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Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits that his performance as the team’s GM has merited a firing. Jones made his comments during an interview with NBC Sports’ Bob Costas that aired before the Cowboys played the Atlanta Falcons on “Sunday Night Football.” Asked by Costas for a self-critique of his work as GM, Jones responded, “I think [the criticism is] valid. We’ve had four division titles since we’ve won our last Super Bowl. We’ve had six losing seasons since we won our last Super Bowl. That’s not acceptable. When asked if he would have fired himself, Jones said yes. “Well I think so, because he was there to dismiss,” said Jones. “I’ve always worked for myself, and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. I’ve done it with coaches, and I certainly would have changed general managers. “The truth is, in the NFL, if you’re active and involved as an owner, that’s the final thing. That’s the way it works. “Let’s don’t kid ourselves: When it gets down to the real, heavy, hard decisions, you have owners make those decisions — that’s as it should be,” he told Costas. Though Jones says he probably would have fired a GM who fared how he has, he thinks he can fix things. “I do believe that I have a better chance of changing what’s in the mirror and basically influencing what’s in the mirror, than I do with the traditional structure of the GM and then the head coach.” Jones made many other notable comments during the interview. He said he believes the team’s personnel is good enough to win the Super Bowl (of course he does — he’s the guy who put together the roster!). He also expressed his support for head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo. “When I look at the overall picture, I like what we’ve got in Jason, I like what we’ve got relative to our defensive coordinator in Rob Ryan, and I like our personnel,” Jones said of the team. He offered further support of Garrett. “This is a long-term thing with me. We know this is a short-term game. … On the other hand, I have to also look at the long-term and yes, that’s what I like about the potential growth with Jason. I like the way the players respond for Jason. He gets a lot of effort out of these players. They have a lot of respect for him. “I like what I’m seeing. I don’t like that we’re 3-4, but I like what we’re seeing.” Though Romo is often criticized, Jones says the three-time Pro Bowler is their man at quarterback. “Tony has won 60 percent of the games he has started for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s got the fifth-highest quarterback percentage in the history of the NFL. Yes, he does make exceptional plays. And in doing so, he’s had turnovers. But in general, I like the way he drives the bus when he needs to drive the bus, but gives us the chance to make the great play when blocking breaks down. “Tony Romo is our quarterback, and the way we’re going to go is the way Romo goes.” Jones seems to be tying himself to Garrett and Romo, so even if he brought in a separate GM, they wouldn’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver. But you have to wonder why Jones won’t remove himself as the team’s GM if he says another person performing that way would have been fired. It’s probably a pride thing for the man who has such an enormous ego.

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  • Jerry Jones is his own worse enemy. This is exactly why the Cowboys have not been able to win a championship for years. Jerry just can't hire the people to run his franchise. He has stick his Godzilla size ego into every aspect of the coaching staff. Reminds me of another failed franchise with an owner that over extend his authority.....AKA Al DAVIS.
    Jerry, Hire the personnel to run your dam team and keep the hell out of the decision making. That's what a GENERAL MANAGER IS FOR!!!!
    Ask Brian Sabean if he really has to get the Giants Owner involved when making decisions for his WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM this year!
  • I wouldn't put Al Davis in the same breathe as JJ. Al was a complete football person who played, coached, personnel manager, GM and owner. He lived football. The Cowboys are a hobby with JJ. Davis' only fault was as his health deteriorated he stayed on as an active owner. The Raiders were an up and down team likes most but they were always coming back to the playoffs until recently. Davis hire good coaches, but stayed out of the day to day ops. OH he had his "Jerry" moments, but not to the extent of JJ. JJ is in a class of his own and I suspect all the other owners (except for the Packers) are using his example as what not to do....
  • JJ is by far the worst owner in pro sports. Firing Jimmy Johnson after winning 2 rings was by far the dumbest thing he's done. I'm a Cowboys fan and I think its time to sell the team to Mark Cuban.
  • Jerry...you need to do the NFL and the country a favor...take it one step further...fire yourself as OWNER! Please! You are an embarrassment! And Jerry...start making plans for the winter months after December...cause you won't be in any of the post season games...NONE of them! Unless of course you BUY a ticket!
  • Enormous Ego. That says it all. He will never get to the playoffs because he can't help himself. The Cowboys are done.
  • Jerry Jones: "I'm going to fire the GM (me) and then hire a new one (me) and we'll get this straightened out."

