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Madonna — who’s album' “Like a Virgin,” has sold more than 30 million copies — tweeted about New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow’s virginity in response to a question from American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest. She was promoting her new album, MDNA, on Twitter. So Seacrest tweeted a question that prompted an interesting response from the Material Girl. Check it out:
  • Exactly, dude. Word.
  • Not sure what's worse, her or Kim Kardashian trying to get their hands on this kid. VOMIT!
  • Barf. I know people disagree because I get a lot of crap from people about my annoyance over Madonna, but since I know she'll never go away I wish she'd at least shut her mouth and be a bit more humble from time to time.

    In the last two decades many people's tendency to hang on her every condescending, stuck-up word, nonsensical, head-scratching rants in her attempts to seem wise, and useless comments on things she probably has very slight knowledge of--has granted her a self-entitled superiority that I'm sure as a human being (Yes! She's human! I know, right?!) she cannot even control at this point. All of that in a horrid fake British-esque accent, no less-- which of course adds to her intelligence about as much as a person listening to Mozart does, or wearing reading glasses with their "serious face" and pretending to read an actual book with pages, or knowing where a single African country is located while pretending to care, because that's the trendy--oops, my bad--because it's the "right thing" to do.

    Not sure why her legions of fans aren’t bothered too much by the fact that she doesn't seem too thrilled to be from the United States like the rest of us, but these are the same weirdo’s that speak of her "Madgesty" as if she's downright divine. Well, hey, at least she didn't go as far as some celebrities and make a pilgrimage to the aforementioned village in said African country pretending to be there to help, (even though you never see a picture of them feeding anyone, or doing anything but holding their hand and faking a smile) when actually their journey is to pick out their favorite cutest little kid to bring home like a puppy from a litter, only in order to appear "selfless" and "saintly" and "tolerant," right? I'll give her that much. Oh, wait....

    All that said, she looks pretty darn good for 83 or whatever. Much better than her sister Joan Rivers.

    Anywho, as far as Tebow, of course it's commendable to stand up for something you believe in even when it's not all that popular to advertise within the certain micro-culture you're within. Especially in the Christian religion, that is a significant part of the faith by not being ashamed and spreading gospel, etc. But uh, am I off base by thinking enough is enough?

    Public announcements, a few interviews, missionary work in the off-season...sure. Do what fulfills you. But I have a problem when it goes far enough to get to the point of becoming a sort of cliché and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy or it starts to seem gimmicky. It's almost the way a used car salesman makes you you can tell they're probably actually a nice guy without their bosses around and might actually mean no harm, but really he means no genuine good for you either and could care less. You've all been there, so you understand what I mean about how those guys make it so you're back and forth between uncomfortably awkward pity for the dude embarrassing himself and teeth-grinding annoyance with a decent chance of ending with you actually looking like that bad guy and perhaps even some uncontrollable profanity because you cannot be brainwashed even one more minute by someone who doesn't even care anyway, and actual drives Nissan while selling you a Ford.

    It feels cheap. Because he's just trying to make a buck off you. My crazy not-to-the-point point is that Tebow might as well be selling Fords, at least as far as I'm concerned. My guess is he'd be moderately above average on most all days, yet also have his fair share of days marked with mediocrity at best, along with a handful of "Hey, that kid's not bad!"-days (especially when he really lays on the Bible-thumping on the car lot). Get my drift here? Or am I to be bombarded with angry replies with people calling me a heathen yet being seemingly okay with a man using his religion to promote primarily himself--a single, solitary man, when the only worshiping that the Christian religion calls for is of another entirely different solo individual whom the entire dichotomy of the belief system within that religion itself surrounds?

    So I guess we're to believe that his virginal persona and openly devout religious public image aren't perhaps boosting his sponsors’ payouts and his jersey number’s sales just a teensy bit? And I'm not talking Ford-commission numbers here this time.

    In my very humble opinion, Tebow's prerogative to verbalize his beliefs and publicize his faith probably began with good intentions but is quickly (and I'm sure his "advisors" are pressing him) is quickly becoming a shtick. If he's not careful he will continue to take this pious attitude too far and his well-meaning display of Christian values (benefit of doubt fully granted) will soon appear fake. It's unfortunate, because this can cause a good kid to quickly transform into someone who just appears to be a pretty foolish man.

    Being a phony is something that is difficult to come back from. But hey, who knows? We forget or sort forgive and a "laugh it off" way pretty quickly. I mean, this is America.
    (Would someone please, please remind Madonna again?)
  • LOL! I couldn't agree more (with the part about Madona)... well-put!
  • You sure are winded. To be short and sweet, I think you like to hear yourself mumble. Cuz that's all it is.
  • how in the lord's name did you get as far as you have being so narrow minded,when first started reading this thought it from a an obama czar,you must aware pro sports needs all the good people it can to revise it's image lately.wife beating drugs, murder,all over the sports pages and you time to smear the abilities of a way above average skilled athelete,reread his stats last year!
  • 45 NFL players arrested in 2011 for anything from theft, drugs to domestic violence and people have worked really hard to smear this kid. I hope he doesn't get caught up in the celebrity of it all
  • She want to show him around? Yeah, around the world! Get lost you nasty old Ho - just because they letyou perfrm at the SB doesn't mean you can screw all the players. Skaaaaank!
  • Tebow is a man of faith who walks the walk. He uses his god given talent on and off the field to glorify God. He stands for something and is a great figure for our youth to look upto and to mirror. Some people have God issues and are eager to pounce on him and everything he does.
  • Hahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Ho-dana. Guess she's once again trying to dust the cobwebs off her- wait,it hasn't been shut down long enough for cobwebs to grow. SKANK-A-LICIOUS! Leave Tebow alone, ho! He doesn't need you to show him around your block... just trying to be someone's sugar-grandmama like J-ho and her little Casper.
    PS-My two favorite quotes from previous comments: "touched for the millionth first time!" and "she looks pretty darn good for 83"... thanks for the laughs LOL!
  • My advice to Tebow - Run. Very quickly, in the opposite direction.

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Tim Tebow to the Jets: Fantasy Impact

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The Tim Tebow press conference is only slightly bigger than the moon landing

Tim Tebow's noon ET press conference is the biggest event in the history of sport.  Move over Roman gladiators, move over Greek Olympians, move over Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.  The New York Jets have their new situational backup quarterback!!!! Tim Tebow arrived in New York today.  The press conference was carried live on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS.  The press...

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The Jetbow Unveiled: A 3.5-pound, $22.22 Masterpiece

When it comes to the kitchen, I am a developing Italian quarterback. Mel Kiper Jr's scouting report indicates that a strength in my game is sandwiches. Throughout my college career, I combined the salty goodness of potato chips and the sweet sensation of PB&J with pinpoint accuracy and fluidity. I have united a locker room full of chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese upon...
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