Found February 25, 2013 on Kissing Suzy Kolber:

Via Kissing Suzy Kolber:

Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested on Sunday in Miami on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief for allegedly going to a neighbor’s house drunk and causing a disturbance. While being booked, Bryant made this face during his mug shot. Truly no one has made a “drunken criminal mischief” face better. Cheers to you and achievement unlocked, sir.

Bryant, by the way, went to Harvard. Just something to keep in mind when the media goes out of its way to talk up the intelligence of a player from the Ivies.

  • so he went to harvard? doesn't mean he passed any classes to speak of. you can take the thugsta out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the thugsta, even if he went to haaaavad.
    Looks like he may want to ease up on the roids since his neck is swollen bigger than his head. maybe his toungue is swollen too and that is why it is protruding out of his mouth.
  • WTF is a thugsta bro?
  • Good one bro. These spammers ruin it for everyone. Should be a way to send a virus to their pc.
  • websters defines a thugsta as....the peice of crap pictured above. your welcome
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that THUGSTA is a hybrid of a thug and a gangsta...I can't be 100% positive so you'll have to check the ebonics dictionary...
  • Psychology Degree.
  • Show your kids! That's what everyone looks like with one jello-shot too many.
  • WTH are you talking about? I don't think you get to Harvard if you can't pass any classes. Also, what does being drunk have to do with "thugsta" (whatever that is) or ghettos? Could it be you make the assumption because he's....well, you already told on yourself I don't need to spell it out. Your parents must be so proud.
  • Harvard= Educated idiots. ;)
  • Thugsta? Man, the racists come out of the woodwork. Only a hillbilly lowlife would post something like that. I would bet any money that this hillbilly is a heavy drinker too.
  • why do black people thinks it's ok when a big time athlete screws up and get arrested! Stop crying like a girl!
  • Because everyone makes mistakes in life. Besides life is hard enough to get through as it is, with or without NFL athlete money. So since you're not God so stop judging people.
  • @precious926
    Aren't you the stove calling the kettle black.
    Hillbilly lowlife? Profile much, do ya?
  • LOL...and yet you call him a is that?...surely you're not racist!
  • He is not from the ghetto. He is from the country and he never got into any trouble. He is very intelligent and as you SHOULD know,since you are an expert on people's intelligence and background, Harvard does not give althletic scholarships. He went to Harvard on an academic scholarship. While I don't condone his behavior, knowing him and his family personally, this is very much out of character for him. Maybe you should should use some of the intelligence you CLAIM to have to think before you speak. There are good people from and still living in the ghetto.
  • If you know this person so well, you would also know that he is not on academic scholarship. Harvard does not offer these scholarships either. Everyone admitted at Harvard. deserves a scholarship, so they offer none. All scholarships are based on need.
  • Is it that hard for you a#@ to realize that blacks are able to be educated and are smart and that they too can be young and make mistakes like ur old a#@ cause you got to be old to respond like this. Great people come from the ghetto not saying this guy did cause he is smart so his mom and dad had to be. Educate yourself and you can appreciate educated blacks.
  • Just because you grew up in the suburbs doesn't mean your dad isn't really your uncle. You can take the neanderthal out of the mountains but you can't take mountains out of the neanderthal. Just sayin.
  • Harvard should be so proud lol
  • Thugsta that is a new one. I heard it a bit different You can take the rat out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the rat. The NFL and the NBA is living proof of that statement
  • You got lot's of problems Sir or Mam
  • doesn't matter if he passed any class, Harvard doesn't accept people who aren't highly intelligent in the first place, even athletes.
  • Looks like he is prepping for prison....
  • So what makes you say he's from the getto?
  • And thugsta what is WTF, go to Chicago and you'll find him in the state house,
  • idiot doesn't deserve a gig in the NFL.
  • Have you noticed that the only thing that is mentioned about a player of color is negativity I know the other race is out there Fin up too cause they young and got that money and don't know what the heck to do with it oh they go to the backwoods and act a fool or they are not watched like the black ones are 247 round the clock so they can be humiliated on the news and the the internet get real this is not being overlooked by anyone we know the deal
  • If you know the deal, then you should know the real truth...this isn't happening to many white players...and of recent Gronk has been acting childish but he isn't killing anybody, beating up anybody or shooting anybody....they're smart enough to stay out of the strip clubs at 4 that's the real deal...face up to it...and maybe the young black athletes can eventually learn how to act in pubic...
  • interesting that mikeingeorgia seems to assume the worst about this guy but all it says is that he was disturbing the peace. how did you get killing, beating or shooting anyone from disturbing the peace?