    Garrett's a "yes-man" who can't (and won't) tell Jones anything.
  • J.Jones main concern, according to him, is to "fix the man in the mirror". Fixing the offensive line may be taken on directly after he "fixes" himself (hopefully).
  • Of course he thinks he can turn things around. He will never admit to the world he sucks as a GM. Almost 2 decades of mediocrity and no end in sight.
  • jerry should read Einstein definition of insanity
  • I agree.
  • He has a coach who was worthless as a quarterback...a quarterback who is worthless...and then there is 9 yard Dim Witten...who only wants to catch a pass a 5 year old can catch...Instead of Jerry's World...It should be... Jerry's 3 ring CIRCUS
  • You're a complete moron who knows nothing about football if you think Witten is dim, or useless.
  • Tell you what Jerry, I'll buy the team ... I will give you 3 million in cash and pay the rest off ...then I will fire Garrett and get a coach who is more concerned with winning than being a buddy to the players .... A Real Leader in Anything doesnt worry about being liked > He or She worries about being Respected for Getting The Job Done
  • Jerry chews hinmself out, then aploogized to himself. Jerry Jones has an amazing way of rationizing his actions, even after he admits he's a failure. Only Al Davis was more tone deaf to reality than this guy.
    The fans could change his mind, if were committed to a change. Local TV rating are already down. If the fans would stop paying the obscene ticket prices and buying swag, Jerry might the message.
  • That's what it's going to take! As long as their fans fill up the stadium, get soaked by parking and concessions, and buy Cowboys Gear; nothing will ever change. He's still going to make a ton of money. Hit him where it hurts, right in the wallet
  • Go Jerry, and don't let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out.....
  • What is it about being rich that qualifies Jones to be an NFL team GM? If the sports media would quit sucking up to Jones by telling him how wonderful he is at everything, maybe he wouldn't be so self-deluded. I remember him saying once he could have coached the Cowboys himself. Yeah, right. And I could have been backup quarterback. Garrett must have photos of Jones or something.
  • Unfortunately, the Cowboys will not win a Super Bowl with Garrett as coach and Romo as Quarterback. While I respect Jerry Jones as an owner and there have been some very nice talent on the defense. They seem to be out-coached every game. How can we run a 2-minute offense near the end of the game and can't seem to move the ball during the first 2 quarters. Romo, after running a play, act like a leader rather than "slouching around" with no sense of urgency.
  • Takes a Tough Man, to Make a Tender Chicken! RIGHT JERRY!
  • Jerry when you decide to go take Romo with you... We need to start the second string out see if he can carry the ball down the field. I have never been disappointed in the way the game was played last night. First score of the night was a field goal when Romo could have got a touch down!!! Really is he that afraid to get hit??? We need a quarter back that isn't afraid to have his bum on the ground in order to move the ball down the field. I see that the moral is way down because the team doesn't have faith in their quarter back. All the interceptions he throws is when he knows that they are about to sack him and he just throws the ball to get rid of it... Time to get rid of him and bring someone fresh in...
  • Please Jerry , fire yourself , ride off into the sunset and give everyone some peace and quiet . Just because you are filthy rich doesn't mean you know football . Please go away and make us all happy .
  • Jerry, please don't tease us. If you do fire yourself (which I hope is quick), take Jason Garret with you and put Jimmy Johnson (not the driver) back in control of the Cowboys. You thought you could do it as good as Jimmy. You were WRONG!
  • When your not having success its easy to lose focus. The Cowboys showed they can stay in the game with anybody when they marched down and scored after falling behind 16 to 6.They need to utilize the no huddle more often and also need to work more with Dez Bryant to get him into the game plan with greater frequency. In short they are fixable and could still make playoffs this season.
  • Jerry's comments again reinforce the fact that he has become a cartoon character. He is laughed at by everyone who knows the game of football. The Cowboys will fail until the cartoon ends. Anyone with an ounce of football savy, who has watched the recent Cowboy games, knows that Garrett is not the short term, mid-term or long term answer. But, he tells Jerry what he wants to hear. Enough said.
  • Jerry, please do all Dallas Cowboy fans a favor and fire yourself. You had a real coach and yow were in charge of ":socks and jocks" and we were good then in a fit of insanity which is still ongoing you decided you were a football man. Jerry you area disgrace to the Cowboys. All you should ever do is sign the checks.
