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Phil McConkey has apparently been waiting to air his grievances for quite some time. The former Giants’ wide receiver offered his take on the 1987 NFL strike, the NFLPA, Gene Upshaw and Drew Brees during an appearance on WFAN. McConkey said the Giants had health benefits and severance pay among the top of their gripes in 1987, with free agency the lowest priority. McConkey thinks the NFLPA’s concentration on free agency was a power move from Upshaw. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘Are we that different than [other teams]?’” McConkey said. “I don’t think so. No, we weren’t. And what it was, was Gene Upshaw wanted to create favor with the top couple percent of guys in the league so he could stay in power, make all that money.” McConkey regrets the 1987 strike because they failed to take care of former players. He takes issue with Drew Brees for the same reason. Back in 2009 Brees blasted former players saying it was their fault for being broke. Brees said many players made bad business decisions, collected their pensions early and never got another job. “All [the strike] benefited were some of the guys of today,” McConkey said. “There are some guys today that have absolutely no clue and that run their mouths. And Drew Brees is one of them. I know he’s canonized and people think he’s great. If he got in front of a group of ex-players, I don’t know what would happen.” McConkey played with the Giants from 1984-1988 with a brief lay over in Green Bay during the 1986 season. He also played with the Cardinals and Chargers during his six-year career.

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  • Who is this has-been-wannabe?? He's threatening Brees with "I don't know what would happen" if he got in front of a bunch old farts from the NFL? Brees is right on this one. These guys can't handle their money and they whine to their union. What a bunch of losers!!!!
  • Hold on now this guy played when football was football smashmouth less padding no rules on hitting I can guarantee the records being broke now by players would be far less broken if the same rules applied players cant even go in fully on Qbs cause there worried if i get there a fraction of a second late its 15yards Brees would have been eaten alive players these days are soft players use to break bones and tape it up and get back in the game and as for them watching there money players in the 70s made 9 to 10 thousand a year in the 80s the top paid salary was 750,000 a year rookies are making 2 million there first year in now. Those old farts built the NFL with there blood and broken bones and were denied insurance that could have saved there lives do some research before you go spouting off at the mouth the players are so spoiled now Its unbelievable the amount of money they are paid
  • the amount of money paid to the players is simply relative to the amount of rediculous money the owners are making
  • hey, idiot, tell me what business that is not true? how much does the guy that owns walmart make compared to the $8 an hour, no health insurance, employee?
  • Yes but... The owners are to blame...Lawsuits... This guy played in the 80's... You wanna talk 60's? That's when smash mouth football was played. Yes prior to that was more loco, but the 60's brought an evolving strategy that still required a brutal mentality on the field. Drew Brees is a product of today's reality ; the game evolved, business= career success, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Invest and plan for your family's future. If McDonkey didn't do that, well, stop braying/ whining. Drew is opening Jimmy John's shops here in Nola. Manning bought Popa Johns pizza shops in Denver... etc... Life after football... Plan on it.
  • exactly this is exatcly what i was saying because people look at his footbal resume and say oh Brees ain't **** but never once looked to see what he does off the field as well this guy is a frequent genius and he doesn't throw it in anybody's face like c'mon now give the guy a break every time he breaks a record somebody comes out and complains last time it was Bradshaw...and we won't ever go there smh
  • Amen, if they can't save something for retirement or invest wisely that is their problem, no one should take care of them after football and this jerk is just that a jerk!! Maybe he is in the soup line somewhere that is where he belongs.
  • in the pre-TV bonanza days there wasn't enough money for the players to buy a Papa John's pizza - no less one of his stores. Players worked two jobs a year
  • You can't just take a straight dollar for dollar amount, and compare then vs now to say "they didn't make that much, but today..." The value of the dollar isn't what it was in the 1980s. Just for comparison's sake, in the 1980s, movie tickets were more like $4.50, today they're more like $11 or 2-3 times the price. Hell gasoline was < $1 in 2000, and now it fluctuates between $3-$4, or a 3-4 times price increase. Those who have been to a grocery store over the last 3 decades will also see a similar trend. The $750 thou was worth a lot more then.

