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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick shouldn’t be allowed to own another dog.

“Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the well being of animals,” the ASPCA told TMZ. “We’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed.”

Vick spent 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting. Last year, he signed a six-year, $100 million contract with the Eagles. This week, Vick appeared on CNN and said he might get a dog for his kids.

“Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dogfighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught,” the ASPCA said.

“Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse. Because of this, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet guardian.”

Vick is promoting his autobiography called, Finally Free.

“I became better at reading dogs than reading defenses,” he wrote.

He also admitted that his mother cried for several days when she learned about his dogfighting on the day that he was arraigned.


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  • Michael Vick being able to adopt a dog is like letting a pedophile adopt a child.
  • you're an idiot.... You can open someone's mind to the negatives of them dog fighting and change them; you can't change a pedophile..
  • You cannot change ppl. Vick will always b a piece of sh**. I bet if you took away some of his millions he would say hes sorry then. . . .
  • This is the best statement!
  • ASPCA should line up & blow him, someone always telling someone else what they should & should not do, I say he screwed up & he payed end of story
  • Blow him? Why? Payed? He didn't pay! He was punished because he got caught but that doesn't erase what he did. Some one has to speak for animals that are abused and murdered becuase they can't speak for themselves. I feel for his children being raised by someone who had no compassion for animals who were trained to figt and then abused and murdered.
  • He was not jailed for animal cruelty. He was jailed for interstate trafficking. He has no business any where near any kind of dog !!!
  • @lynwit..."He has no business any where near any kind of dog !!!"...LMAO Let me ask you something.. Do you wake up thinking about Michael Vick?? Do you kiss your animals and have sex with them??? Why do you give a damn??? Get a life.. you are a loser and probably void of healthy human social skills... If Mike gets a dog (which he has) you can't do **** about it so why care?? He paid his dues for dogfighting. He didn't start the sport. It's been around for years. For some reason; it seems like some people have a weird almost sex related connection with dogs. It's disgusting. You want open your mouth about the cruely to race horses getting killed after every race. you want open your mouth about anything unless it's Vick related...
  • I hope to god you dont own a pet yourself because you seem to have hatred towards animals. And why are you so on board with supporting Vick when you are clearly a basketball fan? Stick to the Lakers who dont torture animals instead of sticking up for a man who wouldnt piss on you just for fun. We are speaking up for the animals because other people wont.
  • I'm not going to go into the lenghty post that I want to so I will leave it at this. YOU'RE AN IDIOT!
  • tell that to the dogs that will never get to know what its like to have a loving home or that had to be killed because of him. if he molested a child, would you have the same comment?
  • How did he actually pay? He was given a contract for many millions, a clothing line, a partnership with Modells sports, and now hes going to get a puppy. How did he egt punished?
  • Michael Vick should have to stay in jail for life. He is a sick demented human being.

