Originally written on Larry Brown Sports  |  Last updated 2/16/12

Here’s something MSG probably would like to take back. During Wednesday night’s broadcast of the Knicks’ 100-85 win over the Kings, the network displayed this unfortunate (get it?) graphic of Jeremy Lin‘s head over a fortune cookie.

The Knicks are now 7-0 since Lin began playing significant minutes. In that time he’s averaged 24.4 points and 9.1 assists, posting a career high in assists (13) Wednesday. He has delivered constantly and revitalized New York’s season.

You would have figured after what’s already happened that MSG would be conscious about not crossing the racism line when it comes to Jeremy Lin. They used poor judgment on this one.

Photo via Darren Rovell

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  • Yes, of course it is racist, but it's no surprise because this is what we have come to expect from them...no problem. What is so lame about this crack is the lack of originality. Really, a fortune cookie???...hardy, harr harr, its so funny I forgot to laugh...
  • ...and then they'll say, "aw c'mon, where's your sense of humor?" Typical.
  • I'd be more pissed that MSG, with all its money, couldn't come up with a better graphic. This is 70's SNL crap!
  • Well if we are going to get all sensitive about it then I suppose MSG ought to change their name too, as it is a common preservative in Chinese food. Now I am doubly offended.
  • good line about the MSG...I think we're a little too sensitive once again. I bet Lin didn't lose any sleep over this
  • I doubt he did either, especially when compared to some of the other patronizing comments made about him lately.
  • Lin doesn't have to lose sleep over it for it to be a problem, he is not the only person affected by stupidity like this. http://lionsdetroit.com
  • Good catch about the MSG thing. But actually, MSG is a tenderizer and not a preservative. It comes from an enzyme found in papaya.
  • OF course it was NOT racist. The definition of racist/racism requires the belief of superiority of ones race over another. I don't see how picturing him as good fortune for NY and putting his picture with a fortune cookie implies anyone thinks less of Lin or his race.
  • Yeah, right...think back to Rick Barry's comment about Bill Russell's photograph on national television. Wonder why Rick Barry isn't working for CBS anymore???...
  • That's just idiotic, can I make up a definition too??? A simple google define query shows the definition below. Show me where it says you have to believe you're superior. Do yourself a favor, next time you have a thought, don't.

    1. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as...
    2. Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.
  • Um, Merriam-Webster has:
    a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    And Cambridge Dictionary of American English has:
    a person who believes that some races are better than others, or who acts unfairly to someone because of his or her race

    And Compact Oxford English Dictionary has:
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races

    And Collins English Dictionary has:
    the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others

    So maybe try looking at a multitude of dictionaries themselves instead of google. I like www.onelook.com
  • he's asian people get over it. if he were italian and his face were over a plate of spaghetti and meat balls with a quote like "he has the knicks on the ball" I doubt anyone would be crying at all. Man, it's getting to the point where a person can't say or do anything in this country without someone getting upset! And the worst part is that most the time the people causing all the fuss almost never have anything to do with it.
  • Right. And let's have black faces jumping out of watermelons and white guys coming out of boxes of crackers. Maybe it's not racist in the KKK sense (and I don't think anyone is implying it is), but it is nevertheless fascinating that the guy's a great baller and the only way people can distinguish him is by his ethnicity. That is simply, though perhaps harmlessly, racist; take your own advice and don't take it all so personally.
  • Totally agree with you, truchacabra. I believe the term you were looking for is racially insensitive. They used a fortune cookie because he is of Asian descent. That's quite obvious, lol.
  • You are correct.
  • "Right. And let's have black faces jumping out of watermelons and white guys coming out of boxes of crackers."

