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We’ve ended the 2012 season, only 97 days till the Daytona 500. What a season it has been, but we approach the off season with driver changes and the Gen 6 (aka new car).   The weekend started off with the Camping World Truck series. Kligerman was on the pole and took the lead on the green flag. Lap 6 found Piquet Jr to the lead Lap 14 the top five are Piquet Jr, Kyle Busch, Kligerman, Larson and Dillon By lap 21 there are 27 trucks on the lead lap with Jones and Koch out Lap 25 top five are Piquet Jr, Kyle Busch, Larson, Kligerman and Crafton Lap 32 Running order Piquet Jr,Kyle Busch,Larson,Kligerman,Crafton,Gale,Dillon,Sauter,Blaney,Paludo,Buescher,Coulter,Peters and Bodine Only 16 trucks on the lead lap. Lap 36 caution is out for debris Leaders pit with Kyle Busch off pit road first. Restart lap 40 Kyle Busch to the lead followed by Piquet Jr, Larson, Kligerman, Dillon, Crafton, Blaney, Gale, Coulter and Buescher Brian Silas cuts a right front tire and goes into the wall bringing out the caution on lap 44 There are 18 trucks on the lead lap at this point. Restart lap 49 Kyle Busch to lead followed by Kligerman, Larson and Piquet Jr Lap 58 Larson leads Piquet Jr, Kyle Busch, Kligerman and Crafton with 17 trucks on the lead lap 73 laps to go Larson lead Piquet Jr, Kyle Busch, Kligerman and Crafton 55 laps to go Larson lead Kyle Busch, Piquet Jr, Kligerman, Crafton, Dillon, Gale, Sauter, Buescher and Coulter Lap 86 green flag stops start and Leffler gets busted for speeding Larson cycles back to the lead followed by Kyle Busch, Piquet Jr, Kligerman, Crafton, Dillon, Gale, Sauter, Coulter, Blaney, Peters and Buescher Lap 126 caution for Gresham in the wall 30 laps to go only 12 cars on the lead lap Sauter takes 2 tires and is off pit road first Restart with 26 to go and its 4 wide for 3rd position Sauter and Kyle Busch battle for the lead with Busch getting the lead on lap 109 13 to go Sauter and Larson bounce off each other 10 to go Kyle Busch and Crafton battling for the lead, caution comes out for Gresham in the wall again Restart Kyle Busch, Crafton, Larson, Sauter, Kligerman, Dillon, Piquet Jr, Coulter, Buescher and Gale Kyle Busch gets the lead with 5 to go Caution as Larson gets into Dillon and Blaney Red flag to clean up the mess Dillon penalized for passing the pace truck and will lose a lap Green White Checkers with Kyle Busch to the lead Busch and Gale battle on the final 2 laps Gale wins followed by Kyle Busch, Coulter, Piquet Jr, Paludo and Sauter Buescher wins the Championship. There were 16 different winners in 22 races. The race at Homestead tied for 6th closest truck finish at .014. Ty Dillon is the Rookie of the year. Turner Motorsports won the owners championship. Kyle Busch on the pole for the Nationwide race, and takes the lead on the green Lap 8 Sadler to the lead then Kyle Busch back to lead on the cross over. Lap 11 top five are Kyle Busch, Sadler, Stenhouse Jr, Dillon and Allgaier Lap 15 running order Kyle Busch, Sadler,Stenhouse Jr,Dillon,Allgaier,Scott, Smith,Hornish Jr,Whitt,Logano,Blaney,Patrick,Gaughan,Sweet,Coulter,Truex,Lagasse Jr,Koch,Bliss and Clements Lap 32 Kyle Busch, Sadler, Stenhoues Jr, Smith and Dillon Lap 40 Kyle Busch has a 7 second lead over