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Hoo boy, if this clip of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant calling someone a “f–king f-ggot” on cable television goes viral, expect the backlash to be huge. Not huge like when he was accused of sexual assault in Colorado, but close.

And this being the Internet age and all, chances are it will go viral…and quick.

Apparently Kobe was upset with his fourth foul call during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs, and when he complained to the ref about what he deemed a bad call, Bryant got T’d up. So Phil Jackson made him take a seat, and rightly so, seeing that Kobe picked up his fourth foul with about six minutes left in the third quarter.

The TNT cameraman followed Kobe to the bench, where he threw a towel in disgust, before calling out to someone on the floor, and then dropping the gay slur…with the camera still squarely focused on Bryant. You don’t have to be an expert lip reader to realize exactly what Kobe had said, which will make it all the more difficult for the Lakers guard to deny, deny, deny.

Video follows the jump (skip to 33 seconds for the incident)…

Kobe and the Lakers better start working on his apology now, because you know that GLAAD, and other gay and lesbian defamation groups, will be calling for a) a formal apology, and b) Kobe’s head on a platter.

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  • Political correctness should have been fined. Not Kobe Bryant.Keep up the good work Mr. Bryant
  • About KOBE being black...yes, he should be more receptive to the plight of the groups that are put down! I mean, blacks were slaves here once. The 150th anniversay of the start of the Civil War war yesterday! Anyway, there are a lot of closet gay athletes who are black (and non-black) as well. Come on Kobe, watch your hatin' mouth....esp on NATIONAL TV!!
  • Figure of speech is not hating. Frustration is frustration. Watch out, ur day is coming.
  • What if I called you a n%gger out of frustration on nat TV...Is that OK?
  • There is no comparison. One is directed because of a person's skin color. The other is the result of two men sodomizing each other in the bacteria infested
    anus. Not even close.
  • And this is a prime example of the ignorance of the world today. It's a discrimanatory remark, no mattter what the color, gender or sexual preference is of an individual. If Kobe was called a racist name in the "HEAT" of battle he would be furious and probably want a "SINCERE" apology. He is in the spotlight and needs to be reminded that his actions aren't just seen by his teammates and coaches, but the millions that watch. This isn't the first time his actions have ended up in the media, and cost him multimillions to pay off a girl and get his wife back.
  • what does Kobe's comment have to do with slavery and the Civil War's anniversary? Please explain. He made a comment in the heat of the moment and he was fined which the amount doesnt even put a dent in how much money he makes. Im not a big fan of his, but sheesh. Get over it, i mean isnt that what they tell all the black people about slavery?? Get over it ? ijs
  • what does the silver war have to do with him being frustrated, Kobe is human just like you are when you have road rage, so lay off buddy
  • I see what you're saying, but what is the Silver War??
  • Very well said Mr. Sand. Anyone who is a public figure has the responsibility of setting an example.

    At my place of employment if someone is caught using the "F" word or any other discriminating slang they are subject to suspension and if it occurs again, termination. So why should it be any different for Kobie? He is getting paid to do a job and he signed a contract just like everyone else did which prohibits such actions as he displayed?

    Someone in here said "Frustration is frustration" and "Figure of Speech is NOT hating". These are comments from "Things" our country needs to step-over so that we can evolve as a human race and not the faded mentality of a inverted, self-centered waste of existance spewing forth ignorance randomly.