    As steep as the difference might look, you could easily double or triple the money they made (economists have a term for "real money" vs nominal dollar amounts) and be much more on par. Hell a Big Mac meal cost about $1.50 when I was in school (in the 1980s), now you're paying over $5 for the same thing...
  • Ok...so multiply what they made by even FOUR times: A rookie made $35,000 - today: $2 million, which would be like $500,000 in the 70s and 80s.

    The TV contract of today represents billions of dollars for players and owners. The difference between football and baseball is that football teams all pool the money and split it - and baseball doesn't (that's why a team in a baseball TV market like LA or NY can pay ANYTHING for a player, and Kansas City can't - in football it doesn't make any difference).
  • but....think about it those same hardcore players also refer to the same guys that deliver NFL network and ESPN same for ex basketball and baseball players you jus have to learn to manager your money it doesn't matter what time frame or decade you played in and the only reason he is upset is because he probably didn't make wise decisions and needs a little help I personally am a huge football fan and never really heard of this guy....spotlight much?
  • With being on 4 teams over a 6 year career I suppose not many have heard of him. I just had to Google him. =P

    Here's his spotlight!!!

    Statistically, his best season was in 1985, when he caught 25 passes for 404 yards, returned 53 punts for 442 yards, and gained 234 yards returning kickoffs.