    Now, this is what I call funny...LOL!
  • I like the white guys out of a box of crackers...hilarious. If EVERYONE gets it, it's not racism!!!
  • That's a good one. I guess since everyone got it back in the 18th and 19th centuries, it wasn't racism that blacks were bought and sold as stock animals.
    Come on, the guy's Asian coming out of a fortune cookie! It's not a black guy coming out of a fortune cookie or a white guy coming out of a fortune cookie, but an Asian guy. The only thing missing is him saying, "Me rove you rong time," and everyone's trying to defend it. It's not defensible. It's OK, you can admit it and still be a good person.
    I think it's funny. We used to put "Whites Only" above the water fountains, and now we get all butthurt when people take us seriously.
  • @truchacabrayou are absolutely right....why do people think it is alright because he is Asian.....it is NOT alright, and you had better believe if they put an african american in black face, people would be going nuts !
  • how do you put an african american in black face ?
  • Really??? Quit crying racist and politically incorrect about every damn thing people. It's funny. What other ethnicity would you associate a fortune cookie with??? Reach deep people and remove the sticks that have made you all so hyper-sensitive!! Ridicurous!!!
  • No one was saying it was being used in a negative way. It is not sensitive, no matter how Lin were to take it. If he took it hard, a bunch of you would be telling him to get over it. That is what we're talking about.
    In terms that you might understand, it would be like you, mikee, were a great amazing baller, and someone used a graphic of your head coming out of a bag of hammers, a sack of rocks, or a brain wave monitor with a flat line on it, stereotypes associated with dumb people. Instead of talking basketball, they would talk about your skills in the context of what an idiot you are. Someone who said they were denigrating you because of how stupid you are would be wrong. But someone questioning something so irrelevant to your game as you being a moron would be right.
  • go back and read the part about the stick up your a**. right on!!
  • Thanks. But no matter what everyone says about you, you still have a wicked crossover dribble.
  • "Did you just sayyyy... 'Ridicurous'?"

  • Yeah, but see, the humor in that Seinfeld episode (which I thought was hysterical, BTW) was that the stereotype of the 'Wise Asian Woman' was undermined by the stereotypical depiction of all the Euro-Americans. Jerry is turned off by the fact that the hot Asian woman he thought he connected with wasn't Asian, Costanza's mother cannot accept the wisdom that 'Donna Chan' gave her was because she thought she was Asian, and finding out that she was just a Jewish girl from Long Island deligimized her advice. Everyone looks stupid.
  • I don't think it's racism, I think it's ignorance, since fortune cookies didn't originate in China but in California. I'm always fascinated by stupid rascists, though. This guy Floyd mayweather was being rascist with Pacquiao telling him one time to roll his sushi. Pacman is a filipino not japanese. I think if you want to be a rascist, be an informed rascist, not a stupid one.
  • Fortune cookies were created in San Francisco, I think either by the guy who designed Golden Gate Park or the owner of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. That they've become associated with Chinese culture is purely the result of marketing, stereotyping ('All Asians look alike'), and serendipity. Pretty stupid move on MSG's part, mainly because it reinforced their ethnic insensitivity, but I get the thought behind it, juvenile as it is. Hey look, if Lin continues putting up these kinds of numbers and the Knicks make the playoffs and manage to advance there, he's a serious candidate for MVP (suck it LeBron and Kobe).
  • Jeremy Lin didn't originate in China but in California. If you think you want to be a blogger, be an informed one, not a stupid one.
  • ...and you think MSG associated Lin with fortune cookie because the MSG people thought both Lin and fortune cookie originated in California? I'm not trying to be a blogger, just trying to voice my opinion in a post. Bloggers get paid. Now who's the stupid one??
  • I had no idea the Chinese were so ashamed of fortune cookies.
  • fortune cookies were invented here in America :)
  • is not being ashamed,it is just pointing out a breach in good manners and political finesse.A fortune cookie is a lame representation.How about a dragon...all that power in the court and majesty should be properly depcted if indeed we have to use symbolism.
  • Jeremy Lin originated in California, too. For everyone else: Lighten up, Francis!
  • Right on Scud!
  • To the black people that think nothing is racist unless it is towards a black person. Put a Watermelon under Lebron James with a message on the same network and Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have a Fred Sanford moment where they would hold their chest and shout out to the sky. Its funny to people with logic that slavery existed 140 years ago in America for 170 years and all you hear from "African-Americans" is about the evil white man because hundreds of thousands of them did not die sooner to free the slaves in America. But on the "African" side of their lineage slavery has been going on for 5000+ years unabated and not one of them has made any significant sacrifice to help those still in slavery in Africa nor even speak of the evil black Africans that enslave their own family members or worse for 5000+ years. There are thousands or tens of thousands of asian slaves in large U.S. cities working in sweatshops and massage parlors as sex slaves and do you think a black person even gives a thought to that let alone would lay down their life to go in and free them??? Oh, thats different.
  • Another whiny white person getting sensitive. Awwww
  • Exactly!
  • I don't think it is whiny it is true! People need to calm down for real!
  • Why isn't there an asian Al Sharpton or Jesse J. who would ask you to donate money to their asian church so the forgiving process could begin or is donation for forgiveness is just a black thing?
  • why don't you start one? this is your opportunity. Or do you not care enough to go the distance?
  • well said
    by dingodidit
  • After reading your post I’ve come to the conclusion that at best You’re a Freakin Idiot! The sad thing is the worst case scenario which is that you will more then likely continue to be a Feakin Idiot! For the remainder of your life. Heaven help your children…lol…lol
  • you must be the most ignorant person in the whole world, bro give up anti black stance stance. What the hell do black people have to do with asian slaves in sweatshops and massage parlors, in America. By the way what are you doing about mister perfect.
  • Why excatly are you picking on black people? If you meant to make a point regarding the racism Jeremy Lin seems to be facing, you certainly failed with your statement. This issue is not about slavery, it's about racism, which it seems you are unable to distinguish. Next time you feel the need to complain about black people bringing up the sore subject of slavery, I suggest you also talk about the attention the Holocaust is still getting many many decades later, or better yet the events of september 11. I am sure, many people, regardless of their ehtnicity, will agree that these horrible events are worthy of our attention. It's a way to make sure this part of history never repeats itself. What makes you such an expert on blacks? Here we go with the supremacist mentality! Do you actually think you have a great understanding of black people that you know what they would do or how they think. Stupid! On the Lin issue, I think Jeremy is great. There's finally somebody making basketball exciting to watch. If I am taking the time to reply to this racist's comments, I might as well state that I did not think the fortune cookie picture was racist, because I love chinese food and totally enjoy my little fortune cookie. Therefore I associated the picture with something good, positive, and something that makes me happy. As humans living in a world that we have no choice but to share we must be careful not to offend people with our comments and actions, but we have become way to sensitive. And yes, I am black.
  • I just brought up the fact that a lot of black people dont seem to have a problem with the other half of their "African-American" History, the African half, you know 5000+ years of black owned slavery that your comedians, preachers, civil rights leaders, etc, never mention when constantly blaming another race for 170 years of slavery. Its Hypocritical like using a fortune cookie for this guy and not a water melon or bucket of KFC for any black player. I have no problem with black people bringing up slavery its just very racist of them to forget the other, worse half of their heritage over in Africa. Its obvious you hold white people to a different standard than Africans based on their skin color so that is by definition racist.
  • I'm chinese and I find it offending, not cute.... really a fortune cookie...you won't find fortune cookies in China! Is this Toothpaste OK? But it's just toothpaste......