    Good call Ref! Two Thumbs up!
  • Hell, why doesn't he start rippin on Jews...or his own race next? I understand he was frustrated, but still...what an ass! He gets paid to bounce balls into baskets, not to make slurs.
  • Political Correctness should have no place in sports of any kind, it's obvious Kobe spoke out of frustration not in an attack, sounds like his comment simply hit home with someone!!! and why does everybody always pull the race card when it comes to slavery, there were a hell of alot more people that were slaves than just the blacks, and yes that includes whites! people need to seriously learn their historical facts. you name one person that has never said anything to seriously offend someone else. $100,000. fine was seriously overdone as all there trying to do is make an example of Kobe since he is such a great player and so well known. You're doing an awesome job Kobe, Keep up the great work!!!
  • Yes, blacks were not just slaves...In fact, did you know that there were even black slave owners?? Intertesting fact for the Civil War 150th Anniversary...
  • Are we really working with feeling to this magnitude? Only you can validate who you are; if someone calls you a ‘mother fuc&er’, is that who you really are? You validate yourself, if the NBA did not make a stand, does that mean gays will no longer watch the NBA? David Stern did the same thing to Tim Hardaway when he made a gay comment.

    Now, watch how bad the officiating is during the Lakers Playoff games because of this incident. Kobe Bryant will be the most unappreciated NBA Player in history.

    Have you ever seen David Stern with a woman? No! David Stern is “GAY”, that is why he reacts to “GAY Comments”! If you are gay be gay, who cares…??? What if Kobe would have said, “Pimp Daddy”? Would the NBA be offended because the official is not a pimp???
  • Believe me when I say, that I have never been a Kobe Bryant fan. However, I do feel that this situation has taken a turn that it never should have taken. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey and even Golf has players with little to no moral dignity. They curse all the time. They throw things and yell and stomp their feet like little children. I've watched games where players call each other Bs and MFs. These players all know that children are watching these games. I've heard both of the P words be used. People do not get outraged at that. I think that in this day an age, people need to be held accountable for their actions, however, make it universal. At some point in time we will all be held accountable for the things we do and say. If the players sign contracts that state they aren't allowed to say derogatory things, then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to talk at all. Most of them need speech and communication coaches. The marjority of them sound as if they can barely spell. So, the error I find here is in allowing people to play the game because they have the skill that will make you rich. These owners and coaches don't think about a players morality when they are chosing them for their teams. So if you end up with a bunch of bad apples, then it's your own fault for being greedy. Okay, I've rambled on enough....
  • OMG, so Kobe used the f** word, big woop dee doo. He gets fined for saying that but people still love him after he raped a girl and bought his wife a big fat ring because of his infidelity. Rapists walk and play basketball but if you use the f** word you need to pay because the gay community is so freaking outraged. PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  • If you were in the room, then please speak. If not, let sleeping dogs lie.
  • What a moron. You talk like you saw the rape happen. Idiots like you should just keep your mouth shut.
  • That man cheated on his wife, may have raped that girl, and may just use the n-word in his most-likely uneducated conversations when not on camera or bouncing balls around...some role model.
  • First of all there r going to b haters. Second everbody that has children have crused in front of yo kids. Now if yo kids look up to kobe it yo duty to let them no. Third that was so old about the rape s### let it go bcuz it was not true
  • Hello no he didnt, the refs in the NBA are terrible and keep making poor calls and fail to make calls at all when players are fouled. Players have a right to get mad and it would be very difficult not to say anything from his standpoint considering how often he gets screwed by the refs. If I was in his place I would probably be in even more trouble because I would not be able to contain my frustration. If they are going to fine him for complaining they should start fining the refs for bad officiating. Players have to give press conferences after games and if they play badly they have to answer up to it. Refs should have to give press conferneces too, with video of games. Some of the games I have watched recently have had such poor officiating it made me sick.
  • who cares if the refs are terrible,he should act like a ghetto player is he not a PROfessional?
  • A human professional. Unpredictable.
  • haters just stop,l you are ghetto, Kobe has never lived in ghetto, like you have so lay off buddy
  • Those refs need to be stoned.
  • Fine, then maybe KOB needs a good wippin'
  • the word is not restricted to the gay community, nor does Kobe think the ref is gay. Just call it what it is Name-Calling. Give it a rest already!
  • This is unbelieveable... I just signed up for an account just to comment on this story. I'm not saying Kobe did anything right or wrong. Are there really millions of members of the gay community who are supposedly offended by this as the story says? Does the writer really mean to infer that Kobe (especially because he's black)should be more sensitive when venting his frustrations regardless of the call? Really? The gay community's representation has contacted the Lakers to demand an apology? Really? Again, I do not condone what has been said and one of my good friend's is gay and he finds the handling of this to be completely rediculous and embarrasing as well. All that making a big deal out of something like does is divide people even further and doesn't progress the message of toloerance and acceptance any further. Another example that these athletes signed on the play a sport, not to be politically correct, not to be your kid's role model (that's your job), but just to be someone who plays basketball which is entertaining to millions and collect a healthy check for it. Leave the guy alone.
  • I am right with you, I never comment on these types of sites but this is ridiculous. I am by no mean a Kobe fan and if anything I should be ashamed because kids saw that. But it is crazy that we have to be afraid of using ANY word in the English language because it might offend a certain group. GAYS GET IT STRAIGHT HE TRIED TO INSULT THE REFEREE!!!!!
    The worst part is that the made him apologize to the gay community what about the parents of children that were watching are they less important. I understand Kobe because I feel like saying it a few times also I just dont have the $100,000.00
  • I bet you next if we say "hi" they think we are insulting God or something... It's sad what we have become...
  • You said: gays get it straight...lol.
    Sorry, just had to point that humor out.
  • I just made an account right now to say:

