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You knew from the matchup, the Oklahoma City Thunder playing against the Los Angeles Clippers, that there would be numerous highlights on both sides of the ball.  Blake Griffin was kind enough to provide what is easily a top three dunk of the year so far directly over Kendrick Perkins.  Perkins did not stand a chance, but you have to admire him sacrificing his dignity like that.

And Alternate Angles:

Not surprisingly, Twitterverse blew up as well as it reacted to Griffin’s monster slam. LeBron James tweeted, “Dunk of the Year!! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I'm #2 now. Move over #6."

Buffalo Bills linebacker Kirk Morrison chimed in as well, reporting that a neighbor inquired as to the cause of the commotion, with Morrison tweeting, “Told her, blame Blake Griffin for making me jump off my couch and yell like that.”

And’s Twitter account added, “WOW!!!!!!!!! Perkins just got Mozgov'd by Blake Griffin."


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  • now i'm no referee here and have never been trained as such, BUT:
    look carefully at the left arm pushing the defender down.
    could that have been an offensive foul?

    could the ref have been awed by the beauty of the dunk to miss ther foul??
  • Lebron James had a Dunk of the decade the other day against Chicago when he leaped over the back of the defender . His knee was in the ear of the guy. And he dunked it with one hand. THat is a real dunk.
  • My friend Lucas is 6' something and he even didn't jump. Perkins is almost 7' tall and jump with his arms up. Griffin has half his body over Perkins head. Who do you think was higher? And besides Lebron recognize that was probably #1 dunk of the year??? doesn't that said something to you???
  • yeah, you didn't finish third grade english
  • Lucas is not even 6', he is listed at 5'11", which means he is probably 5'10". I was not that impressed with the James dunk. This one is OK, but not even any contact with the rim, so it was more of a throw than anything else. I'll keep waiting for the dunk of the year.
  • Yeah he got away with one but I'm at the pont where I don't even care anymore, this guy's dunks are unreal, he deserves to foul somebody, lol. The dunks are foul enough!
  • I have refereed before and Blake did foul but that was the second foul....the first was Perkins pushing him with both arms up under Blakes'. When Perkins ran in from the basket with his arms up it makes it and easy call for the ref....It could have even been a no call in the NBA.
  • Griffin's left arm is ALWAYS holding the defensive player down OR using him to propel himself.
  • If this is a GREAT DUNK...then I am speechless!! They both fouled one another and it was nothing spectacular! NBA basketball is the worst sport in America!
  • In basketball, you don't foul each other. Once the first foul is committed during the progression of a play, that's it. The fact that Perkins impeded Blake's progression without establishing position, to me, means that he committed the foul. If the play itself is not impressive to you, then you have probably never dunked a basketball before and have no idea as to what it feels like or takes to do it. The fact that he did it over someone and had the extension that he did on that play to me is awesome. It's better watching it real time with the sound and all. Would have been better if he got his full hand into the rim.
  • Man...have you ever played basketball...I do not think you can even touch the rim
  • I love it when people hate on basketball. Change your tag to "picked last' and go back to your knitting!
  • Bunch of overpaid thugs. You're right PGRI22
  • "Littlefeat".... that explains the hate right there. Nuff said
  • I really don't know how you can call this a great dunk when he clearly didn't dunk the ball...if you look at it first of all it should have been a foul on Griffin for pushing off, second thing is he throws the ball in the basket. The last time I checked a dunk is when you actually touch the rim while dunking. This is no more than a glorified hook shot. NOT A GREAT DUNK!!
  • Call it whatever you want - dunk or whatever. Either way it's a NASTY play. And no ref in their right mind would call a foul on Griffin. Perkins guaranteed that by leaving his feet and breaking the plane by pushing his hands out in front of him to make contact. I certainly understand why Griffin is in the habit of putting his hand down below him. It used to happen to me all the time (when I was younger and played college ball). Guys are all the time running underneath you. If someone wants to call a foul, go ahead, I don't blame him for not wanting to end up on his neck.
  • What you standing in front of him for? He jumped over a car. What did you expect?
  • It was a KIA, and he jumped over the hood.
  • Could you do it? Didn't think so. Go sit down somewhere!
  • I can and have.
  • That is an offensive foul, and the dunk is boring anyway - I'm not impressed when a 6'10" guy dunks - I mean really? he could dunk just standing flat footed
  • Impressive. But it hits the rim as it's going in. Even better is University of Kentucky's, Darius Miller's dunk against St. John's. Watch out NBA!
  • You want to see impressive... check out LeBron James jumping over John Lucas for his dunk against the Chicago Bulls
  • James dunked over a MUCH shorter guy. Lucas III is like 5'10" and did not even jump.
  • Does anybody even watch the NBA anymore? All rules out the window for the entertainment value. League is a joke.
  • you are a joke with that tag of yours. How long did it take you think of that one?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Lucas III is 5'10" and was slightly bent over when James dunked the ball. Honestly not that impressive. By NO means is that a dunk of the decade. It probably was not even the dunk of the night in the NBA.
  • Blake can dunk, Get over it. He's there dunking on people, and were here talking about it.
  • I still don't understand why someone who is that tall is glorified with placing a ball in a 10' goal. If this would have been Mugsy or Spud, then sure. I usually turn off Sportcenter when the top plays are shown during the NBA season. I don't dislike bball, but it is time to raise the rim and then maybe a dunk will be something to be excited about. This is not a NASTY play. It is actually quite boring....kind of like jumping over the hood of a car.
  • Run up thru 5 almost 7 foot guys who dont want you to jump the hood of the car, then jump the hood of a car with a watermelon in your palm!!!!!........that's why it' impressive joysticker
  • BUT could you do it is the question?! Sounds like haterism to me. Get over it. You can't play. He can. Move on.
  • Watermelon?? #1. I am definitely no joysticker. #2. I can out jump vertically and horizontally anyone that you know. #3. A basketball and a watermelon are not even comparable, so don't take it to a level that is not deserving. Also, he dunked an alley-oop pass which makes it easier. I think that it was definitely the best dunk of the competition, but not one of the best of all times. I am not a hater, just not easily impressed.