  • you have sex with your dog so I think you're the sick demented human being... You dumb prick...
  • I agree that Michael Vick should NOT be allowed to have a dog. I feel for his kids, but there are consequences for your actions,and unfortunately for Mr. Vick, I think that one of those consequences should be that he NEVER be allowed to have a dog or any other pet, for that matter. There is something not right mentally with someone who did the kinds of things that he did. It's heartbreaking, sad, horrific, heinous and frightening. And he has kids???? Take a look history and see that in an overwhelming number of violent crimes, the perpetrators have had a history of abusing animals. He has served his time in jail, but has has he received the psycological help that he needs?
  • Most all serial killers have had animal abuse in their backgrounds. What do that tell you? For me it is that he has no empanthy. He must not be allow to own an animal of any kind.
  • And next... I'm not allowed to eat Pizza... Ciao
  • oh good grief.
  • He should not even be around dogs let alone own one. He's only sorry for what he did because he got caught. He did not learn a lesson he's trying to win over the public and when he thinks noone is looking he will be back at it again. I think he should never had been allowd to play football, he should have lost everything and once his footbal career is over he will be right back to killing dogs again.
  • He payed the price I think he learned his lesson. If the guy wants to get his kids a dog so be it. there are alot worse people in the world then him. What about people that trap animals,use dogs to chase bear up a tree then shoot them focus on that not a guy that wants to buy his kids a dog.
  • 2 wrongs don't make a right. He is not just a guy who wants to buy hhis kids a dog.
  • This isn't about punishing Vick. It's about the safetly of the dog. Vick along with many other people aren't suitable to give a lovely home to a dog. There is something really messed up with people who do any of those things you mentioned.
  • Michael Vick should NEVER own anything alive. What he did or allowed to happen can NEVER be forgiven of forgotten - Michael Vick should be happy he got such a lax punishment - his poor innocent dogs were raised to misery and tortured to death.
  • Vicious Ignorant Cruel Killer. Animal abusers are like pedophiles - there is no rehabilitation for them. Only if they have something BIG to lose (like millions of dollars), will they surpress their urges.
  • i think he should be required to give up a majority of his salary to several animal charities including the Pit Bull rescue group featured on animal planet. I think the animals should enjoy some nice things at his expense.
  • VERY GOOD IDEA. Although it will never happen, I like your thinking.
  • oh good grief, eat all the pizza you want.
  • Michael Vick's should NEVER be allowed to own a dog let alone any other animal. He should never be forgiven for what he did!
  • Michael Vick should NOT be allowed to have a dog or any other animal. Part of his sentencing should have been mandatory psycological counseling.
  • MV spent time in jail, lost millions of dollars and the respect of his family and friends--so he has paid a huge price for his behavior. Just remember--these were dogs, not humans so the punishment should be minimal at best. He should be able to own a dog, cat, bird or whatever- the word "own" is used for material items and pets so get over it ASPCA!
  • MV got what he deserved, the dogs didn't
  • Exactly dogs not humans. I agree with you 100%. The ACSPA is saying he didnt show enough remorse, says who. His whole lifestyle changed to this bogus dogfighting charge. Yea I said bogus, because in the south, dogfighting is part of their culture just like cockfighting is part of some peoples culture. Get over Vick, he did his time, keep it moving.
  • He was not jailed for animal abuse! He was jailed for interstate trafficking! I hope to god all of you are never put in a situation where people ignore your cries for help because they think of you as dogs. Dogfighting only recently became part of the culture. Lol, if that is what you want to add in as part of your culture and pass that down your family line then i hope you stay the scumbag that you are.
  • The KKK is a part of southern culture also, does that make it ok too?
  • Whysotesty-

