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For the first time in a very long time the annual Thanksgiving Day game involving the Detroit Lions has the potential to be pretty entertaining, as they will host the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Unlike past years, this year’s Lions are talented and competitive, and they won’t be their usual pushover selves for a much stronger team like the Packers.

Yessiree, things are coming up roses for the Detroit Lions this year, so what better way to ruin that feel-good vibe than by having one of the most universally detested rock bands on the planet, Nickelback, play the halftime show.

As to be expected, many Lions fans are up in arms over this decision, going so far as to start an online petition in the hopes that they can rally enough support to have the Canadian rockers replaced with a more appropriate substitute.

From the petition site

This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the US to associate Detroit with Nickelback? Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?! Does anyone even like Nickelback? Is this some sort of ploy to get people to leave their seats during halftime to spend money on alcoholic beverages and concessions? This is completely unfair to those of us who purchased tickets to the game. At least the people watching at home can mute their TVs. The Lions ought to think about their fans before choosing such an awful band to play at halftime.

They make a passioned and spirited plea, full of valid points. And if this sounds familiar, remember that earlier this year a music critic for the Winnipeg Free Press petitioned NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to have this very same band not play at the Winnipeg Jets’ home opener. And that guy was a Canadian speaking on behalf of Canadian fans, which says loads about the popularity of Nickelback and how their generic brand of rock sits with music lovers.

I could go on for days listing other music acts which could replace Nickelback at halftime of the Lions/Packers game on November 24 but I won’t waste your time. But I will leave you with probably the most depressing thing you will hear all day, courtesy of

The mega-platinum Canadian artists currently have two songs on the Billboard charts, “Bottoms Up” and “We All Stand Together.” Led by frontman Chad Kroeger, the foursome is America’s most popular foreign act since The Beatles.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put on some Sgt. Pepper’s, curl up in the fetal position, and cry myself to sleep.


