Found October 18, 2012 on The Juicy Online:

Via Media Daily LA:

A report is claiming that Los Angeles Clippers forward Lamar Odom is seeking to divorce reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, as the basketball star has supposedly had enough of Khloe and the Kardashian lifestyle.

According to Star Magazine, Lamar and Khloe have been living apart for months (with Khloe living in Miami and Lamar staying back in Los Angeles). Apparently, after being apart from Khloe for so long, Lamar has come to the conclusion that it's time to call it quits on their marriage.

One source told the magazine that Lamar has begun having secret meetings with a divorce lawyer.

"He wants to be sure he's protected, because he knows the Kardashians will try to fight. [Lamar's] trying to keep his intentions quiet for now, so he can focus on his NBA comeback," the source claims.

The source also added that he'd rather just go ahead and serve Khloe divorce papers and be done with the stress.

It's being reported by that Khloe Kardashian is calling the report by Star Magazine false. A source described as a "close friend" of Kardashian said the story is "completely bogus."


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  • No wonder their split up, she's a KARDASHIAN!!!! The whole family is nuts . . .
  • oj's gonna be pissed
  • guess Odom doesn't realise that her daddy OJ's a killer.
  • yes, the Kardashawhores are emotionless attention leeches
  • It's no surprise to me that they're splitting. And she's a Kardashian only in name -- we all know who her daddy is.
  • Well we know it is not OJ.
  • Well I'll be a little more adult than you all are or aren't...I really thought they had a better looked like she was with him all the way until lately...she was so dedicated to him and what he needed and was doing...really thought of any of them they had a chance..kind of sad..she's the one that stands up to all their crap..we will see!!
  • Congrats to Lamar...nice to know that some men won't buckle under to the Kardashian Control Game. Good luck in your future and with your comeback.
  • ...let me put on my SURPRISE face!
  • I really can't stand the Kardashian Klan, especially Kris,the Momager, and Kim the bitch that wants it all and I literally can see her laying on the floor kicking and screaming because she can't have it. After all, who wants to marry an attention *****, who's only claim to fame is a sex tape and a big ass! I do however feel for Bruce Jenner, but he's a grown man and she take his man parts, while he still has them, and get the hell away from all of them and have Kris pay him alimony. Think about it, Kourtney is so selfish she's got these two kids with Scott, who from all appearences seems to do anything to hang on to the star that is Kardashian, I don't know how he couldn love someone who treats him like **** and won't consider marrying him, then you have the publicity stunt with Kris Humphries. Talk about using someone for your own benefit, talk about a heartless bitch, and she wants to be a mom, she doesn't have what it takes. The first requirement is you can't be selfish anymore, it's no longer about you, it's about yout child, who Kim still is. As for Khloe, I started to think she was the one who seemed to be the one who had said F U to the family business and committments in order to be a good wife. The show I saw where she was making him dinner, and always seemed to be sharing her day and pumping him up when he was down, but then momager must have got a hole of her, because once she lost the weight she lost her committment to her husband. The whole family will one day be just another reality show blown up, like Jon and Kate plus 8. These people are disgusting and the last thing they all need is a man in their lives. They are too selfish and could care less who they run over to get what they want. As for Kim and Kanye, that's never going to work. He's as controlling as any man I've known. Throw out your clothes and wear what I say, Twitter only in caps like me. Run Kim Run the guys an ass and as long as you let him control you you will only open yourself up for more abuse. This whole family needs some heavy duty therapy and Bruce get your girls away from the momager before she has them posing nude!
  • If this is true Lamar you SUCK!!! Khloe has stuck by you through thick & thin!! When things got tough Khloe didn't walk!! Now that you have been apart you want to call it off that really sucks & so do you!!! I hope your basketball and you eat SHI$!!! You couldn't play in TEXAS and you can't play NOW!!! And to all you STUPID FOOLS O.J. Simpson is not Khloe Father. Khloe did a DNA test now get over it and move the fuc$ on!!!
  • Lamar if this is true you SUCK big time!!! Khloe stood by you through thick & thin. When things got tough Khloe didn't walk.But now that you have been on your own. You want to call it off. That SUCKS and so do you!! You couldn't play in Texas and you can't play NOW!! And all you STUPID FOOLS O.J. Simpson is not Khloe's father. Khloe took a DNA test so move the HELL on!!! And get a LIFE!!!
  • I have a tendency of not believing what is written in the grocery store tabloids. Many times they report "true" facts that come for "confidential sources", and "friends of the celebrities under attack by the press. If it trues, then I wish both of them better luck in their futures, and will give them all the privacy that they can get. Divorce is a painfull thing to go through.
  • The tabloids have been reporting that Lamar is pissed because Khloe is taking a gig on x-factor and won't have much time to attempt to make a baby or to baby Lamar and his lackluster career. Is he ashamed that he doesn't wear the pants in the family??? Or is all of it rag mag BS??? IF khloe wants a normal life she probably needs to get away from all the arrogant narcisscists in her family!!!! Good luck with that!!!LOL
  • Good for you Lamar. The Kardashians are the phoniest trash there is. Khloe also strikes me as not being very hygenic.
  • Really! What does this have to do with either of theses people. "Sorry her." I can care less about other peoples love lifes. But I like to read what others write. knowing I'm going to smile or laugh. But this comment. OMG...Really. Mental, Just mental.
  • If this story is true shame on you Lamar. It is so obvious that Khloe really loves you.After three years(no one believing it would last that long)you want to put your Nikes on and run? Come on now son that is not how it is done.She has had your back every step of the way. For all the K haters I get it, but Khloe has more class than all of them put together. There should be no shame in her game. I hear you all bitching... shut up! Khloe if this is true kick is ass to the curb.
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  • I guess Lamar threw up the Kool-Aid that ole chole NO K Simpson (HUGE OLE TRANNY!!!!) forced him to drink & he drank it freely~ CAREFUL w/ the monie$ that belong 2 YOU, Lamar!!

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Rob and Amy check out and chat about Tim Tebow's move to running back, Lamar Odom's divorce and the other Peyton Manning in Colorado.
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