Sadler, only 22 cars on the lead lap Lap 48 Green flag stops start Lap 51 Kyle Busch cycles back to the lead followed by Smith, Sadler, Stenhouse Jr, Hornish JR, Gaughan, Dillon, Allgaier and Logano There are only 17 cars on the lead lap Sadler is concerned he ran over debris Lap 60 Kyle Busch, Smith, Sadler,Stenhouse Jr,Hornish Jr,Scott,Dillon,Gaughan,Allgaier,Logano,Blaney,Whitt,Lagasse Jr and Sweet. Kyle Busch has a 9 second lead Lap 67 caution Lagasse Jr hit the wall in turn 4 Stenhouse Jr first off pit road with gas only but Sadler stayed out. Lap 71 restart Kyle Busch makes it 3 wide for the lead Lap 72 caution for Richardson Jr spin Jet dryer blew a motor or something reason why extra-long yellow, there was a little bit of fire and oil on the track Lap 82 restart Kyle Busch to the lead Lap 85 Kyle Busch,Sadler,Smith,Stenhouse Jr,Allgaier,Gaughan,Hornish Jr,Sweet,Whitt,Scott,Blaney and Dillon Lap 194 Caution for Richardson Jr spin again turn 4 Hornish Jr off pit road first, Sadler had to pit again for missing lugnut Patrick did not pit Lap 100 restart with Hornish Jr to the lead followed by Kyle Busch, Smith, Allgaier, Dillon, Scott, Gaughan and Whitt 95 to go Dillon goes to the lead 94 to go Dillon,Hornish Jr,Smith,Stenhouse Jr,Blaney,Kyle Busch,Gaughan,Allgaier,Sweet and Whitt 80 to go Dillon,stenhouse Jr, Smith,Gaughan,Sadler,Blaney, Hornish Jr,Sweet and Kyle Busch 69 to go Dillon has an 8 second lead over Stenhouse Jr, Smith, Sadler and Gaughan 54 to go green flag stops start and cycles back to Dillon with 47 laps to go With 40 laps remaining Dillon has a 3.2 second lead 36 laps to go Dillon, Smith, Sadler, Gaughan, Stenhouse Jr, Hornish Jr, Sweet, Blaney and Kyle Busch Lap 173 Caution in debris 1 Dillon first off pit road but Swindell stayed out 22 to go restart and 4 wide for the lead with Smith taking the lead Lap 180 caution on the back stretch as Long crashed with help from Logano Restart with 15 to go Smith, Dillon, Kyle Busch, Sadler, Stenhouse Jr, Gaughan, Blaney, Hornish Jr, Whitt and Scott 20 cars on the lead lap Calinoff scolding Stenhouse Jr not to race. Smith wins followed by Kyle Busch, Gaughan, Hornish Jr, Dillon, Stenhouse Jr and Scott Stenhouse Jr wins his second championship The 18 car winners Owners championship Dillon wins Rookie of the year In the Sprint Cup series, Logano wins the pole but started from the back after a practice wreck with Biffle and Hamlin, thus giving Keselowski the pole. Ambrose controls the start of the race Lap 11 Ambrose, Edwards, Kyle Busch, Bowyer, Keselowski, Truex Jr, Kenseth, Martin, Almirola and Johnson Lap 16 Kyle Busch the leader Lap 20 Kyle Busch, Edwards, Ambrose, Bowyer, Keselowski, Kenseth, Truex Jr, Martin, Kahne and Johnson Lap 35 there are 32 cars on the lead lap and 2 cars out Lap 45 green flag pit stops start and cycle back through to Kyle Busch Lap 52, Kyle busch,Edwards,Bowyer,Truex Jr,Kenseth,Ambrose,Johnson,Kahne, Keselowski,Gordon,Almirola and Menard only 26 cars on lead lap Lap 57 finds Johnson and Keselowski side by side battling for 7th Lap 65 finds Kyle Busch 3 seconds over Edwards, Bowyer, Kenseth, Truex Jr, Ambrose, Keselowski and Johnson Lap 75 Kyle Busch, Edwards, Bowyer, Kenseth, Truex Jr, Johnson, Keselowski, Gordon and Kahne Lap 78 caution for debris