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  • "This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the US to associate Detroit with Nickelback? Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?! Does anyone even like Nickelback? Are you kidding me? Nickelback is AWESOME!! Hopefully Nickelback will be associated with the packers as I would hate for Nickelback to get a bad name for being associated with Detroit!!! I suppose the great M&M would be much better. YUCK!!!!!
  • Uhm..I don't know if you realize this, but this game is a HOME game for Detroit, NOT green bay. So, if we want Detroit artists at a Detroit home game, then dammit, we should have it. You green bay geeks can have nickelback and justin bieber at your own games.
  • Wow! I guess I missed something. The Lions have sucked for so long and Nickelback has been tearing it up! I would rather petition to have another team besides the Lions play or have a complete Nickelback show and the Lions play during the bands intermission. I really like Nickelback and unless your an idiot you can tell I like Nickelback. Either way I'll be watching (well the halftime show). Be a consistant contender and then you can try to pull strings but untill then shutup and bow to the majority. Enjoy the show, I know they will rock but will your Lions?
  • I agree w/u..I much would rather go 2 a Nickelback concert than watch the Detroit Lions which suck anyway..
  • Really? They are complaining about this? I am from Michigan, but do not live there anymore. But my feeling is if I have to get tortured with the crappy bands at Superbowl every year, then they should have to deal with that. The only band I can think of that they would want is Kid Rock, he is from Detroit and plays Rock songs like NickelBack! Worse Performance EVER: Ferengi singing GUNS AND ROSES AT SUPERBOWL HALFTIME. I like FERENGI, but they should have got Axel out there. SLASH should have never agreed to that to back that up. Another thing about Michigan, is the people dont like change, if you visit there, thier still stuck in the 80's and early 90's. New bands out there dont have a chance in MI. GO LIONS!
  • For being from MI, you either haven't been back in a LONG time, or you are a complete idiot. Stuck in the 8o's and 90's, REALLY. You are whats wrong with these comment boards.
  • I agree Nickelback is a great band,they are a unique band just because the are canadian? Really? Obviously they are doing quite well with 2 songs on the billboard charts,they also have many other great songs. "rockstar" "how you remind me" and "photograph"all have been on the billboard top 10 for months these are all great songs and they have many more.They are well known worldwide,they are far from "boring" and are one of the highest grossing bands out there today. Does anyone like Nickelback? There are many people,so get your facts straight before you bad mouth them
  • I choose to badmouth Nickelback at any given opportunity. Successful does not mean good-- it just means they appeal to the lowest common denominator in society. Now if you want someone who is a good representative of Detroit-- how about Bob Seger? (I would have no problem with Eminem, either. At least it's not Nickelback.)
  • Bob Seger? They actually wanted someone RELEVANT.
  • You no what you dumb f---s from michigan need to realize is you barely have the money for your budget. You sent all thew dumb f---s out here to work. which took all our jobs. Get a life Michigan. You no what the Prez isnt from the continental U.S. so who cares if Nickeleback is from CANADA. They have great music. Rather see them then the 3 amigos dumbass.
  • I am sure you meant...sent all "thew" (it's "the", learn to spell dumb ass) dumb f---s out here to work,(notice the comma? not a took all our jobs. If we were able to take your jobs it should tell YOU something about YOUR skill's right? I'm just saying.
  • oh yeah, by the way "you no" is actually "you know"...Once again, "Who is the dumbass?"
  • Okay, here's the thing, for some reason that is completely beyond me, it isn't cool to like Nickelback. I don't understand it because they're an awesome rock band with a style that is reminiscent of the 80's (minus the hairspray & spandex). In a word, they ROCK and anyone who SAYS they don't like them is clearly delusional and probably lying to themselves. Numerous awards, nominations and millions of albums sold don't lie. This is a good band who deserve to play. I will tune in for the halftime show just to see them play. As soon as the game starts up the TV will be shut off... I could care less about football, but I am a HUGE music fan.
  • who cares where the band is from as long as they are entertaing. would they protest the stones? i think not. the lions are overrated. they will lose many more games before the season ends and i hope they don't make the playoffs. the people writing the protest could suck their own d-icks if they were double jointed, which i think they are
  • So many fans for one band to please, it does not madder who they choose someone will not like them. Nickelback has some good songs
    but I can't buy a album because I don't like them all. It really comes down to what they sing. If I were to choose one it would be cool to see Hank Williams Jr bash Obama some more on live Tv
  • Buy an ALBUM? Ever heard of I-Tunes to buy just the songs you want?
  • Well, aren't we the musical snobs? Who would've thought that a bunch of jocks would have such discriminating taste! Until I read this article I had no idea that everyone hated Nickelback - who is buying their music, then? Personally, I like them.
  • What wine coolers are for alcoholic beverages, nickleback is for rock music......
  • Ha.. best anology I've ever heard. With your permission snooker, I'll re-use that. So true... who buys their music? I guess somebody does, but you never hear anyone admit it. That lead singer's voice could be used to get information out of criminals. Play their crap music for more than 5 minutes and I'd tell you anything you want to know to make it stop.
  • Hey peeps, how many British bands have headlined the Superbowl halftime shows? Get over yourself. If you don't like the band, then turn the channel. Frickin' crybabies.
  • We love Nickelback and we loved Hank, Jr., too. Listen to the fans! I think Nickelback is a great musical group. They stay true to rock and their metal guitar sounds resonate to your soul. Yes, Detroit has some great musicians, too, but maybe they didn't want to perform the halftime show... Hank, Jr. had the soldier given right to express his opinion. His opinion didn't change the feeling we get hearing him start out the game,,, Are you ready for some football???!!!!
  • Man, if Sgt. Pepper's makes you cry, that tells us quite a bit about you......Nickelback's a good band..............oh, and your article is stupid.......
  • Detroit fans should be glad anyone wants to play there........look what your team did in '08 and ' still let them play there........
  • Hey moron! There are only 2 players left from those seasons, it seems the only thing that hasn't changed are jokers like yourself and the dribble that comes from your mouth.
  • seriously when I read the article I was waiting for the punch line! At first I thought wow some one from the band must have dissed the lions or publically insulted detroit or maybe cancelled some shows in detroit for no reason or even somehow insulted the great state of michigan, so I kept reading waiting in anticipation for the reason behind all this turmoil! Surely these guys must have committed so terrible atrosity against detroit to upset this many fans to the point of circulating a petetion. Are you kidding me! This is your reason for so much hate! Just because some of you dont care for them. SO WHAT - GROW UP! Apperantly your are the minority because they keep pounding out hit after hit and in case you dont understand how it works, it takes a few million people to lift any musician to thier level of success. I personally could not believe what I was reading. Yes I am a fan of the band and further more a fan of the lions (I'm a bears fan first but have been rootin for the lions all year,great ciderella story,glad to see you guys havin a good season, way to turn things around)I certainly respect anyones right to thier opinion. you can dislike them all you want that dose not make them un-talented. And come on people dose it really warrant this kind of hate I'm positive there are just as many if not more ticket holders for that game that just might be looking forward to seeing nickelback.
  • I am glad that most of the above comments are in support of Nickelback.. Yes, I am a Nickelback fan, but really? why so much criticism? I don't care for music by Korn, but if they were the halftime show of my team, I would care less... Obviously Nickelback has a huge fan base.. this article was written to further the agenda of it's writer, therefore has no relevence to anyone other than himself.
  • Applause!
  • I wonder how many of the DBs that trashed Nickelback have actually ever seen them in concert. I've seen them 5 times total including 3 shows at DTE, 1 at JLA and 1 in Indy. They put on an awesome show! Great ROCK music, very entertaining and the crowd is into it. The last time they were in The D (Summer of 2010), they had back to back sold out shows at DTE. When's the last time any other band can say that? Plus they were on the road for nearly two years straight on the Darkhorses tour. Obviously Detroit and many others love them. Maybe they will play "Follow You Home" and really play up the "Dutchess of Detroit" line in that song. Off to my I-pod to crank up some NB - Oh, by the way, I'm a 49 yr old NB fan:)
  • Being from Michigan, a fan of the Lion's, and a fan of Nickelback....I would have to agree with you about the writer. Looking forward to a good game and some good halftime music.
  • Heres an idea...why not dig up Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes and let them bang out some old tunes. They may just take you on a journey to the center of your mind!
  • NOT......
  • this is just stupid...I think the writer of this story has lost all his marbels when he took them out to play with them because he got bored and had nothing else to do. It's as plain as the wart on his nose that he knows NOTHING about music. Maybe he should find another hobby. This is clearly not what he does best.
    For the record Nickelback is at the top of their game and it would serve them right if they choose to tell this guy to go to hell and rock the show like they always do...these guys put on one hell of a show. And the writer if this article sucks big ones.
  • Wow i must be missing something,since when is nickelback "The most universally detested rock bands on the planet"? Obviously you dont know what your talking about writer of this article...They were chosen to do the halftime show, there is more people that like them then despise them. You can have your own opinion,but before you write you gotta know what your talking about
  • Who is it that detest Nickelback??? Whoever it is doesn't know good music when they hear it.
  • I agree!
  • your article BLOWS!!!
  • Michigan???? Really??? Arent you guys just a suburb of Canada anyway???? Go shovel some snow and quit bein TARDS!
  • Bite me DB.
  • How do I put this in a way you can understand shitbird?, It's not Michigan, but the writer stirring the pot. Any TRUE football fan will be more into a good football game then act like a drama queen and bitch about a halftime show.
  • Nickleback is one of the best Rock bands on the planet today. 100 times better than Korn, and far more fans. They will bring the house down.

