snowing at Target Field for @mets at @twins. Perfect baseball weather. #PlayBall — Alanna Rizzo (@alannarizzo) April 12, 2013 Made it to Target Field. Light snow falling.This is nuts! #mets twitter.com/kmac0505/statu… — Kevin McDermott (@kmac0505) April 12, 2013 The @snytv snowy lineup twitter.com/Jconstantinide… — Jimmy C (@Jconstantinides) April 13, 2013 Keith has already disparaged hoods and lamented shaving in the cold. Buckle up! #Mets — Jason Fry (@jasoncfry) April 13, 2013 JV1 putting up good AB after good AB as a leadoff hitter this season — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) April 13, 2013 Valdespin leadoff single. Murph doubles. 2nd and 3rd. Here we go again. A very pleasant good evening everyone. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 13, 2013 #ImWith28DegreeWindChill #Mets — Ed Leyro (@Studi_Metsimus) April 13, 2013 DWright becomes the team’s all-time Interleague RBI leader with his 2-run double. Wright 91, Piazza 89. #Mets — New York Mets (@Mets) April 13, 2013 David Wright hits a FROZEN ROPE to the left-centerfield gap to plate two! #Mets #seewhatididthere — Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83) April 13, 2013 Vance WorLOLey — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 13, 2013 Holy crap, you can see their breath#LetsSnowMets — Julie (@Lets86it) April 13, 2013 Plouffe! There it is! Plouffe! There it is! — Jeff Lackinghair (@FreeBald) April 13, 2013 IT GETS BY PLOUFFE AND THE METS WIN IT — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 13, 2013 all of marlon byrd’s hits are two-run singles, or at least it seems like it #TheWyrd — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) April 13, 2013 At least Worley gets a break with the pitcher’s spot due next. Oh wait. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 A second out and a second sarcastic cheer from the small crowd. Sounds like they’re having fun. — Jorge Castillo (@jorgeccastillo) April 13, 2013 The weather the next several games is gonna suck #lgm twitter.com/Lets86it/statu… — Julie (@Lets86it) April 13, 2013 Mets on the Polar Express ***** this road trip — DJ Mister Dior ™ (@DJMisterDior) April 13, 2013 Snow Baseball >>>> No Baseball #Mets — Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83) April 13, 2013 Niese hit a batter. He better watch out for Quentin. — John Ewen (@HashtagEwenning) April 13, 2013 Tejada can’t glove it and Plouffe makes it 5-2. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 Ruben trying to make snow angels #Mets — Meriwyn Travisano (@Meriwyn) April 13, 2013 JV1 is the man right now! — Brian Canell (@bcanell) April 13, 2013 Ummmm Jordany busy snapping selfies? Run! — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Two thoughts: Holy smokes, that right-field is ridiculously huge. Also, that’s what you get with Valdespin — brilliance and boneheaded. — Jared Diamond (@jareddiamond) April 13, 2013 Wow. Murphy JUST misses a HR. Ends up with a single… — Jay C. (@jcnyc_) April 13, 2013 David Wright: Interleague RBI Machine — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 13, 2013 Valdespin, Murphy and Wright are 6-for-6 so far tonight. That’s good, right? — Jorge Castillo (@jorgeccastillo) April 13, 2013 So David Wright just needs to be in Joe Mauer’s presence to play well. — Ellie S. (@NieuwenMets) April 13, 2013 My kingdom for a #BuckShot on #SlamWatch — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 13, 2013 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BUCKED THEM HARD — Heather Nicole (@Lud_Bug5) April 13, 2013 BUCK! The Six-Million-Dollar Man with the Slam! — Ira Lieman (@dances_w_vowels) April 13, 2013 ♫ I see you driving ’round townWith the girl I love and I’m like,BUCK you! ♫ — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 @toogooden16 #Mets twitter.com/FreeBald/statu… — Jeff Lackinghair (@FreeBald) April 13, 2013 John Buck is the new Babe Ruth. 4th straight game w HR, here a GS, and it’s 10-2 Mets in the 2nd!!! — Kevin Burkhardt (@KBurkhardtSNY) April 13, 2013 RA Dickey for John Buck is the new Herschel Walker trade #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) April 13, 2013 My final score prediction: 87-3, #Mets.Write it down. — Julie (@Lets86it) April 13, 2013 Through two innings, the first five batters have 2 runs a piece. #OBP — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 13, 2013 #CheckingInWithKevin “Hey guys, it’s really cold out here in right field but I think I look pretty stylish in this hat.” #BackToYouGare — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 13, 2013 Mike Baxter and those catches! — Ashleigh B (@ashbinder06) April 13, 2013 Duda wouldn’t be in the frame of catching that ball — Nick Migliore (@nmigliore) April 13, 2013 Well played, Wright. #Mauer — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 13, 2013 Wright snags that rocket. Off to the third. Once again leading off, Jordany Valdespin. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 The #Marlins have scored 17 runs this season. John Buck has driven in 19. Put that on your jumbotron tonight. — Brendan Tobin (@Brendan_Tobin) April 13, 2013 Jordany Valdespin, unwittingly teaching the world geometry, since today. — Jeff Lackinghair (@FreeBald) April 13, 2013 How is it possible that Valdespin is involved in every single damn play in the field and at the plate, or on the bases? — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 MURPH HITS FOR POWER AND PLAYS DEFENSE NOW. