Found March 11, 2013 on The Sports Headquarters:
Yahoo! – For this, he’s a punch line now. He’s a joke. For everyone celebrating (DeAndre) Jordan’s fantastic lob dunk  over a guard some 8 inches shorter and 80 pounds lighter, they’ve made Knight an object of ridicule. A widely followed parody account of comedian Kevin Hart tweeted that Jordan had been brought up on “charges of rape & aggravated assault against Brandon Knight,” and tombstones declaring Knight dead were popping up on the Internet. The message is clear to players everywhere, on every level: Run away. Hide. Don’t try to take the charge. Don’t try to disrupt the play. There’s no reward. This is how backward the basketball culture has become, how twisted the value system. I would like to preface this by saying Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is the best basketball writer in the game today. Whether it’s breaking news, analysis, or just plain knowledge of the game, Woj is the modern day gold standard. But being the best does not necessarily mean you are always correct. And in this particular instance, Woj seems to have dated himself. Or, at the bare minimum, he makes himself out to look like someone who has never taken his game to the blacktop. And I do mean the blacktop as opposed to the hardwood (no pause). Had this mauling happened to Brandon Knight over the summer at Rucker Park or at the Drew League, it would have been exponentially worse for him and his self-esteem. Mainly because they would have stopped the game and forced him to leave with his head hung and his pride nowhere to be found. While this game was on national television and will be replayed all over Sportscenter for weeks to come, this can be used as a teaching tool for other guards like Knight: DON’T JUMP! Seriously, get out of the way. Literally run away with you head between you legs. No one will be upset with you. No coach will go back to the tape and go, “Gee, Brandon you really should have gotten decapitated there. No idea what you were thinking. As a matter of fact, you’re cut. Get out of my face you scrub.” That would literally never happen. Especially since, yanno, the Pistons were already down 19 in a game they had no shot at winning. But since Woj is hell bent on giving Knight credit, let’s look at what actually could have went down. Woj points out that DeAndre Jordan has approximately eight inches and 80 pounds on Knight. Certainly a significant advantage in favor of Jordan. So in an alternate universe where Knight breaks up the lob attempt, he still fouls Jordan – which is a result every team in the league would take considering Jordan isn’t exactly Ray Allen at the charity stripe (career 43% free throw shooter). But even though Knight broke up the dunk, the way he landed on his head could have easily given him a concussion – or worse. The fact that Knight wasn’t seriously injured in the real world is borderling mind boggling considering his head was forced down from 10 feet in the air. For a point guard the Pistons hope is a cornerstone in their franchise for years to come, this was a moronic play. Now, had this been a tie game late in the fourth quarter with a trip to the playoffs on the line? Well, here’s how you handle that: YOU STILL DON’T JUMP! NEVER JUMP! You want to foul DeAndre Jordan? Go right ahead. But make sure he isn’t finishing all over your neck (no pause again). You spear him like he’s a pig at a luau. Put him on his back. Take the intentional two and jog to the locker room with your head high and your dignity intact. You don’t give a man the dunk of the year in the second quarter of a meaningless game at your own expense. That’s a good way to make a legacy for all the wrong reasons. Brandon Knight deserves to get laughed at. Because point guards don’t block centers. That’s not their game. Never has been, never will be. “But Nate Robinson blocked Yao Ming!” SHUT. UP. Yao Ming and his kitchen-sized-television of a head had a vert of about four inches. And on that particular play Robinson was behind Yao who was going up for (what he thought was) an uncontested dunk. Not the same at all. Had Yao finished that attempt, no one would have said, “YOOO! RIP NATE ROBINSON HE JUST GOT YAMMED ON!” anywhere in the world. Because it was a completely different scenario. But this isn’t even a reference the all power Woj made in his article. Instead, he compared it to the Blake Griffin-Kendrick Perkins collision from a year ago. Which makes less than zero sense. As a center, Perkins is bigger, stronger, and that makes Griffin’s dunk more impressive. They gave Perkins this treatment, too. Even now, he still comes back for more. “If I was in the same position, in the same rotation, I’m going to jump again and again and again,” Perkins told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears. “A lot of people are afraid of humiliation or don’t know how to handle embarrassment or would even get embarrassed. I don’t care. That’s my job. How will my teammates look at me if next time I just back out of the way and just let him dunk when I’m supposed to be defensive-minded, a shot-blocker? That would be a coward move on me. He’d just have to dunk on me again.” Listen, there is no bigger Kendrick Perkins fan on the planet than the man typing up this article. But my boy Big Daddy Perk got absolutely demolished by Blake Griffin on this dunk. Yet, Perk was doing his job. Perk is a center. Perk possesses the capabilities to actually break up a dunk from another big man. Perkins WOULD be out of a job had he not contested Griffin. That’s what he’s paid to do. All centers in the NBA have been dunked on. Every last one of the them. While the internet explodes in the same fashion whenever ANYONE is murdered on the court like Brandon Knight was last night, people at least understand why Perkins’ jumped. If he hadn’t, OKC would have used their amnesty clause mid-game. It’s really that simple. What Woj doesn’t seem to understand is that this isn’t a case where fundamental basketball is the argument. Knight would not have lost any of his teammates’ respect had he got the hell out of the way. In fact, the dunk would not have even been discussed had Knight not been murdered in front of a crowd of laughing children. It would have been par for the course for Lob City. Instead, it’s a highlight and the frontrunner for dunk of the year. While you don’t get any money or accolades for owning dunk of the year, there is a sense of pride which comes along with that title. Because getting dunked on isn’t a generational thing. It’s not even a cultural thing. It’s a basketball thing. As is getting crossed. As is having a three knocked down in your eye. All of those things are not only momentum shifters but they’re the ultimate **** talking weapons. Both of which carry a ton of clout on both the hardwood and the blacktop. To try and diminish the value of those things is a disservice to the game. As for you Brandon Knight, I hope you learned your lesson. I forgave you for getting crossed by Kyrie Irving in the rookie-sophomore game this year because you’re both point guards and Irving is significantly better than you. I forgave you for leaving Kentucky a year earlier than you should have because hey, who the hell would want to wait another year for millions of dollars? But after the years of basketball you’ve played, getting molested on national television is flat out inexcuseable. Next time, head for the hills. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.   It wasn’t in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol — Brandon E Knight (@BrandonKnight07) March 11, 2013  