    Punishment should be Minimal at best? Really? Maybe Sandusky's punishment should be minimal at best....... you're a moron!
  • Are you serious?? You are comparing VICK to SANDUSKY, dogfighting vs child molestation, no comparison dumb azz. A child, human life is the precious thing on earth, wake you dumb AZZZZZZZ.
  • @redwine...Wow you're actually comparing what Michael Vick did to Sandusky??? You're a moron...
  • Get over it?? I completely agree with the ASPCA expressing their opinion in opposition to MV owning a dog, when he has expressed NO REMORSE for torturing and killing his so-called "fighting" dogs (most of whom that were rescued have shown themselves to be lovely dogs, without the intestinal fortitude for fighting) when they would not fight for him, or tried to escape from the ring after severe (eg, hind leg dangling) injuries - while he laughed as he shot, strangled, hung or electrocuted them, or flung them around like a jump rope, slamming them on the ground until they died. (Did YOU see the scratch marks on the water tank he used to dump the dogs in - with jumper cables attached to their ears - and then turn on the car?? Visualize that dog trying to scratch its way out before and while it was being electrocuted - Maybe you would change your tune.) MV is a hard core sociopath who has just become good at PR. In my mind, NO ONE who fights dogs can EVER say they "love" their dog or ANY dog, for that matter. And, while the HSUS has not weighed in their opinion (nor would they likely, as MV has participated as a speaker for them), both the ASPCA and the HSUS are on the front lines busting fighting dog operations and rescuing/rehabilitating fighting dogs. The cost of dogfighting is TREMENDOUS in time, energy, money to rescue, treat, rehabilitate these dogs - not to mention rescuing "strays" with tell-tale signs of dogfighting injuries; or the overpopulation of puppies because these dogfighting idiots breed for one alpha dog without regard as to what happens to the 7-9 OTHER puppies. And then there is additional cost of BSL, which is the result of the "bad rap" these dogs get due to their fighting reputation - when the vast, vast majority of them are sweet, lovely and friendly dogs. The ASPCA and the HSUS are, along with hundreds of other "Pit Bull" rescue groups around the county, in the trenches with these dogs as well. Don't get me started, "whysotesty". Until you are TRULY familiar with the REAL costs of dogfighting - as the ASPCA, HSUS and "Pit Bull" rescue groups are - you are weighing in with COMPLETE ignorance. As a public persona who influences young kids, MV's business IS public business, as he has chosen to live a public life. In my view, if he wants to donate some of his book proceeds, the Nike proceeds, or that $100 million Eagles contract toward programs to end dogfighting, or other rescue operations, and saves 1,000 dogs for every one he killed, I might believe his heart has "turned"(though I do not believe a sociopath can ever be truly changed). Until then, I do not believe ANY dog is safe in his household - even if the dog is ostensibly a "pet for his kids."
  • @Wowjussathought... I can really see that you lose sleep at night thinking about Vick. Get a life; nobody got time to read your ********... He got caught dogfighting; and Sandusky got caught ******* Children. I think Sandusky is a little more serious don't you think?? It's over; who cares.. Vick is still making millions and you're still broke. Get a life. I would love for you to write a mile long thesis about Horse Racing and how its a inhumane sport. You people are pathetic.
  • Absolutely! If He wants a dog for him and his kids to interact with, they should volunteer at a shelter.
  • He already has a dog moron....
  • Given the aggregiousness of his crime and his lack of compassion for another life, I don't believe MV is entitled to own any other living creature. Ever. Period. It has nothing to do with paying for his crime. He paid. Good. But never again should any creature be entrusted to his care. As a matter of fact, it would be very gratifying if MV had reached that conclusion himself. Not for what he 'might' do but for what he had already done.
  • But is funny i dont hear ppl complaining when this rednecks go hunting for deers!! he did his time so get over it!!!
  • Because its sanctioned by the government, if the government sanctioned dog fighting then alot of these brainless people would say, OK its no problem because uncle sam said its ok.
  • Whysotesty...just animals ????? they are sentient beings too. they trust they love they are patient and kind. Vick still doesn't get it. He should not be allowed anywhere near any animals. He paid for interstate gambling not animal cruelty. It was his behavior that lost him money and fame not anything we did.
  • These people are pathetic. This is exactly whats wrong with America. Too many people concerned with what other people are doing in their lives instead of their own lives. Michael Vick has apologized; spoke out for; and advocated for harsher animal abuse laws. He has done time for his involvement in dog fighting and has moved on. The hypocricy of America in that we hang people who fight/kill dogs but we praise people who race/kill horses. Get over it and get a life. All of these Animal rights organizations believe animals are more important than humans. These people probably have sex with their
  • You guys have to be crazy. How can you compare a dogfighter to a pedophile. That makes no sense, this society has put human life on the same level as a animals life. This is a joke, the ASPCA needs to go sit down somewhere and focus on some real crimes. Where are these groups at when little kids are getting killed and molestered, everyone hides then. Vick did his time, the time that our justice system thought was good enough for his crime. There he is no law preventing him from having a dog, so until he proves that he has not been reformed, sit down and shut up. The ASPCA just wants to keep their name in the media, so lets ride Vick because now he is earning money for corporate america, yall cant stop the checks now, so move on.
  • Again, Vick the prick did no time for animal abuse. He was jailed for interstate trafficking so no he really didnt do his time. Where are you helping the kids getting raped? We are the voices for the animals n i am a voice for the children. You are on here because your boy vick gets your dick hard on sundays wishing that was you. Vick couldnt give 2 ***** about you. Do you think he would ever give you any of his millions that he now gets? He wouldnt give you his **** in a doggie bag. You defending a man who couldnt care if you were alive or dead.
  • MV did two things wrong: broke the law and caused animals (dogs) great suffering and cruelty. Animals are treated cruelly and suffer greatly in slaughter houses all over this country and the world. And that's legal. Because we eat them. Maybe the slaughter is not done for sport, but if you have ever seen how they work inside, believe me, some people make it sport. So, to cry over the abused dog when the chicken on your plate was probably thrown into boiling water alive, or the cow wasn't completely dead before they started dismembering it..... is just fully blind. I'd like to see the people so harsh on MV also make an effort to find out about what suffered on their plate and speak out about that.

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