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NBA.com Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said he suffered a torn Achilles tendon in his left leg in Friday night’s 118-116 win over the Golden State Warriors, ending his season. Bryant will undergo an MRI on Saturday to confirm what the team is calling a 

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  • He needs to grow up. Maybe he needs to know how our heroes in uniform feel when they are wounded beyond repair, and very few complain. Did I complain after a VC bullet tore through my hip joint? No. I'm proud of my service.
  • Thank you for your service @Jibeer. Although, I disagree with your perspective. Let met get this straight he sounds like a baby because other people are going through worse and don’t complain. That’s fine but do your self a favor and don’t be a hypocrite. For the rest of your life don’t show any emotion. The next time somebody cuts you off while driving, don’t get angry because at least you didn’t get in to an accident or others don't complain. The next time some you stub your toe on something don’t get angry cause at least you didn’t break it. Or when the inevitable happens and somebody you love passes away don’t shed a tear cause at least you didn't lose half your family like others have. Also, don’t ever feel good about a hard days work because there are millions of people out there who work harder. Don’t feel good about doing something for somebody either because somebody out there has done more for that person. When a family member accomplishes something like graduating college, don’t congratulate them because somebody out there has accomplished more. My point is, don’t feel any emotion for anything because no matter what you are feeling you don’t have the right to because the situation could be worse, somebody has it worse, or somebody has worked harder etc. Again, honestly though, thank for your service.
  • Well, I disagree with your comment concerning the post from jibeer. Kobe does need to grow up. This "Drama" he has highlighted by ranting on about himself is really sad. We have strong, determined and dedicated military veterans who have been through so much more than he will EVER go through. It makes me sick to read what he wrote...really....torn achilles...your an athelete...and they all have an awareness that this can happen. Or is it because your KOBE? You did not hear the college basketball player from Louiville having a pitty party now did we? If anything, he is someone that was more concerned about his team than himself. Yet, he is so much younger, but handeled it so much more maturely than KOBE. His injury was WAY,WAY WORSE So, this is why I disagree with you post. He does sound like an baby for sure! Shout out to the Vets!!!!
  • What are you talking about?
    We're talking about a glorious history being destroyed in a matter of seconds - this is epic - he isn't just any athlete.

    It's an amazement to me that he even wanted to share his feelings with the general public - Personally, I felt honored and was touched - it's my loss too - obviously not yours.
  • Kevin Wares Injury is not worse. He broke a bone and bones can heal 100 pct. Cartilage, tendons and ligaments simply cannot. Kevin Ware's looked worse and was probably more painful, but the consequences of Kobe's injury compared to Ware's is WAY, WAY Worse. If/when Kobe does comeback chances are he wont be the same. In his mind he is thinking his career may be over - which it probably is. There is no doubt Kevin Ware can and will play again. Whether you like him or not, how can you not understand that aspect of it?

    Also, are your really comparing Kevin Ware to Kobe? I don't really know about Kevin Ware's work ethic but I can tell you with 99 percent certainty he probably did not work as hard as Kobe day in day out, injuries or no injuries. I respect anybody who works as hard as Kobe Bryant in any craft wether it be basketball, strawberry picking, or teaching. Hard work deserves respect.

    Kobe gave us a view in to his head. Given the situation, anybody would have the same thoughts as Kobe. Those who say they didnt would be lying or are robots. Kobe is thinking my NBA career is over. Kevin is thinking my NCAA tournament is over. Hardly comparable.

    I really don't know you are either, but devote your entire life to something and have it taken away in an instant then tell me how you feel. Cause im gonna say "your not a military veteren so stop crying". Let me say this also I respect veterans with all my heart and soul. One of my family members have fought in every war since WW2. I would have joined myself it I was not color blind. Having said that, it kind of bugs me that some veterans use their status to say anything they want because they are veterans. My Uncle (Admiral) never felt like his word should not be worth more than anothers because of his military background. Military service is supposed to be served with humble humility for one's country, not as a badge to enhance ones voice. Wether you are a cop, fireman, cashier at the grocery store there are no unimportant jobs/positions, every mans word is just as important as another's.

    Again I respect all veterens, before anybody calls me unsupporitve, don't. I have a brother in Korea. More close friends that have been through Iraq and Afghanistan than I can count. And helped organize parades honoring fallen heroes. And I probably have sent more care packages and Girl Scout cookies to bases than most of you.

