Found April 21, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
The Knicks fans are right up there with the Heat and Lakers fans for being bandwagon fans and also classless.  I'm glad that Melo at least called them out for booing Pierce when he was giving a tribute to the bombing victims.   Seeing them complain so much about the officiating when they were calling the game fairly evenly,  missing calls both ways but not as bad as they make it seem.   I hate fans that trash their own team when they aren't playing well.   It goes from Melo is the greatest to Melo is trash to Melo is the greatest and the Knicks are awesome to they are stupid to they are awesome again.   Lots of comments today.  If this goes longer than 5 games I'll be pissed. Boston doesn't stand a chance. This will be a nail biting tough series Pierce always seems to bring his A game to the garden, kg antics, and the refs, NY has to play at a consistent high level to win I just hope bums like Courtney Lee and Joe Crawful don't go off on us. Just stay home on Terry, double up on Pierce if he gets hot, and let the other bums try to beat us. Jeff Green has zero playoff experience, I'm sure he'll choke when the pressures on. Those Boston road games will be hell. Refs are a 6th man on the court. Now that the Knicks are one of the hotter big draw teams in the league... 2nd seed, scoring title champ... I wonder if the refs will give them a little more respect in the playoffs. We shall see. I do not fear this Boston team one bit. At 41-40 they're a shell of what they once were during our playoff series back in 2010-2011 We are sweeping this team. Celtics are just overrated. THey are not as tough as the media portrays them to be. IMO doc rivers is overrated coach. They make him seem like he's soooo superior to everyone, FYI, I just rigged up a rainwater barrel in the basement of the Celtics arena to collect the tears of their fans. I'll distribute bottles of Green Tears (Trademarked) after the game. I totally can't see Celtics winning MORE than 1 or 2 games at most. Knicks is just overall a better game in all aspects with greater talent and depth. Just hope refs watch ALL those daggone ILLEGAL SCREENS that KG does REPEATEDLY! Honestly can NOT stand this team. And if we don't win a title... I would take solace in the fact that we RIP'd these Celtics. I would feel more confident against the Miami Heat than I do against Boston.Losing to the Celtics would feel more painful than any 90's playoff series that the Knicks lost. I'm worried that the refs always seem to let Boston play physical. Physical play always affects the Knicks mentally, and despite the vet presence, the Knicks haven't exactly proven to be the most mentally strong against physicality. I think "the fix" will be on our side this year- if that's any consolation It just amazes me how much lack of respect Rondo gets.. Rondo "out -shined" Lebron and NBA history in one of those ECF games last year... Yet, these Celtic fans think they have a chance against us WITHOUT their true leader... As soon as the game starts, Kenyon should just level KG on principle. Bruce Bowen is picking Boston to win to series We're doomed. Let's hope their predictions on this series are better than the ones on who was going to win the Atlantic. Based on ESPN predictions above ---- Sounds like Celts 4-0. i am shocked because the majority of boston fans actually think theyre going to beat us convincingly. They think their players will just start playing like chamipons in the playoffs. Seriously, wtf? They are stuck in the past,they still think we have the same team from the past. Pretty much. Bowen buys into it, too - he picks BOS to win the series on the grounds that they're the team with 'more playoff experience.' He ignores the fact that Ray Ray is gone, Rondo is out, and all the pressure is on KG and Pierce. These **** leprechauns are going DOWN! We need to make sure jr is not celebrating 4/20 right now. Stay focused team. It's about one win at a time How the hell do you guard 2 Melo's in 1 starting lineup? If your KG, punch one of them in the throat then guard the other one I don't think he'd make it to the other side of the court before KMart buried him underneath the visiting lockeroom. Garnett is already talking mad **** if you saw what he said on sportscenter. Mad saracastic like. I hope Quentin choke-slams that trailer trash POS. I wanna see Garnett suffer real slow like. Not to be insensitive but they are already pushing the Celtics are playing for the city.... This whole bombing ordeal is kind of messing with my emotions for this series. I can't stand Boston due to all of our sports rivalries, but I'm not as pumped as usual to kick the living hell out of them. I wonder how this recent situation will effect the players on both teams. Sorry not me, what happened in Boston has no correlation with us sticking it to the Celtics. Uncle Ruslan says... “The Celtics are LOSERS!” I'm scared of Jeff green. We don't have a good matchup for him without putting carmelo on him or going big with kenyon and Tyson. Knicks are going to crush the Celtics regardless of what Jeff green does. The Celtics give people heeby jeebies because they have a billion titles and Leprechauns and “guys who have been there” and all the rest. They’re old. Their best player is out. We won 54 games. They won 41. Knicks in 5. Man, that intro was the greatest thing of all time That was the worst intro in the history of television. Paul Pierce is allowed to palm the ball Don't really know why some people hate the knicks for no reason. We don't flop and we play the game fair And square. Bradley is nothing special how happy is felton that BOS has no PG? Chandler with another stupid technical. For a guy who claims to be a leader, he sure makes kindergarten level idiotic mistakes. Jesus what a ******** technical really Refs? The fix is on LOL Shump. Get under Garnett to box him out. Don't just start shoving the crap out of the dude. I hate Pierce so much. J-CRAW IN TO SAVE THE DAY I LOVE that this scrub is getting minutes This bodes well for us. Jordan Crawford scares the **** out of me Refs giving us bull on our floor Is Adidas really hawking Boston bombing memorial t-shirts?! Every call going for Boston It seems the refs this series are Boston Strong too. THE TV JUST TURNED GREEN TWICE ABC WANTSBOSTON TO WIN How can Carmelo