  • This is racially insensitive, bottom line. MSG used a fortune cookie because JLin is Asian descent. They should have used a Rainbow and put his head in the pot o' gold, lol.
  • The fortune cookie is a U.S.A. origional with Japanese roots and a Chinese twist, can not get much more American than that.
  • If the chinese are unhappy about being associated with fortune cookies why don't they just stop serving them? It's not like you can buy them at the A&P. I have never associated fortune cookies and the chinese in a negative way. It's like pasta and Italians. Corn beef and cabbage with St. Patty's day. Let's get a grip here. At this point in NBA history Linn is the anti-stereotype. This just drives home the point that you can't put someone in a box (or a cookie) just because he's chinese.
  • Actually, you can buy them at the A&P, or at least Safeway. They're right there in the Asian Food aisle. I pass by them every week when I shop.
  • And BTW: Ever see the film 'Big Night'? One of the underlying themes of that movie was the stereotyping of Italian Cuisine, that all Americans knew about Italian food was spaghetti and meatballs. It's the same thing with corned beef and cabbage, which very few Irish people could actually eat in Ireland at the time it became a popular 'ethnic food' in America. Again, ethnic stereotyping.
  • I think the spirit it meant to convey was not malicious.Mr. Lin a grand and classy person probaly will just smile and shake it off.At the end of the day,he is a great ball player and a Harvard graduate.After a great meal I look forward to my fortune cookie...at least not for a crack pipe.Mr. Lin as an American of Asian descent,I am very proud of your accomplisment and your gentlemanly demeanor.I thanked your parents for raising you well.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree with your sentiment that we all ought to just chill about this. It's a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself. I, for example, am a Jewish male who loves Jew jokes and am constantly ripping on my mother with people, AS LONG AS I KNOW WHO THEY ARE. My friends can tell the Jewish American Princess jokes all day and it won't bother me because I know who they are. But I do get POed when some stranger makes assumptions and does a 'cheap Jew' joke in my face. You gotta know your audience. However, what's your problem with gay and lesbian people? Seems to me YOU have a little bias problem going on.
  • Love the Headline. "MSG uses Jeremy Lin..." Since MSG is used significantly in Chinese food. LOL. Let's keep our sense of perspective and sense of humor here, people.
  • Humor you want??

