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It’s a good thing Santa Claus only works one day a year, because he might need some time to recover. Rather than leaving Jolly Old St. Nick some cookies and milk — something that’s been played out time and time again — Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was leaning toward a more unconventional approach. Spikes, known in the social media world for his off-the-cuff Twitter antics, dished out the following tweet on Christmas Eve, making it clear that Kris Kringle needs more than just baked goods during his global trek. We’re leaving a big fat rail of coke and a shot of Jack for Santa this year… cookies and milk will just slow him down. #SimpleTruth — brandon spikes (@BrandonSpikes55) December 25, 2012 There’s no word yet on if Spikes followed through with his plan, or if Mr. Claus opted for the party favors, but it definitely would have added a whole new dynamic to the big guy’s gift giving. Let’s just hope Mrs. Claus serves as the designated driver going forward.

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Comments 1-100 (of 127):
  • Totally, utterly lacking in class. Further proof that there is virtually nothing good about the Patriots.
  • Just because one idiot's action's are dumb like spikes doesn't have anything to do with the patriots. I mean come on what do expect someone on the team babyset him 24 hrs. a day. And for all who knows he could have wrote that tweeter just for attention.
  • I sure hope he gets his wish of "attention" from the league office......you are right...the Patriots are not his "keeper"....they just pay him to do a job.....they should fire him if he does not represent them well....and this proves he does not represent them well......great model for the kids......get rid of him
  • I guess someone lacks a sense of humor...kids shouldn't be on twitter anyways.
  • Sure it does .. why do you think the 49ers creamed The Brady Bunch & the Hawks, in turn creamed them? Need to pay attention to detail, Mr. Dopers & crew! Go Hawks! (who also beat the Master Brady & his Bunch of braggarts!)
  • Creamed? Seven points? After being up 28 and almost lost? Get a grip, loser!
  • Garbage like him are hardly limited only to the Patriots. Dealing with this trash is one reason I've all but lost interest in pro sports--overpaid, over-entitled, bozos with far more money than brains or class. While college ball isn't pristine, it's far better than the pros; I'll just remain a college football junkie.
  • i could not of said that any better than that--
  • College Football simply hides the blood trail better. Read HARD WIRED. New book on Amazon.
  • just say your mad at your life for sitting on your ass when you were young and all the Professional sports loser are out working hard trying to reach their goals , just a hater lol go back to flipping burgers
  • hahah nice! he deserves it
  • Sorry your team didn't make the playoffs again.
  • I'm a Pats fan! :)
  • was it really that big of a story! Obviously you don't read twitter much. You must be a NY fan....too bad the Giants are out!! lol!
  • I am thoroughly embarrassed that he is a former Fla Gator.
  • Just another stupid N and gang banger wannabe.
  • Proof positive that most "pro athletes" are nothing more than glorified felons.
  • The ranting of ONE linebacker is NOT a reflection on the classy Patriots. Give me a break.
  • Anyone would want him on their team! He's still an awesome player.
  • Below me!
  • One word says it all LOOSER!!
  • One word says it all SPELCHEQUE
  • One word says it all SPELCHEQUE
  • Well...actually the one word you're looking for is "loser".
  • Seriously, before you call someone else a LOSER, maybe you should learn to spell.
  • Maybe. But i bet he knows how to spell. It's "loser."
  • you must be a Giants or Jets fan....haha
  • No, not necessarily .. it does not take a Giant or Jets fan to call it! I am a Hawks fan & I know what's fair/right in this game .. & he should be penalized for leaving that doper comment for the whole world to see! What a dumb jerk in the Brady Bunch!
  • Gotta be rough when no Jew York teams make the playoffs.
  • HAHA can you spell it right hater
  • And these people wonder why most people think they are scumbags
  • None of these guys care what you think them , they are living the dream and they worked hard to live it ..
  • Another ass who doesn't realize it is a privilege to live the life style he lives and that his stupid comments have an impactr on young kids who may look up to him. I however don't know why anybody would look up to this piece of s---.