    And yes I am Kobe Bryant. Im typing this while waiting in the waiting room. Nurse just called my name gotta go (Sarcasm).
  • Wow. That was amazing. BlankBlank, is it? I am going to copy and paste this post and keep it forever. I am a veteran, and the only time I'll throw that honor around is when I'm trying to get a government job. Otherwise, unless someone asks, it stays in my pocket. So, way to wear your heart on your sleeve. I do disagree with the likening of an NBA player/future hall of fame inductee perhaps getting his "nail in the coffin" injury to his career, maybe, to a soldier on the battlefield getting shot, injured, maimed, you name it. What do the two have anything to do with each other. Nothing at all. Maybe Kobe is a spoiled brat, or maybe he's an ultra-competitive go getter that wants to win at everything including who can spit furthest. I never really like him until he became a little underdog. Everybody loves the underdog. That and "The Decision" also played a role in me seeing Kobe a little different, plus, I think seeing the Lakers play so bad with such great talent made me feel bad for them, so I kind of like them now. Anyway, I'm wandering, thanks for this post Blank. It was truly moving for me as a reader, a vet, a sports fan, hell... a human. And for all you other people, think for yourselves and not for what other want you to just spew out, because I'm seeing a lot of spew in here.
  • Jibeer is on the mark. Kobe always act like a spoiled brat. it's always someone else's fault. If you play pro sport YOU ARE GONNA GET INJURED AT SOME TIME. Just goes to show that you are in charge of 'jack' You show that you are a pro by how you react and move on.
  • Just so there is no lack of clarity @Jibeer. My thanks for your service is said with sincerity.
  • I have had this injury at his age playing basketball. He can come back but will always be in the back of his mind. I would hang it up and have the storied career stop now. He will end up being one of a handful of great great lakers. Good time to walk away.
  • Shows that you didn't even bother reading the post, jlbeer, because he points that out himself.

    Just in case you choose not to read again, here is the quote:

    " Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever."

    Maybe next time you shouldn't jump to conclusions.
  • It's still all about him. Wording it to look like he is self reflecting. Come on...He is actually feeling sorry for him self. He is seeking attention and sympathy. Well, I guess he may have got some hummm. Maybe read a little deeper than the words alone? Hummmmmm.
  • It's so great when someone bothers to read through to the end - thanks.
  • To jlbeer, Thank you for your service. May you know and feel that your always remembered, respected and honored. My father was a WAR World II vet. My brother a marine, and I'm Air force. You ROCK!!!
  • Knock it off -
    Glad you had a chance to discuss your injury
    Not discussing yours right now or North Korea or any other issues -

    I'm venting, too.
    Very sorry, Kobe- get better soon and put on the purple and gold!!
  • I thank you for your service, too. However, I disagree with your perspective too. Actually, the argument that you used about being in the service has made you somewhat arrogant. After all, you did say you were "proud" of your service. Just to use your style of argument to make a point, I know people that went through worst things you did in service and are more humble than you.
  • HAHAA Karma you rapist
  • Karma is a bitch! It always gets you where it hurts the most! I'm glad I got to live to see this day.
  • If you believe in Karma, then your probably experience something similar. Your welfare may get taken away, thats gonna hurt.
  • First of all you don't know if he raped that girl.. It's her word agaist his and all she wanted is money. He was married and that was wrong but you still don't know what happened. So shut up.
  • Ye Gods - where do you people come from?
  • @jbeer thank you for your service. Peace. @Kobe GROW UP YOU SOUND LIKE A WHINING 5 year old!!! RAGE really who you gonna take it out on this time!!!
  • You know, soccer needs new fans-
    Consider yourself drafted - of course, you have to leave your purple and gold behind -
    Good idea!
  • who cares what this cry baby goes through...he plays a game for a living and sounds like he's some kind of super hero....BOO HOO
  • I think its great""The lakers wont win at all without him and los angeles wont get vandalized by the hoodlums after they win.Good for businesses.
  • Next year please Mamba, just be ready! You'll make a great NBA coach someday because you have fire and a love for the game. Now's the time for you to follow through with your venting, be that sideline coach and but a fire under the tail end of your team, they need it right now more then ever. Remember JB!
  • Absolutely - couldn't say it better!
    He's played through so many injuries in the past -
    This is just another hiccup. We need him so badly.
  • Who cares....you whin about everything.....what? your not blaming this on someone else. You are a POS who got away with a heinous crime because of who you (think) you are.....go take a powder and don't come back.
  • Always great to watch you and other pros play the game but not all will live out their expectations as a player, the odds are you will never make them all and you are still getting your share of licks but your recovery from combat is getting harder. Might be time to start thinking about rerouting your career for something more conducive...
  • Sorry Kobe: It takes a team to win a game. Without their support
    you can never win. Everyone is replaceable. There is another Kobe out there. Maybe even three or four. Accidents can happen to any athlete and you are no exception. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • He is such a primadonna they should make him a judge on American Idol.
  • @BlankBlank how dare YOU insult an American service member who put their life on the line to protect you so that you can insult him with you freedom of speech. Our service men and women deserve much more respect than they get! It's a shame that our Nation thinks more of a whining rapist than the soldiers who protect our nation and our rights!! Hope your welfare check gets cut off too!
  • Oh is that what I said. I disrespected his logic not him as a person. Those are two different things. Read/comprehend my words before you infer about conclusions about disrespect.