    McConkey finished his 6 NFL seasons with 67 receptions for 1,113 yards and two touchdowns, 228 punt returns for 1,832 yards, and 69 kickoff returns for 1,324 yards in 84 games.
  • Since when did stats have to justify your intelligence ??
  • yeah, well I heard of him and saw him play. You guys must all be in your 20s
  • Here Here
  • back in the day football was brutal, but the guys that played it knew what they were in for. Don't blame the guys that play now and now how to manage a dollar. Just get back in your wheel chair and drive on. Should of picked a different profession. Your fault not "now a day" players.
  • Pro atheletes have always been paid far more than the average person. No sympahty here for these prima donnas who can't handle their money and then expect somebody else to make it up for them.
  • you're wrong about that: football players were NEVER that highly paid in the old days (relative to baseball). Football players were paid better than hockey players but that's all. In the 60s one of my car mechanics was a 49er.
  • Absolutely WRONG. Pro athletes have NOT "always been paid more than the average person". Again you miss the point here - there are STILL ex-players ( ALIVE ) whom didn't make a fair wage based on the specific business practices of THEIR ACTUAL OWNERS during their careers. Insurance expires a couple of years AFTER playing ends. Medical costs don't always stop, do they ?? AND medical costs have sure as heck gone up faster than most expenses. THAT should have been the point for a strike - not I got mine, screw you. Maybe some of the players Brees wants his teammates to injure on purpose could use their med bills paid by Drewboy ??? Has he offered yet ??
  • exactly right.
  • Easy for Brees to say this with his big contract. The fact is not every NFL player will get that huge of a payday. Add to the fact injuries can change their career so fast. Not all former NFL players waste their money. And sometimes they make bad investments. Things happen and yes their should be some sort of post NFL plan to help those players. They give their body to a very brutal sport that sometimes prevents them from living a normal life afterwards which may prevent them from working.
  • Maybe... but they knew the risks and they agreed to the compensation for those risks. I have trouble with players whining about how the league owes them more after the fact. It's not the league's fault that these players couldn't manage their money. I'm sorry but even a player making the minimum back then, about $200,000 a year, could adequately plan for a very good retirement if not living above his means. The bottom line is these players made poor financial choices and are crying to the NFL to give them more than they deserve. If they wanted a retirement plan, they should have negotiated one in their contract!
  • Absolutely !! He needs to listen to the Dave Ramsey show.
  • I couldn't agree more. Albeit quarterbacks have it better then every other player on the field as far as the $$$ go. The minimum should have been more then enough even then. Your bottom line couldn't be more correct and goes to show just how "entitled" people feel they are. Live within your means or you will end up broke no matter how much you make!
  • ....and what year was the minimum $200,000?
  • I know a guy that played in the NFL back before the 80s and opened up a chain of food places in my area he made a good amount of money even after half of them closed and now his kids have a good comfortable life even though he has gone on, it really truly is a matter of knowing what to do with your money the time frame you played in does not make a difference this may sound left field and no one will agree but look at Michael Jordan he play when? for how much? and now he is a filthy stankin what? c;mon let's be real you gorra be smart...and who is this dude anyways?
  • Easy for a lot of QB, did anyone ever notice the Patriots QB salary? Almost that of Brees and he has NOT nor has ANYONE broken as many records as Brees. If they make a bad investment that is their problem they should hire a fiancial advisor no one should help them, who helps everyone else? Can't even get SSI disability unless you on your death bed.............just shut up.
  • I don't care for the Patriots or Tom Brady, but I would take him over Brees anyday regardless of those records. I would prefer 3 Superbowl Championships for my team then all of Brees "personal" records. The rest of your statement is spot on.
  • This wannabe has 2 Super Bowl Rings, Fought for the American Airforce as a Helicoper pilot, and still played and and didnt whine like the player of today, so to tell you the truth, go f#$% yourself
  • The Wannabe served not fought in the Navy not Air force and only played 6 years in the NFL. He was excepted to the Naval Academy where he received one of the best educations money cant buy. If you or I worked for a company or organization for only 6 years I don't think we would expect sh!t form them. Why should he? So why don't you go blow him to make him feel better.
  • he is a damn cry baby go give him a bottle.
  • Douchebag respone Koolandy. How many years of service do you have under your belt you POS? Any clue how long the average NFL career lasted back then when the offensive players weren't protected by the refs? I agree everyone should be responsible with their earnings and they got what they got. The fact that Drew Brees is way overpaid and he has the balls to compare his salary and the way it's managed to any other players is just an ass hole's reaction. Go f yourself you fruitcake.
  • I love it when so many morons, like yourself, add their own verbiage to an article. Where did Drew compare his salary to that of former players??? This is about one thing and one thing only....planning for your future regardless if you make 10K or 10 million. It is YOUR responsibility and no one else's. Phil is totally wrong for blasting Drew.
  • Agreed. Brees did not compare his salary to other players. Bad use of words. Phil's was a reaction to what Brees said prior. That sounds like Brees fired the first shot.
  • Brees was an ass for not backing the needs of his own former teammates.
  • How do you make financial plans for medical costs and risks YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ???? When's the last time any of you had a concussion ? More than 1 ?? Knee replacement ??? Hip ???? Spinal fusion ????? Any surgery required to JUST make it possible for you to get out of bed ?
  • If I had made the money some of these guys had and ended up broke, I'd be embarrassed, but I'd have no one to blame but myself for being so reckless. Drew Brees is absolutely right! McConkey is just a grumpy old man!
  • Before his NFL career, McConkey played college football at the United States Naval Academy, catching 56 passes for 1,028 yards, while also gaining 1,039 special teams return yards and scoring 13 touchdowns (10 rec, 2 rush, 1 punt return). He then served four years in the U.S. Navy as an officer before signing with the Giants as a 27-year-old rookie. He was the first navy midshipman to join the NFL after four full years of service since Roger Staubach in 1969.[1]

    In his six NFL seasons, McConkey was used as a reserve receiver, and frequently returned punts and kickoffs on special teams. Statistically, his best season was in 1985, when he caught 25 passes for 404 yards, returned 53 punts for 442 yards, and gained 234 yards returning kickoffs.