    i am happy that someone on here identified that harvard athletes can only get on a team by being awarded a well earned academic scholarship and not athletic scholarship however i guess when some hidden racists see a person of color they automatically assume that the person entered into the institution only by means of brawn and not brain. how many of you realize that legacies that enter into some of the most prestigious schools in our nation are not accepted because of academic prowess but due to their relationship to historical relationships with those colleges/universities? why is it that a person of color is immediately associated with negative stereotypes yet arent associated with positive stereotypes when they appear

    enter president obama and first lady michelle obama. i am concerned that there are more racists than initially thought. i truly thought we were moving forward as a nation but there are a great many people who truly hate people of color and only see anyone with a bit of melanin in their skin as a thief, murderer or drug dealer. the history of america is not a pretty one and we all know of the blood shed, the raping, murdering and pillaging of lands and of the indigenous people that accepted the not the pilgrims but the people who were banished from england to the "americas" that were thieves, murderers, and rapists. the indigenous people who trusted and helped these folks to survive. who accepted those people and believing they were good of heart. the indigenous people who were raped, slaughtered, beheaded, etc...

    maybe we should really look at people not for their skin but for who they are and if you dont know them then comment only on the facts (at least read the short paragraph(s) offered) and use that not to make general statements of a race but of a person and only of that person. unfortunately, i cant change anyone from being racist however at least i can work towards helping people to understand the truth
  • Well said Angel07ga. I think people need to look beyond the color of your skin and comment on only the facts. Fact is this young black man, as I understand is exceptionaly intellegent, I mean he got into Harvard for Pete's sake, wasn't acting very intellegent. Unfortunately he is a young black man and of course there will be pictures of him going viral. I still don't understand what a "Thugsta" is or if the person who said it does either. Regardless, this talented young man didn't do anything to make himself appear to be intellegent either. So there you have it all the non-intellects will come out of the woodwork and make comments as to the fact that not only is he black but he sure doesn't 'look' intellegent and from the backwoods. I am not black but I do not look at peoples skin color nor do I judge others on just their looks, at least I try not to. I sure hope this young man can turn this around and not let it define him or characterize him.
  • From the Harvard web site "All of our financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need – there are no academic, athletic or merit-based awards, and we meet the demonstrated need of every student, including international students, for all four years. We invite you to explore our web site for a detailed description of all aspects of our aid program, including our Harvard Financial Aid Initiative for low and moderate income students, under which families with incomes currently below $60,000 are not expected to contribute to college costs."
  • Harvard does not offer academic scholarship. All scholarships are need-based.
  • "this isn't happening to many white players"
    It does, you just don't pay attention to it when it happens, because clearly you harbor some racial prejudices. Julian Edelman, Mike Vrabel, David Diehl, Eric Naposki,Pat McAfee...the list goes on
  • wow..there's some big names here...who the f are they?...never heard of them (except Edelman) and pray tell what did they do?
  • Perhaps some one would take you and your comments seriously if you knew basic rules of grammar and sentence structure. Have you heard of a period or comma? Do you know what verbs are and how to use them??? Nothing in that long stupid sentence made any sense, so seeing as to how you write as if you are from the backwoods, you should probably shut yo mouf, G!
  • well i am not writing an english paper and if you really cared about punctuation and didnt understand what was written its obvious you dont know history so i appreciate you showing your ignorance so why dont you stop speaking out your anal sphincter
  • i guess the truth in the open about those who raped, murdered, looted, pillaged and then took land from the indigenous people hurts when its in black and white huh...
  • Are you assuming that because I write in complete sentences I am white???? Who is the racist now????
  • Where in the body of your original run on sentence were the historical references hidden????
  • Really? You think the world hides the behavior of the white and exploits the wrongdoings of the black? Stereotypes, although wrong… stem from repeated behaviors of the majority of each of the types of people in the world. All-be-it wrong to categorize a person you have never met, as being able to fulfill a ”stereotype” , this clown “fits the bill”. When someone behaves in a way that allows them to fall into a category of person/behavior that has been “stereotyped”… own it! The only way to erase a stereotype is to eliminate the repeated behavior.
    The NFL has far more black athletes than any other race. Therefore, it makes mathematical since that the majority of the spotlighted, “bad” behavior will be on that of black NFL athletes. Other races do their share to mess up (Ben Roethlisberger) in the NFL and get their time in the press… it’s just a lot lower percentage of the overall make up of the NFL.
  • Caption- Let's Party
  • missing link
  • Does he have the mumps?
  • Big deal, we had a president of the United States(and his kids too) who had several DWI's....they were so called "educated" as well,,,,,go figure.....
  • "Axe" him why he acted like that for his thug, er ah mug shot. What a tool!
  • Too many racist hater and stupid comments going on here. Keeping it real you all really have to realize that the black man is just like you and willing to work for it and are smart and just because they are stereotyped does not mean they are what they are said to be just like there are bad in every race you can not judge everyone in that race because of the color of their skin.
  • Relax people, he's only a Raider.
  • Why does it always take so long to post something on MSN anymore?
  • And perhaps you should do your job and let the comments come through uncensored?
  • What he needs to get photographed for is thyroid cancer. His neck is bigger then his face. Seriously no joke!!!
  • Is there a endocrinologist in the house???
  • Well... he is a raider....
  • ppl,ppl,he is a football player he is suppose to be big and have a big neck dang he got a big body to go with the neck do u all not know what football players look like dang ....
  • What do you mean he's SUPPOSED to look like that because he plays ball?
    You mean he's supposed to look like that because of the steroids?
    He looks like he's got a deadly cobra riding along inside!
    (come to think of it, that might also explain his tongue hanging out).
  • I am so glad he only went to his neigbors house and not to Newton where the children are. Hopefully we will not take up that habit. You know "like kind beget like kind"
  • Ivy league education doesn't mean character is developed. Or is this the result of early brain trauma? NOT
  • as always white racist acting like white boys are angels
  • white racist do not get mug shots. They cowardly shoot themselves after committing their heinous crimes. Multiple murders. Oh, they were having trama at home and could not adjust to interacting outside of home or the gun range.
  • Are you certain Bryant is a "free" agent?????