    Gee guy u mad :D
  • I agree 100% with what you have posted. Do you want to make an impact? REALLY? Use spell check, please. An educated presentation goes a long way.
  • what does ****** have to do with kobes faul and the refs call.why didnt he call him idiot or stupid ref?
  • Well said. People lack common sense.
  • First, Kobe made the comment to himself, not to the public or the press.
    Second, Daniel Stern loves Hitler and does not believe in freedom of speech.
    Third, the statement had nothing to do with homosexuality.
    Fourth, the term is homosexual, not gay.
    Fifth, homosexuality is a slur and a malfunction.
    Sixth, Kobe did nothing wrong.
    Seventh, we have reached a sad day in America when 3.5% of the population can dictate to the country what free speech and thought are all about.
    Eighth, We are moving to a Nazi-Communist state run by Leftists with the indent of mind control.
    Ninth, Daniel Stern is an Uncle Tom.
    Tenth, This is an attack against morality propagated by Leftists who hate religion and God.
    Eveventh, the term Kobe used refers to a bundle of sticks, not homosexuals.
  • $100,000.00 for mumbling his frustration. Why Kobe, Not only the sixth best player according to Charles but you better learn not to show real emotion. RIDICULOUS. AS USUAL THE POLITICAL RIGHTNESS OF AMERICA. DAMN OF YOU DO AND DAMNED IF YOU DON'T. KOBE DON'T TAKE THE BAIT. DON'T GIVE THE POWERLESS POWER.
  • Theres that word again "Frustration". Im getting frustrated reading all these ignorant comments from "things" pretending to be people trying to justify a "WRONG".

    When someone (especially a public figure) signs a contract agreeing to not use "discriminating language" you are legally bound to it which is why he has to pay $100,000.00 because he is WRONG(TADAH)(part the clouds and lets shed some light on this trivial subject).

    Stop with all the ("damned if you do and damned if you dont") and "(there making a big thing out of it") NO, ((You)) are making a big thing out of it throwing about ideas that could possibly justify a hateful word such as that. It is the same thing as if you called someone a "N" word. Its hateful and disrespectful in this day and age to show such intolerance trying to justify a wrong!
  • The language is not discriminatory. You have no morals -- free speech is what American is about -- Homosexuality is a biological malfunction and a mortal sin.
  • Might wanna revise no. four. Articles usually go by The Associated Press style of writing, in which gay is the proper term to use. As for the rest, preach it!
  • The proper term is homosexual. Definition of gay: gay (ga)adj. gay-er, gay-est. 1. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.