    McConkey is best remembered for his performance in Super Bowl XXI after the Giants' 1986 season, which they won 39-20 over the Denver Broncos. In the game, his 25-yard punt return set up a New York field goal. Then on the Giants next drive, his 44-yard reception on a flea flicker play gave New York a first down on Denver's one-yard line, setting up a touchdown on the next play. In the fourth quarter, McConkey caught a six-yard touchdown reception after the pass bounced off the fingertips of tight end Mark Bavaro. Overall, McConkey contributed 50 receiving yards, 25 punt return yards, and one touchdown in the Giants victory. He also caught a 28-yard touchdown pass in New York's divisional playoff win over the San Francisco 49ers a few weeks earlier.

    McConkey was a fan favorite because during home games he would occasionally run out on to the field before the game or after halftime waving a towel inspiring the crowd. He also was known among fans as a solid punt returner that would hold on to the ball and run straight into defenders after other players failed at the position.

    While running off the field during the celebration following the victory in Super Bowl XXI, McConkey spotted a handgun on the field. He picked up the weapon, which was subsequently taken by a security officer who in turn returned it to the police officer who was unaware it was missing. The officer had lost the weapon while struggling with a fan who had jumped onto the field.[2]

    McConkey finished his 6 NFL seasons with 67 receptions for 1,113 yards and two touchdowns, 228 punt returns for 1,832 yards, and 69 kickoff returns for 1,324 yards in 84 games.

    He served, was tough as nails for a "little guy" and was a prototype for the "Welker 's" of today. Ran for office but lost. Just like any job these guys should vest after 5 year s in, and at least have some options going forward. Sinc ethey generally attend college the thought hat they can have another career after the "Game" is not only reasonable but should be expected. He responded to an interview question, and Drew is a focal point of the Unon who has not had his PC and sensitivity training updated. The guys from the 50's, 60's and 70's should be helped- there was nothing back then... the 80's were the beginning of today's era...