Blake Griffin posterizes Kendrick Perkins

“Great googly moogly"

Blake Griffin Fouled Hard, Yells 'Get The F*ck Outta Here" At Somebody

In tonight's Clippers-Nuggets game in Denver, Blake Griffin was fouled hard by Al Harrington on a fastbreak. Griffin fell to the floor hard, and then yelled at somebody to "GET THE **** OUTTA HERE!" With what he's saying and where he's looking, it appears he was yelling at the refs, presumably for the foul not being ruled a flagrant. And believe me, I know expletives...

40 MPH: Blake Griffin's Dunk on Kendrick Perkins

Sport Science: Blake Griffin dunk over Kendrick Perkins And with that...that's enough. Every time you take a sip of coffee, think -- gotta check Bob's Blitz. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe, or... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

Kendrick Perkins’ Wikipedia Page Got “The Business”

Following the absolute soul crushing dunk that Blake Griffin laid on top of Kendrick Perkins, some clever person took it upon themselves to update Kendrick’s Wikipedia page.  Hilarity ensues. Thanks to Thunder Treats for finding this.  Brilliant. Article found on: Cosby Sweaters

Kendrick Perkins Should Just Retire

…. At some point you have to realize that the game has passed you by. That 27 is the new 37. That getting Blake Griffin’s dick thrown in your nostril is not a good look. Hang them up and go be a car salesman or something. I don’t know, clearly basketball is no longer perk’s thing.

Blake Griffin's dunk: The Web reacts

Clippers forward Blake Griffin delivered another highlight-reel dunk on Monday night and the Web was quick to react.

Blake Griffin’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins was great, but here are four by Vince Carter and Shawn Kemp that are better

I don’t know what our obsession is as sports fans with always wanting to rank players, teams, and plays.  So often, we end up arguing for hours and we never stop and appreciate the player/team/play that we are defending. However, after last night’s Blake Griffin dunk, I think some people are getting a LITTLE bit carried away.  Was it the best dunk of the year?  Of course....

Paul leads Clippers past NBA-leading Thunder

Chris Paul had 26 points and 14 assists, Blake Griffin added 22 points and a monstrous dunk, and the Los Angeles Clippers beat Oklahoma City 112-100 Monday night, snapping the Thunder's four-game winning streak in a matchup of division leaders.

Kevin Durant: Blake Griffin’s Epic Dunk on Perkins Was a ‘Layup’

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni There was universal agreement that Blake Griffin threw down the dunk of the season a few nights ago, a monster finish over OKC Thunder center Kendrick Perkins. Well, almost universal. Perkins’ teammate Kevin Durant didn’t join in the League-wide celebration of the epic throw-down, gamely defending his big man by downplaying the play as merely...

Blake Griffin Dunk of the Year Monster Dunk

We've become accustomed to Blake Griffin being a dunking machine on the NBA court, and with Chris Paul we figured it would be a highlight fest in L.A.  However, on Monday night, a simple, but well placed bounce pass from Chris Paul set up what may be Griffin's best in-game dunk ever. Kendrick Perkins never stood a chance.

Paul leads as Clippers roll by NBA-best Thunder

LOS ANGELES (AP) Chris Paul had 26 points and 14 assists, Blake Griffin added 22 points and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated Oklahoma City 112-100 Monday night, snapping the Thunder's four-game winning streak in a matchup of division leaders.

Live analysis: L.A. Clippers lead Utah Jazz 32-29 after first quarter

Live analysis: L.A. Clippers lead Utah Jazz 32-29 after first quarter By Steve Luhm The Salt Lake Tribune Published Feb 1, 2012 08:53PM MDT The First: Clippers 32, Jazz 29 The Jazz use an early 8-0 run to take a 15-11 lead. Chris Paul scores eight points in less than a minute to put the Clippers back in front. Blake Griffin scores 14 points. Paul finishes with 12. Follow...
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