get calls? Does he need to be mangled and bleeding? He needs to have "Boston" on his chest Tyson got a tech already and he didn't even say anyhting THat should tell you something I’m trying to watch Knicks-Celtics, not Knicks-Refs Kevin Garnett becomes more annoying With every passing year Appearntly the Celtics never foul in the paint Jeff van gundy is a biggest knicks homer I **** love him Play some f***ing defense,Wheelchair is owning us. The marathon sympathy/help for NBA ratings is in full effect. Nothing benefits the NBA more than Boston continuing to win. This game is already being called in Boston's favor. Scrub of the night : Jeff green If Jeff Green is going to play like this we have no chance. Still can't believe Green became good Who the f*** is this Green character Please someone tell me why novak is in the game?????????? He doesn't do anything but move back and forth around the three point line Novak is SUCH a liability on Defense it sickens me. Someone needs to take out the refs! They are worthless anyway Does this stupid team know how to guard against basic cuts? Knicks are the only team in the L that gets no home court love from refs Kinda hard to hit layups when the Celtics can get away with assault Celtics making Knicks look old. So, was Bradley not on the scouting report? Is Ray offended by Bradleys odor or something? STOP LEAVING HIM ALONE To be fair, Kevin Garnett doesn't set screens He just hugs people and walks with them. Disgusting. Our match-ups are dumb along with us doubling. Stop the damn lay-up drill and lay someone on their back THis team when it plays ISO is so pathetic. I hate this team sometimes. #TradeMelo for Green Does this stupid Knick team know the playoffs is today? Melo is a cancer right now ... He's killing this team so badly right now. Sadly I agree. Even though Pierce doesn't have as many points, overall he's giving more to his team. Dammit man SMH Guess its time to hate Melo again Somebody break Jeff Green's back I went from rooting for Melo to wanting him off my goddamn team in one quarter. I'd like to thank Avery Bradley for keeping us in this game with his passing It’s been marvelous. Jeff green will play the entire second half. Only sat out 2 minutes. We have no matchup for him. I'll give it to Pierce man, he looks focused. But f*** you Paul Pierce. It kind of bothers me we won't hear "Boston sucks" chanted from the crowd this series. All for the sake of political correctness, ubt I don’t think it should matter. This is a sport, it’s not like people are chanting something to do with the attack… The good news is KG is as useless as Chandler Kg and Tyson seem to be on the same rusty page Can anyone still explain why Sheed is wearing a Green Blazer hanging around the Celtics locker room? Is he mad at us? Felton is trash. Does Tyson realize that he isn't on the bench with an injury anymore/????????????? Chandler for Perkins and sefolosha Melo isn't mature. Can't get KG and Pierce out of his head. So sad. No coaching adjustments Woody got paid to throw the game for the Feel good story. Pierce lays on the ground and gets a foul everytime I can deal with Green having a huge game, but Bradley is not anywhere near this good. Is there ever a time when Doc doesn't complain? Whenever they show him on the sidelines he's always hollering at the officials. Is it me or does Avery Bradley have such a punchable face? We are playing at MSG, why is everything about the Celtics and Doc??? Don't even bother swiping at Pierce on those drives... I'd like to see him finish while flailing for contact that never comes Melo is a fraud. Celtics played like crap all season long, now they are playing like champtions agaisnt the Knicks Refs giving us calls WTF is going on here Refs helped us this quarter, let's admit it If the refs can calm their f***en Whistles for the Celtics for one quarter, we can win this. Don't count on it. Theres so much money to be won if Celts win, its ludicrous. So KG can kill our defenders? And not get called for a foul. Awesome. Garnett is such a piece of **** Thank goodness Terry sucks. My god. Pierce falls over from being old...and it's a foul on us. Does Paul need a wheelchair after that? Jason Terry is the best player ever And I want to see him play the rest of this game. MELO IS A FORCE NOW! Hahah we have Melo and you don't!! I'm still amazed how poorly Pierce and KG have played. If they continue to play like this, we win the series. Melo is stupid man we're so lucky kg missed like all his jumpers hahaha It is a shame that I am sharing this forum with some people who turn their back to their teams when opponent makes a little run. Shame Shame Shame on you all. 5 pages back; NYK suck, this stupid team, Melo you are ****, then we make a run; same people good job Melo, Great NYK! Feels a lot better knowing Ray Allen isn't around. I cant stand Doc Rivers 'no voice' voice. Flop if you need to, just get Garnett outta here! Kevin Garnish (4-12 FG) 8 PTS 5 Fouls 36 Years old This is the guy that was supposed to put Boston over the top? Kidd is owning Pierce. I hate Pierce so much. Defense wins championships Got em on LOCKDOWN!! 23 points for the Celtics the entire 2nd half? Terry being ****** has saved us te be quite frank Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, And Avery Bradley Have Been HUGE For Us This Afternoon Nothing to see here folks. Just the inferior team coming back down to earth. Melo is FAT. Green lit us up in the 1st half but has been a no show in the 2nd Celtics are going to score 0 points the entire next game SAD FACE PAUL PIERCE STRIKES AGAIN Watching dejected Celtics slump off the court will never ever get old 1st game jitters out the way its time put these corpses in a body bag Aint dancing now at midcourt are you pierce you **** this is how you win with class listen melo that is class Celtics' shaky offense and lack of a true point guard allowed NY to hold them to 8 points in the last quarter. All they did was protect the home. They need to win next game, and get a win in Boston. Our defense embarrassed them the second half. 25 pts?! 8 in the 4th?! Wow that's how you win in the playoffs. 1-0 knicks have officially doubled are playoff wins in the decade! Great game! [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Pierce & Melo address MSG crowd to pay tribute to city of Boston, Knicks fans boo Pierce