    As for Harvard being a measuring stick for determining a person's character, good or bad.. Matt Birt of the Ravens, who just retired after 15 NFL seasons, also is a Harvard grad. The institution doesn't make for good or bad. That's up to the graduate him/her self.
  • Looks like he is getting ready for the cigarette salesmen in the Po po . These guys think they are untouchable!
  • wow talk about a typical stereotype...and he plays for the raiders enough said! Harvard ya right everyone knows why he made it there. Ethnicity
  • Marvelous role model !
  • Was he a photograpy major at Harvard?
  • Way to represent my nig, future OJ in the making. Where all the white womens at????
  • Why do we still see black and white? I see a drunk man who made a funny face that gave me a laugh. If he wasn't a Raider this wouldn't even be news. He will come to his senses (which he is obviously a very intelligent man) and be embarrassed which is punishment enough.
  • Hey Guys, be nice, he rode in the short yellow bus.
  • Ya Think He's DRUNK?
  • I've never heard of the guy till now. He is famous. Probably not how he wants to be though.
    I wonder what birds would say to each other if they were racist. There is so many colors on birds. More than humans. Most of the people I know put their pants on one leg at a time.(the others are amputees)! It's a small world people, we all have to live togeather!WTF?
  • All I know is that if this (or any) drunk a-hole breaks into my house they would be in a body bag right now.
  • He looks like he has one bowl too many of "clam chowda."
  • Eh, just another Raider. Al Davis would be proud.
  • Hey anyone see that kid from the Patriots with the Broken Arm wrestling??? Awesome and funny.. right??? He caught more passes than this guy so.. he gets a pass for being insane!
  • I dont know what this young man was doing, but most young people get drunk and act a little crazy. I am not a fan of the raiders but this young man doesnt need the BS that is coming from some. What I have read not only the caucasions are showing racism so are the black guys. I am glad that I dont belong to either race, hence the name. Racism will never go away because you all keep bringing it out.
  • Hey Gooy or Goodie.. ur a bully... Want to criticize grammar let's start with the article UR a bully ... a bully.. so keep hidding behind the screen.. chicken ****!
  • If your neck is larger than your head that's a problem.
  • Since we're talking about football players who mess up, what about good ole Dan Marino and his hidden love child. This guy got drunk and he is causing all this ruckus, Marino has a child hidden for years and nothing is said. Ya'll tell me what the common denominator is...
  • Wow, one white superstar has a child out of wedlock and this makes up for all of the black babies and their baby-daddies....LMAO.

Raiders’ Desmond Bryant takes the craziest looking mug shot (Photo)

Oakland Raiders’ defensive lineman Desmond Bryant was arrested and charged with misdemeanor of criminal mischief and took the craziest looking mug shot at the police station. Black Sports Online has the story. Desmond Bryant went to a neighbor’s house drunk (shocking right) caused a commotion, so that is why he was arrested. At least he didn’t attempt to drive and that is...

NFL Free Agent Desmond Bryant’s embarrassing mugshot

As if getting arrested wasn’t embarrassing enough, Desmond Bryant took it to a whole different level with this mugshot photo.  Bryant was arrested on Sunday in Miami for a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief for allegedly going to a neighbor’s house drunk and causing a disturbance.  While being booked, Bryant made this terrible face.  It’s unclear whether or not this...