    Obviously someone biased wrote this... Get rid of the biased fool. Last thing we need is more journalists trying to manipulate sentiment. We get enough of that from Faux Noise...
  • I agree 110%...Nickelback is the best rock band on the planet.
  • Nickelback is one of the GREATEST rock bands out there in this day & time that I wished I had the money to follow all over the world from concert to concert just to watch them perform...The Lions have been SO bad for such along time they are just lucky that Nickelback wants to do their half time show...Lions fans just better hope that lucky streak doesn't run out.
  • I take this personally...Whoever doesn't like Nickelback you suck.

  • nickelback is decent but they definitely not the best i would never buy their albums cuz usually theres only one song on there that even worth buying to me best song they ever did and it never got much publizised was never again musiclady you need to expand your music listening if you think they are the best but thats your opinion of them which is your right but five finger death punch is way better than nickelback
  • I agree with the statement of the author of this article! First off if you like Nickelback you listen to the radio too much because they don't play real music. Second off if you have ever played a musical instrument you would realize that each song Nickelback plays is a repeat of an earlier song with different words. Download a movie making program and separate the lyrics from the instruments and tell me that you can name 5 songs... It is astounding when people do this and realize they have been paying for the artists to make up new dumb lyrics to their old tunes. This is modern day music...any bimbo can go up learn three chords and play the song without the lyrics. Some bands to listen to: Red hot chili peppers, sublime, incubus and possibly the best band in the world the Foo Fighters.