Wikipedia Kills Brandon Knight After DeAndre Jordan Dunk

Welcome to social media humiliation, Brandon Knight. Since DeAndre Jordan’s annihilation on the Pistons’ point guard, the internet has erupted with jokes and they haven’t even reached their apex. Check out his Wikipedia page that was edited to say he was deceased on March 10, 2013 with a cause of death determined to be DeAndre Jordan.  Note to Brandon: next time, don’t jump!    

One-minute song about DeAndre Jordan pulverizing Brandon Knight (AWFUL VIDEO)

This song is on here because it’s irrelevant in that people are still talking about DeAndre Jordan dunking on, all over and through Pistons guard Brandon Knight on Sunday.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I recommend that you watch this video.  In fact, this is the first non-injury video ever posted on IASID that I recommend you don’t watch. But hey, I’ll still place it right...

30 Best Brandon Knight & DeAndre Jordan Dunk Memes & GIFs

The dunk heard round the world came during last night Pistons-Clippers game. Yeah, we all know by now that DeAndre Jordan destroyed Brandon Knight while completing an alley-oop from Chris Paul. As usual, Twitter and the internet got creative and before long a slew of Brandon Knight memes and GIFs were surfacing. We went digging and pulled the 30 best that the internet had to offer...

DeAndre Jordan throws down monster slam on Brandon Knight (video)

DeAndre Jordan's fantasy line Sunday wasn't anything too special. The Clippers center made all five of his shots and finished with 13 points, seven rebounds and two blocks. But it's this dunk (see the video after the jump) that is so memorable. Pity Brandon Knight. What was going through the Pistons guard's mind when he tried to block this dunk? Know that...

