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Heat fans are priceless.  After last game, LeBron was the greatest of all time.   Spo was a genius for starting Miller.  Miller was awesome.  Wade was a top 5 player.  Bosh was a beast.   Now, LeBron is back to being LeChoke and doesn't deserve his MVP.  Spo is a moron.  Miller is useless.  Wade is less than useless.  It's hilarious.  And what's even funnier is reading Heat fans complain about the refs or about players flopping.  Their team owns the market on both.   Enjoy today's Miami Meltdown.... Hopefully there is one more coming.  Wade said it's hard to generate the hate he has for eastern conf teams against the spurs because they are so nice Every series where lebron has a clear rival or deep set hatred he's great. He was talkin about revenge against the spurs but he doesn't hate them like that... You can tell Wade all but guaranteed another great performance in game 5. Dude is going all out. I'm going to have popcorn ready Spurs made a good move. Why cant we start with battier? Battier can't score as well! Neither can Haslem and thus we are stuck now! But he can outflop Ginobili and frustrate the hell out of the guy That's the Wade I like, his attitude on the court is completely different from what I see during all this playoff run ! Duncan is a beast ........ Old beast It would be nice if the Heat could get the same amount of offense from their "others" as the Spurs get from their junk! Miller, Haslem, Cole, Chalmers all suck! James is a bum! My god Mike Miller can't stay in front of this clown... Chalmers should be banned from throwing lobs Tony brothers already officiated a game, why is he officiating again????? he's such a crooked piece of trash Getting schooled by Diaw! Go Home Heat your done in 6! We don't deserve to win anything. The Spurs will win this and the series. Damn we're so inconsistent it's depressing. I bet if Shaq un-retired he could do a better job than Haslem! Thank god splitter sucks The Portuguese term for worthless hack Is Tiago Splitter Bosh needs to abandon that shot! He can't make it! Spo sucks! I'm embarassed by how pathetic we look on offense. Lebron air-balled a bunny. I'll probably get banned for this But there are times I think the Spurs want this more than the Heat Is Birdman in the dog house or something?? Wtf and Cole can't guard Parker man. Put Rio back in... Rio can't guard Parker either. "BUT PARKERS HAMSTRING IS SUPPOSED TO TEAR AT ANY MOMENT!" Inb4 people begin the LeBron bashing. Over Rated Chokers Unbelievable how many BS calls the Spurs have gotten in this series. Wow there are 2 players who seem to know that we're in the finals Thanks Bosh and Miller. I REALLY hope the Heat are embarassed. At least the fans are I'm going to need something stronger than whiskey Get Haslems ******** out. And it's a double digit lead. Get UD and Cole out. They are awful. Anderson must be in Riley's doghouse We lost this game, we never win Tony brothers as refs I don't get this **** team. This team may win a title but the lack of hunger is one reason why they don't deserve a title. I mean, Gary Neal & Leward are beating your big 3? Why is Wade playing stupid all of a sudden??? Lebron has been awful this series This team lacks a championship mentality. Only when pushed does this team care. Bosh is the only one showing heart? You know something is wrong... Tony Brothers hates us. We are getting hosed LMAO@ Rio...get this idiot off the court Riley must have something to do with not playing birdman yet. I expect him 3rd quarter. **** YOU HEAT What are these retards doing? They know Green is their main guy but they have left him open Are we gonna blame these 3's on Wade too? Or are we ready to talk about this dumbass defensive system we have. Spoelstra and lebron need to be singled out for this disastrous finals in particular You have to be kidding me with this **** defensive effort. These guys haven't learned yet about leaving these scrubs open? So much for " the Spurs can't keep shooting 3's like this". Maybe they'll cool off in Game 8. INJURED Wade doing all the work while Bron stinks up another final SMH Ginoboli needs to retire, can't stand his flopping *** The BIG 3 are being out shined by Danny Green, Gary Neal! Seriously, WHY are they leaving their 3 point shooters open? This team just... IDIOTS... it's like they didn't learn their lesson the first time. The Miami Heat are THE MOST frustrating team I've ever supported. How are they just sh*tting the bed so hard. GAME 5 OF THE NBA FINALS. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!?!?! I hope we lose by 70 and they break up the "big3", I cant take this bullshyt lackluster effort any more I can't even blame the refs, when you play like soft ******* you deserve whatever comes to you.. We SERIOUSLY need LEBRON to GET US BACK IN THIS GAME!!! DONT DEPEND ON OTHERS!!! Lebron planning on showing up tonight? LeBron: 2-6 FG, 1 assist, 1 turnover, 0 rebounds, 0 blocks and 0 steals. Impossible for the Heat to play two solid games in a row; Spurs in 7. Spo is yet to show me a single new thing...Pop owning SpoBot right now.. Say what u want...only guy is saving this team is dwayne wade. I don't know whats going with lebron Ray Allen never does a good job guarding anybody Here we go. LeBron's ready. Lebron is here to play this quarter Battier is HORRIBLE. Oh **** you Jeff van gundy, what are you a spurs fan now? I think we got this game, our guys look hungry and the Spurs (and their shooting) are playing above their heads. I hope Tony brothers chokes on his f***ing whistle How much is he being paid by the mob to throw this the Spurs way? Don't think he's paid off, just naturally hates the heat Point guard play is awful this season, cant wait till we get a legitimate starting PG and a TRUE center You might need to wait until after the Big 3 era. Chalmers a great player for the salary he’s getting. Need to step up our play, but that filthy flopper from Argentina is really hurting us. He'd better have some fines coming his way after this game. Kill yourself Ginoboli. Bosh is playing like trash. This is the NBA finals. When you are getting nearly $20mil a year on a championship team, you don't play "all right", you play like a superstar. None of the Big 3 have played like superstars for the entire finals. Using your logic I guess they all need pay cuts??? Yep! Wade is a grandfather, Bosh is a woman and Lebron is a choker. Just give the team to chalmers Ray Allen not too happy about losing Finals record... Maybe he shoulda been guarding Green a bit better this series. Lebron going back to his Cleveland days Mario Chalmers is the reason we will lose. I hate that scrub. Refs are favoring Spurs so hard right now. Our D is sad to watch! We look like the bobcats. This team is so stupid. Chalmers is a scrub D-Wade is back to playing like crap! Layups aren't the knee, that's lack of focus. Safe to say last game was a fluke for Wade? LEBroN AND DWADE SERIOUS!?!? James will never get a call. These missed layups will kill us. WADE LAYING ON THE GROUND AFTER HE DRIBBLED THE BALL AWAY INTO 4 SPURS AND WATCHING AS DANNY GREEN RUNS BACK TO THE THREE PT LINE FOR A RECORD BREAKING THREE WAS A REAL DEAL BREAKER FOR HIS TEAMMATES, YOU COULD TELL THAT WAS EXTREMELY DEFLATING AND THEY PROBABLY WANTED TO KILL HIM/GIVE UP AFTER THAT SWING. **** you battier, green woulda made that Wade's jumper is back! WADE FOR GREEN? SEEMS LIKE A FAIR TRADE FOR BOTH SIDES LOL. Danny Green is a f a g g o t.. It's over, and I don't mean just this game. I'm starting a raiding party break Danny green's knees and kill the Tony Brothers. Who's with me? Join me on this holy crusade. C'mon MIAMI, stay poised. Gotta overcome the refs in this one. CB1 showing y'all what's up!!! Bosh showing heart! Spurs are starting to play 'don't lose' ball, not to win The surs have everything luck and the refs on their side 9 point game. I like that they’re feeding Ray. Bosh and LeBron blowing it...wow.. *** you bosh...really *** you Bosh sucks! Take bosh out please!!! He can't catch anything... Attention Heat fans for game 6 please leave early so the Spurs have an empty building to hoist trophy! All up too Wade and Allen now have zero hope in LeCHOKE showing up The 2011 flashback is here, the return of LeChoke, SPurs in 6. This is amusing, playing like total garbage. Lebron too mentally weak these finals Cole and Haslem have been trash the entire game. I would literally try anybody but those two guys right now. Spo is OFFICIALLY a complete idiot Its one thing to play against the ref but to play against our idiotic coach and his rotations takes the cake Danny Green - 2013 Finals MVP. How disgusting does that sound? Team full of retards who keep shooting jumpshots Has LeBron gotten any rest? He looks gassed. There is no excuse for