  • O.k. so this makes him a "hero"? Not in my book he is a cry baby.No one told him to blow his money and think someone should help him, for the military, I served in the U.S. Air Force in Viet Nam but what did we get out of it? Nothing but to be called baby killers when we got home. Don't play a sympathy trip on me it don't work.He is a punk.
  • No, it does not make him a "hero," it makes him a wannabe that NEVER had anything to really be remembered. At best he was a 3rd Stringer!
  • Right - and 3rd stringers don't have rights because...... ???
  • NO - you're the punk.
  • If McConkey had gotten paid the money todays 3rd OR 4th reciever/punt returner got-he might still be mad because the old-timers are still being ignored AND THAT'S his point.
  • This guy was a very good punt returner, caught a TD pass in the super bowl, and played at a time when the defense was allowed to hit.
    And he got a late start on his career because he was in the Navy landing helicopters on ships in the middle of the ocean.
    Has - been - wannabe? I don't think so.
    What's your resume?
  • Phil McConkey was the first Viet Nam veteran to play in the NFL.
    He was a superbowl hero in Superbowl 21 and a very respected player by his peers!
  • By his peers no one else.
  • Can you name a better group to be respected by ? " his peers " .... didn't think so.
  • Sorry, but I believe Rocky Blier was the first Vietnam Vet to play in the NFL. Seeing as he graduated from high school in 1975 and then attended the Naval Academy, he did not serve in Vietnam since the communists took over the country in 1975.
  • You're correct, Phil didn't serve in the Nam. Unsure if Rocky was the first Nam vet to play in the NFL - but his story was down right amazing.You can be also be DAMN CERTAIN, he's on Phil's side of the argument. Wherever he is !!
  • You know nothing about Phil McConkey. He is an incredible fellow that graduated from Annapolis, served his country flying helicopters and then against all odds, this undersized receiver made it in the NFL. My husband once coached him and the size of his heart and brain are huge. He always gave 100%. When he speaks of the veterans of the game, he is talking just not of his own generation but those who played in the early years that are now suffering debilitating problems due to football. Have some respect, do your homework and realize that this man had a great, but brief career because of entering the pros at an older age. He has 2 Super Bowl rings and was a powerful but small receiver
  • KAtie....where does anyone speak about Phil's accomplishments on or off the field? Yeah it's great to announce that your husband coached the guy, but the issue at hand is about men taking responsibility for their financial future and nothing else. Drew is totally CORRECT here, and Phil is TOTALLY wrong. Drew's statement addressed players planning for themselves and that if they don't plan and they lose everything it is their own fault. Phil's attack of Drew is baseless. Again, another person adding verbage to a story that doesn't belong there.
  • So when the carjacker steals a car - it's the driver's fault ?? Your logic is so clear with the issues.
  • You are absolutely correct. McConkey was mediocre at best during his NFL Career, and he is just showing 'sour grapes' and gripes that he wasn't successful in going back to Congress, where he was a DO NOTHING there as well!!!
  • Explain what his playing status as an athletes in NFL history has to do with his sense of fairness to players that have been mistreated ??
  • your way out of bounds here.....McConkey and the older players didn't make 1/10th of the money that Brees makes.
  • your a dick
  • Hey BOY, you obviously are some dumb kid that wasn't alive when he played-that was REAL football, not this patty-cake crap going on now. Sit down, shutup, and learn something.
  • Hold on kid. I don't think he's talking about guys that just low their money.He's talking about guys that didn't make as much back then, and the big issue during the '86 strike was health benefits not taking care of a few star players and free agency.Eff free agency, it ruined every other sport and Upshaw took care of these young idiots instead of the guys who helped make this league and for Brees to make a statement like that is stupid because he will be a 60 yr. old man some day but luckily he has a $100 million contract to take care of himself.I don't wish it on him but if brees loses all his money he'll be singing a different tune.A typical young guys view.No brains all braun.
  • Since when does 6 years equal a career?
  • When your a politician!
  • Considering that is the avg. length of most NFL careers, I guess the answer would be, now.
  • amen.
  • when you're a pro football player
  • Would that be ex-players who are broke now, and BITCHING about it? No one likes to hear " well you should have"... But it's applicable....
  • Agreed. The NFL doesn't owe ex-players ANYTHING. They got paid while they were playing. It's not the NFL's problem if they're now broke. What a bunch of s__t.
  • Bunch of cry babies.......... some make a millon a game go figure.
  • To hawalkal Those old farts that you are talking about happen to be one of my family. And if you have done your home work what do you think some of the players are doing now with the money. Buying all of thsese car and being a big show off and haveing babys form city to city and not taking care of them at all.Half of the nfl palyers know what to do with there money and some do.
  • do you know the average life span of a pro football player is less than 4 years? pro baseball its about 10 years. he played when you got hit instead of arm tackled like you see today. by the way you probably were in diapers when men played football. when you got hit by jack tatum or george atkinson in the 70's they were all decleaters. if you can check out they call me assassin by jack tatum and see when men played football not spoiled brats!
  • if this is a argument about insurancee then fine but if this is just about money he need to sit his ass down and be quiet especially if he already has money coming in from the Army and Navy which probably isn't much but half my fmaily can live good off it and they ain't never played professional ball smh
  • @JKeyz90...You should have never jumped into the Veteran side of things!! A subject you are definiately inept in!! A person does Not recieve money just because they were in the Service! You must Retire after at least 20yrs before you get that Big Military Fortune that you seem to think every prior Service Military Member recieves! P.S...Good Luck supporting your family with money that doesn't exist!! Not to mention that you get money from 1 place, not the Army & the Navy!!
  • INSURANCE AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS - and it'd not even about HIM. Phil happens to be better off than alot of guys that have even come along AFTER him. HE WANTS whats fair for the guys left out by the union contract with the owners and the league.