    All you nickelback fans visit a Foo Fighters concert and you will be forever changed!
  • Okay let's see. I never heard Nickelback on the radio, I had their cd's when they first came out and loved them then just as much as I do now. I have played instrument, and though I don't disagre that many of their songs sound the same - that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. they know how to keep a crowd pumped up at a concert and that makes it well worth the purchase. and sorry, but Foo fighters? you have got to be kidding me! I'm set, I'll take the money you suggest I put toward a foo fighter concert and go see Nickelback.
  • I am a 39 year old female, play an instrument and am the lead vocalist in an awesome band. I LOVE NB!!! Our band plays at least 3 of their songs, in which I sing lead! I remember the foo fighter to a degree, but apparently they didn't have much impact on me because I can't even recall a single song of theirs! I'll watch the game just to see NB, for sure!!!
  • I love Nickelback! If I lived closer I might just sit through the stupid game to see them at halftime!
  • I hope this petition really works. I can’t stand that band. That band isn’t Rock. I’m very confused why people keep saying they are "Rock & Roll" artist. They are POP. They play POP music. Real Rock & Roll would be your Metallica, Aerosmith, or Korn. They are “Rock & Roll” They are a bunch of pansy posers that try to act tough in there frilly bedazzled jeans.
  • Actually, Nickelback is considered rock. Just like many others that play the same style.
    I haven't seen them try to act tough, unless you consider making millions tough?
    And as far as the frilly bedazzled jeans.. I don't mind the view :)

    and REAL rock, let's talk alice cooper. the shock rock LEGEND.. yeah, whole different scene, but, the name had to be put out there :)
  • Nickelback could be the worst band ever. Actually I am confident they are the worst. I would be ticked if they were playing at my home stadium to. Cheesy songs like "She rode my pickle all night" and "she left me for the UPS man's package". Cool stuff.
  • Saturday Nights all right for fighting, Is the only song I ever liked that they performed and they stole it from Elton.
  • If you ever had ur "pickle rode all night", u might just brag about it too!!! :)
  • Universally detested bands? Obviously you haven't heard of their sold out shows, or been to one of their shows. Nickelback has come a long way over the past few years - I agree with people who say a concert would be a much better way to spend time. I love Nickelback! And buckthunder, i am pretty sure I can think of worse bands... lol, plenty more
  • It's great to see so much passion coming from Detroit with regard to this. Because it's true that Nickelback, while being basically competetent professionals in their field, really do kinda stand for all that is bad in the music scene today. Just so bland and generic - as though it were tested out on focus groups. Good for Detroit.
  • Well I can tell you that I have heard far worse from other bands and groups - so how do they stand for "all" that is bad?
  • Oh and one last thing to anyone who gives a #%^&... Pick up an album called 'Goat' by The Jesus me, just do it.


  • I don't care one way or the other about Nickelback - but if the Lions wanted to ignore the Motown heritage and go with a rock rock band, why didn't they consider KISS? ALIVE, the album that put KISS on the map, was recorded there at Cobo Arena. Detroit has always loved the band, and KISS felt such loyalty to the town that they recorded a subsequent hit called Detroit Rock City. And for those who would say KISS is too old and too yesterday's news, hey, their shows still sell out wherever they play. Just sayin'...
  • If they are going to complain about the show, Then their is only one replacement in the world that is suitable, And that would respectfully be the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, They maybe could have Kiss perform Detroit Rock City?
  • seriously people are complaining about this? since when will people associate Nickelback with Detroit? every crappy band thats played at the Super Bowl isnt associated with the city they played in, honestly Nickelback is a good band n WAY beter than any Super Bowl band n people withstand that...yes comparing this game to the super bowl isnt right but the Lions are pretty good this year n the Packers are a powerhouse....all i can say is quit complainging n mute the TV or turn it off during halftime
  • Bob Seger would be #2. "Rock and Roll Never Forgets". Number One--Iggy and The Stooges. Pick yours---"Raw Power", "Search and Destroy" or, by himself, "Wild One", "Lust For Life". Takers?
  • It is Detroit, yes? Lots of choices, small window. Feature new LOCAL bands or bring the best from the heritage and rock the house!PS I thought Seger had a new need of cash.

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