    Who said anything about me caring more about Kobe than Servicemen? Dont jump to conclusions. And I was being sincere when I said thank you.

    Read this from my other post:
    " Again I respect all veterens, before anybody calls me unsupporitve, don't. I have a brother in Korea. More close friends that have been through Iraq and Afghanistan than I can count. And helped organize parades honoring fallen heroes. And I probably have sent more care packages and Girl Scout cookies to bases than most of you"
  • Who said anything about me disrespecting him, I was disrespecting his logic not him as a person. Ones status does not mean they are immune from criticism. If that was true then don't disagree with anybody in a military uniform no matter how wrong you think they are. When a cop gives you a ticket for speeding say thanks for your service. Read/Understand my words before you infer your own conclusions. And understand the implications of your own argument before you say anything. And I was being serious when I said thank you to him. I have friends and family who are currently serving so I respect them unconditionally.

    read this from my other post:

    "Again I respect all veterens, before anybody calls me unsupporitve, don't. I have a brother in Korea. More close friends that have been through Iraq and Afghanistan than I can count. And helped organize parades honoring fallen heroes. And I probably have sent more care packages and Girl Scout cookies to bases than most of you."
  • If you such a righteous American, what are you paying attention to something as petty as pro sports? There are more issues in America that deserve your attention.
  • what the hell is a mamba? what a cry baby, boo hoo. Why me....
    It's not fair! sounds like a crying 3 year old.. grow up.
  • What a Bitch!!!!!!
  • What a *****. Stop whining Kobe. You have had a great career, you have millions of dollars and have led a pampered life making a living playing a game. Maybe the world will get lucky and let Dr. Conrad Murray be your anethesiologist for your surgery.

  • Paging Dr. Conrad Murray. Paging Dr. Conrad Murray. Kobe Bryant is in operating room 3. Paging Dr. Conrad Murray. Please hurry!
  • I've finally figured something out. Millions of people out there have (or believe they have) a talent, whether it be sports or music or some other thing that might bring them a great life. But they don't have the PASSION, the FIRE, the DETERMINATION to pursue their dreams, so they wind up settling for a 'job' that gradually wears them down.
    These people have an inability to stand anyone who does have that passion, that fire and determination, so they look for almost ANY reason to claw at another person who has fulfilled their dreams. If that's not the definition of ENVY, I don't know what is.
    Most of these vitriolic rants against Kobe are't because people hate him (they don't really know him), it's because they are envious of what he has achieved, so they seek to belittle that by pointing out mistakes he's made and calling him names.
    Little do they know it does't matter one bit to him; he most likely never bothers to read forums like these, and even if he did, every one of his tens of millions of dollars still spends the same.
    The better it feels to tear down someone else, the more one should worry about what that says about their own so-called life.
  • You idiots make me sick! So you don't like Kobe personally, bet he doesn't like you either! Whether you like him or not, he is a very talented man, dedicated, loves the game and works hard at it. What have most of you done besides sit in your recliners complaining. Maybe you do that because you haven't accomplished diddlysquat in your wonderful lives. By the way, I wish to thank every military man and woman who has done their part in fighting for freedom here AND there. I also thank your families because they gave up a lot while you served. But people, that has nothing to do with BASKETBALL!
  • There Sir,

    You're wasting your time with said idiots. You, like Kobe, are "venting", using social media for all to see. And I totally agree with you. 100%. Check this out, 73andcounting... You're gonna love this.