  • maybe it's the stupid parents that let thier young kids read Twitter. Haven't you seen some of the other far worse stuff on twitter.
  • great comment----i can say that NO pro so called athelets make a dime from me.
  • I take it you don't drink softdrinks, eat McD's, drive a buick, etc., athletes are paid by damn near every major corp as a sponsorship. So if you buy their products, your money is in their pockets;-)
  • he gets a autograph then comes on this site and call them thugs lol , what a joke ..
  • Absolutely. Who wonders why we have the culture we do in the U.S.? It's clear.
  • Young Kids should look up to their parents not a person they never meet in their life it's not anybody job but the parents to be role model for their kids
  • @ CADE25..Yeah in a perfect world!
  • Yes. In a perfect world!!!!
  • Add a lot of money and fame to a piece of krap and what do you have? A piece of krap with a cellphone! A poster child for birth control!
  • I can only say--I wish I was santa!!
  • An these people wonder why most people consider them to be scumbags
  • they can care less what you think about them as long as you go to the game lol which you will be in the stands mad you hater
  • Why are you defending him so tough...must be a low life druggie!
  • Why are you defending this mans very tastless comment to no end?????!!! ....giveing us some insight on what you are in to!
  • being rich doesn't always mean you're smart.
  • Nope ask Trump and bush two of the riches dummies in the world
  • rely on a dip$hit to make it political!!! I guess you got neither the brains nor the bucks...stick to nose pickin'!!!
  • Brandon, that was absolutely friggin STUPID to say. I don't know what in the .... is wrong with some of you guys!!!???
  • Silly Takeo. Everyone knows Santa's a smack n' scotch man, not blow n' bourbon.
  • Comment would've been funnier had you known it was Brandon, not Takeo.
  • FYI: Jack Daniel's is NOT bourbon, as it's made in Tennessee. Only whiskey made in Bourbon county Kentucky are "bourbon". The smack alone will bring him to a grinding halt!
  • Typical scum of the earth. Just confirms what most people think about the uneducated millionaires that act as role models in the NFL. For every good role model like P Manning, you have 20 thugs like this idiot. In 5 years he'll be out of a job on welfare, broke and a tax on the system.
  • That comment shows you know nothing about the NFL or the players your just a racist idiot making comment on blogs cause your too scared to say it to anyones face .. By the Way your so called red states are the ones on welfare you idiot .
  • just what I want my son to read. What a complete idiot. Tons of money and no brains.
  • sokeep paying those outrageous pricesfor tickets beers andhotdogs so they can pay idiotslike this somedigusting amount of money.
    The american mentality never fails to amaze me. The haters are all out there looking for some executives head becuase he makes a few million a year running a business yet don't bat an eyelash when sports figures most of whom needed to have a tutor to get them through a college they weren't academically qualifed to attend in the fist place or some movie stars reap it in hand over fist. I guess we know where our priorities lie
  • Spikes is nothing but another moron who's worth in life is just under pond-slime. The NFL and Patriots should demand a public apology and indefinite suspension for being a harbinger of evil for our youth.
  • Idiot. What's worse is how non-chalantly the writer just plays it off. Had Tebow knelt and said a Christmas prayer, this article would've skewered him. Classless morons paid by greedy old men - and the media claps like inbred seals at the repugnant display. Karma, however, will see this brainless retard broke and in jail eventually.
  • Merry Christmas, Brandon Spikes. What an a-hole you are. I look forward to the future story of your pathetic fall from the NFL due to the trademark of losers worldwide - drug problems.
  • What a complete idiot! Obviously, he sits on his brain and cares nothing about the kids who idolize him. Its scum like him that give the good guys in the NFL a bad name. The patriots need to suspend him with a big fine since he has plenty of money to buy "rails of coke".
  • And these people wonder why most people consider them to be scumbags
  • lol! The problem with the world is everyone takes this little statement on Twitter and turns it into Spikes being Satan or Cuthulu, Beelzabub or what every else floats your boat. Get a life people...obviously he was joking! Must be just the pats haters in here. There tends to be a lot of people who are envy of the best.