    Homosexual is what they are, but they don't want to be known by that term, because it even disgusts them.

    Heterosexuals don't mind being called heterosexual, because it's normal and not a malfunction.
  • you are a malfunction
  • A malfunction of a malfunction, which makes me normal. Learn something about the theory of evolution and reproduction. Homosexuality is a malfunction, a violation of the theory of evolution and a mortal sin.
  • "Homosexual is what they are, but they dont want to be known by that term, because it even disgusts them".

    Another self-centered comment from a biggot. I am amazed at how many backward, self-centered individuals there are in this country. Maybe thats why our country is in the mess it is. Again... and slowly... Backward, self-centered individuals. Think about it. (G).

  • You are the biggot. I have no biggorty in me. I'm not backward, you are evolutionary backward and you have no moral. I though about it.

    Our country is in the mess it is, because leftist like you want ot legislate immorality.

    Homosexuality is immoral. Why don't homosexuals refers to themselves as 'homosexual'?

    I NOTICE YOU DIDN'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION. Homosexuals know what they do is NOT natural and is morally disgusting. Grow up.
  • Being black, he should know the horrors that blacks went thru. So, stop muttering slurs on national tv against other (sometimes) hated groups. Hear me out....JUST WHAT IF KOB WAS WHITE AND HE CALLED THE REF A N$GGA? Would the NAACP say, "Oh, well, no big deal."?
  • Well that would be interesting, since the ref was white.

    And you seem to miss the point: Being black is normal. Being a homosexual is abnormal, no matter how much you might pretend it isn't. What if he called the ref a "rapist." Rape is evil, like homosexuality.

  • get a reality check only someone with that much hate towards the gay lifestyle is hidding something or repressing his own feelings.If it is not affecting you then dont worry.
  • "If it is not affecting you then dont worry."

    Think before you type will you please... With that logic, a person should not care if a woman gets rapped that they don't know because after all, it didn't effect me right? No that don't cut it, personally I care about the evils that happen in the world including rape, homosexuality, abortions and the list goes on. God sees the evil that these people CHOOSE to do and he will deal with them. Right one SourceOfTruth who stated. GET SOME MORALS!
  • No Chevy, Dont even comment on this one. Your ending statement supports your beggining statement.

    Reddash is eigther on the same medication left rock from the sun is on or he's a god fearing morality stomping jerry fallwell member. Ugh hmmm. With all respects of course (G). Hallelughyerrrr.
  • So, you're sock-puppeting now? Stay classy, man. Stay classy.
  • Dear: Source of Ignorance

    You are missing the point. In fact, I truely believe you do not even have a clue as to what is going on in the world around you. Take a drive once in a while. Its a new day !!!
  • Being gay is as normal as being black. It just is.

    It would definitely be interesting to call the ref an n-word since he was white. Are you aware that in the past white people called other white people the n-word as an insult, because it compared them to blacks, who were deemed inferior and bad. Would that offend you? Cause it is the same thing that's happening here.

    I have morals. Get some brains.
  • Being homosexual is abnormal and a violation of the theory of evolution. Look at the genitals! Male genitals are made, by evolution, to fix in female genitals. Male-to-male and female-to-female doesn't work biologically.

    So, homosexuality IS NOT normal.
  • You are very mistaken!!!!!! Being of a particular ethnicity is very normal. We can all agree there. Being a homosexual is purely a choice. People aren't born to be homosexuals. If someone is born with only one leg, that's not normal. There is a defect somewhere.
    If a man chooses to sodomize another man or allow another man to sodomize him, there is a defect somewhere. And this way of thinking is not "homophobia". A phobia is an irrational fear of something. I don't have a fear of homosexuals. I have a fear of alligators and snakes. And even those aren't irrational.
    The bottom line is that homosexuality is a sin against the one who created us. If the whole world was homosexual there would be no human race. Even animals know that they aren't suppose to be with the same gender. People just lie and rationalize their evil ways. They say that it's "love" when all it really is is sinful "lust".
  • Being homosexual is not normal as being black is. Theory of evolution. Homosexuality is a biological malfunction -- learn the theory of evolution. Homosexualy is not biologically advantageous.