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 13, 2013 Oh pretty play!! #MikeBreenBaseball — Greg Kantor (@gkantor_18) April 13, 2013 That double play gave me a raging semi… #Mets — Kevin (@KVP_10) April 13, 2013 After the amazing start, the Twins have retired eight straight Mets. Everybody just wants to get out of the cold. — Jared Diamond (@jareddiamond) April 13, 2013 Metsies making this outfield look small tonight. Somehow. — Katie (@cardny5) April 13, 2013 i just thought of a good oneruben doubleplay-jada no? okay — Steph (@whutyearisit) April 13, 2013 Nice quick inning for Niese.Great concentration by Tejada there. #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) April 13, 2013 They are now playing a Christmas song — Andy Williams’ “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” — here at Target Field. #mets #twins — Mike Kerwick (@mikekerwick) April 13, 2013 It’s the most wonderful time of the year? Yes, since it’s baseball season! #Mets — Sean Engel (@SeanEngel05) April 13, 2013 If this game took place under same conditions, but at Citizens Bank Park, the score would be 84-28 right now. — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Jon Niese is really making this hard — Nick Migliore (@nmigliore) April 13, 2013 Of course, kinda hard to get on Niese with this weather… — Nick Migliore (@nmigliore) April 13, 2013 #Umpshow in Minny.Morneau out at the plate, called safe. — Rising Apple (@RisingAppleBlog) April 13, 2013 There is ZERO accountability for MLB umpires.This umpires union is ruining the game with horrific calls.Get in position lazy ****. #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) April 13, 2013 Jose Reyes slid into second really late and looks like he screwed up his ankle. Lotta pain. — Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur) April 13, 2013 Jose Reyes getting hurt still makes me sad. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 13, 2013 R.I.P. Jonathon Niese’s 22-game streak of pitching six innings or more. #Mets — Ed Leyro (@Studi_Metsimus) April 13, 2013 “This weather is nothing compared to those freezing nights in the trenches in Germany during WWII.” – Scott Atchison — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) April 13, 2013 Scott Atchison gave up the first home run at Target Field, but also Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Out of the corner of my eye I saw Atchinson and though John Franco was back. How old is this guy 73? — Ron Burgundy (@WillNYC54) April 13, 2013 WOW!! What a catch by the #Captain!:-D #Mets — SAM (@MetsMama18) April 13, 2013 Nice inning by Scott Atchison, who has allowed one run in 4 1/3 innings this year. — Jared Diamond (@jareddiamond) April 13, 2013 Lol, Duda looked like he was changing positions in Twister there! — Sherri Feldman (@FeldFam) April 13, 2013 LOL!! That was the worst slide I’ve seen in a long time!! Wth! He got lucky… #Mets — SAM (@MetsMama18) April 13, 2013 Just checking back in…Murphy 3-run double, 13-5 Mets in 7th. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) April 13, 2013 Whoever got Murph to stop swinging with one hand deserves a one night stand with Kate Upton. — David (@graves9) April 13, 2013 Daniel Murphy is a slugger now. That’s awesome. — Joshua Ryan (@RedSkyInExile) April 13, 2013 daniel murphy secretly lurked twitter and heard everyone disagreeing with him being the 10th best 2B in that MLB network poll — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) April 13, 2013 Shades of Old Citi! Wright just misses a home run, but gets the RBI TRIPLE! 14-5 #Mets! — Jay C. (@jcnyc_) April 13, 2013 Here’s hoping David Wright gets another chance up there — I’d like to see him try for a cycle. — Jared Diamond (@jareddiamond) April 13, 2013 The #Mets enjoying their snow day with a season-best 14 runs and counting (it’s only the 7th inning) — Kirk Gimenez (@KirkSNY) April 13, 2013 Apparently Ruben can only make plays when there is traffic involved. The routine ones are beneath him. — d’evON (@DevOnSports) April 13, 2013 Just a thought; I love being a @mets fan! — Nick Boccio (@onthe1train) April 13, 2013 #MetsTwitter‘s Saturday Lineup: JV1-CF Murphy-2B Wright-3B Giancarlo-RF CarGo-LF Buck-C Duda-1B Cowgill-DH Quintanilla-SS Harvey-P — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Burke takes over here in the 8th inning. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 the Mets’ bullpen has been pretty darn stout so far this year… and that’s with Parnell only pitching like 2 innings… fire Sandy? — Adam M. Mirchin (@AMirch729) April 13, 2013 Give it up for Valdespin. After the third out, he tried to throw ball into stands, but missed short. Tried again and made it. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 “take that, BABIP!” -ruben tejada — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) April 13, 2013 Mets outfielders tonight: 5-14 with a walk, a triple, and 4 runs scored. Strong defense too. #WOITHOB — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 13, 2013 #MetsTwitter = Cult of Personality — Kevin O (@fromheretoLI) April 13, 2013 Well, this classic goes to the bottom of the ninth. Lefthander Aaron Laffey in there to close it out. It’s a non-save situation. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) April 13, 2013 This game is already a laugher, Terry is trying to prove the point by bringing in Laffey. — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Via Fangraphs’ live stats: Mets’ outfield is tied for 5th in baseball with 1.0 WAR, hitting .265/.366/.455 through 10 games. #WOITHOB — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) April 13, 2013 I like wins like that. Runs, snow, Buck, 8 hour game. All around fun. #Mets — GianCarGo Ethe (@TooGooden16) April 13, 2013 Put it in the books… if they’re not frozen solid — Steph (@whutyearisit) April 13, 2013 The post #MetsTwitterRecap: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow appeared first on The Daily Stache.

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