    A better graphic of Lin is Him laying on a sofa with "SOFA KING' underneath. Huh? Whaddaya say? Funny?
  • It seems that there are people that have a hard time being balanced. They are racist based and do not have the capacity to see things in any other way.
  • I am sick of people who think they know what it means to be at the receiving end of "racism". For those who think this is not a racist act...you are part of the problem. The point is...You should not be making any comments about racism if you haven't experience it! Don't tell me it's a horse's ass when it's a donkey's ass!
  • Well Well Well - yardbarker - the consumate bigoted chauvanist hog is routin round in the hog wallow to find sumthin outa nothin - again. Surprise surprise
  • "MSG uses Jeremy Lin fortune cookie graphic" and then Yardbarker uses the same graphic to write a story. Will the next headline read "MSG and Yardbarker use Jeremy Lin fortune cookie graphic"? If MSG gets sued over this Yardbarker may want to call their attorney.
  • everyone needs to get off lin. hes good. leave it at that..everybody is adding race to this.yes hes asian.who cares.maywheather commented how big deal black guys play way nightly.yes but thats 100 black guys nightly.one asian guy comes out and plays great, thats awesome. new york needed this and the sport did to.maybe we have to many black men in sports. we need more asians ,white guys, spanish,
  • Come on people! I havent seen so many thin-skinned people in all my days as I have witnessed during this past year or so. It's like no one can say anything without someone taking offense or sueing someone. For heaven's sake....it's just a pic of an asian with a fortune cookie with a message. Read it and quit making so much out of it. If you go to an chinese restaurant you will get a fortune cookie with your meal. Is that racist?? No, it's cultural. LeBron James is in McDonald's ads. Lots of blacks eat at Mickeys...so...are Lebron's ads racist? Like I say...get a life people.
  • It's funny, people are always complaining whats fair, what's unfair, what's right, what's wrong and on and on. I have come to the realization that the overwhelming majority of the time people complain about this type stuff, they have no interest in the matter. In other words did MSG same or do something to you? No... than shut up. Maybe Jeremy Lin doesn't have a stick up his a$$ and thought it was funny, maybe he approved it.. wow maybe it was his idea. No one knows, and unless he complains that he was offended for him and his "people", quit being upsat someone "MIGHT" be offended by and worry about real problems.
  • Funny, if this was a black dude with some kool-aid and fried chicken all hell would break loose.
  • This doesn't make me angry, it makes me hungry!
  • LESSON #1 FROM ASIAN STUDIES CLASS: Never use "Chinese" as a stand alone descriptive. i mean, golly, it only encapsulates 1/5th of the global population in one sense yet the world's most popular language as well as "5000 years of glorious history" of disparate kingdoms. too broad a term to be of any use.
    fortune cookies aren't "chinese". i lived there for 8 years and never saw one. they originated in california. fortune cookies are just plain stupid gifts you get for eating trashy cheap unhealthy food.
  • Label it racist, ignorant,thoughtless,perception any of the many tags in these comments. Here is a simple fact. Perception is reality. Telling someone to simply get over it is pointless and senseless as well as disrespectful. Accept the reality that we are a racist nation. We aren't getting any better if anything since electing a black president it seems as if there has been an surge in being openly racist as well as a hightened search for it. On one side we have the racists that have been given an opportunity to be loudly racist while of course denying it and using political differences to explain it away. That is in one way a bit hopefull becuase at least they still feel they need to deny it. On the other side we have people looking for any and every opportunity to find racism in every statement, picture or belief that anyone they disagree with makes. Here is the real problem. Whether you want to identify it as racism or not we have a real problem with preconceived ideas by which we judge people first on their race and next on who they are. Sadly in many cases no one gets to find out who the person really is so the only perception is based on race. We are not and never will be color blind. As foolish and irrational as it is these preconceived ideas persist. Whether is be that all Asians eat rice and are bad drivers, or all blacks can dance and play sports. Hispanics all eat tacos and are illegal, or at least there parents are. Or that all whites from the south are racist, all Califonians are democrats and do drugs, New Yorkers are all rude. It even goes beyond race to regions. So many of these discussions could end if people only talked about what they knew, not what they think they know. If they made judgments based on experience not social propagana or perception. I don't really think this was done in a mean spirited racist way. I do think the resentment