    You bigots are a riot. You cannot justtify your dysfunction biologically, so you please ignorance and lie.
  • Being black being black wtf stfu dude that's all you keep on b*tching about. You don't seem any freaking better than Kobe since the color of the guy skin cannot seem to leave your mouth. Would you still be giving the same being skin color speech. (oh being white you shouldn't be using slurs because for over 300years you have been putting other races/ethnicities down) I Bet not. Get the heck over it stop being butt her(lol). White, black and even homosexuals(which I've heard personally), uses the "f word". Get over yourself and stop mentioning his skin color you're being pathetic. BTW You just used the n-word Mr.("What if I called you a n%gger") censoring it doesn't make you any better than Kobe.

    PS: White, black, Latino and Asian, use "N$GGA".
  • There is no comparison. One is directed because of a person's skin color. The other is the result of two men sodomizing each other in the bacteria infested
    anus. In other words its a choice just as choosing to have sex with someone underage. America has chosen to accept the idea, but that does not mean it is acceptable to all. Not even close.
  • SourceOfTruth......YOU are sooo very right with your comment on this!
    Couldn't AGREE with you more!
    So, this is what they mean by "social justice" and how WE, the formerly FREE people of the USA now must conform and not offend anyone in any way EVER?
    What in the Hell has happened to this,
    once great country?!
    If I were Kobe.....NO WAY I would pay a dime!
    I would QUIT the freaking NBA and tell 'em all to shove it!
    Made plenty of cash already to have a great retirement!
    It would be the NBA's LOSS!
    But oh, that's right.....these Lefties don't like the Constitution or don't know it, or think its outdated for their progress they intend for us all to be forced to obey!
    Screw them!
    It's called the First Amendment. They should look it up along with all the other ones and either learn to live BY it and with it....or pack their crap and move to their Fairyland in Commieville.
    These losers need to get the hell OUT of AMERICA NOW if they're gonna cry and wine and seek their form of "justice" in ways like this for having their little feelings hurt oh, so bad!
    Screaming BABIES! All Lefties are!
  • The first amendment applies to the government, not private contracts, and not to obscenities. You can be fined for screaming obscenities and harassing people. Learn something about law before you spout off about the Constituion. You use a brilliant document as a shield for your idiocy and prejudice. You're the one unworthy of America, not us.
  • But culturally the first amendment is used in America to promote freedom of speech everywhere.
  • FIRST: Kobe made the comment to himself yada yada yada more verbage..............
    Reply: Unfortunatley I watched it on tape as the game was televised Ugh hmmmm, nationally.
    SECOND, Daniel Stern loves Hitler and yada more yada
    Reply: Personally, I could care less who Mr. Stern Loves and doesn't.
    THIRD: The statement had nothing to do with homosexuality?
    Reply: What planet are you from, Ignor? If someone uses the "F" word it is derogatory. Who are you addressing, neandrothales?
    FOURTH: The Term is homosexual NOT gay?
    Reply:Please enlighten us on the differnce ole wise one.
    FIFTH: Homosexuality is a slur and a malfunction.
    Reply: By who's definition? Yours? btw that is not a definition it is a bigotted comment. No revelation. Ho humm.
    Where are we? Oh yes number........

    SIXTH: Kobe did nothing wrong?
    Reply: Then why does he have to pay a legal fine of $100,00.00?

    Enough said. The rest of this self-rambling idiology is becomming hummm, I know. "Frustrating". TA-DAH! Now go back to your dark little room and dribble some more you country prodogy (G)while the rest of the nation evolves.

  • "Ugh...hmmm....yada more yada....TA-DAH!".