on the back stretch Kyle Busch off pit road first, Keselowski had trouble on the right read Lap 82 after stops Kyle Busch,Edwards,Truex Jr,Kenseth,Bowyer,Johnson,Gordon,Newman,Almirola,Ambrose,Martin,Kurt Busch and Keselowski Restart lap 84 Kyle Busch to the lead Lap 93 Kyle Busch, Truex Jr, Kenseth, Bowyer, Johnson, Gordon, Edwards, Almirola, Keselowski and Ambrose Lap 116 Kyle Busch and Truex Jr battle for the lead Lap 118 Truex Jr to the lead Lap 120 Truex Jr, Kyle busch, Gordon, Johnson, Kenseth, Bowyer, Almirola, Newman, Kahne and Keselowski Lap 128 green flag pit stops start Lap 132 Kyle Busch cycles back to the lead after stops Halfway and Kyle Busch leads Lap 135 Kyle Busch,Truex Jr,Johnson,Gordon,Bowyer,Almirola,Kenseth,Newman,Kahne,Edwards,Kurt Busch,Keselowski,Hornish Jr,Logano and Menard Lap 142 caution for debris Johnson takes 2 tires and is off pit road first, Keselowski takes 4 tires Lap 149 restart Johnson to the lead Lap 150 Johnson,Kenseth,Kahne,Kyle Busch,Almirola,Truex Jr,Menard,Kurt Busch, Earnhardt Jr,Gordon,Logano,Edwards and Keselowski Lap 153 caution turn 3 Stenhouse Jr Johnson pitting 2 tires and fuel Keselowski stayed out Lap 162 restart and Kahne to the lead Lap 163 Kyle Busch to the lead over Kahne, Truex Jr, Kenseth, Kurt Busch, Hornish Jr, Johnson, Gordon, Bowyer and Newman Lap 166 Kahne to the lead then Kyle Busch with slide job as they battle for the lead Kyle Busch keeps the lead Lap 180 Kyle Busch, Kahne, Truex Jr, Johnson, Gordon, Bowyer, Kenseth, Almirola, Kurt Busch, Hornish Jr and Keselowski 70 to go Pit stops start with Edwards pitting 66 to go Kahne to the lead 65 to go Johnson to the lead 64 to go Johnson,Gordon,Bowyer,Almirola,Kurt Busch,Keselowski,Newman,Earnhardt Jr,Harvick,Biffle,Menard,Logano,Ambrose,Martin,McMurray Kahne gets a pit road speeding penalty 58 to go Johnson, Gordon, Bowyer, Almirola, Kurt Busch, Newman, Harvick, Biffle Earnhardt Jr and Menard Keselowski cannot make it to the end on gas 54 to go Johnson pits 4 tires fuel but missed a lug on the left rear 53 to go Kyle Busch to the lead 45 to go Kyle Busch,Truex Jr,Edwards,Kenseth,Almirola,Bowyer, Gordon,Keselowski,Hornish Jr, Kurt Busch and Newman Johnson is in 25th 1 lap down Johnson has had something happen and gone to the garage 33 to go Kyle Busch leads Truex Jr, Gordon, Edwards, Bowyer, Kenseth, Almirola, Keselowski, Kurt Busch and Hornish Jr 19 to go Keselowski pits 13 to go Gordon to the lead 11 to go Gordon, Bowyer, Almirola, Kurt Busch, Newman, Biffle, Harvick, Logano, Earnhardt Jr and Ambrose Gordon wins followed by Bowyer, Newman, Kyle Busch, Biffle, Truex Jr, Almirola, Harvick, Kurt Busch and Earnhardt Jr Keselowski wins Championship Gordon has won at all active tracks but Kentucky Johnson had 6 DNF’s tied with Kurt Busch for the most among full time drivers this year. Wolfe is the first crew Chief to win both sprint cup and Nationwide championships Random stat Kurt and Kyle Busch each have 24 Sprint Cup wins in their respective careers now, tying them for 26th best. Keselowski matched or bettered career Cup finish at 16 of the 23 tracks this year. Keselowski won the title in 125th career start the fewest since Gordon in 1995. So until Daytona bye for the season.

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