  • maybe I should have said LOOOOOOSER to emphasize it more for those that dont understand internet expressions lol
  • lol it was a comment i guess your a loser also for your stupid ass comment
  • Course is spelled with 'u' not 'a'. Two totally different meanings.
  • LOL I have made that reference before and have never sniffed in my life its a comment a joke relax and get over yourself , you guys spend to much time worrying about people who don't care about ,
  • what a joke and yes they do these dumb things to get attention.
    as said in other posts they are over paid and losers. not all but persons like this. used to be a time that the players were held to a higher standard. not something mentioned but worth thinking about. these players are looked up to by millions of children. these children want to grow up and be just like their heroes. with god being taken out of their everyday life by everyone not believing and government. then players like this making these kind of statements it is no wonder some of our children lack any fiber morals when looking up to heroes like this.
  • No words adequate for lack of class. "Coke", the drug of choice among certain groups? Glad he isn't mentoring any youth.
  • Jack? No wonder the guy has no class. Have you ever heard of Makers Mark?
  • OH NO!! Don't make fun of SANTA - Spikes is going to hell! Make sure all you people worrying if your kids read Spikes statement set up a security block on your computer system, but If your kids know what blow means i'm sure they've heard worse that what was mentioned by Spikes!
  • Brilliant............ I'm glad you're not "defending" me because the way you can justify "Stupid" is beyond me!
  • Yep I bet the kids know where they keep the booze at lol stupid ass haters made about their sad life .
  • The NFL must be really proud of this guy.
  • He should have just said he was going to leave a gallon of triple-strength espresso and a carton of cigarettes for Santa.
  • He's joking, butt heads,relax and have a laugh once in a while.
  • so right
  • thats what im saying relax these people act like they say or write all the right things , are you teaching your kids to be racist too ?
  • Only a LOSER could make this comment.
  • Wrong on two counts. Bob Kraft is one of the classiest owners in pro sports, and I doubt that Spikes is Jewish ;-)
  • Don't demean him. It was what he gave to his family members this year, especially now that he can afford the good stuff. My only regret about him is that he didn't play for the Noles in college.
  • The NFL,supporting hoods,thugs and drug dealers for over 30 years.Thats the kind of role models our nations youth needs
    Give the boy a new contract with more money cause coke aint cheep!
  • What a racist comment lol these guys are not thugs not even close these guys are college guys they no nothing about the streets , but I get their black so that makes them thugs or drug dealers , your on here to talk about the stupid comments spikes made and your on here being racist which is more ignorant than spikes , i hope you dont teach your kids to be racist because the parent are the real role models how do you think your so racist , your parents ..
  • Buster_Highman, you do realize that espresso and cigarettes are LEGAL, correct?
  • Exactly why i don not watch nfl anymore. bunch of uneducated gang bangers great role model. he will probably be arrested in 2013. more nfl players arrested than any othe sport. end the league
  • Great example for our children, joking or not.
  • Typical ... is any one shocked that a stupid azzzz N would say anything else
  • I'm not shocked that you used the N word and have somthing negative to say about someone else , your comments are just as stupid as spikes you idiot
  • shows the lack of class we have come to expect from the nfl.From drugs to domestic violence to murdering their girlfriends, nfl is such a joke.
  • Wow! The Patriot's organization and their fans must be very proud of this roll model. The they should change the team name to the Pathetic's.
  • quick everyone STFU ..... he just wants the attention nobody would actually carry-out tht plan..... btw ur 8 yr olds dont know wat coke is. middle schooler out.
  • Just another reason stay away from the NFL.....just look at the last year and what players have done or said.
  • he joking.......... chill out..... btw ur 8 yr olds dont know wat coke is.......
  • oh man i was worried for a second.
  • Too funny!!!! What's so bad about this? In once commercial, somebody leaves Santa some Aleve. Chill out, folks!!!
  • I swear White people can't comment on anything a black person does without calling them a gangster,thug or "N".
  • See more comments >>

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