Classy moment by Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony ruined by booing. 'Melo to his credit admonishes the booing. Video courtesy of Mike Petraglia.

Celtics can’t just stand and watch Pierce try to fly this bucket of bolts

The script wasn’t supposed to go like this. Jeff Green and Avery Bradley weren’t supposed to lead the Celtics into the locker room as the team’s two leading scorers at halftime yesterday.  They were supposed to be the sidebar to the main feature:  Paul Pierce eating up the Madison Square Garden hate and spitting it back at the crowd with dagger after dagger.  They were supposed...

Video: NBA’s greatest moments of 2012-13

The images of of the Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert and Boston Celtics Paul Pierce kickoff this dramatic hi-def slow-motion video of the best scenes from the 2012-13 NBA season. Set to backdrop of the Imagine Dragons track ” Radioactive,” this video sums up the NBA’s first season with true artistry. The post Video: Paul Pierce kicks off NBA’s greatest moments of 2012-13...

Jeff Green's 20 Points leads Celtics to a 53-49 Halftime Lead in Game One over Knicks

  NEW YORK – It’s been a game of runs, but the Celtics are riding Jeff Green to a 53-49 lead at the half. Green has 20 points on 7-for-10 shooting, hitting all three of his shots from beyond the arch and making several stops at the rim on Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin. Anthony has 19 points on the other end, but is shooting just 2-for-11 since getting off to a hot 4-for...

Reasons for optimism

The Celtics managed only 8 points in the 4th quarter last night, and just 25 total in the second half. For the game Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce combined to shoot 10-27 from the field, 37%. The bench scored just 4 points without making a field goal (0-7), including 0-4 3PT from Jason Terry. Boston's reserves also failed to register a single assist. The Celtics turned the ball...