  • Since Jimmy Johnson Cowboys are a 500 team ,no longer America team, simply Jerry's Joke. The Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones own the team, his super ego will get in the way. I have been a fan for 52 years, this saddens me.
  • Well, add him to the countless millions who feel the same way.
  • I think Jerry Jones is doing a fine job up there in Dallas. Keep up the good work Jerry. Bob McNair, GM Rick Smith and Coach Kubiak are doing an excellent job in Houston. Looking like it's going to be a real real good season. Oh, I'm sorry what were we talking about? Oh yeah Jerry Jones. WHO CARES. That clown is going to do what he wants as owner, GM, president, media relations, equipment manager, offensive and defensive coordinator, head coach. SO WHO CARES!! I like it because that means they continue to suck. GO Texans!!
  • Then go ahead and do it. PLEASE !!!!
  • living in dallas area i follow locol talent. ,i was very happy to see phillip tanner make the squad, and then i watch #34 when he plays. when gicen the oppertunity he has made his blocks, yes 1 nyg jumped over him ,made his tackles, on special teams. caught his passes 4th in recieving yard ave,..i am dissappointed the coaches and romo cannot see his contributions and he play rb more. his 3 end zone plugs he got NO BLOCKING - NONE. ONE COULD NOT SQUEZZE A F-R T THRU THE HOLE HE WAS GIVEN
  • I love Jerry Jones as GM and owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Keep up the good work!!! From a loyal Philadelphia Eagles fan.
  • From a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan fire you fat retard as a head coach
  • Could NOT have said it better myself!!! lol
  • To Jerry Jones...You want to build a house, you call a builder, to want to dig for oil ,you call someone who is good at digging for oil.you want to build a golf course you call 'The Golden Bear". You want money advice you go to Fidelity.. I hope you get my point, you have had your turn at the wheel,with your sons as the back seat driver's now hire a real coach and not a yes man, find the best GM and coach you can find and hire them both..Garret is not a winning coach, why 1st and goal and he calls a pass play 3 times.. NG.. his record speaks for it self.Do what most owners do , sit in you box seats and cheer your team on.Start looking at who is going to replace Romo.Romo doesn't have it anymore.. Let Romo go work on his golf game..
  • Yes I agree that Jerry Jones needs to fire himself as the GM and he also needs to step back as owner and let someone else run things. Example when Jimmy Johnson was at the helm he took us to the Super Bowl and won but since Jerry decided he could do better it's been such a mess and getting worse everytime the Cowboys step on the field, doesn't Jerry see that Romo isn't the quarterback we need in Dallas because his team doesn't have the faith in him at all. Everyone can see this but Jerry Jones, and in regrads to Jason Garrett his time is over too he's not strong enough to handle these players and the team. Plus his coaching is horrible which between him or Romo they have crossed us the games and will never be able to get us to the Superbowl. Well let's be honest not even the playoffs. It's time to cut our losses and move on with replacing them both and Jerry if you love the Cowboys as you say then do them a favor and step out of it and let someone else do it and make us American's team again. I am a loyal female whom loves the Cowboys but am not liking the mess you have put us in and continue to think you, Romo, and Garrett are the answers well time to wake up and smell the coffee. You all suck and stink.
  • Jerry make us proud... sit down and watch
  • Jerry Hire the best GM & Coach you can find..
  • Jerry , start looking now for a Romo replacement ..
  • Jerry , you been in this business to long...
  • all of u houston texans bandwagon fans will never win a superbowl nor any other championship they play the weakest schedule in the nfl nad when playing a good quarterback or good defense they suck
  • Bandwagon?? That's funny, talk about bandwagon...the cowgirls have more bandwagon fans in the nation because they are "America's team." Man I wish I knew you so I could make a wager on whether the cowgirls or the Texans will get a ring first. What gets you going about the cowgirls? I don't understand it and never will. Is it when Romo dated Jessica Simspon? Is it the pretty little star on the helmet? Your quarterback is a joke. Your offensive line is a joke. Your head coach and that old guy J.J. who runs every aspect of the organization are a joke. Your "star" reciever can't seem to hold on to the ball and your star d-back scored one of the lowest wonderlick scores ever. The only two players that are really worth a damn is Jason Witten and Demarco Murray. And D.M. was discovered by accident. Good thing they didn't cut is ass last year like they were about to until 'ol buddy got hurt. I'm 27 years old and the Texans are the only team I've ever rooted for. The Houston Texans are it for me. And ALWAYS will be. And closely look at the schedule you ignorant f***. We have one of the hardest schedules this year. We lost one game and it was last year's MVP who shredded us with ALL of his recievers making rediculous catches. Y'all have one good team in your division (and it's not you) NYG. That's it. You talk about weak schedule. You need to educate yourself on the game of football, the NFL, and maybe read "Common Sense for Dummies" if they have it out there. Once that has been accomplished PLEASE come back and we can talk.I was really hoping the cowgirls would've been good enough to play us in the Superbowl this year. There's always next year. As long as you get the personnel you need so badly. And like I said before, educate yourself on a subject before commenting on it!