Desmond Bryant mugshot goes viral

Raiders DT Desmond Bryant’s arrest for Criminal Mischief might have gone unnoticed in most circles – he’s not a household name after all – except for two things.  First, his name is very close to the Cowboy’s WR Dez Bryant (a fact that tripped up more than one national writer into initially saying it was the Cowboys receiver that was arrested in Florida) and second, he...

Raiders DT Desmond Bryant’s mug shot is one for the ages

Tweet Desmond Bryant, a defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, was arrested Sunday in Miami on a charge of “criminal mischief”: After allegedly going to a neighbor’s house inebriated and causing a commotion, Bryant was booked at 9:24 a.m., according to Miami-Dade County records. A police report wasn’t available. Bryant was held on $1,000 bail. SO there’s the [...]

Free Agent DT Desmond Bryant Arrested; Must-see Mugshot

Free Agent DT Desmond Bryant was arrested Sunday in Miami. Photo courtesy of @cottovic (Twitter) Free Agent Defensive Tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested Sunday morning on charges of Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief after going to a neighbors home, intoxicated, and causing commotion. He was booked on $1,000 bail at around 9:30 AM, and he looks pretty, uhh, dumbfounded. Bryant spent...

Desmond Bryant Has Greatest Mug Shot of All Time (Photo)

Desmond Bryant made the most of his recent arrest. The former Harvard lad who was most recently a defensive tackle with the Oakland Raiders was arrested early Sunday morning in Florida on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. As if that blotch on his resume wasn’t bad enough, he seemingly decided to make sure that no one would ever forget his mug shot, which can be seen below...

Raiders Desmond Bryant Has The Greatest Mugshot of ALL-TIME (Photo)

If I was the Raiders I would cut Bryant right now, just off the strength of this mugshot. I don’t care if the charge was just misdemeanor of criminal mischief. You have to be unstable to look like this after an arrest. He should be charged with several felonies just because. Even the other Dez Bryant thinks this is out of pocket. Desmond Bryant went to a neighbor’s house drunk...

Raiders DT Desmond Bryant’s mugshot is phenomenal

Early on Sunday, Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested in South Florida and charged with criminal mischief. On Monday, Bryant’s mugshot surfaced. And IT. IS. MAGICAL: A lot is still unclear about what led to the arrest (the Chronicle said Bryant caused a “commotion” at a neighbor’s house), so there are some important questions yet to be answered with that...

Raiders DT Desmond Bryant gives us one of the all-time great mugshots

Set to be an unrestricted free agent next month and being from Harvard, you’d think that a guy like Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant would be staying out of the headlines in hopes of keeping his chances of getting a contract for next year alive.   Well, apparently the Ivy Leaguers go hard, too, because [...]

Raiders DT Desmond Bryant has unbelievably classic mug shot after arrest (Picture)

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief on Sunday, and as a result we have one of the most legendary mug shots of all time. In case you care, Bryant allegedly went into a neighbor’s house drunk in Miami and caused a disturbance. The story is hardly as interesting as his mug shot, which there are really no words to...

Raiders Free Agent Desmond Bryant Arrested on Charges of Criminal Mischief

An NFL player named Desmond Bryant was arrested on Sunday morning and it was not Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant, a Raiders free agent defensive tackle, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief. He was booked at 9:24 a.m. Sunday on $1,000 bail, according to The Harvard product was one of Pro Football Focus’ top rated interior defenders in 2012. He had three...

Raiders Desmond Bryant Has Best Mugshot In History (Photo)

As we reported yesterday, Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Desmond Bryant caused quite the stir when he was arrest for criminal mischief.  Bryant for a few hours had everyone on social media think Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrest.  Bryant was arrested after being severely inebriated at a friends house according to USA Today. How drunk was Bryant, well this classic...

Raiders’ Desmond Bryant arrested for criminal mischief

Raiders defensive tackle was arrested early Sunday morning in South Florida on charges of criminal mischief. The Raiders said they are “aware of the situation and are gathering more information.” According to the Chronicle, a hammered Bryant showed up to a neighbor’s house and caused a “commotion.” He was booked at 9:24 a.m. and bail was set at $1,000. Not much else about...

Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant jailed for criminal mischief in Miami

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested early Sunday morning in Miami on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.He was booked at around 9:30 a.m. at the Miami-Dade County jail and is being detained on $1,000 bail."We're aware of the situation and are gathering more information," a team spokesman told USA TODAY Sports.There was an initial report...
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