    The people that are commenting on this site about Kobe crying and whining are just spoiled brats and probably don't have healthcare, or a multiple million dollar basketball contract, or are guaranteed to make $30 million dollars next year whether they play or not. The probably have something better to do, but just want to sit around here and bash Kobe Bryant because he's rich and was never convicted of anything. And no, you can't buy freedom. Ask the Vet's, hey I'm a Vet. The answer is no. My God, about %75 of you are evil, hating morons. The rest of you good willed citizens... Godspeed. 73. Thanks for the space.
  • Oh one more thing.

    Would have you guys like the article or Kobe's actions better if he had poured a 40 ounce beer onto the floor of the hospital while stating "Peace out NBA"? and that's it? Would that have changed that negative rhetoric? Or is it just a disdain for Kobe? I'm curious, because I used to not like him at all, then Lebron James forsake Cleveland with the "Decision" (Joke). Just curious.
  • Mr Bryant should be praising the lord for the career he has had
    and certainly the fact that he wasn't playing basketball in prison. because face it we all know what he did to that girl and
    because he was kobe and had money got away with it. now for his
    sob cry-baby act .he's always acted this way what else would one
    expect?! God has sent him a wake up call. and if i was Mr Bryant
    i would definatly listen. take his tired crappy act and leave!! AMEN BRO ITS OVER!!

  • First off learn how to spell, type, and use proper punctuation. Maybe your post will be taken more seriously. Second, you don't know what happened between him and "that girl" other than what you heard on TV. Third, don't invoke Gods name and say that he is punishing Kobe for anything. Don't speak for him or anybody but yourself.
  • This post has nothing to do with military personel past or present. Everybody knows that soldiers are underpaid, underappreciated and deserve more recognition than they get! This is about a world class athlete that has accomplished something that less than 1% of the world population has accomplished. His career was ended before he was ready. He has every right to be emotional, even angry about the situation. I am not a Lakers fan or a Kobe Bryant fan but I can give credit where credit is due. I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Now go Jazz!
  • This guy needs to grow up. First, a torn AT is not especially painful. Notice he can still limp off. The problem with AT is a long, slow rehab and it requires patience to come back. Wasn't this the guy who walked away from a rape charge? Truly a loser. He will get top ortho coverage and return to the NBA but he will likely never play at his current level again. If he pushes the injury, it will tear again.

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David Ortiz brushes aside talk of being 'washed up'

    This embed is invalid   " /> BOSTON — The obituary is written. The man’s career just won’t die.   David Ortiz’s future has been questioned several times in recent years, most notably in 2009, when the Red Sox slugger hit .185 with one homer and a .570 OPS through his first 46 games. Concerns are starting to percolate again, but Ortiz knows all...
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UCF had no idea UConn was creating a rivalry trophy

Perhaps desperate to start building the same sort of tradition with its football program that its basketball program is already steeped in, UConn recently created a trophy for its “rivalry” with Central Florida. UConn unveiled the trophy on Monday, which is has named the “Civil Conflict” trophy. Is it pathetic that two schools that have...Read More
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Cam Newton signs five-year, $103M extension with Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have agreed to a five-year, $130.8 million extension with Cam Newton, according to various reports. Adam Schefter of ESPN notes that the deal includes $60 million guaranteed and will pay out $67.6 million in over the first three seasons, which is the most money paid to a player in a three-year span...Read More
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Devils introduce new head coach John Hynes

On Tuesday, June 2nd at 12pm, a press conference was held in Newark introducing John Hynes as the new head coach of the New Jersey Devils. The announcement is exciting news for the Devils organization as the front office is now set with Ray Shero as the general manager and John Hynes as the head coach. The process of rebuilding the organization can now continue to move forward and...
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Goodell denies request to recuse himself from Brady appeal

In an expected move, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has declined the National Football League Players Association’s request that he recuse himself from Tom Brady’s appeal of the four-game suspension the league levied against him for his alleged role in Deflategate. In denying the union’s request, Goodell had this to say: “I have carefully reviewed the NFLPA’s recusal...
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The New Orleans Saints and defensive end Cameron Jordan have agreed to a five-year contract, per Fox Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo. Big move in New Orleans, as Saints + DE Cam Jordan have agreed to a 5-year extension worth up to $60 million, source tells @FOXSports1 — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) June 2, 2015   Garafolo notes that the deal offers $33.8 million of guaranteed...
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