comes from people of a different race being judged by how they look instead of who they are. And I am including all races in that statement including whites. Not all whites are racist, not all blacks are angry and resentful, not all hispanics are illegal, not all Californians are liberal democrats, not all New Yorkers are rude. We should not ever use "all" when we speak about or judge people. It simply is not accurate. Nor do we have the right to assume we know what others think, feel or mean. We should however expect those that have visable and far reaching formats to use that visabilty to diminish these preconceptions not carelessly use them to continue or encourage these preconceived notions. They do have a responsibily to be responsable and should not have used such a tasteless image.
  • I don't agree with your assertion that telling the person to get over it is pointless, senseless or disrespectful. I think telling that person that their view is too out there...that they should lighten up and not read so much into things and to quit being so judgemental and thin skinned is the way to go.
  • Racist seems to mean whatever's convenient for a little finger-pointing. People like Reverend Al practically made their living running this type of racket. In my time, it was the phrase "a red under every bed" when someone felt like accusing someone else of being a communist or supporting communism - the big evil of that era. Racism seems to be the equivalent of that these days. Some people like inventing problems that don't exist just for the sensationalism and media attention, the Jerry Springers, Jenny Joneses and Jeremy Kyles of the world love this stuff!!
  • I'm not totally convinced its racist as much as it is cliche and misinformed. Fortune cookies aren't event really Chinese. It was invented in San Francisco.
  • I'm not sure I would call it racism. But poor taste for sure - I cringed when it came on the screen.
  • Please don't jump all over me b/c I'm only 99% sure I'm correct, but it's my understanding that the graphic was a fan's, not MSG's. ...and there's a difference between racism and a stereotype. One's funny. The other isn't.
  • OK no more Asian jokes. Let's move on to his Christianity. Ready....Set....GO!
  • You Americans sure waste a lot of your time and energy looking for racist comments, whatever you look for you would eventually see. Lighten up people.
  • Long ago, we used to look for Communists.
  • Starchy you are correct. If people would spend less energy finding grievances, and more energy bettering themselves they would be allot better off. There was a time when you could laugh and poke fun at each others cultural differences, but now you need to walk on egg shells. Case in point, Fuzzy Zoeller made a joke involving Tiger Woods. Tons of backlash, when Tiger was asked if he found it offensive.. he answered NO. He knew the nature of the source, he knew it was said in the spirit of playful locker room banter and laughed about. Yet tons of people were outraged and called to action at the notion it could offend Tiger, and not that it had offended Tiger. I stand by my belief that most people who cry foul have no real interest in the matter. Political correctness is more dangerous than ethnic jokes. I worked for an Italian guy when I was 15 along with an uncle of mine. My uncle said to another employee just loud enough for our Italian boss, "Do you know why Italy is shaped like a boot?" co-worker said "no" he said "because they couldn't fit all that $hit in a sneaker" and we chuckled. The boss looked over and said That’s cute Joe, "do you know what it says on an Irish baby's first bottle" he paused and said "Smirnoff". We all laughed and had some fun with it. It seems like today there would be a busy HR person sorting out the details because someone “not involved” would be worried that someone “involved” might be offended. Seriously grow up America, we are all different, lets laugh at it.
  • Lighten up ...I think its fine. If the Italians, which I am one, don't seem to mind about being called pizza makers, no one should care about this picture of Lin...
  • if that's not racest--How about having a black player framed with pieces of KFC or a watermelon and see how that flies.Where is the dumb and dumber duo of Sharpton and Jackson decrying this heinous stereotype.OOps--i forgot--It's only prejudiced if it happens to blacks-What a joke
  • Seriously....time for us to grow our damn spines back and stop whining over petty nonsense. So sick of everyone acting like theyre devastated over every comment. try being a white Catholic...we are the butt of most jokes and none of us are dying or filing law suits. Bunch of gutless little babies that need more prozac...get over it.
  • This is ridiculous, when did everyone get so sensitive? This is absolutely NOT racist. Hear me out, when you go to a Chinese restaurant in America you always get a fortune cookie at the end. Lin, being an Asian-American is coupled with the quintessential element of these restaurants, the fortune cookie. Ask him, I'm sure he wasn't offended if/when he saw the graphic.

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