LeBron, stop it. It's the finals. I knew Spo getting schooled by Pop would be the true matchup this series. We beat them in talent but it don't matter when your coach is better You people blame spo after every loss lol. No one here ever blames the players for sucking. So leaving a guy who is 70% shooting in the finals open again and again is good coaching? You think spo asks these guys to leave green open? Wade fouled, argues call Late to defend 3 pointer It´s hard to win back to back titles you need: 1. Character: Bring it every game Or 2. A really good coach. We have neither. I hate this team Holy crap lebron sucks We getting blown out again man. No heart...LEBRON...looking at you ***** Gutless cowards..can't wait to see another Texas team celebrating a title on our floor Time for a fresh start, beginning with Spo if they get embarrassed in south beach, not taking this **** anymore. You don't decide to play when you want. DUMBEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW I hate Spo's dumb, clueless, video boy face. Sort it out ******* Admit it. Spurs are the better team. Well coached and their big 3 > ours. By their Big 3...you mean Danny Green/Duncan/Parker? I'm not sure what it really means, but tonight was not our night. It Pains Me To Say this... It looks like every other game is NOT our night Lebron is pathetic Plays scared when it matters. The Heat deserve to have to listen to Spoelstra-eze tonight. Invest my heart and soul and you play like this in crunch time? GTFO here with that BS. Lebrons legacy ruined again, maybe it motivates him Looks tired? He had three days rest. And from the beginning of the game he didn't have any hunger How does that sound tho??? He's tired? Df? He's younger than both Tim Duncan & Manu... Here's a news flash, Ray is the only true CLUTCH player on this team. Only person I can honestly say when a shot needs to be made and it leaves his hand I'm thinking 'yep that's going in' Bosh & Ray playing with heart!!! This team gets on my nerves Wade/LeBron playing like clowns. Miller brought absolutely nothing to the floor again I told you Allen wouldn't shoot another three Hard to win a game when the Spurs are shooting hot, the refs are against you and your own coach is against you... This team deserves to LOSE! I wanted LeBron to win last year for his passion and play. This years finals run is the complete opposite. LeBron doesn't deserve to be called a champion right now. SOFT SpoBot is also once again being exposed as the fraud that I've said after wins & loses. Rarely does he do anything outside of an adjustment between games, that shows he actually knows anything!Clueless! Agreed, this team, from the coach to the players, is a lot less likeable than last year's. No more Miller starting. I want Birdman. These refs man........... Ssigh WE HAD A CHANCE, AND THE REFS ONCE AGAIN ROB US.. .you can blame Tony Brothers for this master piece. Team still full of retards lol LeBron's night in a nutshell: Let's Tony Parker blow by him for a layup Blows his own layup Stays back to complain about foul Spurs get open 3 on other end Seriously, this game tonight for him was almost as bad as game 3. I don't get this guy. I have never in my life seen a "superstar" that gets shut down this easily when it counts. Sorry but LBJ is no MVP period. First time I truly felt like we got screwed by the refs I gave no doubt in my mind they cheating us So Bosh can't rebound, score or show up. What is he even good for? I just don't understand why we didn't trade him for ANY mediocre center. They should call us the Miami Can't Buy Calls. And some Heat fans wonder why we shoot so many jumpers. SPO and BOSH must go next season.we cant win multiple championship w/ them................. Does anyone have the nerve to defend leCHOKE anymore??? An injured Wade is better then him Don't blame the refs...Miami is a TO machine *** the refs Bron has been just as bad If Lebron James doesn't attack the basket 15 times in game 6 , then he deserves to give back the mvp to the nba. It is a shame he spent all that time with the Dream, for what? No real post presence. At least not CONSISTENTLY. All that talent, and not much upstairs. Hope Tony brothers started his vacation after game 5 [Discuss on CG Forums!]
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Video shows De'Andre Johnson punching woman

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