    Sound homosexual to me.

    What gave homos the right to hijack the word "gay" anyway. Such a waste of a good word.



    Homosexuality is a mortal sin.
  • 1. Kobe made it on a nationally televised game.
    2. What an argument. Also, freedom of speech applies to criminal prosecution, not job contracts.
    3. The word is only insulting to anyone because it is used to insult homosexuals.
    4. Both apply. If we follow your rules, Kobe is negroid, not black.
    5. No reply needed. You idiocy speaks for itself.
    6. He harassed a ref. He also acted like a 5 year-old. Throwing a towel, really?
    7. No one said anything about thought, and his speech is still free from the law, it just violated his contract.
    8. LOL, yes, you caught us, that's our indent.
    9. So black people should be excused from using slurs?
    10. There is nothing moral about hurling slurs at people.
    11. (Eveventh) Then why did he use it?
  • Get some education.
  • UR an idiot. Only 16% of the population is black. They scream and yell when they're oppressed. And they should. The US Constitution protects everyone, not just the majority opinion. It also protects potato pickers,frogs, hebes, wetbacks, bitc*es,kikes, limeys,ni**ers. SOT, UR a POS. It is certainly interesting that U know exactly how many gays there are...just sayin'
  • Seems like the refs would be more offended than any Gay Rights supporters
  • I think the emphasis has been placed on the wrong term in Mr. Bryant's outburst. Would he have been fined $100,000 (if at ALL)had he shouted out "f*****g preacher" or "f*****g Democrat (ok, maybe he would've on THAT one) or even "f*****g REF!". Our society doesn't go to these extremes when someone is called a "yankee" because they live in the "north", or a "hillbilly" if they live in the mountains of the southeast. I think the condemnation here should be on the explicative used before the slur, not the slur. Sad that only 2% of the US population can influence decision makers such as the NBA commissioner to levy such large fines for the slur and seemingly completely ignore the explicative used inconjuction with it. No small wonder that many teenageers and young adults in our society have no respect for decency or authority when we can come down hard on one issue and ignore the other. May God have mercy on the souls of all involved in this unfortunate incident and for misleading my kids to think that profanity just might be acceptable speech.
  • Sad that people like you think that 2% of the population should be treated differently just because you follow the same idiology with the likes of Adolf Hitler. May God choose favor with you for your adolescent mind.
  • Military Guy! You use invalide reasoning. Science and the theory of evolution are not Hitler ideology.

    You ideology is that of Hitler -- trying to oppress the majority by the lies of your master race. So long, Der Fuher.
  • When people use God's Name or Jesus Name in Vain, God must feel the way the Gay Community feels . Lucky for us God doesn't fine us $100,000.00.

    The Gay Community is missing the message ... the Gay Community wants to legalize and have civil rights for a lifestyle that is classified as a Biblical Sin that will keep them out of Heaven:

    1Cr 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

    1Cr 6:10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    1Cr 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    Verse eleven shows that people with the power of the Holy Spirit, given when one is "Born Again," can be empowered to over come the Gay Lifestyle and be more likely to go to Heaven!
  • If Gay people were not ment to be here then God would not have created them.
  • God created people, he didn't "make" them gay. Everything in life is choice. You chose to write, and I chose to reply.
  • Do som research. Being gay is not a choice.
  • Byt engaging in homosexual activity is.

    Update: April 14, 2011
    Correction: But engaging in homosexual activity is a choice.
  • so you r saying people should repress who they are and be like you? Thats why we have screwed up priests. Yea hidding behind the Bible works.
  • People should suppress who they are if what they do is a crime, immoral, biologically repugnant.

    Grow up. By YOUR reasoning murderers and rapists shouldn't suppress what they are.