  • Screw you McConkey, take some responsibility for your damn life and quit blaming others Loser.
  • YOU READ MY MIND............
  • I did not see anything is this article that said McConky was having any problems he only stated many retired players are having hard times. Let's face the facts that many players from the years before big money came to the NFL were just cast aside like so many damaged parts.
  • What a bunch of whiners. They complain about being broke. They want to sue the NFL for injuries they got during the career that they themselves chose. Nobody takes care of us. Whoez me. Get over it and move on with your life. If you need money, get a job. What makes these guys think that they should have a short athletic career, retire at the age of 30 and never have to do anything for the rest of their lives but play golf. No sympathy here.
  • Yea if they wanted to retire at the age of 30 and play golf for the rest of their lives they should have run for congress.
  • Drew Brees is right they blew thru there money didnt take care of business now like most of America they have there hand out wanting more for nothing. Everyone wants a handout. Only a select few get to the pro level making more money than the average Joe and you want us to feel sorry for you. Why just becuase you were a pro blew thru your money partying living the high life. And who is Phil McDonkey anyway another dumbass jock who blew his money and wants a handout. McDonkey your 15 are up go away
  • Do some research about Phil before you spew more stupid comments and try to actually read the article before you comment. Nowhere does it say Phil is looking for a handout or has any money problems at all. He was comment on an over rated over paid quarterback who's has an ego that makes him think his opinion is the word. Brees wouldn't even last 6 years if the rules didn't save his ass. Idiot.
  • McDonkey like the others from yesteryear that are suing have the same thing in common there hand out simple fact. McDonkey was a borderline line player getting his 15 minutes again
  • They didn't blow thru their $$, you FOOL. They had to work REAL jobs during their off-season just like anyone else with a job. Those are the players he is talking about !! You morons dont even realize that PRO players had to WORK !!!! between seasons before the 70's. Talk about ignorant
  • We all make choices in life. I would think that playing a game as your job would be an honor. Unless you're already brain dead you know what the risk is when you take a job. You don't hear firemen complaining about fire, policeman complaining about bullets, soldiers complaining about the taliban....you do what you think is best for you at the time. I bet he didn't complain that he was making more than the average person, and managed to get a college education out of it. Everyone wants someone to hand things to them, WHO THE HECK PAYS FOR IT! YOU and ME! If all you do is sit on the couch watching wheel of fortune, eating potato chips, waiting for your check...I can see you sympathyzing. If you're one of millions of people in this country that wake up in the moring, make you cup of coffee, shower, hop in the car, sit in traffic, do your JOB, do the whole traffic thing again on the way home, look at your pay check at the end of the pay period and wonder, WHAT THE HELL DID THE GOVT JUST BUY WITH THAT MUCH MONEY (taxes), you just might be sick of hearing over paid athletes whine about feeding their family! He should have gotten a real job for a living...see how many radio stations will listen to you whine then, JERK!
  • Ok Lets talk years back. I have been around different sports figures from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. No matter what the pay grade was then, they had the chance to invest, example Rodger Staubach(ignor spelling)he did not have a million dollar contract. He went into the Real Estate business and built an empire. Lets take Baseball great, Mr. Banks, I had the chance to visit with him and his wife a year before he died, he was comfortable and as he put it, its all about what you do with your money. Stop and look at these questionalable football greats that started out making big money, during the NFL strike, lets look at the players that said they had no money left and was broke. No one told them they had to buy a million dollar house, or 5ct diamond earrings, or a lexus. I understand these are all luxuries. But planning for your future comes first, above luxuries. What they all need is good financial planning. They can not expect to have a check coming in if they do not invest. They chose to play football at all cost and they knew the cost health wise. They need to quit whining and look at our Military men and women who go out and come back with missing limbs, yes they chose their profession too, but wait they were not handed a million dollar deal to work during a season, and go home to their families every night. OLD AND NEW PLAYERS OF ANY GAME SUCK IT UP!!!! OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN ARE WORSE OFF THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY DREAM OF BEING!!!!! Why not send one of them a million dollars, they wont blow it on illegal drugs and whores, they will provide for their familes and others in need. I CHALLENGE THE NFL TO TAKE THEMSELVES BACK TO THE DAY OF RESPECT AND HONOR!!!
  • McConkey, You must be the biggest "loser" ( and I don't mean weight) out there. Drew Brees and his wife have one of the biggest Charity foundations going. These losers in the NFL need to get off their behind and get a job. Who retires in their 30's never to work again. These Pro's and Ex Pro's have been playing the game since at least high school. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!!!
  • Really? A charity? One that bleeds everyone else while Brees keeps his money safe and sound? To hell with pro sports. Maybe the guy had gotten hurt and that's why he didn't play 12 years, did you ever think that beforer your big mouth opened? Didn't think so.
  • Sam Huff said, “I am not one of those retired players who, as Drew Brees insinuates, has begged for money, and I do not need to. However, I know about the players of the 50’s and 60’s, and they gave everything imaginable to make the game what it is today. Some of those players need help from the NFLPA. They deserve it, and Drew Brees needs better credentials before he makes such derogatory statements about those players.’’
  • Maybe you chose the wrong profession knows-nothing! Lucky for him he is not relying on the Federal Gov't!
  • then you should not have retired at 66. The football players had no choice - they didn't retire - they were retired by their owners
  • You're an idiot.
  • You are also an idiot.
  • All of this begs the question: If you know it's a dangerous game and much more dangerous decades ago - why did you play in the first place? Furthermore, why do any of these professional leagues have a union at all?!