DeAndre Jordan throws down alley-oop dunk on Brandon Knight (Video)

Personally, I've run out of words to describe some of these amazing slam dunks pulled off by the Los Angeles Clippers.To make this simple, I'm going to say this....DeAndre Jordan just dunked on Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight hard.The dunk was so impressive that it caused little kids at Staples Center to freak out:

Under Armour holding DeAndre Jordan contest

As we continue to deal with the fallout out of the DeAndre Jordan dunk on Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight, the fine folks at Under Armour have decided to use the face that DeAndre made after the jam for a contest.They have called it "Show Us Your Dunk Face" which gives fans a chance to post a photo on Instagram of their "dunk face" for a chance to meet DeAndre...

DeAndre Jordan posterizes Brandon Knight off alley-oop

Los Angles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan completely disregarded Pistons guard Brandon Knight’s presence Sunday at the Staples Center. Brandon Knight was at the wrong place at the wrong time getting posterized by Jordan on this alley-oop from Chris Paul.  Cleanup on aisle 3. DeAndre Jordan!!!! Dayyyuummmm!! Dunk of the year #littletikeshoop — LeBron James (@KingJames) March...

DeAndre Jordan Delivers Vicious Dunk On Brandon Knight

At least Brandon Knight tried. That is the only positive thing you can say in favor of the Detroit Pistons guard because this was the most obliterating dunk I’ve ever seen.  This is why the Los Angeles Clippers are the most exciting team in the NBA.  Chris Paul floated a pass from the 3-point line to center DeAndre Jordan who slammed it home from the middle of the key.  Lob...

DeAndre Jordan Posterizes Brandon Knight With A Monster Dunk (Video)

Remember when Blake Griffin posterized Pau Gasol multiple times in one game, well DeAndre Jordan might of just outdone him (and with only one dunk). During the Los Angeles Clippers home game against the Detroit Pistons DeAndre got a lob from CP3 and this was the result: I’ve watched the video at least 20 times, [...]

Brandon Knight’s Career Will Never Be The Same Thanks To DeAndre Jordan

By now you’ve probably seen it, DeAndre Jordan’s life-altering dunk on Brandon Knight in last night’s ridiculous 129-97 Los Angeles Clippers victory over the Detroit Pistons. Blake Griffin has called it the “Dunk of the Year” and Twitter instantly turned it into the 2013 version of the Dominique Wilkins poster I once had hanging in my bedroom as a kid. Poor Brandon Knight...

Pistons Bad Luck Continues, Forced To Take Cold Showers After Loss To Jazz

The Pistons are having a tough week. Not only have they lost six straight games, but their four-game west coast road trip has gotten off to a shaky start. Kicking off their road trip Sunday against the Clippers, the Pistons didn’t only get crushed 129-97, but Brandon Knight was on the wrong end of the “Dunk of the Year”, and Greg Monroe called out his teammates after the ...

Clippers' Jordan looks for more playing time

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. By the time Clippers center DeAndre Jordan got home Sunday night, he had already picked up a few thousand Twitter followers who had seen the thunderous dunk he threw down over Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight. Then he watched it and saw the reactions of his teammates and fans. I thought they were going to invite me to the White House, Jordan said Monday...

CC video of the day: DeAndre Jordan slaughters Pistons' Knight

As if getting his ankles broken by Kyrie Irving during the 2013 NBA All-Star weekend wasn't bad enough for Pistons' Brendon Knight, then this most certainly is worse. No amount of words can describe what Clippers' DeAndre Jordan did to Knight during last night's Clippers-Pistons game. OK well maybe there are a few words such as nasty, epic, "dunk of the year...

Deandre Jordan throws down on Knight

During a game with the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Piston guard Brandon Knight got caught under the basket while Deandre Jordan threw down a monster dunk. Unfortunately for Knight, he has to deal with the multiple media outlets that have an opinion on every angle of the dunk. At 6’3”, the guard should just get out of the way. What was Knight thinking? Personally, I think he’s...

Greg Monroe Calls Out Teammates After Loss To Clippers

All Brandon Knight jokes aside, Greg Monroe called the 129-97 loss to the Clippers Sunday night an embarrassment and called out his teammates for “not caring” and putting forth “no effort.” According to Michigan Live: “Just no effort, no fight,” he said.  “It was an embarrassment.” Asked why the non-effort happened as the Pistons lost their fifth in a row and eighth...
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