    How idiotic.
  • But engaging in heterosexuality is a choice?
  • What's your point? Heterosexuality is normal. It is biologically supported by the theory of evolution and natural selection.
    Natural selection naturally selects against homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin.
  • xFxuxcxk you xgxaxysx forever. Why is it that the thing I like the most about xgxaxyxsx is them fxuxcxkxixnxgx other guys in the xaxsxsx? I really have no problem with that whatsoever. Everything else about them especially their sensitivity is rediculous. Grow some thick skin and a pair of balls you pansy xsxhxixtxsx.
  • If they had no balls they would not be standing up to assholes like you.Thats all they do is stand up for what is rightly theirs.Wake up.
  • You sentence doesn't even make sense.
  • Are you saying that God created prostitutes, policemen etc. We have a choice to make every waking minute of life. God's word tell us what he hates etc.
  • So you are hiding behind a book? Grow a pair and think for yourself.
  • Grow a pair of books?
  • you are as dumb as your comments
  • Neither my comments are dumb nor am I.

    THEORY OF EVOLUTION. Homosexaulity has been selected against by natural selection. Learn some science and stop trying to justify your bigotry with your ignorance and hatred of God.
  • what is it with you? Do you not feel satisfied unless you get the last word in. Dont assume you know my likes or dislikes.
  • Every time i hear the name of my God used wrongly it erkkkkks me and you know they all do it even gays, when they get mad mostly they say Jesus Christ listen one day,he was angry and said what he said because there so many things darkness yells out.and what he said wasnt a lie but to who he said it to might be. This Fine thing was just another crazy thing.

  • Gay did not create "Gay" people, Satan did.

    Your argument is so stupid, I could say: "If rapists were not meant to be here then ...," you see the point.

    Just because someone is here, doesn't mean God did anything to created them. Stop blaming God for your malfunction.
  • No I blame God for YOUR malfunction.
  • I have no malfunction, perfection is no malfunction.
    Theory of Evolution.

  • With all doe respect,Jehova God, did not create Homosexuales.People become Homosexuales,God Condeems the act of Homosexuales, not the person. Foe example, ?Why did God Destroy Sodoma and Gomora, because of there acts of Homosexuality, the men wanted to have sexual intercourse with the angels, you can read this in Genesis 19:1-5.
    So in conclusion, what God condems is writen in
    1 Corinthians 6:9:"Do not be misled. Neither fornicators,nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor MEN KEPT FOR UNNATURAL PURPOSES,nor MEN WHO LIE WITH MEN. Now if this people decide to change there way, God will forgive them and give them the opportunity to live forever here on earth in paradise, like John 17:3, but this requiers knowledge of Gods principles. I hope this will help you look at things in Gods point of view. This info is not to offend no one. Thank you
  • Why don't YOU take your pride and go somewhere else? Remember, your PRIDE is one of the Deadly Sins! Have you forgotten that?
  • comment below viewing threshold

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  • Morals don't change with time. Just because it's the 21st Century, doesn't mean you should act like it's the 1st Century with your barbaric morals.
  • No but time should have given us the ability to understand and accept people for who they are.I think time passed you by and left you ignorant
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Biggest X-factors for Cavaliers and Warriors in NBA Finals

Shaq: I'd take Kobe over LeBron because of 'killer instinct'

NBA should have 'legacy contracts' for long-time players

Atlanta Hawks unveil new logo

WATCH: UAB fans celebrate football reinstatement

Video/audio from aftermath of Jon Jones’ car crash released

Josh Hamilton comeback could be best MLB story of 2015

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The Bulls and the culture of fitting in

X-factors for Cavs and Warriors

Pujols: Angels not 'Mike Trout show'

Adrian Peterson returns to Vikings

Chicago Bulls agree to deal with Fred Hoiberg

NBA should have 'legacy contracts' for long-time players

Atlanta Hawks unveil new logo

UAB fans celebrate football reinstatement

Sanchez backs off dismissal of Tebow

Gronk responds to critics of his antics

Bruce Jenner reveals new identity

Report: UAB bringing back football

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