    I know a lot of people who were injured from a job and live in pain every day and they don't get a dime from the unions, insurance or the company they worked for. And these are people who just went out to get a good job to make a decent living. The unions everywhere just need to go away. All they do is protect the whiners of the world - those that cry boohoo whenever they stub their toe. They served their purpose, we're living in a different world. They were necessary when employees risked their lives in dangerous working conditions with too many hours worked just to put food on the table. Those people that started the unions in the first place would be rolling in their graves if they knew unions were used in major league athletics. It's ridiculous! People you need to pull up your big boy/girl shorts and be responsible with your choices, your health and your money.
  • wow. that's pretty stupid. without a union you would not have pro sports today. and if there were sports on TV, without a union every owner would be a multi-billionaire and players like Brees would be paid like McConkey was (and there would be no free agency)
  • I have absolutely no sympathy for any of these "professional atheletes" who continuously cry about how short their carrer is and how dangerous the games are, and then have the nerve to expect a life time of benefits for PLAYING a SPORT or GAME! Lets get some perspective here. These guys, most of them have full college degrees and most of them had some kind of a scholarship that allowed them to get these degrees so at the very least they only partially paid for their education. They all or most of them have agents who work tirelessly to get them the best deals as well as the best endorsements.
    I served my country in the Marine Corps for 12 years went to war,and sacrificed a marriage. When I was Honorably discharged I received a hand shake, thanks for your service and nothing else! all for 1,300 a month! I got an education and then a job. Quite whining, be thankful you had the opportunity to do what you really love to do, and move on! No one owes you anything!
  • A hand shake? That's good. Many guys come back with no hands. Many ain't here no more because of Agent Orange. I guess you missed the point. The topic was the old guys that made it possible for these primadonnas today that make millions off of us 'fans'. Not me, I despise pro sports today. And yes, I remember the salute, the handshake and the door. And now we've got the wonderful V.A.
  • that's utter nonsense. they don't have degrees - they were employees of their colleges - earning money for the college football program. degree? most of them could barely get out of high school.
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Dwyane Wade: I'll retire 'when I can no longer play'

How Matt Ryan became “Matty Ice”

The long road of an NBA second-round pick

Jameis Winston visits Miami teen in hospital with condition

2015 MLB first-half all-surprise team

World Cup Final smashes ratings records

Tsunami survivor fulfills dream by signing with Sporting Lisbon

Andre Johnson reconnects with Chuck Pagano by joining Colts

Lou Williams bolsters Lakers backcourt, but trouble remains

MLB teams who will continue to disappoint in the second half

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Odell Beckham Jr. poses for nude version of 'The Catch'

Report: Giants pull offer to Pierre-Paul

Report: Jordan was tired of Chris Paul

2015 All-Star starters announced

JPP injured in fireworks mishap?

Odell Beckham doesn't want to be known for 'the catch'

Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Solo, Rapinoe among USWNT stars up for World Cup awards

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College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

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