How we see it goin down: The Celtics-Knicks series

Schedule:  Game 1: Saturday, April 20 – Celtics at Knicks – 3 p.m. (ABC) Game 2: Tuesday, April 23 – Celtics at Knicks – 8 p.m. (TNT) Game 3: Friday, April 26 – Knicks at Celtics – 8 p.m. (ESPN) Game 4: Sunday, April 28 – Knicks at Celtics – 1 p.m. (ABC) Game 5*: Wednesday, May 1 – Celtics at Knicks – TBD Game 6*: Friday, May 3 – Knicks at Celtics – TBD Game...

Knicks JR Smith dunks on Celtics Jeff Green in game 1 of playoffs

The NBA post season is underway and we have already witnessed our first amazing dunk in the first game. “Sixth Man of the Year” candidate, JR Smith came off the bench in the first half to score 11 points in 10 minutes during the first half. One of those baskets was this dunk where JR bangs on Celtics Jeff Green.   When JR goes inside, the Knicks are hard to beat. JR ended the...

Knicks 85, Celtics 78 highlights & box score

Jeff Green and Avery Bradley both had solid games in the loss. Additional highlights for both of them courtesy of OfficialCelticsHD below.

Celtics-Knicks Live: Jeff Green, C’s Look to Start Spreading News That They Can Make It In New York

8 a.m. ET: After pulling off the seemingly impossible by scoring just eight points in the fourth quarter of a loss in Game 1, the Celtics look to do something much less jaw-dropping in Game 2 by winning the game. Jeff Green, who scored 26 points, and Carmelo Anthony, who dropped a game-high 36 points, were the clear stars of Game 1. But Celtics coach Doc Rivers was immensely impressed...

Celtics Restart Storied Knicks Rivalry With Boston Linked to New York Now More Than Ever Before (Podcast)

Boston and New York have a long and storied rivalry, and this year, the two cities will be adding to it on the hardwood. As the Celtics and Knicks square off in a first-round playoff series, emotions will be sure to rise as the tension does. Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony will be doing their best to add another winning chapter to their team’s story of Boston vs. New York. However...

Jeff Green Disappears Down Stretch Against Knicks, But Celtics Need to Keep Him Engaged in Offense

Jeff Green was busy carrying the Celtics, lifting them into the lead after three quarters at Madison Square Garden, when Paul Pierce jumped in, grabbed the mic and performed the basketball-playing equivalent of a Kanye West impersonation. “Imma let you finish, but …” Only Pierce, like West, never did let Green finish. (Yes, in this scenario, Green is Taylor Swift. Nobody ever...

Celtics Play Well, Fall Apart Late In Game 1

  Knicks 85, Celtics 78 Follow @TheNosebleeds The Celtics did everything they had to do to be in a position to steal Game 1. They contained the league’s leading scorer, got Jeff Green going on offense, and kept it close before collapsing in the final minutes. So the question is, should they be encouraged by their performance over the first 42 minutes? Or discouraged about their...

Game 2 mini preview… Celtics offensive and defensive adjustments

Tip: 8PM     Court: Air Canada Centre     Watch it: CSN    Hear it: WEEI Referees: Derrick Stafford, David Jones, Rodney Mott, Josh Tiven (alternate) Boston Celtics Tickets Are you watching or going to tonight’s Celtics game? RSVP here and be entered to win $200 in free tickets. Game 1 leading scorers: Boston: Jeff Green (26 pts, 8-15 fg, 3-5 3pt, 7-7 ft) New York:  Carmelo...

Boston Celtics @ N.Y. Knicks

Boston (7) @ New York (2) AccuScore Preview The Knicks are solid 75.9% favorites over the Celtics in game 1. After 10,000 simulations, the average score was 101-93. The Knicks are favored by 7 points and covered that spread in approximately 53% of the simulations. There is a 56.2% chance the total combined score will be over 189.5. Projected Leaders Paul Pierce: 16 pts ( 42% FG...

Boston Celtics Lose a Nail-Biter to New York Knicks in First Playoff Game

NEW YORK -- The first game of the 2013 NBA Playoffs did not disappoint.  It was everything a Celtics, Knicks, or any basketball fan in general could ask for.  There was defense, good ball-movement, and a close game up until the last three minutes.   In the end, the New York Knicks prevailed over the Boston Celtics 85-78.   Boston went with their bigger lineup once again, with...
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