  • I get a sick feeling when I accidently see him and Rolo on TV..HE needs to kiss himself to death and get out of football......
  • jerry would fire himself. what a joke. the mans ego is over bloated. johnson was the only good coach they had and 2 giant egos in the same room causes explosions. they have never had a good coach since. so in a sense when a owner thinks he is the coach there is no team. jones reminds me of cuben of the mavs. but he lets the coach coach and treats his team like a plaything.
  • The Dallas Cowboys Are not the team they use to be... there is no discipline... the game is not in their hearts, Jerry has them running like they are in a circus, Jerry can own the team.. he needs a GM and a Good Coach and a New QB and stay the hell! out of the way...
  • The Dallas Cowboys! are not the team they use to be.... there is no discipline, there is no rules.. these guys do and play the way they want... The new stadium, is nothing but a Circus area... dont get me wrong, the Stadium is nice... But we Need a Winning team to go along with the Stadium A Stong Team. Jerry you need to obviousley need to stay on a Owner.... Hire a GM , A new Coach, and A new QB... Im Sure all these comments dont mean nothing to Jerry , But to us as Fans WE NEED A WINNING TEAM!!!!
  • I fear he'll hold control of the Cowboys until his dying breath.
  • Dear Jerry,
    What are you waiting for? Fire yourself!
    You suck! Your teams sucks!
    You general manage a team like I fart!
  • I relocated to the big D in 1992, but I was born and raised in New York, a city steeped in tradition and accustomed to being the 800 pound gorilla for many years. The owner of that franchise was Wellington Mara, someone who was extremely active with the franchise but understood that others were better prepared to handle different aspects of the team (GM, Coach, etc.). Jerry Jones is a lightning rod, his high profile and multiple hats (owner, president, gm, de facto coach) run counter to what he says to the media (he loves his face time), so what's a fan to do......remember the movie NETWORK, well that's how you will get Jerry's attention, BOYCOTT THE DALLAS COWBOYS. Don't buy the season tickets, don't pay the outrageous parking fees, don't buy the merchandise but most important DO NOT WATCH THE GAMES. The Dallas Cowboys are a huge business that makes huge amounts of profits from all its various contracts, turn off the money and hold the line for a while, JERRY's WORLD will be deflated that $1 BILLION team valuation will head south fast and the ca,eras will look for another lightning rod for its sound bytes. EXTREME, yes but Jerry Jones needs too be dealt with just in that way, it's the only language he understands.
  • I grew up when the Cowboys were Americas team...before Jerry Jones. face it Jones u suck, Romo u suck more. Sell the team to someone who knows how to win. You are the reason i do not watch the Cowboys anymore....u suck

    Go Texans
  • What he should do for the remainder of the season is to randomly sit in parts of that stadium with the fans and watch the game with them. Sit up high, in the end zone. Drink a beer and watch the team as a fan. Wear normal cloths. Talk to the people. Cowboy fans would like that. But most of all, he really is no football expert .... he should just watch.
  • Do all of us Cowboy fans a favor Win a Championship!!!!! What has been done in the last 14 or so season is not working, What is ur problem, let everyone do there job and u sit back and enjoy what u have had and what can come in the near future.
  • When he had good coaches and players, the Cowboys lost because JJ wouldn't let his employees do their jobs. When he has bad coaches and players, they lose; partly because JJ won't let them do their jobs. He knows they're going to lose. He knows he's the reason. He doesn't care.
    This has nothing to do with football, the Cowboys or the NFL. For Jerry, the Cowboys is just another set of toy soldiers or GI Joes.

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